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Pirate Role Play, |reserved|

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Lil Proton, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton


    South-East Region within Teixian Region.
    Monday, 1 pm.
    aboard Teixian Naval Amanda

    Moonfall was in her own jail cell, is one of the very few females in prison. The Teixian navy had some decency and didn't believe in mixing men with women in the prison cells. She frowned slightly and looked around the area, there was still that tray of food she didn't bother eating. Moonfall really wasn't hungry at the moment. Her staff was placed in the 'evidence room' along with other prisoners' belongings. Without the staff, a very limited amount of magic could be done if she even tried. Well, Moonfall could at least try to talk to a few spirits, and there were a lot of spirits in these halls. People who have large regrets or deep hatred often had their souls linger for several days before even their souls decayed into nothingness. None of the spirits had anything interesting to say, other than their morns of regret and swears of vengeance. Those get pretty repetitive over time though.

    "Hey, what ya in for?" Moonfall randomly asked a person in the next cell. Well, she couldn't see who they were, but the lady assumed there was something in there. After all, empty rooms don't really curse guards and no one just brings trays of food for the rats to eat.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  2. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    ''I was member of the Widowed Mary crew. We've grown a bit too successful in my short time being part of that crew so I, alongside with me fellow members, got sentenced to death.''Eudocia tis Stratiotikys said as she sat in the other cell's cold wooden floor. She slowly stood up and walked towards the cell that Moonfall was in, walking to the bars until one another could see each other.

    ''Eudocia tis Stratiotikys. How about you, eh? What's ye'r name and why are ye' here? Murdered an official?'' She asked, soon leaning unto the wall to the right of her as she glares through the bars at Moonfall, inspecting her with her eyes. ''Do ye' remember if the execution was today or tomorrow?'' She asked there.
  3. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    "As far as I can tell, it depends on the severity of your crimes," Leon pitched in from another cell. "Assassin's probably go first, followed by mystic types. These people fear magic like the damn plague." As he spoke, he looked around for something to pick locks with. In his experience, just about anything pointed will do. "The name's Leon by the way. Some folk call me Leo, and some stories call me Deadeye. Lovely name really."

    He tried to get a look at the others, but the lighting was pretty crappy there. "What am I in for? Nothing too bad, just stole from some rich asshole and killed some guards along the way. The way I see it, he has plenty to spare."
  4. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "It's nice to meet both of you, I'm Amaranth but you can just call me Moonfall," she replied to the both of them, she leaned against the wall, listening to what Leon had to say. The lady then looked at her tray, deciding to have a few quick bites at the surprisingly decent food that was there. "I'm in for witchcraft, so it's execution for me I suppose," she said rather casually. Moonfall gazed out of the cell again, there weren't many guards at this time, especially since the water was already given out to people.

    No magic could be done without some kind of magical instrument, at least no useful magic. "I really need to get out of here..." she would mumble to herself. Moonfall sighed lightly, she wasn't even practising magic when arrested. It was just heavily suspected, granted her staff probably hinted of it heavily but still.
  5. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    ''Moonfall, eh? Does not sound like a name, and Ama-something is too long. I'll just call you Amie.'' She commented, soon glaring at the other one. ''Really, eh? I was not caught for any murders, to be honest. I was captured and sentenced to death because my ship that I was on gained too much notoriety with its successful raids.'' She commented.

    ''Relax. We are not going to make it out of here alive for a while.'' She said to Amie when she spoke about needing to get out of here. ''We lack tools to escape with, so let's just relax and enjoy our last few moments before our eventual death.'' She said.
  6. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Leon chuckled and shook his head at Eudocia. "Ye don't need fancy tools to pick a lock love, just a bit of finesse. And I'm sure as hell not going to the gallows again." He then searched the rest of his cell for something sharp, but to no avail. "Have any of ye got something small and sharp? Hairpin maybe?"
  7. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Amie's a nice name, she'll keep it. The lady placed her hand in her hair, she's pretty sure there are a few hairpins in there somewhere. Vola, there's one! Amie took out the hairpin and looked right it, she took a deep breath and reached her hand out of the cell in order to hand it to Leon. "Here you go, will this do?" She asked and took a deep breath.
    "There's an evidence room where all of our weapons should be, if we get there we should be able to make a decent escape. I don't find death to be particularly appealing." Amie added.
  8. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Eudocia chuckles.''Hey, a pirate's life is like a two sided dice - or a coin. You spin it and hope to land on the side that ensures your survival. It just seems we landed on the bad side.'' She said.

    ''Right. Does anyone have an idea where the evidence room is? If we can we should try set up a distraction somewhere while we make our escape.'' She said as she spotted that the two were actually trying to escape.

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