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Humanity's Stargazer

Project SAO
  • Co-GM applications would be appreciated~!
  • Please announce your interest on the Interest Page if you plan to join, post character sheets here or make a link to a character in the depository and let us discuss about it here~!
[Project SAO] is a concept for the creation of the Sword Art Online universe. For those who are not aware of what Sword Art Online is, it is an anime and light novel series revolving around Kirito who is a victim of the game Sword Art Online, a death game. The game is based around [Full-Dive technology], which is full virtual reality where the human consciousness is transported into the game and controls an in-game avatar. The rest of the story is unimportant to this project, you can find more information watching the anime, reading the light novel, or browsing the wiki.

RECT Progress introduces: Project ALO: Sword Gale Online.
In the world of the Underworld, the great [Axiom Church] rules from atop the floating, 100 storied castle [Aincrad], suspended above the central city of the crashed space battle cruiser [Glocken] with its ever present thruster holding the metal monstrosity above it. The ancient warship had long been their home, having come into existence long before the elves, it was known as one of the most grand and massive examples of the little remaining [Human Divinity Artifacts]. To the north, east, south, and west, lies the four empires of the Elves, under constant watch of the church's great 30 [ALF knights], representatives of the High Minister herself who had gifted them with indefinite flight at the cost of their memory. Magic flourishes through the resource-rich lands as the four equally powerful empires live in bliss peace. The [ALF knights], believing themselves to be summoned for this purpose, watch the circle of mountains surrounding the Elven world, protecting it from the [Lands of Darkness] all around their haven. Unbeknownst to the elves in the empires, the High Minister uses sinister methods to prepare for the final apocalypse, when the [Great Eastern Gates] into the Lands of Darkness falls. The powers of [Weapon Arts], [Magical Arts], and [Incarnation Arts] have been left trained for centuries despite the elves being gifted it by the gods. A new era of war looms over the valley as the threat of the Lands of Darkness encroaches upon the land of the elves.
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General Information
The Elven world is a circle of mountains divided into fourth by massive stone walls, created long before the elves, by the Humans, the predecessors to the elves and the now extinct masters of the [Weapon Arts], [Magic Arts], and [Incarnation Arts]. They are said to have created the mountain range surrounding their crashed warship using massive machines of technology unknown to the elves. Along with the mountain range, they have left various powerful artifacts throughout their domain as well as a the massive [East Gate] which leads out into the great expanse known as the [Land of Darkness]. Millennia passed as the humans slowly disappeared and were replaced by the elves, capable of flight. The Land of Darkness are inhabited by the Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Forgotten Humans, and their creatures of war. Their land is plagued with nearly non-existent light and a dark, infertile soil. Jealous of the Elves, they seek to invade, exterminate them and take their land for themselves.
The Arts
[Weapon Arts] are system programmed attacks that all players, including NPC's, can trigger with specific and concise movements. These [Weapon Arts] are significantly more powerful than standard attacks of simply swinging the sword or shooting an arrow. However, [Weapon Arts] have a short post-action cool down which paralyzes the user for an amount of time depending on the strength of the art used.
[Magic Arts] are system programmed projections of mana which can be used for a variety of purposes. These arts are consume significantly more mana than the other arts and require a short cast time.
[Incarnation Arts] are manifestations of willpower. They are only triggered by the user's most extreme emotions and desires at the most dire moments. When activated, the user can [Incarnate] their weapon, called an [Armament Enhance], which unlocks the weapon's true innate power within it. The majority of weapons do not have innate power due to its lack of unique creation, but [Human Artifacts] are known as among the most unique and powerful weaponry with aspects.
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Project ALO: Sword Gale Online is a massively multiplayer online video game that utilizes groundbreaking technology to feature the most realistic of NPC's and dynamic quest lines that are generated with each event in the world of the Underworld. While this game was meant to be the most ambitious VRMMO in the history of gaming, the first 200 players to log in have become trapped in the game while it is also barred from further influx of players. There is little information about how they became imprisoned, but it is speculated that a force inside the game itself has forced this. There are darker, more sinister forces at work at RECT Progress, with a madman running the operation. They have utilized copies of the human consciousness from unknowing volunteers to generate NPC's with consciousness and actual feelings. The players will have to progress through the game with aid from them, for they have intimate knowledge of their world.
Because the world of Project ALO is diverse, with players being able to place skill points into either skill points or stat points (A modification I've made from the original anime because Grinding for all your skill increases is actually a bad game mechanic), there are no established roles in the game, although the group may want specialized players such as Healers, Damage per second melee, Tanks, and Ranged. Note, this is not officially the SAO game, thus wielding dual blades is allowed, but significantly more difficult. In addition to this, there is no limit to switching between defense or offence, it is all a matter of reaction.
The skill categories are as follows, separated into Combat and Non-combat, and rated from 1-10 with the total number of points being 50, to allow for variety in customization, if there is not a specific weapon listed that you would like to use, go ahead, just make sure its in the correct tech range, this is just a list to help with ideas. Attributes, you have a total of 35 points. These stats are just used to display your character's specialties, they are by no means rolls like in D&D or to be used to godmod.
Skills Points - 50 Points
Combat Physical

  • One-handed
    • Straight Swords - Standard choice weapon for simplicity and effectiveness.
    • Rapiers - Stabbing sword, used for extreme precision and speed
    • Mace - Blunt heavy weapon used for bashing.
    • Flails - Swinging heavy iron ball with a chain attached to a handle, tricky to use.
    • Daggers - Knifes that are utilized as fast, concealable weaponry.
    • Cutlass - A pirate's sword, thick bladed, curved, perfect for slashing with weight.
  • Two-handed
    • Katana - Traditional Japanese curved sword, thin, curved, tough, perfect for slashing with speed.
    • Battle-axe - Self-explanatory.
    • War-hammer - Self-explanatory.
    • Straight Swords - Greatswords, Bastard Swords, Claymores.
  • Shields
    • Buckler - Small circular shield, very light and maneuverable.
    • Tower/Scutum - Full body shield, bulky. (Roman)
    • Kite - Upside down teardrop shaped, medium weight.
    • Parma - Larger circular shield, light-medium weight.
  • Archery
    • Crossbows - Self-explanatory
    • Longbows - Enormous bows with heavy draw weights, fire extremely far and accurately.
    • Short-bows - Smaller bows for shorter ranges, fast fire rates, and lower draw weight.
  • Throwing - Ability to throw weapons, be it throwing picks, knives, daggers, swords, or even a war-hammer. Larger objects are more difficult and inaccurate.
  • First Aid - Ability to heal others using medication.
  • Parry - Ability to block/deflect an attack using your own weapon. Easier on One-handed Swords and affects chance of success.
  • Pole-arms
    • Spears - Self-explanatory
    • Halberds - Long shafted axe with a spear tip and pick to the back.
  • Martial Arts - Disciplines found in real life are variants that can be used in-game.
Combat Magic
  • Use creativity!
  • Healing
  • Illusion
  • Elemental
  • ETC.
Non-combat/Support Skills - For Living in the Underworld
  • Cooking - Includes baking~!
  • Forging - Creation of weaponry and armor.
  • Fishing - Self-explanatory.
  • Foraging - Ability to find resources involving food.
  • Scavenging - Ability to derive more material from ores, scrapping equipment, etc.
  • Tailoring - Ability to create cloth armor or clothing.
  • Stealth - Ability to hide from monsters and others.
  • Searching/Detection - Ability to see and find traps, monsters, and other hidden entities.
  • Instruments - Varients of real-world instruments are found in the Underworld.
  • Carpentry - Ability to form wood into products.
  • Bartering - Ability to haggle with merchants, aligns well with Charisma~!
  • Alchemy - Ability to make potions of various effects.
Attributes - 35 Points
  • Strength - Power, carry weight, etc.
  • Agility - Speed, balance, flexibility.
  • Intelligence - Affinity involving magic, less mental exhaustion
  • Vitality - Withstanding damage to body, harder to inflict fatal wounds.
  • Charisma - Ability of language, convincing.
  • Willpower - Ability to withstand mental stress.
  • Awareness - Measure of perception of environment and minute details
  • Reflexes is not a viable attribute because humans all have roughly the same speed in it.
Character Sheet, feel free to customize it~! Replace anything in [ ] and post here
Name (& pronunciation)<-Replace this
Date of Birth (& age):
Family in the Roleplay:
Physical Description
Physical Description:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Sexual Preference:
Skills and Attributes
Combat Skills
  • [Example: Rapier: 6/10]
Non-combat Skills
  • [Example: Cooking 2/10]
Magical Ability
  • Skill: [Example: 9/10]
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Reserved - Spare
Scrapped idea, stored just in case.
  • The project will be based around the four worlds of Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online, Alfheim, Gun Gale Online, and Project Alicization, accompanied by the Earth for backstory purposes, etc. Each of these worlds will have their appropriate theme and technology levels, as seen in the books and anime. There may be more worlds introduced if enough interest is shown.

    The roleplay pacing is dependent on the world.
    [SAO] will be Player Vs Environment (PvE), but players may also be killed with the consent of the creator of the character.
    [Alfheim] will be based off of Player Vs Player (PvP), with kingdoms competing against each other.
    [GGO] will be a mix of PvE and PvP with squadrons.
    [Project Alizication] will be event-based with PvP and PvE, separated into 4 empires controlled by a central power.

    Once one of the games have been beaten, players can interact in the real world with people they have met in their game. Players may choose to join another game as well with the same character after the conclusion of their world's arc, namely Project Alicization and Sword Art Online, although they may be brought back if enough people want another rendition.
    • General Information - Information and requests aside from this intro page.
    • Sword Art Online - The floating castle Aincrad holds the captive swordsmen with their release held at the summit of the prison at Floor 100 and its final boss.
    • Alfheim - The land of the elves in constant competition to achieve indefinite flight and ultimate dominion over the other elven races.
    • Gun Gale Online - Survivors of Wasteland Earth, taking refuge in the crash of the Space Battle Cruiser Glocken, seeking the Gaia Seed.
    • Project Alicization - Land of the Underworld, separated into four empires, controlled by the Central Axiom Church under the threat of invasion from the Land of Darkness surrounding the feeble, protected human world. The Great Eastern Gates fall soon.
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Not 100% certain this is where I should put this, but I can't find another thread about it, so, ahaha... You have my interest as well. :)
Ah thanks, guys, though I wouldn't expect this roleplay to really start up anytime soon, not many people are interested. If there are enough people, maybe if ye can raise enough people, we can do this. Unfortunately, I'm wrapped up in Ame Damnee right now, so I can't exactly focus on trying to get this idea off the ground.
Thanks, people.
This sounds pretty cool actually. If you do decide to get this going, I'll be on board. I watched SAO and part of SAO2, so I'm familiar with the world. It would be cool to explore in it and all that
A nice source of more info on the lesser known portions of SAO, aka the Alicization arc, is on the wiki. So far the arc is, in my opinion, better than the SAO, GGO, and Alfheim arcs. Though he seems to be ruining it quickly.... Anyway, Thanks. I'd certainly try to open up time if enough interest is expressed in this.