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Promises, Secrets, and a Pair of Wings


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Marianna did her best to make the temperature of the water more comfortable by allowing the water to run a bit from the hose, hoping it wouldn’t be as icy cold due to the night air. It wasn’t exactly an ideal way to get the angel clean, however it was the quickest thing they had at hand and could help ease the Angel’s mind from the earlier events, even the slightest.

She had to keep herself from allowing a giggle to escape her lips as she watched his sensitive wings react to the water. She could tell it took a bit of composure from Anahera as the extension of himself was being messed with. She had never seen him with his wings out for so long, other than to fly or when he was in his more angelic form.

Once she was pleased with how he looked, Marianna returned the hose to the side of the house and turned off the water, wiping a few droplets that lingered on her hands onto her jeans. When she returned Anahera was facing her, soaked and dripping, but grinning all the same. “You look like a wet dog, Anahera.” She teased with a giggle, She wanted to brush the went locks from clinging to face however, before she could Anahera was already shaking his head to release some of the water causing her to cover her face with her arms to prevent getting splashed. “A-Anahera..!” She slightly scolded as he laughed. It had been awhile since she had heard a genuine laugh from her angelic friend. It warmed her heart as she returned his laughter.

She heeded his warning of backing up a bit as Anahera finished drying himself off, mainly the water weight from his wings. After he was done she couldn’t help but stare at Anahera in the moonlight. His warm aura was radiating off of him. The same aura she had found comfort with in the beginning year. It was almost strange and foreign to see him smiling down at her after all their months of conflict.

It felt as if god was pulling strings as the clouds that formed earlier that night, parted just enough to shine Anahera and all his beauty.

"No rain,"
"Thank You."

You’re welcome, Hera. Sorry it wasn’t very warm.” Returning an apologetic half smile.


Theme: Dangerous

Marianna blinked in surprise at the sudden phone call from her sister after sending her the information about the Social club, “It’s… Sylvia? Why is she calling?” She questioned, her brows furrowed in confusion as she handed the phone to Anahera. Although she couldn’t completely make out the words from her sister on the phone, she could tell her through her voice she was worried about something. She quietly studied Anahera’s facial expressions and responses as Sylvia continued to speak through the phone.

"DRESS code?" Anahera said in disgust, his eyes were back on Marianna, and he was scowling. "There's seriously a dress code?"

Her head tilted to the side in curiosity, “dress code?

After the duo were done with the call, Anahera handed it back to her, allowing her to put it back in her pocket.

Look, Marianna, the um."
She could tell that whatever Sylvia said on the phone, Anahera was rather uncomfortable speaking about. She managed to meet his gaze as he remained hesitant, trying to find the right words.

"Look, remember at the ball that we put on outfits to play the roles and fit the scene? Well, we'll have to do that again, but it's a different kind of costume and a VERY different kind of role that you and I shall have to play. The Bluegrass Secrets Club is a…

"It's a luxury brothel and sex club. I knew the basic idea before now, but I didn't know that it was luxury, and I certainly didn't know they had a dress code. If you still want to come, you and I will have to find clothes to look the part."

I won't ask you to wear anything or do anything you're uncomfortable with. All that's needed is more information about Shayton. I can go in myself and find out what's needed. If you went in, not only would you have to look the part, but you'd have to act it too. Any wrong move, and the disguise will be broken. Your safety is more important to me than things going the way we need them too, and if I insist that you stay on my arm, we'll be spotted as imposters and thrown out. I'm not sure how long we'll be in there or what we'll have to do. If it can't be avoided, we may be forced to do things we don't want to and to pretend that we enjoy it. Do you still insist on coming?"

Marianna thought he was kidding at first, his blush and flustered expression stating otherwise. She had known it was a club.. But she hadn’t realized it… it was that type of club. Despite Marianna’s more modest side lurking and protesting in the back of her mind, Marianna sighed. “I.. I understand. I’m still planning on going with you. If this is a way to find Lucia, then I’ll do whatever it takes.” She replied smoothly. Although her face remained neutral, her inner self was slightly panicking. “Have.. have you ever been to these kind of places before?” She questioned carefully. “I’ll just follow your lead, like back at the ball.” She stated, giving herself a little sense of relief.

“I’ll text Sylvia about where to get clothes.”


Anahera and Marianna soon arrived at the location of the boutique that Sylvia had sent them to, to find appropriate clothing for the club. The store was quite large and had a variety of different fabrics and clothing ranging from affordable to almost having to take out a loan to get what you wanted. “Jesus, did she send us to a bridal shop?” she scowled, as she approached a mannequin and felt the sequins on a white wedding dress posed by the entrance.

Just as she was going to reach out for her phone to text Sylvia to find another store, she jolted at the sound of a high pitchy customer service voice. “Good evening loves~ Is there anything I can help you with?” The woman looked to be in her late thirties. “O-Oh.. Um yes. We’re actually going to an… event tonight and looking for something nice to wear.” She explained as the woman was suddenly staring up at Anahera taken a back by his appearance. Something Marianna should already be used to witnessing but still caused a slight heat to rise to her cheeks.


“Oh Yes!”

The short women suddenly pulled out a tape measure and began to measure Anahera’s legs and arms, then suddenly scurried to Marianna and did the same. “I think I have the perfect thing for the lovely couple!” She chimed, beckoning the duo to follow her to the main dressing rooms. In front of the dressing rooms sat a large loveseat and a couple of single seats for extra seating on either side of the loveseat. Infront of that was a giant mirror where guests could look at their outfits fully. It seemed this area was mainly used for brides, however other guests were allowed to use it as well, especially at this late in the evening.. That is what the woman explained at least.

Soon enough she split the two up into appropriate dressing rooms and with an idea what they were looking for set off with an assistant to find clothing for the two that would hopefully require no alterations. Marianna felt slightly suffocated as she tried on many dresses, the first couple were more her style with being more chaste, however with where they were going she knew she was going to have to go more out of her comfort zone. She tried on the last dress, a red, form fitting, short dress with a slit on the side. It clung to her frame rather to perfectly than what she would liked, as well as caused her cleavage to be a little more exposed.. "It's only for a little while.." she mumbled to herself.
She emerged from the dressing room, gently pulling down on the dress to make herself feel not as exposed.

Once she stepped infront of the mirror, she stared at herself in surprise. She never thought she would see herself in such a dress. Although the dress was a bit short to her liking, it wasn’t entirely bad. She just hoped it was what Anahera had in mind. “Oh sweetie, your boyfriend should surely propose now!” She heard the woman chime behind her. Marianna felt her cheeks heat up in a scarlet red. “!... sorry, we-we aren’t-” she stammered only to be caught off as the woman scurried off as soon as she came, returning with a pair of heels. Now that Marianna was settled into her outfit, she was helped by another store assistant as they offered to throw in a makeup bundle for free to help the couple on their date. Once completed, Marianna stood infront of the mirror and tried adjusting her auburn curls to frame her face better, as well as to make sure the red lipstick they had put on her was not smearing.
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