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Orion-Cygnus Arm


The Duke
A flurry of communication activity would ricochet around the cluster of Iarin ships, all in their native tongue. Any listening in would receive a garble of signals, only for them to stop and settle once more. After the deliberation, a response was returned to the Gungir.

"As acting commanding officer, I accept your terms," Admiral Riyyar responded brusquely. "This vessel will be escorted to the planet in question, where we will recover our own. Following that, Admiral Assara will make further judgement calls. We proceed forward."

With the communication ended, the Piabolle moved out of the protective drone bubble, the majority of which was already returning to the carriers located central to the battle-group. As the dreadnought moved forward, all 1,400 meters of it prepped for a full-scale battle, it proved more nimble that a vessel of its class would be expected to be. As it moved into close range of the Dominion vessels, it slowed to allow the escort to cruise alongside.


The Jinvahn's journey were not in vain! Indeed, a contact was established. The crew began establishing communications back to the main fleet. It was time for the emissary to speak without some prerecorded message. It'd be quite tiresome to keep repeating the same message over and over again would it not? A connection was established between the main fleet, through the exploration fleet, and broadcasted from there.

"Hello! Hello!", Eravul, the Emissary, chimed, "Umbral? Yes, yes. Intention is establish contacts! Create better future for all life. Yes, yes? We Jinvahn value harmony!" Eravul paused for a moment, "Hazardous you said? Perhaps create positive relation with our aide? Yes, no?"


Dragon Obsessed
<Admiral, they have requested we move to a different location, they say this is an active combat zone. RAID-01 has a quantum jump charge stored, what is your suggestion?>

<Follow the request, Captain, I'll polit dropship back into the q-field then activate it. We shouldn't need to move the carrier again for the time it takes to charge.>

<Yes sir. Communications just informed me we are transferring all these text and audio clips to your datapad for review. We are expecting their ship in some time, followed by the national briefing.>

<Drop-1 just entered the field, ready to jump here.>

<Affirmative, jump in three... two... one.>

An instant later, both vessels appeared at the specified point, waiting for the "Dominion" ship to do the same.

Alpha disconnected from the communicator briefly, speaking only to his men.

<They are denying us access to board for the moment, atleast until the briefing swap is done. After that, we meet in person and make our intentions here clear. I will be speaking, Hawk can interject if necessary. The rest of you are to remain silent. Understood?>

<Yes, sir.> The four responded in unison, Reptilian, Avian, and Mammalian voices mixed together into a mismatched harmony.


The Big Bad Wolf
Daedalus' Folly exited from Tunnel Space roughly 32,000 kilometers distant, gaining its bearings after a few moments before maneuvering towards the alien vessel. As it came, it broadcast a data packet containing the requested information by the RAID vessel, while something curious launched from the frigate.

Humanoid in structure, the craft that disengaged from the vessel quickly triggered a series of burns that propelled it alongside. 8 meters tall, the sharply angular mech held a long rifle in its arms, swiftly and gracefully maneuvering through the vacuum with ease. It was an AIM, a Dominion battlesuit that could fill the role of tank, aerospace fighter, and as evidenced, deep space fighter.

Decelerating some 5,000km distant from the other vessel several minutes later, the frigate opened a two way channel with the alien craft to organize the face-to-face meeting.

"Acknowledged, Admiral. Gungir will lead, escorts will follow."

Smoothly adjusting the formation that placed the Iarin craft in the center of a loose triangular formation, the escort group began to make for the system boundary, and would broadcast advance warning ahead to the TNG and Invictus assets in system as they entered.

Response to the Jinvahn's answer was delayed as the unexpected use of the common language was employed, and system's diagnostics were performed to ensure that no compromise had been made. No stranger to electronic warfare, the sudden shift from the initial puzzling language batch to easily understood words was enough to garner heavy suspicion, but after several minutes worth of equipment verification came back clean, it was decided it was mere coincidence and prior exposure.

"Jinvahn vessel, at the current time we are not in need of assistance in this duty station. However, contact can be established formally, but we'd like to request a relocation for an official meeting. This region is under expectation of armed assault with an unknown ETA, please respond if this course of action is acceptable."


Eravul was thrilled, although the armed assault did worry him. A new contact was always good, and it wasn't the first time they sailed into some kind of dispute. It was always awkward, if not dangerous. It probably wasn't wise to leave a ship here to greet the attackers, but future contact was a goal. Perhaps they could mediate between the two? Obviously, trust would need to be won with both before such a measure could be done effectively, and that was always the hard part. Still, Jinvahn perseverance to the cause knew no bounds.

"Ah! Yes yes! Course is acceptable! Send escort or location? Coordinate system unknown if location. Oh! How many ships travel with?"


Dragon Obsessed
With the new information, the Triplane coalition would be able to understand the biology, culture, history, and current state of political relations with the Dominion, all of the essentials to a new nation. The ship quickly transmitted their own set of information, explicitly lacking in any form of galactic coordinates for their world.

"They have a smaller craft heading our way, high magnification scans make it out as some form of bipedal suit." The captain said, passing more information to Alpha. "They opened a new channel as well, I'm passing it to you now. The computer is handling translation."

"Copy." Alpha pressed on his arm a few times, switching channels on his implanted comms to the new one. "This is Alpha, Cirrilian designated lead of RAID and this diplomatic team. Our ship is opening hangar bay doors on the facing side of the craft, please enter there. End."


The Big Bad Wolf
"Negative Alpha, this vessel lacks a shuttle. Escort A.I.M. suit is a single pilot craft on overwatch. We have available space in our port bay to receive a shuttle, or this vessel has docking capabilities. In either case, please advise on breathable atmosphere composition, we'd like to avoid any representatives dying during the meeting. Over."

The Daedalus' Folly turned to direct her port side at the RAID vessel, while the slowly orbiting mech settled into a position on its dorsal side, mag-locks in its leg units anchoring it to the hull several dozen meters aft of the spinal Inferno Rail turret. The craft was a slim design, emphasizing speed and maneuverability compared to other patterns. Angular and sleek, the rifle in its grip resembled a slender blade, a multi-purpose armament that was an amalgam of a magnetic accelerator and rugged lance. A micro-meteor splashed into fragments harmlessly against its battlescreen as it directed its multitude of sensors towards the alien vessel.

Attempting to puzzle through the response was challenging, the Jinvahn use of the common dialect obviously nothing approaching full literacy. The Dominion vessel's command crew conferenced with its AI for a few minutes, attempting to parse the meanings through the broken linguistics.

"Forgive errors in response, difficulty understanding. If you are unable to navigate independently with transmitted coordinates, respond for this vessel to assist with escorting to the designated rendezvous. Clarification on last requested, Dominion vessels elsewhere at this duty station are assigned, and your vessel is all we detect in the area."


Eravul pondered for a bit, before trying to continue, "Yes! Yes, escort," he paused for a bit, slowing down his speech, "How many our ships we send you with escort? One?" The small exploratory fleet was comprised of one frigate and three corvettes. Eravul wasn't expecting that they could bring all four, but it was always good to make sure. The other three could always head back home.

The ships themselves were lightly armed, only having point defense. Most of the design was put into shields and engines. They were made to look harmless, yet still get out of a jam if need be.


Phoenix of Wicked Cunning
She did not quite roll as the Diplomat exited the craft, yet seemed to skate across the floor on the small area that touched. She scanned the life forms inquisitively, noting a near lack of electrical activity while the ship itself was defining. So many signals and currents and hums for creatures who didn't even seem to do such things themselves.

The Diplomat sat in front of the beings for a moment, studying them, before her mass shifted to be a near exact replica of whom she assumed was their diplomat, right down to the badges on their shirt and screws in their gun. If it wasn't for the near glass like clearness or glowing core in her 'chest', the Gel could easily have passed as who she had chosen for a model.

From somewhere within her body came a humming sound that colessed itself to become words.
"Greetings Icarus' Downfall. We are the Gel. We great full for your accepting of our people and wish to continue peacefully. My understanding of your code is flawed, suggested course of action to fill in the missing pieces?" She said, trying not to be distracted by the electricity all around her nor the heat that caused her more than a fraction of unpleasantness, but was little more than an inconvenience.


The Big Bad Wolf
Jadith paused at the sight that slid from the Owl's bay, tilting her head slightly as the gelantious entity shifted and then sembled into a replica of her features. Glancing at her fellows in the hangar, she stepped forward, triggering a series of scanning protocols through her implants as she looked over the alien. Unconsciously beginning to raise her arm for a handshake, it froze when her neural computer registered the EM spectrum.

"A moment, please." Reaching into a back pocket, she drew out a pair of flight gloves, drawing them on and checking the fit before offering her hand. "A pleasure to meet face to face. What do we call you, personally?"

"All four are acceptable to continue with escort to an external rendezvous. This vessel will lead, our escorts will follow."

Responding to the Jinvahn, Umbral Shroud maneuvered to a new heading, the corvettes swinging wide and taking up positions behind and distant enough for the alien vessels to enter the triangular formation's center.


Phoenix of Wicked Cunning
The Gel imitated the head tilting of the Icarus' Downfall Diplomat, thinking it a curious action. She also held out the corresponding limb as their diplomat had, but did not touch it. While they seemed to have put on some covering, she was unsure as to the dangers. This being certainly was not powerful enough to shock her, nor did it seem to be corrosive to her matrix, but neither did the fruit the Glow Leaf Tree.
After a long moment, her nucleus glowing a range of colors in thought, she finally answered, "I am a Diplomat." It was the only thing she could think to say. As far as she could tell, the being was looking for her personal identification, but she was certain that they could not comprehend or repeat the unique signature electric pulse that each gave off, acting as voice, name, and face. These beings had their own form of individuality, seeming to have slightly different appearances. "I think that is the answer."
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"Yes! Very good!" Eravul chimed.

The Jinvahn vessels moved with the escort. As opposed to the triangular formation of the Dominion ships, the Jinvahn's lacked any kind of formation.


Dragon Obsessed
"Copy. Atmosphere conditions were included in database transmission. Your own atmosphere appears to be similar enough to meet our species' requirements." Alpha guided his men into the shuttle, each of them taking a seat as he took one of two pilots' positions. The dropship slid from the zero-g docking bay silently and accelerated to a cruise speed that took it to the new ship within a few minutes. The sleek black atmospheric ship stopped next to a hangar door as guided and waited for orders.


Active Member

"Ma'am, we have received word from the Deliverance." One of the communications officers said. He was seated on a comfortable, ergonomic chair that was slightly turned in order for him to directly look at his superior. His face lit by a blue-ish gloom due to the bridge's reflective materials as he waited for the captain to acknowledge his 'announcement'.
The captain; a lean and tall women with shoulder-long ashen hair turned her face towards the officer, using one of her slender fingers to put a rogue strand of her hair behind her ear. Her intelligent-looking, emerald green eyes then focussed on the officer's as she spoke; "Let's hear it, bridge only."

"To all of those who joined us on the journey of our lifetimes:
It delights me to announce that right now, on this very moment, the last of the Exodus-ships have taken flight and are en-route to our destination. I repeat; all of the Exodus-ships are en-route!

My name is Alessaxedes Faye Vindicat, and I look forward to personally greet - and welcome - all of you on the ground. But first, let's get to work. Until we meet again.”

The expression on the captain's face was one of pure delight; her eyes twinkled joyously and her thin lips were pointing up into a bright, white smile. She seemed happy to hear her leader's voice again; a voice drooling authority and power, yet soothing to the soul and calming to the mind. An audible sigh went through the bridge as the captain clapped her hands together and said; "Well then, it seems our Exodus has begun." She looked around; glancing over the many faces depending on her. She recognized quite a lot of them, some more familiar than the others. Amongst her bridge crew, she personally knew the officer who had brought their leader's message under her attention; he had a name she couldn't remember, which was the reason why she always referred to him as 'officer' rather than try and guess his real name. She wouldn't confess this, obviously. She shouldn't have to, actually. At that moment she realized there were quite a lot more people that depended on her on other decks. Her eyes stopped when they glanced over the face of one individual, one she had known since he was a mere infant. He was standing behind a holographic, blue screen that showed the positions and different statuses of connection to- and with the Exodus-fleet's vessels. With joy in her voice she spoke to him:

"She's doing good work, Aiden. None of our previous leaders managed to secure a new home for us, yet your mother did.” Her voice was pride-filled. She wasn’t part of the Vindicat family, yet retained quite a powerful position as strategist in Alessaxedes’ inner circle. Her cunning and skill was something those around her were envious of, which annoyed her extremely.

“So are we all, for that matter. Let's get back to work everyone." The latter she said whilst looking around again, nodding to several officers, whom saluted respectfully and re-focussed on their previously assigned duties. Aiden too nodded in the direction of the captain, and soon after his lithe fingers flew through the air in front - and on - the holographic screen. His movements were accompanied with several beeps that increased their pitch as he went up with his fingers. The sounds indicated the distance between the Vindicat ships; obviously the higher the tone meant the closer they were. He moved his left hand’s index finger to the outline of the largest ship, and it’s name appeared on the screen along with the Vindicat family emblem. Seeing it filled him with new hope; the sign of his family meant strength and unity; but also acceptance - the latter a thing not many Imperial families held in such a high esteem like the Vindicats did. He then quickly swiped it away. Seconds after he did, the low-pitched sound of a alert notification sounded in his earpiece, startling him. Normally the sound would notify him of both impending danger and the arrival of new ships in the fleet’s immediate vicinity. This time however, it notified him of the latter and soon after two new signals popped up. He hovered over them and then touched their outlines in rapid succession; pulling up their detailed information. His eyes dashed from left to right as he processed the information. Realizing it would be important to notify the captain, he reduced his earpiece’s volume - severely blocking out the majority of the sounds the screen made, except for the warnings - and spoke;

“Captain, two corvette-class vessels just emerged from hyperspace and are hailing us.” he said, quickly checking the holographic screen for any updates regarding the corvettes. Normally the communications officer would notify the captain of any and all inter-fleet communications and nothing else. All of the other high-priority detections and communications were expertly handled by Aiden.

“Activate the pre-recorded message and send it back to them.” The captain started, smiling as she made a gesture to one of the other officers on-deck; whose fingers soon after began gracing the soft surfaces of his illuminated keyboard. The captain watched him before turning her head towards Aiden again, following with; “Oh, and put it on repeat. I do not want your attention focussed solely on something that could be easily handled by someone with… less skill and education.” She winked at Aiden, before her attention was once again claimed by the officer who had previously begun searching.

“Ma’am, it seems the corvettes are of Vindicat design, but i am having trouble with confirming their clearance and fleet designations.” the officer began, his eyes quickly darting back towards his workspace, after which he must’ve realized he should remain focussed and looked back at the captain.

“I see. Have we notified the Deliverance yet?” She asked before putting yet another strand of ashen hair behind her ear.
The officer flushed a little at the captain’s question, and reached back with his left arm whilst still focussed on the ashen-haired woman. A slight beep echoed throughout the bridge, accompanied by a nervous giggle originating from the officer. “It has been, ma’am.”

“Ah, we all heard it. Thank you.” She said and playfully winked at the officer, who sighed audibly and turned around before sinking down on his chair again.

Aiden had already resumed his duties as lead communication- and navigations officer. The moment he turned his earpiece’s volume up again, several beeps found their way into his ear. Frowning due to the sudden loud beeps Aiden swiped his hand over the console, shifting it’s focus to the signal’s point of origin. Aiden grinned slightly as he looked at the location that the ship’s computers had already managed to pinpoint. The grin turned into a frown as the ship’s systems were unable to determine the type and class of the ship from which the signal came. Standing up, Aiden began to notify the captain of his most recent discovery;

“Captain, i have once again detected a ship’s signal. Our systems are unable to determine exactly what type and class the vessel belongs to and i personally advice a state of alert.” He then nodded, stepping back and sitting down again. His blue eyes were already flashing over the holographic screen he was working on as the captain answered;

“Thank you, Aiden.” She said without turning her face to look at him, as she already knew he would be already at work. She then turned towards the other communications officers and gave them their orders; “You there,” she nodded towards the man who had previously spoken to her about the message from the Deliverance. “-send a high-priority message to the Deliverance and tell then about our discovery. You’ll be handling all communication from- and to the Deliverance.” She then looked at the two remaining communications officers and gave them a different set of orders;

“As soon as Ludyn receives wordt from the Deliverance, i want you two to relay that information to all the other Vindicat-vessels.” Her facial expression then hardened as she suddenly barked;


Aiden watched how the three communications officers saluted the captain and spoke on unison; “Yes ma’am!” Suddenly they looked stern and extremely professional as they immediately got to work setting up their workstations and readying communication equipment for their respectively-assigned tasks.

“Well then, let’s see what this is about…” was the last the captain said before relaxing a little. With that being said, Aiden overruled the bridge’s main monitor and pulled forth exactly the same data shown on his own screen; the unidentified ship’s orange outline, along with the missing type and classification information.

“Yes ma’am.” He said as he went through the constantly, in real-time updating fresh information.

“Some of the people aboard the Exodus ships gave up everything they previously had for this dream; let’s hope it wasn’t for naught…” he thought as he switched his own screen back to the overview that showed every Vindicat ship and their precise positions. And now, the unidentified ship’s as well...

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Somewhere in Aschen Space...

Commander Aiden Korso was quietly watching the displays on his screen, three-dimensional icons floated along a projection of the local star system, the Exodus and Vindicat vessels highlighted in a soft yellow, with background planetoids and friendly Military vessels highlighted in various colors to denote their order of importance. Commander Korso was supplemented by his Executive Officer, Colonel Bialar Ronson, an older, seasoned veteran of the Empire's many conflicts.

Their ship was an Imperial Hastati class cruiser a medium cruiser employed by the Aschen Navy for patrol and escort duties, and this section of the void happened to be where the Commander was being assigned to.

"I wonder what these guys are up too, Colonel." Korso said while manipulating the holographic projection, zooming in on each of the ships before him.

"Looks like they're looking for something." Ronson replied, standing up from his workstation to pass some papers along to the Tactical Officer, a young man by the name of Lieutenant Felix Gaeta.

Gaeta took the papers and nodded, placing them on the console before he brought up a weapons display.

His brief train of thought was interrupted by the Commander, whom issued yet another directive.

"Transmit our positional data back to fleet, check in, and prepare to make contact; let them hail us first." Korso ordered. Immediately, Colonel Ronson offered a crisp salute, before turning to relay the orders.

The lone cruiser sat, waiting to be contacted, so they could investigate exactly what was going on here.