Interest Check Pokemon: Stretched Through Time [Interest Check]


Woo! Now that I'm sifting back into this site, and I see that it's gotten a lot more members, let's try hosting an RP.

So, the basic plot is that during a terrible world-ending scenario lead by someone who appears to be a young girl wielding the power of Giratina, a few youngn's (maybe some older guys too) travel to the past thanks to Celebi appearing before them, and then they meet someone who oddly appears to resemble said young girl.

It's a simple plot and a story with a planned start & end/s.

At minimum I would like 3 players, not including myself. Maximum 5, not including myself.

The only limitation on Pokemon used will be that none of them are Legendary Pokemon, and that all of them are first stage Pokemon or single-stage Pokemon. Each character is allowed up to two Pokemon to start with. You could start with no Pokemon at all if you wish.

Just so that time isn't screwed too much, Celebi has removed your inventory of all unused Pokeballs, so that you have no means of keeping Pokemon from the past. You are allowed to tame and befriend them, where mechanics-wise, they'll be party Pokemon, so watch out for their size.

As this is a small RP, we will not be using Discord, and will use the OoC section.