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Side Story Paradisum Perdidit

Discussion in 'Side Story Archives' started by Jeremi, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    The awakening


    You are awoken by the scorching sun shining down on you from the sky. Wait…make that two suns. Getting up from the sand you find that you aren’t alone in this desert landscape. Other people, some with unfamiliar clothing and appearances, were strewn around the area looking as confused as you are.

    What was the last thing you remember? A normal day in your life…and then darkness, void of all color and life. Then you were here, how much time had passed if any you could not say. It was like a big gap in your memory

    Suddenly a female voice echoes inside your head and a vision of a giant crystal floating inside a chamber.

    "Lost children away from your homes. Seek me out to earn your salvation."
    With that the voice went quiet leaving only behind vivid image of a tall tower in the middle of the desert. That was all though, everything else was a complete mystery.

    There didn't seem to be much else around except some cacti and the others gathered here. Perhaps they knew something that you didn't?

    Cast list:

    @Ver as Adam Jensen
    @Cromartous as Agent 47
    @Minerva as Aranea Highwind
    @Kaykay as Aya Brea
    @Draco Shadowdragon as Caim
    @Lucky as Chris Eriksen and Charles Eriksen
    @Atomic Knight as Claire "Lightning" Farron
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Geno and Mallow
    @Takumi as Hiro and Maribel Mayde
    @Yun Lee as Joy Foster
    @Hahli Nuva as Lara Croft
    @York as Lucca Ashtear
    @Gummi Bunnies as One and Two
    @Crow as Pinocchio and Red Riding Hood
    @Bark as Ramza Beoulve
    @Donder172 as Rico Rodriguez
    @Alex Azure as Sora​
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
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  2. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    The last thing Lara remembered was the crash.


    It had been her first trip to Peru while she searched for a way to stop Trinity from finding an ancient Myan Relic. A vicious storm had struck her transport and derailed the chopper, forcing her friend Jonah to slap the last parachute on her back and literally kick Lara out of the open door before the bird and Jonah himself went crashing into the cold, unforgiving ocean.

    She landed in the forest after being carried for a mile or two, ravaged by rain and wind and hail all along the way. Lara was no stranger to these harsh conditions, but as soon as she had blinked, she felt warm hot sand against her face. No longer was she fleeing from an oncoming storm, but instead finding herself in a vast desert. Where was she? How did she get here?

    Supernatural means, no doubt.

    Lara picked herself up off the ground, dusting her gear and tank top off. She instantly reached for her climbing axe, finding her quiver and bow buried in the sand a few paces away. The sole Croft heir eyed her new companions with a look of caution. She didn't know who or what they were, but if they were enemies, Lara would fight to the death to protect herself.

    "Alright. Nobody move. Who are you all and where the hell am I?"

    @Ver @Cromartous @Minerva @Gummi Bunnies @Yun Lee @Takumi @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Lucky @Atomic Knight @York @Crow @Bark @Donder172 @Alex Azure @Kaykay @Draco Shadowdragon @Desert
  3. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Sora knew darkness. He'd been lost to it before. He was about to be lost to it again.

    In the wake of a shattered Kingdom Hearts, Sora and Riku faced a powerful enemy. They found victory within a realm of nothingness, but their victory came at a cost. Rather than return home, arm in arm with Riku, Sora ended up swallowed by darkness. Yet, through the darkness pierced a light, a vision, and a voice.

    Sora awoke to the bright light of dual suns. He was lain supine in the sand of the desert. He raised a hand to block the dual sunlight as he rose to his feet. "Is this Agrabah?" Sora wondered aloud, "No it can't be. I'm pretty sure Agrabah has only one sun. And a lot fewer people..."

    Sora took a look around, and noticed Lara, and heard her hostile words.

    "Hey, there's no need to fight. I'm just as clueless as you are. I have no clue what world we ended up in. Maybe we should introduce ourselves? I'm Sora, and this is..."

    Sora looked behind him, only to find his party absent of any members. No Riku, no Donald, no Goofy.

    "Actually, I don't know anybody here either."

    @Jeremi @Alex Azure @Atomic Knight @Bark @Cromartous @Crow @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Donder172 @Draco Shadowdragon @Gummi Bunnies @Hahli Nuva @Kaykay @Lucky @Minerva @Takumi @Ver @York @Yun Lee @Desert​
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  4. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Red Riding Hood perceives.
    The stench of blood.
    The sounds of mayhem.
    The cries of agony.

    …She loves it!

    More blood.
    More wounds.
    More screams.
    More, more, more, more!

    If she requires her Author’s power to have more, then she will resurrect him.

    …And kill him again.

    "This place is so boring, an endless field of nothing but..."

    Red Riding Hood feels the sand of the desert. Soft and almost lifeless. Red Hood wasn't charmed by lifelessness - not a being around the scream and squirm and those with life. She did enjoy a lifeless field - that was - lifeless as a result of her taking from it.

    A small glimmer of hope shines.

    "Alright. Nobody move. Who are you all andwhere the hell am I?"

    "Hey, there's no need to fight. I'm just as clueless as you are. I have no clue what world we ended up in. Maybe we should introduceourselves? I'm Sora, and this is..."

    That was someone, someone who spoke.

    Someone alive.

    She turns to these people.

    "I'm Red Riding Hood, and I want to play~ or do you need a nice, long rest~"

    Another voice was heard.

    "Lost children away from your homes. Seek me out to earn your salvation."

    Her face lit up. Seek her out? That's more for the pile.​

    Pinocchio fears.
    This baffling place that he has found himself in.
    This confusing situation that he has found himself in.

    Pinocchio fears.
    This weapon that he has obtained.
    This staff that spews cruel and ugly words.

    In all of his fear, Pinocchio turns to his Author for help.

    However, Pinocchio learned that in order to bring his Author back from the dead
    He must take the lives of others.

    "Huh? Where am I?"

    He walks towards the three already there in this desert zone


    Pinocchio ponders, but just then, the sadistic, cruel staff licked its lips and laughs.

    "Yes, people. You know what must be done to bring him back."


    He simply approaches them.

    "Who are you all? And where am I?"

    @Jeremi @Hahli Nuva @Alex Azure @DesertLands​
  5. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Adam Jensen: Prologue - Human Revolution


    Man has always tried to reach for what was beyond his grasp. It is always the same everywhere. No matter what.

    When Adam Jensen came to, he was nowhere. Stranded in a desert with a number of strangers of varying walks. Some of them looked normal enough, like people just strung up from the street, but most of them looked... off. Outlandish, overstuffed, impractical costumes, especially in this heat. Then again, he wasn't one to talk, with his black coat probably making him stick out like a sore thumb, even among these strange people who looked like they came right out of Pritchard's dumb little video games.

    Of course, maybe he ought to question the wardrobe of the people around him for another time. More than the mere situation of being in a hopelessly oppressive desert, what was troubling was how Jensen found difficulty in recounting how he had gotten here. It was all just... blank. Black. A quick pat of his own body revealed to him that at least he still had his standard gear; things that were just easy enough to carry on his own form. Even with the augmentations that increased his carrying capacity, it didn't exactly mean much if he didn't look like a jackass all the while moving anywhere.


    "The kid's right. I understand you might be alarmed -- it looks like we all have cause to be -- but the aggression's going to have to go," the man said to Lara with a calm, low voice, gesturing to Sora briefly with his hand. Subdued, yet firm. With his C.A.S.I.E. implant at work, ready to analyze what it needed after gathering what it needed, he went on, as it seemed introductions were in order. He didn't exactly trust to give away who he was so quickly, but... all things considered, maybe it was time to overlook that rule here.

    "... Jensen. My name's Jensen," he simply said to the others who seemed to prompt him to introduce himself, the man in black folding his arms intently as he did so, "I take it no one else here decided to come here as a vacation spot?"

    @Hahli Nuva @Crow @Alex Azure @Everybody
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  6. Minerva



    Aranea stood up. She shook some dust from her armor and looked around. A desert, similar to that in Leide. However, this couldn't be Leide, as Leide didn't have a giant tower in the middle of its desert.

    She picked up her helmet from the ground as she stood up, using her spear to brace herself as she stood up. She looked around at the gathered group. One was preparing to fire arrows while another was explaining who he was. She gripped her spear and looked around the group. It was a mixed group, consisting of people who fit in in her world, to a bit outlandish, to a man who looked like he was only partially made into a Magitek soldier dressed in some ridiculous garb an upper-class Insomnia citizen might wear.

    She stuck her spear into the sand and looked towards the group. She had an aura of order around her, but if people listened, that was on them.

    "I'm Aranea Highwind, Commodore of Niflheim's 87th Airborne Division." She introduced herself. " I agree. We should try to figure out what's going on before taking any action."

    @Alex Azure @Hahli Nuva @Ver @Crow @Others​
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  7. Draco Shadowdragon

    Draco Shadowdragon Unknown Entity

    Caim awoke face down in the desert sand. The suns were beating down on his back. He rolled over and looked around. Where was he?

    The last thing Caim remembered was Angelus dying. Nowe had done well. He had been turning to ash as well though, so what was going on? Was this the afterlife?

    Standing up Caim noticed he wasn't alone in this place. He grabbed his sword from the ground nearby and approached the group that was forming.

    "I'm Caim, former prince of Caerleon and soldier of the Union. Would this happen to be the afterlife?" He was still getting used to being able to speak, having just regained the ability right before he died. He was dead, right?

    Then he heard the voice in his head. This person would most likely hold the answers to the questions he had.
  8. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    Mallow & Geno
    A Battle Against An Unknown Land!




    Hoo, wow, it was really dark.

    The feeling of an intense heat... baring down on his face... like someone was cooking an omelette... and couldn't find a frying pan. The depths of confusion and despair... so warm, yet so cold! How could something so deep and complicated and overdone happen so suddenly?

    And then, from the darkness... a voice. A faint whisper slicing through the void.


    This is the end.

    "...Hey, Mallow."

    "...Hello? Mallow? Wake up, I don't have time for this."

    Such a cruel fate.

    "Nnnn... go away... I'll learn to swim another daaaay..."


    Not like this...!!


    Mallow nearly threw himself over the heat-blasted dunes with how high he jumped. The fluffy, roundish nimbus person impacted a sand shortly after his senses returned to him, his face buried completely buried in the sand. In fact, his entire body would've been buried in the sand if it wasn't for the lower, trouser-laden half of his round body sticking out from sand like a ostritch. After a few muffled exclamations, Mallow forced his hands on the ground and plopped the rest of his body out from the sand, shaking the gravel out of his small, purple swirl of... hair?

    The fluffy Prince Mallow of Nimbus Land rubbed his eyes and yawned grumpily, staring aimlessly in a random direction and grumbling outloud.


    "Jeez, Mom, it's a weekend! I don't have to wake up early today! Also, why is there... sand in my... bed.... room??"


    As the blinding sunlight left the prince's eyes, the gift of sight switfly returned to him, allowing him to bask in the landscape spilled out before him. A seemingly endless desert landscape stared back, spanning out for as far as he could see and stretching over a horizon obscured by towering sand dunes and rocky mountains in the distance. Mallow blinked a few times, his small eyes widening like plates. He rubbed him a few times. No dice.

    "...W-wha?!" the prince shrieked, stumbling up on his stubby feet and spinning around, looking around himself and seeing nothing but sand. Sand here, sand there, sand everywhere. A few distant voices echoed in the distance, but they were like white noise against the sheer terror that began to build up in the diminutive fluff ball.

    "Where... where am I?! MOOOM?! DAAAD?!" Mallow called out into the desert, which answered back with an echo. His teeth chattered louder than his will to completely break down, which manifested in him raising his hands to his head and shaking profusely.

    "This... this has to be dream. Yeah! I'm just dreaming! Maybe if I... smack myself in the face again or click my heels or something, I can--"

    "I'm afraid this isn't a dream, Sir Prince."


    Mallow shrieked like a small animal, spinning around to the source of the voice and instinctively pointing whatever was clutched in his hand. In this case, it happened to be a long, wooden staff with the head of a frog decorated on the end. A figure stood atop one of the dunes, looking out over the desert landscape. It was diminutive in stature, but carried a presence that could be described as 'otherworldly', with the wind kicking up his cerulean cloak and having it dramatically wave. He gazed a short distance away, toward a group of stangers that began to gather - some awake, some not.

    The figure crossed his arms and directed his gaze down to Mallow.


    "Funny... I'm the realest person you're going to meet on this trip."

    Mallow's jaw nearly sank to the core of the Earth. The shattering hysteria and fear of this sudden nightmare was replaced with utter disassociation.


    Geno coolly slid off the sand dune, keeping his arms crossed and his eyes closed as he expertly drifted down to the base of the dune and halted a foot away from Mallow, unintentionally (?) splashing another dose of sand into Mallow's gaping mouth. Mallow frantically spit the sand out and shook his head, rubbed his eyes, did anything to assert that what he was seeing was real. Sure enough, it was. The prince lowered the Froggie Stick and stuttered out his next words.

    "G-Geno... what are you doing here!? It's been years! I thought after we gathered the last Star Piece, you left and..." Mallow's voice trailed off, sounding a bit melancholy for a moment before picking up again "Wait, nonono, this has to be some kind of dream! I remember going to bed pretty late last night because I was hoping to nab some food from the royal kitchen and then... I went to bed, and then something hit me in the face and now we're in a desert and YOU'RE here and... I... whaaaa??" Mallow huffed, scratching his head and looking to the old companion of his, whom he hasn't seen in who-knows-how-long.

    "Well, I can assure you this is no dream. I could smack you again if it'll prove anything."

    "So it was you that woke me up! This really isn't a dream, is it? I-I mean--"
    Mallow cut himself off, slowly gathering his wits and looking to Geno with some semblance of a smile, "I'm happy you're back, Geno, but... if you're here, that usually means someone is up to no good."

    The figure, whom had been revealed as Geno, shook his head in a sagely manner, the wood in his body creaking slightly with every movement. "It is good to see you again after so long, my fluffy little friend... but, I did not return for pleasure, nor on divine intervention. I had no intentions of being here."

    "Eeh?! I thought having everything planned out was your thing! You don't know anything?"

    "Ha ha ha... yes, normally I would have figured out the issue here, but it seems as if we are a long ways away from the light of the Star Road. My... 'superiors' cannot contact me in this desert, nor can I contact them." Geno spoke somberly, looking up at the empty sky hanging over the desert and shaking his head. He wasn't in the best of moods over this dilemma, it seems.

    "Yikes... that's no good. I thought the Starway-- I mean -- Star Road had a connection everywhere. If you can't even contact it... where the heck are we?"

    "That's what I've been trying to figure out. I woke up here in my old puppet body a little while ago, and heard those voices over there,"
    he gestured over in the direction where everyone else stood, "I meant to go investigate over there, but I found you lying in the sand here."

    "Hm... that's weird. Seems like a big coincidence, dont'cha think? If you and I showed up here, do you think... Mario might be around here somewhere?"

    Geno stood silent for a moment, before shaking his head. "No... if Mario were close, I would've sensed him. King Bowser and Princess Peach would've been around as well, but they haven't shown up either. Looks like it's just you and me, Mallow."

    The prince didn't seem exactly thrilled by the proposition, but that was only because of the confusion of the situation at hand. It seemed as if everything was coming at him way too fast for him to even recollect what he was doing prior to this whole mess, but based on what Geno was saying, that stuff probably didn't matter so much. Mallow put on his usual concerned, slightly-afraid face as he turned in the direction that Geno gestured to. "I-I guess we should see what's going on over there. Maybe we'll find some friends?"

    "Or enemies,"
    the puppet spat, taking lead as he began trudging up the dunes towards the rest of the group, with Mallow frantically grabbing his Froggie Stick and rushing after him.

    No time for exposition. A new battle was already underway, and this one was going to be interesting.

    In the middle of the commotion going on between the awakened strangers, two new figures waddled over the dunes and made themselves known with their footsteps; a pair of short, goofy-looking characters that looked like something out of a cartoon or video game. One of them appeared to be a... walking, talking wooden puppet of some kind, and the other one looked like a big marshmallow with a face and a wooden staff.

    Geno and Mallow stopped like statues, beholding the strangers before them. A bunch of tall... gangly looking people that appeared very, very... 'different'. Uncomfortably detailed.

    "Eeee...th-these guys look really creepy! And really tall!" the marshmallow stammered to the puppet.

    "They aren't as threatening as they look,"
    the puppet responded coolly.


    The living marshmallow waddled forward slightly, taking in a deep breath and putting on a wide smile. "U-uh... hello, everyone! My name is Mallow, and this is my friend, Geno! We're... u-uh... tourists!"

    "You're terrible at this."

    "Sh-shut up!"

    @Alex Azure @Hahli Nuva @Ver @Crow @Draco Shadowdragon @Others

  9. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Well, I guess I'll introduce myself," Pinocchio says, planting his staff in the sand, "I'm Pinocchio , just Pinocchio. I look forward to depending on all of you."

    "So many people here, it makes me excited~" Red Hood giggles as her eyes widen at the sight. She looks at the most curious figures - Mallow & Geno. "I wonder what's inside you~?"

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Alex Azure @Hahli Nuva @Ver @Crow @Draco Shadowdragon @Others​
  10. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Well, of course. Things just couldn't go right for more than five minutes, could they? One second, Joy was finally reunited with her mom, and the next, she was waking up on the ground with a mouth full of sand. Not to mention how much of it got into her hair...and her clothes...fucking hell.

    The teen medium moved into a sitting position, noticing everyone around her, and the two Suns. "What the fuck...?" Some weird...marshmallow thing, a...doll? A couple of adults that looked nothing like any "respectable" person in Salem...or anywhere, really, and some kids in some of the craziest outfits she'd ever seen.

    "Okay. Either I wound up at the weirdest convention ever," Joy said, to no one in particular, "I died, or this is one Hell of a dream." That last option seemed the most likely. "What the fuck did I eat before bed...?"

    @Jeremi @Anyonelol​
  11. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Prologue: The Hitman
    [QUOTE="Yun Lee, post: 116468, member: 2381"][/QUOTE]

    Agent 47
    "It's hardly brochure material" Agent 47 muttered, mechanically dusting the sand from the skin of his pure white jacket. For a man with the wealth the do anything and go anywhere, he had always had a taste for the incredible. The mountains of Sapienza. The warm glow of Tokyo. Whether it was a business trip or a simple getaway, 47 was the sort of man who believed that he had seen every wonder that there was in the world, and had expressed a suitable degree of awe upon seeing them. A simple 'Ah' as he stared across a misty plane was enough gratitude in his eyes; there wasn't a need for floury prose or poetic splurges. No matter what it looked like, a view was just a view, and it could hardly take offence to being reminded so.

    At this moment, was simply happy that he had the means to view the sights he saw out from behind the barrel of his rifle, a novelty man other ICA Agents lacked. He had told himself that he had earned his privileges. He told himself that his fine suits and even finer dining were the rewards of a life poorly lived, martyring itself day in and day out to complete the jobs the rest of mankind was too ashamed to muddy its hands completing. A small part of him had come to believe his own words- as manufactured and plastic as they were- but the rest of him saw the truth. All the pleasures in his life- the travel and treats alike- were simply poodle treats treacled out by the ICA to keep their precious pup docile enough to stay by their side. They would pet him and pamper him, in the hopes that whenever the next big job came around they could let him off his leash, let him do his business, then watch him come running back to have it clipped back on when all accounts had been settled. Even back in the orphanage, 47 knew what he truly was; he was a tool, another weapon in the arsenal of the rich and influential. He was an incredibly efficient and highly sought after tool, of course, but a tool none the less. His travel and limited defects were simply luxurious, sugar-coated maintenance charges, and, in the name of professionalism and decency, he kept them to a minimum. There was not a sight in the world worth shedding his dignity for.

    Until one night, midway through a fine entree- which, upon failing to meet his standards, he would remember to have been just fine- he found himself transported into a strange new world. A world of bright lights, endless planes and lots and lots of sand. As the final particles of yellow drifted from his sleeve, 47 finished tidying himself up. His tie was straightened. His trousers were pressed free of creases. A hand wiped beads of sweat from his smooth scalp. Completing the facade of another faceless millionaire, 47 laid the foundations for his rouse. For whatever reason, someone had sought to take him out of his comfort zone, and he was hardly going to treat his personal security with any sort of liberalism.

    "I don't think this is a dream. Shared dreams are fairy tales" He turned to Joy, synthetic sincerity in his eyes. He would play the role he was required to play for now. He would play the elusive businessman for as long as the part benefitted him. The moment it ceased to do would be the same moment he would find a way to re-deal his cards and play his next hand even closer to his chest. For now, his Character required compassion. It required trust. He doubted that all his companions were as ignorant as they let on... "And we're all far too only to be clinging on to fairy tales... My name is Tobias. Tobias Reeves"
    "Tourists?" 47 raised and eyebrow "Care to point us in the direction of the nearest gift shop?"
  12. Bark

    Bark Patren X

    Though it had come to pass, the War of the Lions was the least of Ivalice's worries and Ramza felt it imperative to stay around to help, since not only did he help to resolve it, but it felt a part of his duty to his family house. As he was still young, he was often stressed and exhausted. It wasn't unusual that he'd fall asleep in strange places. By the sound of voices, he lifted his head up.
    Of course, what he saw was many strange people and he immediately threw his head back down into the sand. Was this for real? He was half tempted to lay there until everyone left, but even he wasn't that rude, so he rolled over and sat up. Being the ever-polite, he wouldn't speak up before spoken to, so he just glanced at who was there to see what kind of strange people he'd been left with.​
  13. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.

    Half of them thought they were dead, all of them were on edge. On top of that, most of them looked like they came from some sort of variety show, what with all the colors and strange costumes. Great. Couldn't imagine any better company than this. With a sigh, Aya Brea finished getting up and began to brush any sand off herself. Fortunately, only one of them appeared to be threatening violence at the moment. And even then, it wasn't as if that was unexpected.

    After all, Aya didn't know anything about how she got here, but strangely enough neither did anyone here. Or at least, that was how it seemed. They were right to be on edge, she was as well after all, but assuming they were all as confused as they seemed it'd be best if they just got over it and worked together. No matter how strange some of them may have looked.


    "I'm Aya Brea with the FBI," she introduced herself, hoping to keep any worries regarding identity at bay. "I'm just as confused as you all are. I don't know where we are, or how we got here. But I don't think we're dead, or dreaming. We'll figure out what's going on."

    It appeared she didn't buy Mallow's claim about being a tourist, more due to Geno's comment than any cynicism.

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Alex Azure @Hahli Nuva @Ver @Crow @Draco Shadowdragon @Yun Lee @Bark @everyone​
  14. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    As the group continued conversing among themselves trying to figure out what had happened they'd hear a roar from up above.


    A huge bird like creature flew overhead casting a huge shadow under it. Surprisingly it seemed to pay the group no mind as it continued on its journey. For most of the gathered group a beast like that was a sight rarely seen and who could say what would happened if it came around for another pass?​

    @Atomic Knight @Kaykay @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Alex Azure @Hahli Nuva @Ver @Crow @Draco Shadowdragon @Yun Lee @Bark @Cromartus @Minerva @York @Gummi Bunnies @Takumi @Donder172 @Lucky @everyone
  15. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ Whoa! I've never seen a bird like that! Hey big sis One, we got a lot to talk about with our younger sisters when we get back to the Cathedral City, right? ❞ Two didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that the large creature in the air would be a problem to keep in mind. They weren't in Midgard, that was for sure. Being the Intoners that reigned over that land, they would know what wasn't their territory. Furthermore, the apparent setback only gave Two a sudden interest on exploring the unfamiliar lands here.

    That was the opposite for One.


    ❝ Right... Two. Though, I'd rather find a way back as soon as possible. ❞ One sighed, shaking her head at the fact that her younger sister Two was overly enthusiastic for this situation. They had no idea what to expect here, and One was sure that their absences would work in favor for a particular traitor Intoner back home. She could only silently pray that their other sisters could hold their own until they return.

    ❝ Allow me to introduce myself and my younger sister. My name is One, and my sister's name is Two. We're both Intoners from Midgard... and may I ask if our land's name is familiar with you lot? ❞ Straight to business, One figured to get their names out there so that wouldn't become a need to say later on, and then asking if anyone was familiar with their homeland. It was futile to ask if anyone knew the way back, especially when it was evident that no one appeared to know that answer.

    @Atomic Knight @Kaykay @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Alex Azure @Hahli Nuva @Ver @Crow @Draco Shadowdragon @Yun Lee @Bark @Cromartous @Minerva @York @Jeremi @Takumi @Donder172 @Lucky
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  16. Lucky

    Lucky Genetic Chimera, Prone To Losing His Shirt

    Chris Eriksen/ Captain Spirit and Charles Erikson

    Chris remembered falling from the treehouse and then he was here. He was more surprised by all the interesting adults here. " Hi... I'm Chr- Captain Spirit," he said. He looked kind of adorable when he said that and also, it was very notable that he was the youngest there, being nine.

    Meanwhile, Charles was facedown in the sand with no intention of getting him without some alcohol first. Maybe this was just a bad fever dream. Maybe somebody might want to get him up.

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  17. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    Lara picked up her bow and quiver, checking the wepons for damage. She didn't have much save for her .357 Magnum and Climbing Axe. Her black Compound bow shone in the sunlight the vibranium tipped arrows just as deadly as anybulletif not more so.

    Lara listened as the others introduced themselves. She didn't trust them just yet. For all she knew, they could be allies with Trinity, yet the presence of this 'Captain Spirit' and 'Mallow' characters seemed to put a dent in those plans.

    "My name isn't important right now. What we need to do is find a way out of here. The heat will soon take its toll on our sanity."

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    "Niflheim? Caerleon? Midgard? Never heard of any of those worlds. And all of you probably haven't heard of Destiny Islands either. I wonder what kind of places those are. Though... if we're all from different worlds, something fishy must be going on. Usually there's some kind of world border..."

    Sora's thoughts were interrupted by the cry of a giant bird.

    "Woah! What is that? Some kind of Heartless?"

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    "O-okay, okay, so we aren't tourists. I just thought you guys were natives or something," Mallow stammered, raising his staff defensively as a number of the tall, uncomfortably detailed strangers questioned him. Particularly, Red Hood's comment made the mage step back a bit, clutching his staff.

    "Hey, hey, I'm just a cloud, lady! I-I don't have anything interesting in here... except a lightning spell that'll fry you if you get any closer!"

    Geno took a bold step towards the threatening stranger, raising a wooden hand towards her. "Don't push your luck."

    And then, a roar from above prompted Mallow to glance upward like a frightened animal, shuddering at the sight of the massive bird, along with Geno who slowly tilted his head upward and stared at the beast as it passed.

    "Did it notice us? W-was that a dragon?!"

    Geno opted not to answer that question at the moment, instead looking to Red Hood and the rest of the strangers and lowering his hand. The puppet crossed his arms. "Seems like we're all tourists here. Perhaps our first play should be agreeing not to kill one another."

    "Yeah, I agree with that motion. Killing is bad! E-especially killings targeted towards cloud people!" Mallow raised his hand, fearfully looking at the others in the group.

    "I'm guessing none of you have seen a mustached plumber clad in red anywhere around here?" Geno prompted the group, even though he knew the answer.

    "Huh? Do they not know who Mario is?"

    "...If what I'm thinking is true, probably not."

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