Cloudberry City Professor Dogwood’s Lab (All Trainers Must Start Their Journey Here)


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"Yes actually. If you would give me a moment." Almond walks over to a cabinet and takes out a pokedex and six crystals. "As a new trainer you shall receive two other items to start you off. The first being this pokedex. This will help you keep track of pokemon that you and others have found and recorded. The second shall be these crystals. They shall be how you capture pokemon. You can capture pokemon once you get them to trust you enough, as simply weakening them won't get the crystals to activate. Is there anything else you wish to know?"


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Seo-Yeon took both sets of items, slipping the pokedex into a pocket. The crystals she turned over in her hands.

"Once they trust me, huh?" She glanced over at the Chimchar who was still milling about near the table. Shaking her head, she decided not to risk it.

"Thank you very much for the information, Professor. I think that's all I need to know."

Slipping the crystals into an outside pocket of her sling bag, she gave one last bow of thanks before calling to her Chimchar. It scrambled over, looking about ready to move on, a feeling she shared.


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"Thank you." Seo-Yeon felt an involuntary smile grow on her face. She couldn't help but feel the happiness of others; Smiles were infectious.

She turned to her Chimchar and gestured for it to follow. She strode purposefully out the door of the lab, her first pokemon on her heels. Success!

With that done, she pulled her new pokedex back out of her pocket. Flipping it open, she scanned through the current information, not paying much attention to it all. It made a small beeping sound after she pointed it at her new partner, and pulled up an entry with information.

She skimmed before latching on to the gender: male. She hummed. Chimchar looked up at her and gave his own hum of confusion.

She smiled a bit. "Just thinking. Ah, how does the name Pyrrhus sound?"

The chimp stared back at her.

"I-it means red-colored, or related to fire," she managed, getting quieter towards the end.

Her partner paused for a bit more before giving a high-pitched hoot of acceptance. Seo-Yeon sighed in relief.

"Let's go then. We have some supplies to pick up before we get started."

With the newly-named Pyrrhus by her side, she headed straight for the pokemart she spotted earlier.


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It had been months since Troy saw the trainers go to the professor's lab, they'd all started their journey already. His mother had told him that he couldn't become a trainer until he turned twelve, and today was the big day. His mind was in that lab all throughout his party. his mother had bought him a backpack that would be easy to carry, she handed it to him crying. She was so afraid that he would suffer the same fate that his father did while he was a trainer. He died after a wild Rock-type pokemon used Earthquake and a falling rock struck his head, killing him instantly. Now here Troy was, walking to join the very world that killed his father, completely oblivious to the dangers. He took a deep breath as he opened the door to the lab and eagerly walks into the room