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Fanfiction Playing House


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This part of the fic takes place before the Looking Glass Illusion Game, but is mostly for fun and also because Hagusa and Noragami in general just...hurts right now. I guess you could say it also counts as a bit of a writing exercise of sorts. Potential spoilers incoming, since this is mostly from Hagusa's perspective even if it's vague in places.


Part 1: Scattered Memories

The morning was bright as the day of Ooharai came, the day where the Heavens went on the hunt.

While the final preparations were made in the Far Shore, in the land of the living a clash went on. Nora verses Nora, and Father verses Son.

He ignored the calls of his name, crying out as he reached as far as possible in his search with his 'Righteous Net' for the man who started him on this path in the Far Shore, said Net blanketing the town and causing a sense of chaos as those effected found the courage to stand up against what some may see as 'evil' or 'corrupt'. Yet, why he couldn't he find him? It shouldn't have been this hard to find one man, unless-


And then Father raised his arm, swinging Hagusa's weapon form down into a pipe.

"Shut up Hagusa."


Father was mad. Was he being bad, and that's why Father got so mad at him?


I want out of here.

I just want to fly away and be with my sister...

"Hagusa! Stop goofing off and stab him already!!" Father had yelled.

It always came down to going to his sister when he was scared, didn't it? She was his real family after all...right?

Without even looking, he threw his arm out, causing his current form as a spear made of what appeared to be shadows to burst forth against their current opponent and cutting into their leg. Clenching his eyes shut as said opponent cried out, Hagusa reached out amber eyes opening as the skies grew lighter as night turned to day. The Sun made it's presence in the sky known, the crosshairs were set.

I'm scared, I don't want to be here…

My sister…

Where's my sister?!

He cast his Righteous Net far and wide, originally searching for that man, be he in the Near or Far Shores, but he-

"Hagusa close the gap! Use your head stupid!" Father yelled at him again, displeased. Was there a gap in his net?


He ran away, flying through the air quickly. Yet Father held on, riding his weapon form like a witch rides their broom. He spoke to the Nora, raising his hand.

"You were abused by the Near and Far Shore. Poor thing...but don't run from it. Because I know you have it too. Those dark, suffocating, cold, ravenous feelings. I can feel them boiling.

See? I know everything about you, right? So don't go curling yourself into a ball. Spread yourself out again…

Your Righteous Net.

Father brought his hand down, and Hagusa's pointed end unraveled into threads of shadow before reforming.

Hagusa wasn't completely present. He wanted to find his sister, to find out why she and their mother left him, why he was left behind with that bastard. Why did no one save him?!

In the plane where Regalia reside while in weapon form, he sat with his hands to his ears as Father continued to fight. Trying his best to block out everything as his Net reached out to both Heaven and Earth in its search.

And then, something odd happened…there was a tug, a creeping darkness at the edge of his vision. Why? What was happening? Fear shot through his spine then. Yet these thoughts remained, repeating over and over again:

I don't want to be here…

I want out of here…

I'm scared...

And then the darkness consumed him. Hagusa would find himself somewhere else, with some memories locked away and others…altered.

Darkness, a wooden door in front him, a cramped space making it hard to move. His breaths came out quickly, before he began to shout and plead as he banged and scratched at the door before him.

"You've been a naughty boy, breaking the windows at school with a bat, Yuki. You're not allowed out until you apologize." Came the muffled, bored voice of Kouto Fujisaki as they played house, with Kouto in the role of "Father" and he the troubled child. Why would he apologize? They had everything he wanted, they had something that he lacked. Something that was missing.They could smile and laugh with each other. He couldn't even do that with Mizuchi without the threat of tears.

A lonely little boy, abandoned in the dark, with no happy family to greet him with open loving arms. The scene changed. A hand found the young man's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. He could breath again.

"Well, hopefully they'll help you become more normal." Came Kouto's drawl, before another squeeze came to his shoulder and brown eyes met his.

"See you around, Yuki." Kouto sighed as he let go. The black haired young man gave the older Fujisaki boy a toothy grin as he turned to watch him leave.

"It's Hagusa, remember? Yuki's not here!" He replied cheerily as he waved, earning one last sharp look and frown from the other.

Eventually, his smile fell and he grit his teeth. The scene changed again, this time to a room of sorts. Quiet and dark as a small voice called out, but was quickly quieted by its inhabitant.

I want out of here.

"Stop crying Haru, no one will hear. The dark won't hurt you if you're good." Hagusa muttered. A moment passed, and pale eyes opened to a dark ceiling above.

Wait...Who was Haru again?

Once amber eyes closed, tear stained cheeks starting to dry as sleep overtook a tired shattered mind.

Part 1: End
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