Promises, Secrets, and a Pair of Wings


(The Touch of an Angel, the Grasp of a Demon revamp)

RATED: M for violence and disturbing themes.

Three years later and better than ever... Let's do this, Rae!

The demon Shayton has escaped Hell and is bent on having some fun. Little is known about him, but wherever a demon steps, trouble follows, so the angel Anahera is sent down to find and stop him.

Anahera has never been to Earth before an the hasn't been told much. He knows that he needs to find a place to live and that he needs money. Simple, right? He's strong, he's fast, he's able to sprout wings and fly. He'll be able to find something.

Marianna June Davis

Lord Anahera of the Golden Wings

Iaoth, the Lost

Rachmiel, Sentinal of Hell

Shayton, Demon of the 14th Degree

Sytry, Demon of the 8th Degree

Lucia Belle Davis

Silvia Ruth Davis
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Well, this looks like the place..
It was the beginning of fall, MJ had decided to take a break from her schooling after all what had happened in the past year.. It had almost been two years since the passing of her father and she had been so busy juggling things such as trying to care for her family that she began to forget about taking care of herself.
Her grades were slipping, her health was declining, and all her focus was on taking care of any funeral costs so that her mother and younger sisters wouldn't have to go through any more grief in paying it off.
Now that everything had finally been settled, she had decided it was time to give herself a break from all the stress and just focus on herself.. Mainly due to the worry and pushing of her mother.

Here she was, months later, back in the city, looking at the one apartment building that seemed to have the only available living space left. “At least it's not that far of a walk to work.” She muttered under her breath before sighing deeply, pulling back a loose strand of her curls back behind her ear.
She soon entered the building, clutching the application paper in her right hand. Although the outside looked decent, the inside of the lobby looked a bit worn and old, like it had not received any recent updates to the building in several years. “Well beggars can’t be choosers..” she muttered softly before approaching the front desk, where it seemed the apartment landlord was enjoying a cigarette and a sports program.
Ugh, the smell.. The old woman reeked of years of cigarette use, and by the looks of it, she surely smoked like, 40 packs a day.
“Uh, excuse me.. Ma’am, I'd like to submit an application for an apartment.”
The old woman gave Marianna a slight side eye before turning her chair to face her. She gave the girl a quick glance before rudely snatching the application from her hands, giving the application a once over before pulling out a large binder that looked like it was about to burst if any more content was to be added inside. However, miraculously, she had added Mari’s application and said in a rushed and seemed to be bothered. “I have one apartment left, however, a male tenant already has it occupied. Are you okay with this?”
“I mean, I could make it work…When is the earliest I could move in?” Mari answered flatly, it's not like she had much of a choice. The landlord nodded sharply and pulled out another document in front of her, and pointed at the paper with a sharp painted fingernail. “Just fill this out and we will notify your flatmate of your move later this evening.” She then pulled out another cigarette to smoke from her desk and began to light it. “Well, what are you waiting for? I can’t wait for you all day, get moving.” she stated coldly, the cigarette slightly muffling her voice, turning her focus back on lighting the cancer stick, shaking her head in disapproval.
Marianna finished the paperwork hurriedly, before going on her way. She was almost late for her shift at work anyway. “I'll just make sure to move the important things inside tonight after work like my clothes, and then focus on unpacking everything tomorrow.” She said to herself as she adjusted her bag on her shoulder. She didn’t have much at the moment and had to wait for the moving truck to bring her things the following morning that she called after the application went through. Hopefully this guy already had a couch she could crash on for now while she waited for her things to arrive.

It's cold..
Marianna had loved the fall weather due to the ability to be able to add layers and wear big sweaters and such, however, she got so cold easily, it was sometimes annoying. She hugged herself as she approached the restaurant she worked at. She waved and said hello to a few of her co-workers before entering the employee locker room where they had access to their own personal lockers where most employees kept their belongings and work clothes. She then put on her uniform, and got ready for the day.


Anahera wasn't having the day that he had wanted. Go to Earth? Easy. That was completed. However, the next part, which had seemed simple when it had been introduced to him, was proving to be less successful.

"'Make yourself appear human,'" muttered Anahera as he carefully avoided a pile of leaves on the sidewalk--unsure if this one was also covering a pile of trash. "Easy for him to say. When was the last time he looked in on Earth? More than that, when was the last time that he looked in on the behavior of humans." Anahera hadn't visited Earth in nearly three hundred years. This was his first time in 'America' as the continent he currently had his feet planted on was named. Earth in 1783 was almost nothing like Earth in 2022, and that was the planet not the PEOPLE. "I mean, really! What does he thing that they have done all this time? Sit around and talk rather than grow and develop? Nice job, not giving me any warnings about changes!"

Anahera didn't like the way he sounded when he spoke now. In his mind, 18th century French sounded much better on his lips than 21st century English. He appreciated the instant language assimilation, he really did, but when use of it was forced on him without him even realizing it, it became less of a blessing.

"What about something other than the language also?" Anahera didn't care that he looked strange, angrily gesticulating and yelling at the sky peeking between the skyscrapers around him. In his twelve hours on Earth, he'd seen much worse. The humans probably thought he was... high? Anahera's mind supplied the word, but the relevant meaning was missing. Fantastic. So, he had a fitting vocabulary but was missing even the contextual information and definitions to properly make use of the new words? Brilliant.
Maybe it was must him though because he hadn't heard any of the other angels share such complaints when they returned after their visitations to Earth. Maybe it depended on the mission. Maybe something went wrong!

Anahera was so busy sulking that he almost completely passed the restaurant's cheery, unmarred windows emitting golden light beneath a green and white awning without noticing. Just in time, though, he stopped, and turning on his heel to step in the door, bashed into someone leaving.

Anahera's cry of alarm was drowned out by the vehement language of the youth in front of him bearing four pizza boxes in his narrow arms. Amidst the cussing--both new and old and old things now apparently counting as cussing, Anahera caught words about delivery and late and watching where he was going.

The angel scowled. "Shouldn't there be a door for deliveries that you should use instead of blocking the way for potential patrons?" he asked to the youth's departing car as it roared away from the curb far too quickly to be legal.
The smell of food relaxed his frown as he ducked into the cozy atmosphere. He had been told to arrive at 4pm for the oddly-casual--in Anahera's mind--introduction to the man who was hopefully going to be his boss soon, but Anahera's policy was that is was better to be early than ashamed, so he made it a point to at least forty minutes early to any place he was supposed to be at. That gave him more than enough time to find a table and get some food for himself.

There were plenty of open tables, so Anahera stepped past the attended podium directly in front of the door and took a seat at a small table against one wall.
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The day seemed to drag for Mari as she served tables. Although the job was easy, it was hard to force a "genuine" smile at work, especially during the time she would get the regular creeps that would try to flirt with her to get her number, or even to takes things further. This would sometimes happen with her coworkers as well.. she wondered why she chose to move back to the city, going back to the same job-- meeting and having to deal with the usual pervs she couldn't seem to escape from at work.
"Marianna!" Hollered a older man, her boss. "Yes sir?" She asked, popping her head into the office as she was getting ready to carry some dirty dishes to the dish room.
"I wanted to let you know that there is a new employee coming in during your shift. Our usual trainer is out due to taking care of her sick kid, and I was wondering if you'd be able to train him for today?"
noticing the slight baffled look on the poor girls face, the older man sighed before continuing, "I know it's your first day back after a while, but you already know the process and how everything works... and.. I don't really trust the other... workers, would you please be able to do this for me?"
She couldn't really say no, what's the worst that could happen anyway? "Sure thing boss, he comes in at four right? I'll look out for him." She looked down to check her watch, she had about 40 so minutes until he hopefully showed up.
After being dismissed from the office, and getting the dishes put up, she noticed some commotion going on by the front door, a noticeably tall, older man walked through the door, having bumped into a poor delieryboy who was simple trying to hurry out the door but was not watching were he was going.
She scoffed at the way the boy was slightly rude to the man but thought nothing more of it as he entered the building, and before the poor hostess could properly seat him to the next waitress in rotation, he simply say himself in her section. Great.

Marianna rolled her eyes slightly before taking a breathe and apologizing to the panicked young hostess who was fearing the wrath of the fellow waitress who was skipped out on possible tips. After dealing with the situation she made her way to the gentlemen and on closer inspection, he was a lot different then her usual guests. Something about him, drawn her in. Luckily, she caught herself staring at his features, hopefully soon enough he didn't notice.
"Good Evening sir, my name is Marianna, I'll be your waitress today. What can I get started for you?" She smiled sweetly as she would usually, she spoke in her usual "kind customer service voice"
Thinking back, she remembered the description of the man she may possibly be living with from the landlord lady, but shrugged it off.
This couldn't be him right? Nah, just a coincidence.


"Hm? Oh! Hello, there!" Finally, someone nice!
Anahera was so pleasantly surprised by this young woman's politeness that his full, angelic smile burst forth without him meaning it to.
"I... Um..." Anahera looked down at the menu. The dishes... he knew what chicken was. He knew what tomatoes were. He knew the word pizza without having ever seen or eaten one. But this... Wow...
He gently folded the menu and placed it back on the table where he had found it and beamed awkwardly up at the girl. Be human, Anahera. What would a human do if they didn't know any of these dishes? "I'm new to town and have never been here before. What do you consider worth consuming here?"


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Worth consuming? That's an interesting way to ask...
Marianna couldn't help but let out a soft giggle to the question. She smiled at the man before leaning over and grabbing the menu, flipping through the couple pages to stop and point at an item on the menu, "I really enjoy this fettuccine pasta that we make here, if you want something filling, but not too much." She then closed the menu after hearing his response, giving him an approving nod. "Ill get that for you right away!" She hurried turned to get the order put into the pos system nearby before collecting his drink and returning to the table, she couldn't help but feel a few of the female staff eyeing the man and her, making quiet comments that were obviously about his appearance and such. Soon the meal was ready and she brought it out to him, the food was hot and ready, the steam evaporating to the ceiling it seemed, a perfect meal for the fall weather in her opinion.
"Let me know if I can get you anything else--"
In her horror, MJ had flung the food in his direction, lightly the majority of the hot contents did not land on him, but she did still made a mess of him and herself with his beverage and some of the noodles. "I-I-I'm so sorry,are you okay?" She stammered out of embrassment her face lit up in a scarlet red color. She was never this clumsy before. She hurriedly try to grab napkins to help clean the man up, as well as herself. Crap, I'm gonna have to go home change at this rate.. she thought as she only had the one uniform and it was clearly ruined due to her mistake.


Anahera's grateful hands had been out to receive the food when it suddenly went from coming toward him to coming at him. He let out a yelp and moved with what was unfortunately an inhuman amount of speed to avoid the majority of the dish, but the wall prevented full evasion and he was still delivered the noodles he wanted... just on his front and in his lap and all at once rather than in his mouth a bite at a time.
"I-I'm fine! Are you alright? Your uniform!" Anahera gently stopped the girl from using the napkins in her hands on him by taking her tiny wrists in his large hands. "These are just clothes! It's your uniform that matters!"
In the end, they were both standing with a dishful of pasta and a glass of water everywhere but where they needed to be and an entire restaurant staring at them.
Anahera looked up and around for someone to help the poor girl with her uniform and noticed the attention. His jaw tightened and he looked down at the waitress still fluttering about. He leaned close to her so only she could hear him say, "I'll take the blame if anyone gets upset at you. Tell them I tripped you because I thought seeing you suffer would amuse me. It won't surprise anyone that a man would trip an innocent girl to laugh at her embarrassment around here."
So saying, Anahera leaned back and started laughing. Loudly.


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"Poor thing..." --- "Clusmy girl, someone could have gotten hurt"

Marianna could feel the heat radiating off her checks and the tips of her ears as the quiet gossip of the other customers and the stars from her other co-workers. She could sense the lewd stares of the males in the room and she couldn't help but feel slightly more self conscious.
"I'm.. I'm really sorry about that sir." She spoke softly, trying to calm her heart from exploding from the embrassment.

"These are just clothes! It's your uniform that matters!"

She gazed up at the man, he was rather close as suddenly grabbed her tiny wrists, she could feel the rough texture of his palms as he held her, she couldn't help but look away, blushing slightly at the size difference between them. She cleared her throat and quickly retracted her hands from the guest. She felt helpless as she began to rub one of her wrists with her opposite hand, still feeling the warm he had gave off when he held them moments ago.

"I'll take the blame if anyone gets upset at you. Tell them I tripped you because I thought seeing you suffer would amuse me. It won't surprise anyone that a man would trip an innocent girl to laugh at her embarrassment around here."

She couldn't help but let a slight gasp as he leaned in and whispered in her ear, trying to give her comfort. "I-its really alright.." she muttered, trying to brush off his offer to help her, bewildered that he began to laugh, loudly.. she soon turned to leave, not before quietly whispering another apology before disappearing in the backroom, to the employee's locker room. She apologized to her boss and he simply sent her home for the day.
"I'm sorry about work today Mr. Anahera. Looks like our only training had a mishap and had to go home early today, why don't you come back later this week to start training!" The boss said apologetically

"It's cold" mumbled the girl as she hugged herself tightly. Although she was back in her street clothes she couldn't help but still feel cold and gross from the contents of the man's dinner. She felt terrible and embarrassed that something like that happened especially in front of a good looking guy--- wait a minute, why would she think about that..! Marianna let out a deep sigh as she reached the complex, she approached the front desk again to collect her keys and instructions on where to find her room. Once there, she inserted the old key into the lock. CLICK!
Once inside, she felt a side of relief to see that her future flatmate didn't seem to be home. "Maybe I can shower and clean myself up a bit..." she mumbled to herself as place her belongings down in the kitchen, throwing her work clothes to wash, she then took some clothes out of the bag that she carried around with her and headed for the shower. The apartment was.. AWFUL. It looked like a proper cleaning hadn't been done in months! There was awful smell coming from the kitchen that seemed like a nuclear bomb was about to go off and it looked like the cabinets might fall off the hinges, but that was problem for another day. "God, I hope the shower is at least clean..." she could feel her stomach churning, how did her flatmate let it get this bad, did he not know how to use a freaking broom or some damn Clorox!
She soon hopped in the shower despite her worries of tetanus, once finished she wrapped herself in a towel and began humming and brushing her hair.
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Anahera left the restaurant feeling worse than he did going in but for different reasons. If he had sat at another table... if he had come a different day... if he had gone for a different job... if, if if... there were so many different ways that poor girl wouldn't have had to serve him and thus get her uniform ruined and, worse still, mocked because of it. Humans were generally such unkind creatures. Nothing bad should ever happen to any good one.
If he'd known--No! More "if"s would do no one any good. What was done was done and what had happened had happened and life moved on.
The next item on the Day 1 on Earth checklist was going to wait until later because of training, but Anahera guessed that his list would need to get more added onto it... he hoped.
He would much, MUCH rather do more things than the final item on his list for the rest of the evening, but as he pushed open his
:emoji_sparkles:brand new:emoji_sparkles: :emoji_skull:apartment:emoji_skull:door for the second time in his life, bulging arms laden with bags upon bags of all the cleaning supplies the nearby stores offered, Anahera knew that... no... the last item on the list "clean the apartment" would take more than a couple hours.
Anahera stepped inside and pushed the door shut with his foot. It shut with a bang that made him wince. He was about to lay all the bags down anywhere except the crunchy carpet and stained linoleum when....


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hmm, mmm, hmm ~♫
Humming softly, MJ finished up brushing her long curls, trying to avoid making it frizz up before it dried up. She did her usual after shower routine, and just as she was finishing drying off, her humming was caught off by a loud BANG… as if someone had slammed the door. The sudden sound caused the poor girl’s heart to race.. “Maybe the neighbors just got home.” She mumbled, “it is an old building..” She had then realized that she had left her toothbrush in her bag out in the kitchen. Unlocking the bathroom door, she opened it and stepped back out in the disgusting hallway, continuing her humming as she walked. She kept glancing around the room, inspecting and muttering about all the things she was gonna have to clean. I'll have to go to the store later to-

What. The… FUCK!

To her disbelief, the same guy from the restaurant was now standing in front of her, facing her. “I-it's you!” she stammered, trying to hold back a scream. “G-GET OUT YOU PERV!” MJ’s whole face was now a scarlet red, spreading from ear to ear, she did her best to hug herself and try to hide her small frame more out of embarrassment. It wasn’t his fault, but why the hell was he.. HERE! -In her bewilderment she began looking for things to throw his way to knock his view away from her, unluckily it seemed the only thing she had in her hand was her brush that she was using earlier.

That's when it hit her…
“A-are you supposed to be my flatmate…?"


The bags flew off of Anahera's arms when his arms went up and his eyes went shut. As the bottles, boxes, packs, and bundles all crashed to the floor in a storm of carnival-colored plastic and cardboard, the angel spun on his heel, chased by her consternated screech.
His heart dropped lower than his weapons of choice against the sickness in his home when he realized what she thought of him. Leave? Stay? What would be worse? If I left, I would have to return eventually, and nothing will be better. I have to stay.

“A-are you supposed to be my flatmate…?"

Anahera, open palms at head level, face to the floor, back to this poor, poor girl who didn't deserve any of the stuff she was having to deal with, sighed deeply and let his eyes open. At the sight between his feet, he shut them again. Better to look at nothing than the floor in this place.

"I am. I- Oh, God, I'm so sorry." He sighed again. "I didn't know you were my flatmate--I didn't even know I had one! The woman told me this morning that no one else lived here, but I guess, rooms fill up quick in this hub of commerce and industry! Ah, if I'd known-- I should have asked her before I came up-- This isn't... wasn't-- I... Gahhhh" Anahera out a scratchy sigh from the back of his throat and left his hands fall to link behind his neck, under his hair. "Yes, I'm your flatmate."
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"I didn't know you were my flatmate--I didn't even know I had one! The woman told me this morning that no one else lived here, but I guess, rooms fill up quick in this hub of commerce and industry! Ah, if I'd known-- I should have asked her before I came up-- This isn't... wasn't-- I... Gahhhh"

That old hag… She cursed in her head. She was supposed to at least warn the poor guy about what's going on, especially about a grown single woman staying with him, if not only for his sake but for hers as well. “I’m.. I’m going to finish dressing up.” she stated awkwardly, feeling the weird tension between the two of them. --This was one way to see each other again, that’s for sure. She quickly excused herself and scurried back into the bathroom to finish getting herself in a more modest state. She slipped on an oversized t shirt that looked like it could swallow her up, and a pair of black bicycle shorts that reached just above the knee, and then finished up by braiding her hair loosely to the side. Once finished, she exited back into the main room where the man was.

“I'm.. sorry for earlier. I should have at least left a note… or.. erm.. something. --This was all just a big misunderstanding.” she spoke softly, unable to meet his gaze out of her embarrassment still lingering. With a soft sigh, MJ managed to gather the courage to look up at him and meet his eyes, “Why don’t I properly introduce myself, and we can put that.. these past events in the past.” She began. She carefully moved a strand of her auburn hair out of her eyes, and then cautiously stuck her hand out to shake his. “I’m Marianna Davis, I guess we will be getting to know each other for the time being.”

After introductions she decided to try and break the awkwardness with a distraction. "I um, so... I see you brought some cleaning supplies.. so you do know how to clean." She cleared her throat and began picking up some of the products he had dropped early, making her joke although it was a bit dry. "I guess since you already brought these in, we can get started on getting this place, non toxic looking.. ahaha."


It wasn't until the door shut behind the girl did Anahera turn. He put his awkward, frustrated energy to use by starting to pick up and order the cleaning supplies by purpose on the cleanest-looking counter in the tiny kitchen. The problem was that there wasn't really any clean counter.
"How was this place even put up for rent?" he muttered to himself while grimacing at the filth.
He would have left them all on the floor, but it was worse than the counters. He pulled a roll of papertowels from one of the bags on the floor and a countertop cleaning spray and set to the counter beside the stove with a vigor that was slightly alarming. A few minutes in, Anahera heard returning footsteps, so he set down his supplies and turned around to greet his new flatmate.

“I'm... sorry for earlier. I should have at least left a note… or.. erm.. something. --This was all just a big misunderstanding.”

This was the first time he properly had the opportunity to look at her, and while he didn't feel comfortable looking at anything besides her face after his intrusion, it was enough to finally look at her.
It could not be denied by anyone: she was very lovely. Anahera had not witnessed human beauty since the beauty standards of 17-hundreds France, and he found himself liking these changes. He did wish she would meet his eyes so he could see their color properly.
He was about to respond when she did finally look at him, and his smile was completely genuine when he took her fingers in his hand and gently shook her hand.

"I’m Marianna Davis, I guess we will be getting to know each other for the time being.”

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Marianna." His eyebrow popped up along with a slight smirk. "I look forward to getting to know you sans any further accidents."
Right after he released her hand, she stepped over to the stuff on the floor and proposed that they start cleaning.
"I couldn't agree more," he said as he crouched beside her and also began to collect their future saviors. He caught her eye to say, "My name is Anahera, by the way."
Arms laden with brightly-colored weapons against filth, he stepped over and set them down on the newly-clean(ish) counter and set his hands on his hips, waiting for Marianna to join him at the counter before continuing.
"I don't actually know how to clean. I grabbed whatever looked useful, and I can read and follow labels, but beyond that, I don't have any experience with cleaning filth. I have always lived somewhere that was perfectly pristine at all times."
Anahera doubted it was possible to dirty Heaven.
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"Anahera, is it? That's a unique name."
She smiled softly as she tried to pronounce the name more clearly to herself in a mumbling tone.

"I don't actually know how to clean. I grabbed whatever looked useful, and I can read and follow labels, but beyond that, I don't have any experience with cleaning filth. I have always lived somewhere that was perfectly pristine at all times."

"Oh don't worry, I'm sure we can figure something simple enough. You actually did pretty well grabbing most of these supplies for having no said experience." She couldn't help but let out a slight giggle at the situation. His sudden innocence and for sure took her aback. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad? He seems to mean well, and at least he is willing to learn to be a clean roommate. She soon joined him at the counter that she noticed he made an attempt to clean. Looking at his face, she could tell he was having the same thoughts as her on how this apartment was able to be sold to the two of them without a good cleaning. Oh well. Upon further inspection, she began to become aware of his features just as she did at the restaurant earlier that day. He was clearly a bit older than her by maybe a few years maybe? And he was very good looking, and quite tall and muscul-... ahem..
"So.. I suppose I could show you what to clean the counters with." She stated quickly, wanting to push away the strange thoughts about the man she was clearly checking out.

She handed Anahera some cleaning supplies and with the instructions and some paper towels started him on his way. She soon went her own way to finish cleaning another part of the apartment and after what seemed to be an entirety of cleaning the hell hole, it still seemed as though she hadn't made a dent. Hopefully Anahera was having more luck than me.. she found herself wiping the beads of sweat from her forehead with her forearm. "I didn't realize how late it was.." She sighed with exhaustion. "This is gonna take forever to clean at this rate.." Marianna couldn't help but roll her shoulders back, trying to release the tension from her back due to the hard labor of cleaning the ticking time bomb of fill within the apartment. "Hey Anahera, want to get some supper before bed? There is a Target down the street that is a short walk from here? I don't have anything to sleep with so I also need to get that as well while we are there."

She soon hurried, washed her hands and tidied up a bit before exiting the apartment with the man.
"So, Anahera, where are you from originally, if I may ask? Do you have any family around here maybe?" She tried to fill the silent void she felt due to her awkwardness with men. "I'm originally from a small town in the country not too far from here. I used to go to school in the area but I decided to take a year off to relax and to take more time to visit my mother more often." She began to ramble.


Anahera was very happy to have guidance on cleaning, and he enjoyed it. The effort was relieving. The progress he made was encouraging, and he was fascinated with Earth's dirtiness and cleanliness properties. Time flew for him, and when Marianna appeared and pointed out the time, he was surprised to find out how much time had passed. Then he did notice he was hungry, and he readily agreed to her suggestion.

It was a comfortable walk until Marianna decided to ask him questions. He nearly physically stumbled as his brain actively stumbled. "A-Ahm... Um..."
Oh no. NOW what? "I grew up in a very isolated area in... France. I was stuck in a prestigious school for my entire youthhood, so I don't have a lot of experience with the world. I don't have any family anywhere--around here." Anahera didn't have any family at all unless he was going to count his countless fellow angels as brothers, but he must not let her know that. No one could know his true identity.
"What did you study in school?"


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"A-Ahm... Um..."
"I grew up in a very isolated area in... France. I was stuck in a prestigious school for my entire youthhood, so I don't have a lot of experience with the world. I don't have any family anywhere--around here."

She couldn't help but take a mental note of his response, he seemed to have the same type of stammer her younger sister Lucia would do when she was trying to hide something. She however shrugged this feeling off, trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. "France huh, that's actually really cool.. That actually explains the way you cussed when we saw each other in the apartment earlier." She joked, trying to lighten the mode, noticing she may have made him uncomfortable with the sudden ask of questions. "Don't worry, If you have any questions about the area, please fill fear to ask me. Heck, maybe we take day to tour the city a bit!" She glanced over at Anahera for moment, trying to give him a reassuring smile. She soon began humming as they took a few more steps until she looked over to hear Anahera asked her a question about herself.

"What did you study in school?"

"Oh, that, I was actually just taking my general studies for the moment. I'm still on the fence on what I want to do with my life." She stated flatly before scoffing at herself, "Sounds silly right, I'm spending all this time and money, I'm twenty-two and still don't know what I want to do with the rest of my life." She shook her head before changing the subject. "Look! its just around the corner!"

Marianna grabbed Anahera by the hand and hurried them along inside the store, grabbing a shopping cart on the way. She offered to buy some supper for him in exchange for the mishap in the restaurant earlier before heading to the deli section and grabbing some premade sandwiches for them to eat back at the apartment. She felt slightly bad as she felt like she was dragging him around the store in search of something to wear for the night, as well as some pillows and spare blankets for the both of them when she realized neither of them were prepared for the night. After everything was gathered and payed for, she equaled out which of the things they bought to be carried back to the apartment. It seemed it was getting darker, which slightly made Marianna nervous. However, she felt lucky to have someone such as Anahera who had a strangely comforting aura around him that made her less scared of the darkening night.

Once back at the apartment she settled their things such as the pillows and blankets on the old couch and prepared the supper they bought. It was then she realized... "Um, how do you want to do the sleeping situation tonight, there is only the couch and I don't think it would be fair for either of us to sleep on this...floor."


Anahera enjoyed the experience of shopping with Marianna a great deal more than he would have a least suspected. Her taking charge took all the need to appear competent off his shoulders, and he marveled at how she lit up while they buzzed around the department store. They had fun picking linens together, and Anahera caught a glimpse of what the life as Marianna Davis's flatmate would look like. He quite liked the vision. Beyond her lovely features, Marianna was a lovely person on the inside too, and Anahera considered himself blessed to have her as a flatmate. Things could have been so much worse. His stay looked to be pleasant--enjoyable, even!

Eating with someone else was a new experience in this new kind of modern world. Eating habits certainly had changed. They leaned against the bar jutting out into the dining area while they ate, and while the place still reeked--now with the delightful bonus of cleaning chemicals--and wasn't ready to be called a 'home', Anahera felt like he was home. Home was about the atmosphere rather than the location in essence, so maybe it wasn't that strange.
They dumped the food trash in their new kitchen trashcan and trailed into the living room, where Marianna posed the problem that Anahera had solved hours before.
"I don't sleep much, so I'll spend more time working in one of the bedrooms to make it more habitable. I'll make a nest of linens and be fine for tonight. Tomorrow, I'll explore the second-hand stores around here and see what I can scrounge up. I'll leave filling your room to you, but there are things we both need, and I need stuff for my room. Does all that sound acceptable?"


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"I don't sleep much, so I'll spend more time working in one of the bedrooms to make it more habitable. I'll make a nest of linens and be fine for tonight. Tomorrow, I'll explore the second-hand stores around here and see what I can scrounge up. I'll leave filling your room to you, but there are things we both need, and I need stuff for my room. Does all that sound acceptable?"

She blinked a couple times and couldn't help but frown slightly, "Anahera, are sure that'll be okay, I want you to get proper sleep if it's a little." She stated, almost in a motherly tone.
With a sigh, "if you say so, but please don't be afraid to tell me if you're tired and I'll make myself comfortable on the side of the couch, okay?" She soon made her way to the bathroom to get ready for bed and returned to put together the linens that had bought. She felt slightly guilty and decided sleep sitting up to at least give Anahera the option of sharing the couch due to it being the only clean thing in the apartment. "Goodnight Anahera." She said softly before curling herself into a ball and leaning her head against the pillow she set on the arm rest of the couch. Some would think this was a strange way to sleep, uncomfortable even. However Marianna's guilt of taking over the couch over took her stubbornness and she was now in this situation. Before she knew it, she was sound asleep bundled up.
In her dreams, she imagined a dark haired stranger, someone she didn't quite recognize, however, the presence made her slightly uncomfortable. She tried to run from it, but instead found herself running into the embrace of a more familiar looking man, similar to Anahera. It was warm and soothing and seemed to keep the dark away that was trying to invade her dreams.

Soon the following morning came..


Anahera found Marianna's offer very sweet, but he knew he would never share her bed. He would rather sleep in filth than take away any of what this precious human had.
Knowing that she was sleeping gave Anahera great comfort, and he felt relaxed enough to release some of his strongholds and allow himself to show what he would never show anyone.
This being:... Anahera started to glow. Only slightly. Just a cool radiance emanating from his exposed skin, but the light of heaven gave him further comfort, and his mind was untroubled as he quietly cleaned for the next two hours, made a more than acceptable nest of linens for his bed, and settled down for sleep. Before he went to bed, he popped into the living-room to check on Marianna. To his distress, he saw that her face was contorted and her body was twitching, disturbing the blanket. He walked over and reached out his hand, gently brushing her cheek with the back of his knuckles which he allowed to glow slightly as he sent a gentle wave of heavenly peace over Marianna's sleeping mind.
His smile was warm and loving as he readjusted her body into a more comfortable sleeping position, tucked her blanket back around her, and smoothed back her hair before wishing her sweet dreams and returning to his room.

In his dreams, a masculine cackle which could be called a man's if it were not for the hissing, inhumane malevolence echoed through gritty alleyways and around shadowy corners--taunting, testing, threatening.

In the morning, Anahera woke with a jolt as the fresh sunlight pierced his eyelids through the unshaded windows. He sat up quickly, finding his blankets twisted around him and his undershirt hanging off one arm. The sun's height told him that it was still very early. Finding Marianna still asleep on the couch, stretched out and smiling gently, Anahera decided in would be safe to slip out to get breakfast as long as he was back quickly. He didn't want her to wake up alone in the new apartment. After freshening up in the bathroom--morning breath being a new and unpleasant experience for the angel--he left for breakfast.
He returned twenty minutes later, muscular arms loaded with breakfast foods from three nearby cafes and two coffee shops. Savory and sweet, protein and pure sugar, hot espresso and cold milk--he had gathered quite the spread.

As he was adding the finishing touch of a vase of fresh flowers he had purchased from the floral department in a grocery store artistically to the side of the meal, he heard the girl behind him start to stir.


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Marianna slept soundly for the majority of the night, however, as her mind began to fall into a deeper sleep–she began to dream about a man she had never met before in her life. She couldn’t quite see his face, but his presence seemed so surreal, frightening even. She wanted nothing more than to distance herself from the stranger, but it seemed no matter how hard she tried he was one step ahead and had grabbed ahold of her. She felt chills as he grabbed her by the chin and gave her a slight grin. In her dream turned nightmare, she felt trapped, haunted by the echoes of the man’s taunting laughter.
However, this nightmare seemed to have passed as her dream began to brighten, and somehow transitioned to memories of her father when she and her sisters were younger. Her father was teaching the twins how to play piano, and MJ was gleefully enjoying the show. Warm. Her body soon relaxed as she was unknowingly comforted and readjusted in a more comfortable sleeping position due to the kindness of Anahera.

The following morning, MJ sat up, and began stretching out her arms, reaching out for the ceiling and letting out a soft yawn, releasing the tension from her body from the night on the old couch. She rubbed her eyes, trying to clean the sleeping sand from her eyes. “Anahera?” She yawned, as she turned her head to look for her roommate. She noticed he was arranging a vase of flowers, the sweet scent from the floral decoration was occupied by the bitter but savory sweet smell of what to be… “Coffee~” Her eyes light up with excitement at the smell. Last night had been a bit chilly due to the poor installation within their apartment, but that was just one of the many other problems they were left to deal with when they bought the apartment. “Did you get breakfast?” She questioned with surprise and a hint of guilt. “You didn’t have to do that..” She stated softly, feeling slightly guilty that she slept so long and he had spent his money to get her something to eat. Although he insisted that it was no problem, she still wore a slight guilty look and promised to make up for it.
She spent the morning eating and enjoying the breakfast he had bought, which was plenty considering it seemed he didn’t know what her likes and dislikes were. She couldn’t help but giggle at his flustered face as he tried to explain himself on the difference and quantity of the types of food and coffee he had bought. “I really do appreciate it.” She gave Anahera a smile before taking a sip of her coffee–nearly sipping it out when she realized the time. “Oh my god! I’m late for work!” MJ quickly threw off her blanket from her lap and hurried into the bathroom to get herself ready for work; brushing her teeth and brushing her hair, throwing it in as neat of a low ponytail as her curly hair would allow her. “C’mon Anahera! This is technically your first day too!” She stated, as she put on her uniform and threw her street clothes for afterwards in a bag, hopping to put on her shoes and race out the door.
She felt breathless as she reached the restaurant. “S-Sorry I’m late.” She said with a huff, trying to catch her breath as she clocked herself in. Some of her co-workers gave her a hard time, “Goodness, Mari, what are we gonna do with you?” “Good thing the boss likes you so much.”
Marianna simply shook her head as she gestured to Anahera to follow her, so she could show him where his uniform would be and to get the work day started. She couldn’t help but notice a few of the female staff eyeballing Anahera head-to-toe like they did when he had previously entered the building the other day. She gave him a tour of the building, following protocol to show him every safety location incase of emergencies, fires, ect… She began to introduce the menu to him and couldn’t help but notice his slight confusion with some words. She couldn’t help but smile at his willingness to learn, which was refreshing to her. She was more than happy to explain things in more detail.
“For now, I think it would be a good start to have you start in the kitchen, so you can learn the different types of foods we have and what sides go with what and such.” She explained kindly, hoping to make him feel more reassured. “I’m going to go take this table real quick and leave you here in the kitchen, okay?”

She soon turned and went to complete her job and take care of her tables, moving quickly and efficiently, making sure the guests had a good experience. She was beginning to grab food from the cooks to bring to some of her customers when one of her coworkers gave out a rather rude remark, “Make sure not to purposely drop it on the guy this time Marianna.” “Yeah, if you wanna hook up with a dude that bad, there are better ways than throwing hot food at him.” The two goons both laughed, causing the poor girl's cheeks to flush. She held her head up high and continued to do her job. She couldn’t help but notice again as several groups of girls were eyeballing the kitchen where the window would sometimes show a cook, more importantly, Anahera.