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Interest Check Pokemon RP: The Novac Region!

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by 0rganist, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    Hello everybody!

    This is a project I'm still working on, but would like to see just how many people would be interested in joining.

    My intentions with this project is to have it evolve (badumtss) into an Epic RP as soon as it is ready for launch, which if it gets enough attention, might be possible!

    The Novac region is a fanmade region of my creation. All pokemon, items and mentions of the pre-existing regions and towns are NOT of my creation and are owned rightfully by Gamefreak, and Nintendo.
    This is only a fanmade Roleplay.

    The Novac region is a forgotten and dangerous region, with only 6 active cities within it. The name of the towns are Robunda City, Novine City, Eadend City, Falkmarch City, Nyxiven City and Violaurora City. The latter is by far the largest in the region, and where most of this Region's population is located.
    But these 6 cities are small in comparison to the other regions, due to the purity of both the air and water, they refuse to have a lot of modern commodities such as cars. The little cars they do own are purely electric cars as well as their cargo ships. No airplanes are allowed to land in this region. Most people travel by a modernized form of trains which interconnect the cities, however, only the cities are connected by these. Most small towns (which will be covered in a bit) are far from the cities and are fairly rural.
    The 3 towns are Nevaeh Town, Tesnt Town and Blymuth Town.
    The region though small in population is abundant in forest, mountain and exploring area. As mentioned earlier, this region is dangerous enough that they do not receive a lot of tourists even though the land is beautiful and surrounded in mystery.
    Recent events have led to the cities coming together to create an Elite team as to attract adventurers and trainers to their region.
    Upon becoming familiar with the cities, and then the towns, a group of adventurers and trainers will be appointed by the elite four to help explore and map more of the island - A task only the best of the best can accomplish.

    1. Follow all Basic Forum Rules, the STC comes first.
    2. Max of 3 Pokemon to start, can be just one or two. Does NOT need to be 3.
    3. Younger characters are allowed but cannot be under 16. Same applies to the roleplayer. My intention with the region is for it to be dangerous so risks will be taken and young kids would not do well in the setting I'm trying to set.
    4. Alola forms are NOT available to be captured in this region, but they are allowed to exist. Just please do specify their form if it is varied.
    5. No fake pokemon allowed.
    6. Your Sheet will be your "trainer card" please ensure to fill the character sheet out completely.
    7. Discord will be our #1 form of OOC, however all RPing will take place here or will be copied over to the forums.
    8. Meta Knowledge Includes
      1. Knowledge of the map.
      2. Pokemon locations.
      3. Item locations.
    9. Mega Evolutions are allowed but Z-Moves are not. As to keep it simple. However, if it in time it feels right it may be introduced.
    10. Ensure your pokemon has the capability to use the move you want them to use.
    The Rules are fairly baseline right now, but I will adjust them as I develop the lore and idea.

    If you have any questions, concerns etc,. Feel free to drop me a message here or PM me. ♡
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  2. Crow


    Is it safe to assume that the 'no Legendaries' rule is obligatory here?

    Just something small to start with like a Cosmog, though. No big guys like Rayquaza.
  3. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    I have a "rough" list of legendaries that you can catch, ones you can meet but not befriend, and ones that you can befriend but cannot catch. Technically "legendaries" like the UBs, Cosmog, Type: Null etc will be VERY rare, but they may be obtained through the arcs I plan on creating.

    I hope that answered your question ♡
  4. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    I'll throw my hat in. Can never say no to a pokémon RP really.
  5. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    Imma just bump this :B
  6. Yui

    Yui Member

    If this is still open, I'd like to join also. I'd need to get a Discord for OOC as well too...
  7. Beebasaur

    Beebasaur Persistent Drone

    This sounds pretty fun, is it still open?
  8. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    This is still open! I'm checking for interest right now as I tidy up the map and everything in between! :) I will link the discord here within a couple days!

    Thanks for the interest y'all ♡♡♡
  9. Appletree

    Appletree Member

    Sounds fun ^^
    0rganist likes this.
  10. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    I will be launching the actual recruiting thread for this Friday the 9th! I will make sure to link you guys to that thread so you can look over the character sheet, join the discord and see the updated lore!! ♡

    Thank you for taking an interest in this fun little project of mine ♡♡♡
  11. geniusinmath

    geniusinmath My favorite Teen Titans superheroes

    I want to try as well.
  12. Crow


    How will this apply to Exeggcute, Cubone & Pikachu? Are they simply unable to evolve into their evolutions' Alola forms?
  13. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    If the pokemon evolved prior to arriving to Novac, then that's fine. But in order to have the pokemon evolve into its Alola Form it needs to be in the Alola Islands. The regions are so different that the climates more than likely wouldn't permit for them to evolve into their other form.
    Beebasaur likes this.
  14. Beebasaur

    Beebasaur Persistent Drone

    What is the level limit for Pokémon?
  15. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Would you be willing to have Pokemon Rangers? I know that removes me or any other rangers from the struggle against gyms, but would have a plethora of uses in a wilderness region.
  16. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    So for leveling I'm going with the latest game mechanics so hitting level 100 is possible but even the Elite 4 stick to about Lvl 80 pokemon. SO with that said, with a lot of work, care and all that you would be able to level up to level 100 but that is a heck-a-lot of work!
  17. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    I do plan on making rangers a thing, as well as breeders. But those are roles I'm tinkering with for now :) But I do plan on having a couple of them around :)!!!
  18. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Sounds good. Thanks!
    0rganist likes this.
  19. Beebasaur

    Beebasaur Persistent Drone

    I mean for starting the roleplay, as we start with Pokémon already.
  20. 0rganist

    0rganist Eternal Wanderer of the Plains Akashic Arcana GM

    I'm sorry I thought you meant like a cap. Pokemon would start at level 15 but lower levels can be caught once in the region.

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