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Pokemon Illusion Game: Battle Dimensions!

Discussion in 'Out-of-Character Discussion' started by Sark, Jul 13, 2019 at 5:12 AM.

  1. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Illusion Game: Battle Dimensions!

    Team Rainbow Rocket has returned to the Indigo Plaza, and have installed their own Elite Four. They've put out the call- a challenge- for trainers from across the world to participate in their New World Pokémon League. Travelling from far and wide, you and your fellow trainers have enrolled yourselves this tournament. Maybe you've come in search of glory, or a chance to strengthen the bond between you and your Pokémon. Regardless, the chance to face off against the best of the best has drawn you to Kanto and into the heart of a conspiracy that branches across all 7 regions.
    Illusion Mechanics

    As the result of a cosmic shift, a canon character of your choosing has been transported to the Pokémon world and trapped in the body of a regular Pokémon trainer.

    Your canon character has overwritten by a lifetime's worth of fake memories; they believe that they their whole lives as a member of Pokémon society and, through reasons yet unknown, so do the people they surround themselves with.

    In other words, they are living their lives in the heart of the illusion. As your canon character slowly unravels the mystery of the Legendary Pokémon, the will also slowly uncover the memories of the people they were before coming to Kanto.

    Every round, a Rainbow Rocket plant will act against your team. They will look just like your every day Pokémon trainer, however, the plant and their Pokémon will be subliminally conditioned to covertly defeat and steal a Pokémon from a player at the end of each round. If you are the Rocket spy, I'll DM you during the prologue. If one of your Pokémon is stolen, do not worry! There will be a chance to reclaim your missing Pokémon before the game is over,.
    Pokémon Mechanics
    On your journey across the Pokémon world, you will, of course, have a troop of Pokémon companions at your side! For the game's prologue, you will be playing as a mid-tier Pokémon trainer, so don't expect to have a full team of Titans right away. Excluding Legendary Pokémon, you can have your pick of any of 800+ Pokémon on the National Pokedex, a list of which can be found here:

    Battle Point Mechanics
    In order to keep teams balanced, we will use a Battle Point (BP) system. When building your team, you will have 9 battle points to spend on any Pokémon you wish. How do battle points work, you may ask? Well, every Pokémon is assigned a value between 1 and 3.

    Pokémon in their first evolutionary stage will cost 1 BP
    Pokémon in their second evolutionary stage will cost 2 BP
    Pokémon that do not evolve will cost 3 BP
    Pokémon in their third evolutionary stage will cost 3 BP

    At the end of every chapter, your trainer will earn an additional 2 Battle Points. You can either use one of these battle points to evolve one of your existing Pokémon or have the chance to capture a new Pokémon.

    More about Evolving Pokémon will revealed in the IC.

    Here's and example of a tea, you can make within the 9 BP limit:
    Species Name: Rapidash
    Nickname: Joey
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Type(s): Fire
    Pokémon Ability: Flame Body
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Bounce
    Move 2: Stomp
    Move 3: Flare Blitz
    Move 4: Megahorn

    Species Name: Eelektross
    Nickname: Trick
    Battle Point Cost: 3
    Pokémon Type(s): Electric
    Pokémon Ability: Levitate
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Thunderbolt
    Move 2: Acid Spray
    Move 3: Acrobatics
    Move 4: Volt Switch

    Species Name: Haunter
    Nickname: Boo
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Type(s): Ghost
    Pokémon Ability: Levitate
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Lick
    Move 2: Will-O-Wisp
    Move 3: Poison Gas
    Move 4: Hypnosis

    Species Name: Aloan Grimmer
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Type(s): Poison/Dark
    Pokémon Ability: Power of Alchemy
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Bite
    Move 2: Poison Gas
    Move 3: Sludge Wave
    Move 4: Acid Armour

    BP Remaining: 2/9
    Character Sheets

    Before posting your character sheet, it is integral that you DM your full 3 sheets to me, either via STC DMs or Discord, so that I can remove the parts of your CS that relate to your canon character and approve it. Your canon character is supposed to be kept secret from other players prior to the big reveal.

    Canon Character CS
    True Name:
    True Appearance:
    True Biography:
    True Abilities:

    Illusion Character Sheet
    Illusion Name: (self explanatory)
    Illusion Appearance: (A small paragraph is fine)
    Illusion Age: (self explanatory)
    Illusion Biography: (What life did your illusion character lead prior to entering the World Pokémon League? How did they meet their first Pokémon? What kind of trainer were they? Why did they come to the League?)
    Trainer Class: (Optional. What class does your trainer fall under? A complete list of trainer classes can be found here:

    Pokémon Character Sheet
    Copy this CS as often as you need. Remember, you cannot have more than 6 Pokémon in your team at any give time, and your total BP cost cannot exceed 9BP.

    Species Name:
    Appearance: (optional)
    Battle Point Cost:
    Pokémon Ability:
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1:
    Move 2:
    Move 3:
    Move 4:
    Remaining BP: /9

    Rules to Remember
    1. Legendary and Mythical Pokémon will be banned from your initial teams.
    2. In the event of any disputes, the GM's word is final.
    3. Your Pokémon Team cannot exceed 6 Pokémon. You can switch out Pokémon as you catch more.
    4. Your initial Pokémon team cannot exceed the 9BP limit
    5. Your Illusion Trainer cannot be a Gym Leader, Region Champion, Elite Four Member or Island Kahuna.
    5. If you have any questions or wish to submit a character sheet, please DM me on STC or Discord!

    This game is set to start on July 25th. See you there!
    Cast List
    @Yun Lee as Biker Bernie
    @Lucky as Magician Johnny Nimbles
    @Takumi as Pokémon Trainer Mei Song
    @Jackythejack as Rancher Alphonse Starr
    @Crow as Pokémon Trainer Micha
    @Jeremi as Biker Grant Wilson
    @Minerva as Ranger Martha Lee
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019 at 9:17 PM
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  2. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Illusion Character Sheet
    Illusion Name: Bernie

    Illusion Appearance: A large, jovial man with a kind face and a twinkle in his eye. Has the body of a typical strongman, built large and muscular...though his stomach has put on a few extra pounds. Has a full head of brown hair that he keeps in a bun, and a full beard, as well. His arms are covered in tattoos.

    Illusion Age: 40

    Illusion Biography: When he was a teenager, Bernie used to be a member of a feared Biker gang in Kanto, feared by all, until one day everything changed. His gang wound up vandalizing a Pokemon daycare center run by an elderly couple over by Cerulean City. Feeling a deep remorse for it, Bernie turned himself in, receiving community service as punishment...which he spent helping clean up and working at the very daycare center he took part in messing up. Not having a very good home life himself, Bernie ended up seeing the couple as parents, and they, with no children of their own, viewed Bernie as their own son. Eventually, the couple decided to retire to Alola, leaving Bernie the daycare center, which he happily runs (though he still enjoys tending to and riding his bike).

    Though he's not exactly a typical trainer, Bernie does have a team made up of Pokemon hatched from eggs left behind at the daycare that weren't given up for adoption. Leaving the daycare in the hands of his employees, he decided to check out the League in order topromote the center and maybe drum up some business.

    Trainer Class: Biker

    Species Name: Gengar
    Nickname: Thrasher
    Battle Point Cost: 3
    Pokémon Ability: Cursed Body
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Shadow Ball
    Move 2: Confuse Ray
    Move 3: Fire Punch
    Move 4: Lick
    Remaining BP: 6/9

    Species Name: Misdreavus

    Nickname: Missy
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability: Levitate
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Psybeam
    Move 2: Taunt
    Move 3: Astonish
    Move 4: Return
    Remaining BP: 5/9

    Species Name: Dedenne
    Nickname: Pumkin
    Battle Point Cost: 3
    Pokémon Ability: Pickup
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Tail Whip
    Move 2: Thundershock
    Move 3: Charm
    Move 4: Nuzzle
    Remaining BP: 2/9​
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  3. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Illusion Name: Johnny Nimbles

    Illusion Appearance: Johnny has brown hair that he has painstakingly stylized to be perfect. He has green eyes and is typically wearing a white dress shirt and a blue jacket along with jeans. He has a light growth of brown stubble on his face and stands at 6'.

    Illusion Age: 32

    Illusion Biography: Prior to the league, Johnny worked as street magician, performing magic tricks and working birthday parties. He loved to see kids happy. He was given his first pokemon by his dad as an egg, but it took a while to hatch, so the first official pokemon he found was a mischevious Ditto that he found a kinship with. Johnny was a caring trainer who love his pokemon. He came to the league to get more notary for himself.... and because Rainbow Rocket is evil.

    Species Name: Ditto
    Nickname: Blue
    Battle Point Cost: 3BP
    Pokémon Ability: Imposter
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Transform
    Move 2:
    Move 3:
    Move 4:

    Species Name: Zoroark
    Nickname: Mystery
    Battle Point Cost: 2 BP
    Pokémon Ability: Illusion
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Night Slash
    Move 2: Aerial Ace
    Move 3: Shadow Ball
    Move 4: Swords Dance

    Species Name: Yamask
    Nickname: Depression
    Battle Point Cost: 1 BP
    Pokémon Ability: Mummy
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Protect
    Move 2: Night Shade
    Move 3: Nightmare
    Move 4: Toxic Spikes

    Species Name: Mime Jr.
    Nickname: Tickles
    Battle Point Cost: 1 BP
    Pokémon Ability: Soundproof
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Confusion
    Move 2: Copycat
    Move 3: Toxic
    Move 4: Trick Room

    Species Name: Pichu
    Nickname: JITTERS *1
    Battle Point Cost: 1BP
    Pokémon Ability: Lightning Rod
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Thundershock
    Move 2: Charm
    Move 3: Thunder
    Move 4: Protect

    Species Name: Abra
    Nickname: Casey
    Battle Point Cost: 1BP
    Pokémon Ability: Magic Guard
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Teleport
    Move 2: Tri Attack
    Move 3: Psychic
    Move 4: Dazzling Gleam

    *1 JITTERS likes coffee and will share Johnny's cup in the morning with him.

    Remaining BP:0
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019 at 2:31 AM
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  4. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Illusion Character Sheet
    Illusion Name: Mei Song
    Illusion Appearance:

    Mei stands at 5'1" with short black hair she has styled in a bob, a fair complexion and green eyes.

    Illusion Age: 16

    Illusion Biography: Mei has always been the type of girl that didnt mind getting dirty or hitting hard, and always considered Pokemon battles to be a cool and fun way to make friends! She grew up in Johto's Goldenrod city as an only child, and recieved her first Pokemon, a Gible, as a gift from her father on her tenth birthday. Mei always tried to look for some kind of challenge, loving exploring and battling others the most growing up. Thinking the league would be a nice anf fun challenge, she just had to join!

    Trainer Class: Pokémon Trainer

    Species Name: Gabite
    Nickname: Fang
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Ability: Sand Veil
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Dragon Rage
    Move 2: Sand Attack
    Move 3: Take Down
    Move 4: Tackle

    Species Name: Skrelp
    Nickname: Zaza
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability: Poison Touch
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Water Gun
    Move 2: Feint Attack
    Move 3: Smokescreen
    Move 4: Acid

    Species Name: Noibat
    Nickname: Echo
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability: Frisk
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Gust
    Move 2: Bite
    Move 3: Absorb
    Move 4: Screech

    Species Name: Rockruff
    Nickname: Rex
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability: Keen Eye
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Bite
    Move 2: Toxic
    Move 3: Howl
    Move 4: Leer

    Remaining BP: 4/9
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019 at 9:21 PM
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  5. Jackythejack

    Jackythejack Member

    Illusion Character Sheet
    Illusion Name: Alphonse Starr
    Illusion Appearance: A not at all fancy looking boy, Alphonse Starr has a dirty face and an even dirtier set of clothing. He has big, messy hair that could really use a comb rubbing through it, he has freckles splattered unevenly all over his face, and he wears overalls with a slightly torn up T-shirt underneath. He looks like your typical farm boy, with big, muddy boots to go with his suspenders look. He has surprisingly nice looking green eyes, however. Like a lush forest. His actual frame is pretty big and muscular. He’s certainly got strength.
    Illusion Age: 18
    Illusion Biography: A kid who had grown up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, Alphonse never expected himself to be getting very far. He was always told to aim modestly in life. He likely wasn’t going to get anywhere, so he might as well enjoy where he is today. Because of this, he didn’t even expect to really get a pokemon outside of the ones used in the farm. However, one day, there was a bump in the night, and he discovered that there was a Litwick in his home! After a small little tussle, he captured the Litwick, and the two became fast friends. Afterwards, his life got a little more hectic, and a little more insane. He was starting to actually go out into the Wild and encounter some pokemon when not working on the farm. He was going through several different trainers, having fun battles and catching some other pokemon when he could afford the pokeballs to do so. Honestly, he was happy. He felt that him and his pokemon partners could do anything, so he went to challenge the League! Does he expect to win? Hell naw! He just wants to have some fun and appreciate the time with his pokemon.
    Trainer Class: Rancher

    Species Name: Litwick
    Appearance: (It’s a normal Litwick)
    Nickname: Litter
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability: Flame Body
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Confuse Ray
    Move 2: Flame Burst
    Move 3: Imprison
    Move 4: Power Split

    Species Name: Ryhorn
    Appearance: A normal Ryhorn but with a little ribbon around its horn.
    Nickname: Buckster
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability: Rock Head
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Horn Attack
    Move 2: Fury Attack
    Move 3: Sand Attack
    Move 4: Take Down

    Species Name: Sawk
    Appearance: A Sawk as it normally would look, except it has a small scar on its right cheek and a dark purple gi instead of a white one.
    Nickname: Arist
    Battle Point Cost: 3
    Pokémon Ability: Inner Focus
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Counter
    Move 2: Bulk Up
    Move 3: Low Sweep
    Move 4: Brick Break
    Remaining BP: 3/9
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019 at 11:49 AM
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  6. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Illusion Character Sheet

    Illusion Name:

    Illusion Age:

    Illusion Biography:
    Before the start of her gyaru life, Micha was just another girl - black hair braided, pale-hued skin and donning a pair of circular glasses to accompany her neat, kempt outfit. Alright, maybe not so much 'another girl'. She was a Gym Leader of another region, specialising in Normal-type Pokemon.
    Over time, she realised what a pushover she was in terms of being defeated, and she believed that Normal-type Pokemon were holding her back, so she passed the Gym to her brother, Mondane, before setting out on a journey to become stronger, all while changing her appearance and fashion choice.

    Trainer Class:
    Pokemon Trainer

    Species Name: Jolteon
    Appearance: This Jolteon is characterized by a pair of black-hued kamina shades and a black fedora.
    Nickname: JoJo
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Ability: Volt Absorb
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Magnet Rise
    Move 2: Signal Beam
    Move 3: Shadow Ball
    Move 4: Thunderbolt

    Species Name: Marill
    Nickname: N/A
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Ability: Huge Power
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Defense Curl
    Move 2: Aqua Tail
    Move 3: Play Rough
    Move 4: Rollout

    Species Name: Altaria
    Nickname: N/A
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Ability: Natural Cure
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Cotton Guard
    Move 2: Dragon Rush
    Move 3: Aerial Ace
    Move 4: Dragon Dance

    Species Name: Fletchinder
    Nickname: N/A
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Ability: Gale Wings
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Acrobatics
    Move 2: Protect
    Move 3: Flame Charge
    Move 4: Tailwind

    Remaining BP: 1/9​
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  7. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Illusion Character Sheet
    Illusion Name: Grant Wilson
    Illusion Appearance: He has a rather bulky build. Blue eyes, has red hair as well as a thick red beard.
    Illusion Age: 30
    Illusion Biography: Having been close to bikes all his life thanks to his fathers repair shop where he had been inside since he was a toddler . Despite everyone in his family believing that he would take over the business when he got older the open road called to Grant for a long time and he left his family to try his chances on the competitive Pokemon circuit traveling all over with his bike. He was given a Larvitar by his parents who has been close to him ever since. The moment he heard about the league he left everything to go and compete. Perhaps he would finally get the big win he'd always been looking for.

    Trainer Class: Biker
    Pokémon Character Sheet
    Species Name: Tyranitar
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nickname: Tracy
    Battle Point Cost: 3BP
    Pokémon Ability: Sand Stream
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Crunch
    Move 2: Surf
    Move 3: Earthquake
    Move 4: Aerial Ace

    Species Name: Chandelure
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nickname: Glory
    Battle Point Cost: 3BP
    Pokémon Ability: Flame Body
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Shadow Ball
    Move 2: Energy Ball
    Move 3: Flamethrower
    Move 4: Overheat

    Species Name: Metagross
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nickname: Scraps
    Battle Point Cost: 3BP
    Pokémon Ability: Clear Body
    Pokémon Moves:
    Move 1: Psychic
    Move 2: Flash Cannon
    Move 3: Ice Punch
    Move 4: Zen Headbutt
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  8. Minerva


    Illusion Name: Martha Fee

    Illusion Appearance: A girl of about 5'8", she wears a red uniform with some chain mail underneath, and a patch on her arm that reads "Die Ranger" She has amber eyes and brown hair slightly past her shoulders. Wears a symbolic sword at her side. When not in Ranger garb, she wears a flowery kimono-style robe and a flower in her hair.

    This, minus the helmet

    Illusion Age: 20

    Illusion Biography: Martha was born in Saksa, a region near Kalos. Saksa is a highly forested region with a heavy tourist industry focused on the traditional aspects of the country. The Rangers there dress as knights due to the Noble Tradition of the country. Trained in the ways of the Saksa Rangers, Martha soon left the country seeking fortune and fame in a Quixotic way, and thus, while she still has modern appliances, might not be used to the ways of the fully modern world due to her relative isolation. She is a defender of the right and upholder of justice. She hopes to use the league in order to bolster her view of justice and ideals in the world.

    Trainer Class: Ranger, just with a medieval aesthetic rather than Park Ranger

    Species Name:
    Nickname: Tarrasque
    Battle Point Cost: 3
    Pokémon Ability: Sand Veil​
    Pokémon Moves:

    -Stone Edge
    -Fire Fang

    Species Name:
    Nickname: Titania
    Battle Point Cost: 2
    Pokémon Ability: Pixilate​
    Pokémon Moves:

    -Skill Swap
    -Calm Mind
    -Shadow Ball

    Species Name: Honedge​

    Nickname: Siegfried
    Battle Point Cost: 1
    Pokémon Ability:
    Stance Change
    Pokémon Moves:
    -Swords Dance
    -Shadow ball
    -Sacred Sword

    Species Name: Staraptor
    Nickname: Peregrine
    Battle Point Cost: 3
    Pokemon Ability:
    Pokemon Moves:

    -Brave Bird
    -Close Combat

    Remaining BP: 0/9​
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