Port Arcadia


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Port Arcadia is an old, weathered naval harbor, with old, unused warships of centuries prior. The wooden hulls creak with age and the sails left with gaping holes throughout their fabric. The cannons were cracked from the rain and winds slowly eroding their outdated cast iron bodies. Trade is rare considering the rivalry between the two cities of Terrestria, and there are few travelers between them, especially since many had disappeared; devoured by the seas or whatever lurks in the depths. While the port is ancient, it still stands in glamor with well-decorated stone constructs and well-lit pathways. Regardless, the location still remains as an important hub for New Eden for its river access route, which is protected by a coastal fortress with relatively recent cannonry located at the mouth of it.
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Humanity's Stargazer
Jin Crowley, Port Arcadia

Arriving at the port, Jin took a glance around, searching for a boat while keeping an eye out for any stray bystanders. Grinning wickedly, he started off hobbling towards the smaller docks, towards one of the smaller dinghies with oars set inside of it. "Come along there, Martell. We've got yer daughter to go off and get." He stole another glance out of the harbor, spotting the Breton Wraith anchored. Dogs must've finished loot'n the port... Taking a seat on the boat, he pulled the pair of oars out from under the boards, setting them in their holders.


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Admiral Blake Martell - Port Arcadia

The lean built admiral stared out at the sea for a moment before allowing that haunting pale gaze to slide to Jin, "Indeed," For some odd reason he couldn't shake the feeling that it was too late. Far too late and he sold his soul for no better reason than a pile of ashes that were once his memories of the only child he had. His heart felt cold and frozen like the lands north of the mountains. Without another word he followed the man that now owned his soul.