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Princess Cronus | Arc I

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Crow, Sep 16, 2018 at 7:01 AM.

  1. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros


    It has been a while since that fateful day. The fateful day where the two met.

    "That nightmare again..."

    The little lady who went by Saturn rose from her bed, looking about before unleashing a great yawn, a sign that she had discarded her slumber for the physical world.

    "What's a Cronus... and... ah, I forgot the rest."

    After the regular brushing of the teeth, she enters the kitchen, looking for someone.

    "Hibiki... Hibiki... are you there, Hibiki?"

    The brood of Typhon, currently just three, sit and commune like family. It was just siblings, for their parents were dormant, somewhere, but where, precisely? No one truly knows.

    "I can't believe school's starting in a few days. I'll have less time to observe the constellations at night!" Chimera says at the table with her siblings as all had breakfast. "I take it that you're not attending school, big bro? I mean, you're pretty over the high school age in terms of appearance. Maybe barely the last year. Mmm... a last year transfer student seems a bit strange, but not unrealistic."

    "Chimera," Chimera's sister, Hydra asks, "why are you even observing constellations?"

    "Well, in legends, some of us would be slapped onto the sky to immortalize our image. Those are constellations," Chimera explains, "Canis Minor & Leo have vanished from the sky completely. Those are the constellations that correspond to a couple of our siblings."

    "Chimera, let's just eat our breakfast for now. We can discuss this later, alright?"

    "Alright, sister..."
  2. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Thelxiepeia tried to make her yawn graceful as she woke up from her slumber. Wasn't it yesterday just a few minutes ago? She never could understand how humans could do so much in less then a century, while creatures like her lolled about for a good few years. Anyways, where to go again? She appreciated some breakfast, even if a soggy but fresh corpse did just appear last night.

    The siren resided in a little islet just off side of the mainland, so small it could have been a rock if not for a large patch of grass. Despite her legs hampering her, Thelxie has learnt to briefly swim. Taking a deep breath, she ran across the water and then dogpaddled to the local village. She wasn't drowning today.

    So where to go? Apparently, she was in this island called...Japan? Whatever, it wasn't Greece so it wasn't as good. But something that did interest her was the southern part of the village. The ruins looked awfully familiar...

    Well, the siren found her destination for today.

    She didn't need food so soon after having a meal. Besides, she prefered not to eat people she knew even as an acquaintance. Just kept her prey as blurred-faced faces stupid enough to be eaten.

    Oh, she was already there! Well, time to look around. Maybe she'll find something that she'll remember or keep as a decoration.
    @Southern Kurashi​
  3. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Cyrus remained fairly quiet at the table, choosing to instead focus on eating. It was relaxing eating with his siblings like a family. At Chimera's question, Cyrus grinned. "The idea of school seems rather dull to me. But I want to be able to relate to you guys a bit more, so I'm giving it a chance. If it bores me, well then I'll simply drop out." Chimera was always eager to learn, something Cyrus found endearing. His little sister never failed to amuse him.

    He listened to Chimera bringing up the constellations. The idea of finding more of his siblings intrigued him. When Hydra cut off their sister, Cyrus raised a brow and looked at her.
    "We're not in that big of a rush, why shouldn't she discuss it now? Between waiting for our parents to wake up and waiting for the school bus, I'll take anything to kill the time." Speaking of his parents, Cyrus was unsure how to feel about them.
  4. Potatocat

    Potatocat The Starchy Vegeta-feline

    Hibiki had found himself out of bed earlier than usual this morning. There was something in the air that was making him uncomfortable and disrupting his sleep. Shaking off the grog of the early morning, he soon found himself in the kitchen preparing omelets for Saturn and himself. It was strange to be making breakfast for a guest, let alone a cute girl. The same cute girl that had fallen from the sky directly into his arms and made herself at home with him. As if summoned by thought alone he heard Saturn calling out to him.

    "I'm in the kitchen." A simple response to a simple question. Hibiki leaving the odor of cooking food to say the rest.
  5. Jail Rose

    Jail Rose A rose in jail

    It was another ordinary day, among others. Alessana Krevos woke up from a tiring sleep, her gray blue eyes fluttering open. She took in the sounds of birds chirping from outside of the window, and the sight of the usual bedroom that she would always wake up on. The young girl stretched her arms, yawning to signal the start of a new day for her.

    ...It's been so long...

    Alice smiled. She remembered being adopted by the kind rich couple that had become her parents; she had become the daughter that they always wished for. Alessana stood up from her bed and walked out of the room. Wait, wasn't there something she should be doing right now?

    ...Wait! That's right!

    The black-haired girl ran back into her room and grabbed her bathrobe. She and her parents were going to Japan, of all places! Of course! How can I forget?! Rushing inside the bathroom, she hastily turned the shower faucet on and let the raindrops of water do the rest.

    A few minutes pass by, and she is finally done. Wearing a simple black dress with white trims on the sides and as puffs, she rushed down the stairs and towards the kitchen with a smile on her face. Her father and mother turned to her once she had arrived.

    "Good morning, mom, good morning dad." Alice greeted as she rushed over to kiss her parents' cheeks. Both adults chuckled at this. "Good morning, Alice." Her mother greeted her back, making her smile. Only hearing her mother's and father's voices in an early morning made her smile.

    "So, Alice," Her father began, with Alice quickly rushing up to the table and turning to her father intently. "Are you excited to go to Japan? We'd be staying there for a year for a short trip." He stated, with Alice nodding. "That is, unless you want an extend." He added with a wink.

    Alice looked up to her parents with a smile. "Haha. We'll see, daddy." She simply stated with that same small smile on her face.


    Cole was just sitting there, eating his breakfast at the table while simply listening to Chimera and Hydra talk about constellations, and Cyrus saying that school was rather dull. The former dragon looked at each of his siblings and smiled. At least they were all safe for now.

    Then Cyrus argued about letting Chimera continue, and he could only nod in agreement. Something about what Chimera was saying interested him, to the point that he wanted to ask. But he wasn't in the mood right now... he was just hungry, is all.

    Taking a spoonful of food to his mouth, he turned to the others to see if they had anything else to say.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018 at 9:23 AM
  6. Potatocat

    Potatocat The Starchy Vegeta-feline

    As usual heavy boot served to herald Scylla's entrance. She quickly rummaged through the kitchen, grabbing a pair of eggs and stuffing a muffin into her mouth before joining her siblings at the table. While devouring the muffin with one hand she used the other to crack the eggs and add their contents to her bowl of rice and fish. Having finished her muffin she transitioned without breath to shoveling the contents of her bowl into her mouth without even a moment to breath. After washing down her meal with a glass of milk she finally joined the conversation.

    "Oh, I think it'll be great for Cyrus to be out and about for a bit." She paused to grab a few grains of rice off her face and shirt and toss them in her mouth. "It'll be a blast. We get to be young troublemakers all over again!" She punctuated her sentence by leaning back and throwing her feet onto the table next to her empty bowl. "Oh, I guess Colki here might not quite make the cut though. You might have to miss out on all the high school high jinks."
  7. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    ((Sorry it took me so long to get this out. I'm in like four other RPs irl plus work so finding time is always a killer. But found the time, the music, and the face claim and I'm ready to go.)

    Birds chirping was often seen as one of the most beautiful things the world had to offer. To wake up and see the animals soaring through the air as if they had no cares in the world was a thing to behold. At least that's what Kardia took from the sight. Mere mortals were not born with the luxury of being able to escape their problems in the same manner as birds and although the same could not be said for him? He still felt a pang of jealously run through his veins. The bird had only two concerns

    To find a mate and to find nourishment.

    Nothing else mattered in the slightest. Rising to his feet, Kardia held his left hand aloft with his index finger held out. As he began to whistle, a small bird took upon the unstated invitation and landed upon the finger. Reaching into his pocket with his free hand, Kardia pulled out a bit of bird seed which the avian happily began to peck away at and eat at it's leisure. Once the bird had it's fill, it'd turned and flew away ready to continue it's life. Cracking something of a faint smile at the sight, it vanished just as quickly as Kardia looked down at his watch.

    "I must be going. Goodbye, little one."

    He'd set a designated period for him to relax and enjoy nature. That narrow window had closed and now it was time to move on for the day. Letting his jacket loosely slip from his shoulders, Kardia held it under his left arm and made his way off from the field he'd been sitting in. Leaving his scarred arms exposed for the world to see, not that he cared. They could see and think what they would, he couldn't stop them. He knew exactly why they were scattered along his arms and the rest of his body and that was good enough for him.


    "...Something feels different about today."

    When he usually went on these walks, if he ran into others, they paid him no mind or stared in awe or disgust at the scars dug into his flesh like craters on the moon. He didn't ignore them or stay quiet entirely out of rudeness but simply because nobody he passed by interested him enough to say anything. But it felt like that mold would break today, now if only he knew why.

    @South Kurashi
  8. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    Noel wore a cyan tracksuit as he jogged on the sidewalks, carrying a couple water bottles in his bag. He liked to get the exercise, but today... today was different. He had an objective given to him, and he needed to clear his mind. Saturn or Cronus, was it? Very strange names. I'll be sure to keep my eye out for anyone who doesn't seem natural-
    His train of thoughts was stopped suddenly when he saw a blonde boy with spiky hair, which could've shown he was some type of rebel... but then Noel saw them. All of them. The scars. Scars of Cronus, I presume. I can see why he'd find such a rebellious and physically adequate body. I won't let him go without interrogation... this is my chance to end the problem before it begins.
    Noel walked to the boy with a stoic expression and good posture, making sure that he wasn't threatening, but sent out a "you don't want to mess with me" vibe. "Konnichiwa, sir. How are you doing on this fine day?"
    NujabesLives! likes this.
  9. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character: Cute Anime Girls

    Thelxiepeia looked like a scavenger, trying to find bits and pieces of things she might remotely enjoy. The ruins were truly in ruins, nothing that was of importance was to be found. Well, as far as waking up in the morning and still being drowsy levels of searching went.

    And then she saw what was a jackpot as far as scavengers went. Two men talking to each other. Possible breakfast, possible source of ego-boosting? Doesn't matter, The Siren loved attention of any kind as long as it wasn't bad. Besides, why would they come here? The Siren walked foward, her unnatural beauty clearly showing as well as her old greek accent.

    "Ko..nicciwa? Is this of the tongue that the village speaks? So, what brings thee here to these ruins? Surely such two healthy men have other things to attend to."
    She did take note Kardia's scars, and Noel's vibe. Guess one of her intentions were ruled out.
    @NujabesLives! @will30358

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