[OOC] Side Story and 1x1 Plotting and Coordination

To Boldly Go (working title)

Captain’s log stardate 5955.5

What was supposed to be a regular maintains mission has become everything but. It started with an abrupt but faint energy reading in the middle of space. To our surprise, the only thing we found was a little blue box, a police box used on Earth hundreds of years ago. Getting it onboard revealed it was impervious to conventional and unconventional ways to pry it open. Soon enough though we found out it was a ship, able to travel space, as well as time. Its occupants were dazed and confused about how they had got there. They have been settled for the time being, but the owner of the box is adamant about letting him help in investigating. He says they have fallen between the cracks of reality into ours! Perhaps this is worth investigating, but only after our original mission, that quite frankly, seems even less important then it started originally.


Captain’s log stardate 50953.5

On a journey through the Opperline system, our ships scanners picked out faint energy on our course. Close enough we could confirm it to be a blue police box from Earth’s past. Managing to get it on board we soon met its owner who calls herself the Doctor. Apparently, she herself had ended up with some stowaways of her own and they are now being looked after in the infirmary. None of them seem to know how they had ended up here, nor seem to know anything about our universe. While peculiar our original mission takes precedence. Once it is solved, we can give our new friends the full attention they deserve.


This is an roleplay taking place in the present as well as the past. The players will switch between time periods as they try to solve the mystery of how and why they have ended up aboard the Starship USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-D. How will the past affect the future and vice versa?

Character requirements

The player will have to have one character for each period. While there are no other requirements, if the player wishes they could be inclined to rp characters from a franchise but from different eras. For example, a character from the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the sequel trilogy, or from different Mobile Suit Gundam eras.​
A Medicine-based Roleplay

Ever since the Metamorphose Incident, the universes affected have been wary of another sickness like Metamorphose, and so they formed the Multiversal Health Organization in order to prevent another Metamorphose Incident.

Soon enough, the MHO comes across a plague rampaging the multiverse known as the Blue Death, which has become well known for it’s almost perfect reanimation of deceased bodies, and the distinctive blue hue the patient’s skin has.

Now it’s all up to a group of rag-tag doctors to find the cure, and fast, for it soon may be a problem that can’t be contained

Your character must be a doctor who works in medicine or a healer who uses magic.
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The Great Crusade
Crusaders of the Arena

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I found the Crown of France lying in the Gutter... and I picked it up- Napoleon Bonaparte , 1804
The Sun sets upon all Empires.
Egypt. Rome. Mongolia. France. Britain.
Where are they now?
Their dreams of conquest are as dead as their Great Kings.
All their wealth and weaponry... what good did it do them?
They all fell to mankind's greatest foe: Time.

Your worlds suffered the same fate. Your homes are gone. Friends. Families.
Everyone outside of your Great City is dead and gone.
If it wasn't for the grace of the Matati Sarru, you would be dead too.

By his loving hand, you have been saved.
You city has been plucked from oblivion and placed upon his Patchwork planet.
You have been appointed as your people's Lesser king. Within your territory, your word is law.
You answer to no man but Matati himself.

It is your job to keep you Nation alive, no matter the cost.
But the world outside your walls is a dangerous place.
Alliances are formed. Empires are born.
Soon, these Dangerous Unions will set their sights on your land and resources.
Some Nations seek to conquer the Patchworld for themselves. Others wish to wage war on the Matati himself.

If you wish to see the year's end, you must prepare for war.

In Champions of the Arena, you were placed in charge of children. In Champions of the Arena II, you were placed in charge of adults.
Crusaders of the Arena will place you in charge of your own Arena--- Your own Nation.

A chunk of Europe will be carved out for you do whatever you want to.

Akin to Grand Strategy games like Crusader Kings, Sid Meier's Civilization, Europa Universalis and Victoria II, CotA 3 is all about managing your Nation and its armies. How will this work? Let me explain:
In Crusaders of the Arena, you'll be placed in charge of 1 main character- the King or your Realm- and 2 side characters- your realm's two generals.
Your King/Regent will be responsible for forming alliances and arguing on your people's behalf at the United Nations. If it comes down to it, your Regent will be responsible for declaring Wars on other nations.
Your Two generals will be playable will playable in the game's combat sequences and wars. Your generals will lead your forces into battle. If your army's two generals fall in battle, your city state will be conquered. More on this later.
Your Regent's main goal is to ensure that their nation prospers. Each chapter, you will be notified of the issues threatening your kingdom. It's your Regent's job to work with other players to solve these issues.

For example:
The Regent of the Fire Nation, Zuko, is notified at the start of the chapter that his country is running out of food. At the next United Nations meeting, he will have to negotiate with his fellow leaders in order to receive a shipment of food to keep his nation running smoothly. Another nation, however, might promise Zuko the food he needs in exchange for an alliance. Zuko must decided whether he wants to risk being dragged into another ruler's war, or risk going hungry.

Additionally, each nation will have several stats will increase or decrease as the game progresses. These scores are:
NAVAL: Representing their Naval Might
LAND: Representing the strength of their land forces.
AIR: Representing the strength of their air forces.
MORALE: Representing how long their forces can last under siege.

These will help decide the outcomes of wars. They'll be addressed IC.

When wars break out, a nation will have the chance to call their allies to assist them. Allies are honor bound to assist each other if one of their own is attacked. Breaking alliances will greatly damage a nation's reputation in the United Nations. At the start of a war, an ally can choose how many troops they want to commit to the conflict. The more troops an ally commits to the conflict, the higher their warring Nation's stats will become. However, if your ally is defeated, the points they pledged to the conflict will be lost, and your stats will decrease.

This will be explained more, IC, don't worry.

In order to get the most out of a war, an ally might donate a limited number of troops at the start of a conflict. They may try to extort a deal out of their allies in exchange for more support if a war is going poorly.

The exact War Mechanics won't be revealed until the prologue, which will serve as a tutorial.

Here are a few additional mechanics that will be revealed IC:
Inheritance- who will claim your kingdom if you king falls in battle?
Doomsday weapons- what happens when you max out a stat?
The Matati- what's their deal?
Your neighbors- what NPC nations will you be fighting alongside?​


"Where Nightmares Come to Life!"

Amusement parks are fun, aren't they? Places of joy, laughter, and fun. Places where a family can spend a day among the rides, look at a funny clown, or play some games along the Midway.

Come one, come all! Come to Horrorland, Where nightmares come to life! Here we bring about frights for everyone, old and young!

Take a whip-whirling, death-defying ride on the Roller Coaster! Have fun crashing on the Bumper Carnage! Visit Madame Doom to have your future told! Have a sit down meal in one of the many dining establishments. When that's all over, stay a night at the Stagger Inn, where the weary traveler can spend their night after a wild day at Horrorland!

And, when you leave, don't forget to buy a souvenir from the gift shop. You won't want to forget your time here...


Based on Goosebumps: Horrorland, this is a roleplay set at the titular theme park. Characters find themselves receiving a letter and a ticket to the theme park, and soon enough find themselves at the park's gates. They're let in, and given the run of the amusement park.

However, not all is roller coasters and funnel cakes. The Park Guests must go through the park's attractions and sections in order to escape from Horrorland, and hopefully go back to their own worlds.


Characters can be adults, but MUST be humanoid. Characters must also have had some brush with the supernatural prior to coming to Horrorland. Power level must not be beyond Street Level, as that would just ruin the park. All weapons will be taken away.

Join us... if you dare...
An Evillious Chronicles RP

There are four ways this can end.

A great peril strikes the foreign land of Evillious as the timeline folds in on itself! The god Sickle has gathered people from across the multiverse in order to stop things from going too haywire.

But before long, you are faced with a choice. A choice of four paths. Whichever path you take determines your fate. That fate can cause the end of days in Evillious or even the beginning of peace.

The fate of this world rests in your hands

Choose wisely.​
The Multiverses Finest (working title)

Another year has passed, and it is time once again for the superheroes of the multiverse unite for…

The 2nd annual Multiversal Hero Expo!!!

An idea that was formed between high profile heroes during a past crisis where once a year, heroes from all around the multiverse can meet up to exchange ideas, be part of workshops. Listen to lecturers, the works. Or for some heroes who decide to attend, join in the unofficial poker tournament.

Everything sounded good on paper but the first time it ended disaster. A joint assault of Darkseid and the hordes of Apokolips and the Negative Zone descended on the expo. Even with a large crisis averted they realized that if they did the exact same thing next year it would end the same. No matter how much prep they did if they continued hosting them in the same universes the same problems would repeat. For once they shouldn't think big and instead think small.


Enter U.A. High School.

Situated in a world where 80% of the Earth’s population has a power, or as they call them, Quirks. Despite that, the world does not deal with similar threats compared to where the expo has been hosted in the past. The only large threat is a league of supervillains that have been a thorn in the side of the local heroes. However, the heroes of other worlds have dealt with universe-shattering threats daily. For them, the threat of an evil organization is almost quaint in its simplicity. Because of this, the organizers have decided that this world will be the host of the 2nd MHE. C The dangers this world poses are limited and with the improved security measures not even applicable. All Might had found out about the multiverse when he had been kidnapped into a game of life and death was the liaison and a plan started to form.

The students have been told that it’s an international superhero get together. Not everyone would take it well that there exists a multiverse of different worlds out there after all.

Even well-thought-out plans however do not always go through without a hitch. Somehow the location of the expo has been leaked and the dark shadow of a powerful and ancient evil looms over the entire event. Will the 2nd Multiversal Superhero Expo be a stunning success! Or an utter disaster?

Character requirement: Must play some sort of superhero character.
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Once upon a time,
there existed a giant tree that was the source of mana.

A war, however, caused this tree to whither away,
and a hero's life was sacrificed in order to take its place.

Grieving over the loss,
the goddess disappeared unto the heavens.

The goddess left the angels with this edict:

"You must wake me, for if I should sleep,
the world shall be destroyed."

The angels bore the Chosen One,
who headed towards the tower that reached up unto the heavens.

And that marked the beginning of the regeneration of the world.

This is gonna be really small side story where a group conducts a pilgrimage alongside the Lord of Spirits across the world from Tales of Symphonia. I already have @Ver and @Jeremi on board for certain NPC duties. I'm only looking for a few more as its going to be small and short (probably not fast-paced, but not too long).

Characters should either be from one of our established organizations or know Milla in some capacity which can be explained away to your liking.​
These side stories were going to be go up once we had our sandbox forums ready but I don't see the harm in possibly starting them beforehand. The first is meant to be pretty lighthearted and casual while the second is more serious, however considering the season and all, neither will be meant to be very fast-paced.

So... Here you go.


The MEU, or the Coven as they have come to be referred to lately, saw a prestigious school of science in Avalon and thought, hey, why isn't there a school dedicated to magic here?

Enter Grimalkin.


With the advent of the Coalition's disbanding and a bright new multiverse before them, the MEU has decided to train youth in the various forms of magical arts in order for them to join the organization one day under a new division. The House of Mystery has opened its doors in downtown Avalon as a magical school by the name of Grimalkin. Strangely, cats are rather attracted to the place.

People have come across the multiverse in order to attend the school. Though, one could hardly expect a magical school to open up without a single incident, right? The very first day of classes, things are about to get very strange indeed in the halls of Grimalkin.


This is meant to be really lighthearted. There will be no serious issues or multiverse-destroying plots in this one. Just a little magic going awry. Characters for this one can generally be anyone, though younger characters with an affinity for magic will be preferred.


Within the multiverse, every single individual dimension has its own signature. The UN and ODMA refer to these as "quantum signatures." These signatures can be further divided by resonance, a phenomenon that every tangible entity across reality gives off in some manner. The resonance frequencies of both people and places shift from time to time and it is said that after the multiverse was reset twice over, the baseline for reality's frequencies were altered, coming to be far more alike than before.

It's also said that when resonance frequencies of other dimensions shift and begin to align, terrible consequences can occur...

When the United Nations invited a speaker from the Federal Bureau of Control to host a small conference on this very topic, it can only be said that a terrible coincidence occurred that enveloped the city of Carrefour in chaos, causing events to spiral out of control so quickly that it was up to the city's residents to survive the chaos on their own.


So this side story is going to be a tad bit experimental. I already have all the NPCs planned for this one. The twist? Every single character will have a double that will appear. What determines a double? Well, basically if a character shares an actor, voice, or are similar in very many ways, they are considered a double. For every character that is played in this side story, I will add an NPC in as their double.

Characters that are played will be preferred to be a member of one of the organizations for the purposes of the initial conference setting, though you may play a character who is just a citizen of the city.​

StrangerVille is a rural desert town that feels almost cut off from the rest of the world. The main road out of town is always empty. As a resident, you feel like you've been trapped here forever. Or maybe you're new in town and you are feeling the creeping dread of being in the literal middle of nowhere. Either way, the town just feels like a prison. It doesn't help that the nearby military base seems to always be conducting weird secret experiments or that the citizens of the town seem really offbeat.

Like, they were all weird before, but now they seem to be acting even more weird. Who knew that was possible?


Bug-eyed and spouting nonsense. Maybe if it was just a few people, it would be a bit normal, but you're noticing that more and more people just seem to be acting odd.

Just what is going on in StrangerVille?


Yes this is an Illusion Game using the Sims 4 as its canon source. It's happening. For anyone unaware of what an illusion game is, characters you play have had their original memories, personality, and self taken and replaced. In this game, as far as they would know, they are native to the setting of StrangerVille. As characters uncover the mystery of the town, they will start to uncover the mystery of the illusion they're under as well.​
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A quack in the wall

Scrooge McDuck is the wealthiest duck in the entire world and that brings with it a lot of perks, but also a lot of trouble. Like owning so many properties you have no idea what they are housing. During one of his inspections at what seemed to be a deserted factory Scrooge, his nephews and Webby stumble on a secret area of the factory where they find something they thought they would never see again.


The Ramrod originally conceived to create virtually anything out of nothing. In truth, the Ramrod had the power to open portals between dimensions, pulling people or things from one reality into their world or banishing people and objects from its reality into another world. It was thought there was only one copy of it that existed in the entire world and that it had been destroyed.

Before they could investigate further what seemed to be a freak accident activated the device and sucked Scrooge’s nephews and Webby into it scattering them all over the multiverse and leaving Scrooge behind to pick up the pieces.

Not being daunted by the loss of his family however he quickly went to work. Having established contacts within Coalition, the multiversal peacekeeping agent when they quit he had switched his support and his massive amount of money to support ODMA that came in to take its place. Through his contacts and pulling several favors Scrooge McDuck has managed to gathered a group to help him in his new mission, to rescue his family.

What horrors is he and his team going to meet as they travel the multiverse to find the lost ducklings?

Character requirements: Characters have to originate from a property belonging to The Walt Disney Company, including Marvel Comics, Pixar, ABC, 20th Century and LucasArts.

You have no idea where you are, and it seems the world around you stopped making sense, and it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna start making sense any time soon.

As you walk through the winding halls... you realize this place is a maze.

And you have to get out.

A very simple game with practically no plot, and simply something to practice my gming abilities.

Entirely based on the ENA series of videos (more specifically Extinction Party).​
Mare Claustrum

Scientiae Cedit Mare


“Uh, hello? Can anyone hear me? This is Lead Researcher Ada Archer of the Helios. We are currently stranded at sea under a strict quarantine. This is a call for assistance of any kind.”

You find yourself in the middle of the ocean on a small but luxurious boat. A storm brews outside, but the room is cozy with a nice piano piece playing over the phonograph in the corner. A voice sounds over a metal pipe in the room. "Now approaching the Helios. Prepare for undocking." It says in its calm voice.

A 1x1 based on Close to the Sun, Resident Evil Revelations, and 999, it follows a lone protagonist as they find themselves on an opulent cruise ship from the turn-of-the-twentieth-century. A voice guides them through the ship in order to find out what happened, and eventually escape the problems plaguing the ship. Characters should be on the level of a standard Survival Horror protagonist, akin to someone like Claire Redfield or a Silent Hill character with no special abilities to speak of.

This will have heavy use of The Shareholders.​
Train To Nowhere

I don't have problems... I just don't. If you hear this..... I'm sure you think the same. Come find me.... Don't believe a word they tell you.


You awake in a train car. You don't remember how you got there and you can't remember what last happened to you. Next to you is a tape recorder, one out of the 90s and another knocked out person. On your hand is a glowing number. " You're awake..... good. I was worried that you were like dead."

That was a talking bell.... sure, why not?

This is a 1x1 ( Or a small group side story, interest dependent) based on Infinity Train. It follows two new passengers as they arrive on the train. They are guided by a tape recorder and denizens.... hopefully learning enough to get off the train... or die trying. Characters should be humans ( or humanoid) and be considered street level. They may have powers, but they are going to be a bit wonky/ not work properly on the train. Also really important, they have to need to learn a life lesson may it be about grief or something personal to them.​
Melding 1x1 ideas

City showdown

Before the Melding Metro City was known for its shady dealings and rampant crime, now it has become a literal warzone. As it arrived to this new world the infrastructure of the city merged with another one called River City. Now the rechristened River Metro City is engulfed in a war between two rival criminal organizations. The police of the city are helpless in quelling the carnage and the supposed enforcers of the Wily-Eggman Coalition seem to have no interest in stopping the crime wave spreading throughout the city. Instead a few members of society have decided to take matters into their own hands. Vigilante justice has never been so explosive.

Beneath the sands

As the Melding happened the Gerudo Chief Urbosa was wretched from her home and allies waking up alone in this new and strange world. Her martial prowess helped her escape being captured by the Wily-Eggman coalition. Now she travelled the world seeking her compatriots and following strange visions of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. These visions have brought her into the desert the location of a massive unnamed mountain and a well hidden secret.


In its world it had been a prison for political dissidents; here it had become the refuge of the undesirables being able to dig deep into the sands to escape anyone prying into its business. Would Urbosa find what she was seeking, or was she walking into her own demise?
Melding 1x1 or sidestory

The tournament of power

While others in this new world could only try and survive, others saw it as an opportunity to test their strength against new and exciting foes. Running around trying to find new opponents though now that could be tricky, the land was vast and opponents hard to find. If only there was somewhere you could go and test your strength.

Enter the Gold Saucer. A massive entertainment structure that has everything its playing clientele wants to do to take their mind off anything that being forcibly sent to a patchwork world controlled by two evil scientists could cause. All currency is welcome, being able to be traded for the Gold Saucers personal currency. Now there is a stir as flyers are being set up all around the world. A fighting tournament has been announced and everyone far and wide is welcome to come and test their strength and earn the right to be called the strongest of the world.
No honor among thieves
(Melding side story)

When the Melding happened Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were quick to put a stranglehold on control over the new planet. Those that wouldn’t join their ever-expanding army were snuffed out and disposed of one way or another, anyone else who wanted a piece of the action had to go through their massive army.

Obviously not every evildoer knelt at their feet and instead vanished into the shadows to bid their time before they could take it all for themselves. The problem was that Bowser, king of the Koopas, was not one known for his patience. Sending out feelers high and low, mostly low, Bowser assembles a group of ne'er-do-well’s to his secret lair, which is definitely NOT just the basement of his castle. He has a plan to put himself and his allies on the map in a big way and deliver a massive blow to the Eggman-Wily coalition. Will Bowser’s new allies be able to work together for a common goal? And do all of them really share that same goal?

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A 1x1 Convergence RP

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“OK, so the good news is I can get you two out of here…”

“The bad news? Never done it on a being with… wait what do you guys call it? Blood? Yeah,”

You have woken up outside of time, torn and distorted and folding in upon itself. It exists and doesn’t exist.

The same can apply to you and your newfound companion, a boy on a desperate search for someone close to him.

Unexpected help comes in a prerecorded message sent by a mysterious time traveler who promises to help you both escape.

Now you must traverse the treacherous landscape outside of time, fight dangerous foes and uncover mysterious truths as you attempt to make it back home before it’s too late.

(DM me on Discord @Capri#1690 or on here if you’re interested)
Raven’s Perch


A raven crows and flaps its wings. The sound of a rusty gate blowing in the wind creaks. Somewhere distant, the howl of a wolf can be heard. You pull your cloak closer to you in order to keep out the cold, but it keeps breaking through. The darkness is choking as well, with a starless sky far above your head, with only the moon and a torch held by the soldier in front of you acting as the only light on the wooded path. In the distance, the silhouette of a castle, standing against the mountains, is formed, its

Something is very wrong, and you can feel it.


Darkness is extant in the multiverse. It permeates every world in some form or fashion. Darkness is a natural part of it, festering, waiting, writhing.

Ravenloft is a realm where darkness is out in the open. Ruled over by dark lords who sit in prisons of their own designs, and created by Dark Powers who exist somewhere else, with their own machinations and desires.

You hear something calling your name, and feel a cold chill run down your back.

Welcome to Ravenloft.

A side story based around the Dungeons and Dragons realm of Ravenloft, specifically, the Domains of Dread.

This will sort of be a spiritual successor to Neverwinter, incorporating several ideas and locations that were never used. It has the same requirement that characters will need to come from a Fantasy work in order to be considered. Power level is requested to be a bit lower, as Ravenloft is a Gothic Horror-style domain.​
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