Promises, Secrets, and a Pair of Wings


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Lucia felt strange. She felt things she had never experienced before in her whole lifetime. Was this the type of intimacy you felt when doing such explicit activities with someone. Although she was nervous and unsure what to do, Shayton reassured her.

"Just leave it to me, Lucia," he purred. "I won't steer you wrong. Just enjoy yourself."

She felt a warm sensation in the pit of her stomach, a feeling wanting to be released and set free. She did her best to muffle her moans and cries, to no avail. Her mind was foggy and her eyes were glossy from the pleasure, she felt numb, but in a strangely good way. Her small frame continuously trembled under the devil’s skillful hands and kisses. She felt a slight pain from her neck, however Shayton seemed to quickly dismiss it with an apology. The room spun as she felt her body was hot and heavy. She was easily picked up and carried upstairs to a bedroom. Returning any deep kisses that Shayton had given her.

Soon she was thrown on the bed, her cheeks were flushed and her body ached. She felt as if she wasn’t in her right mind.. But she needed him. Or at least that is what her body was clearly displaying in her disarray. She could feel the draft of cold air of the outside in the room, causing her to feel more exposed by the minute as she was half dressed at this point. If it weren’t for the fact they were in the country-side, someone would clearly see them through the open windows…

She laid still on the bed pressing her legs closed tightly to modest herself a bit as Shayton grinned down at her, now that his shirt was off she could clearly see more of his bare chest, the sight caused her to blush and insecure of her own body. She wasn’t as sculpted as he was, however she was curvy like both of the other Davis sisters, it was hidden under her dress but once she was completely bare to him it was clear to see on her small frame. She felt the weight of Shayton on top of her as he continued to kiss her and pleasure her. She felt a sudden nervousness resurface as he paused and stared down at her. Instead of the unique green eyes she took a liking too previously, they had slight purple hue to them..

Marianna and Anahera scanned the building from above and out of the corner of her eye, an orange light burned bright from a bedroom in one of the dark-lit mansions. “Anahera, There!” She pointed, changing Anahera course to the source.
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Shayton didn't care about preserving the dress when he ripped it off her. He didn't take any more time with her bra and panties. It wasn't like Lucia would need them again. He watched her at she slightly curved into herself. She felt subconscious about her body. How quaint. He didn't care what her body looked like aside from her smooth, unmarred skin. Unmarred for now. The only thing that mattered to him was her virginity--ever closer to being ripped away along with her heart and at least a little of her skin.

He traced his fingers along her body, utterly bare beneath him. She no longer resisted ogling him, and it gave him a thrill that he had taken away her innocence. He relished her moans and shivers and his name leaving her lips in gasps, and he broke her will to resist making noise as he pushed her up and over the edge.

He allowed himself a chuckle as she met his eyes. They were glossy with desire and attachment. Yes. There was nothing better to attach a woman to you than giving her her first orgasm. Even saving her life didn't reach the same level. Now, he could hurt her.

He began to tease her sensitive body again, rougher and hungry. When he pushed her up again, faster than any human man could, he paused. Her eyes rolled back to look at him, indignation quickly replaced by confusion and alarm as she found his eyes glowing his signature purple.

He leaned over her, caging her body with his. His face so close to hers that the purple reflected on her cheeks and in her wide eyes.

"Tell me something, Lucia," he breathed and tilted his head. "Do you believe in demons?"

She blinked in confusion, body, still screaming for release, now showing her growing concern as well.

"And if you do, do you believe that they're able to come to Earth? If they could, do you think that they would look grotesque or attractive, and do you think that they could have power over humans?" The glow from his eyes grew and shown from his mouth now as well. "Maybe even particular power over human women. Do you think that they would be only vicious or maybe also charming? I've heard it said that sin is attractive. Do you agree? What do you think it would be like to be seduced by a demon?" His smile was fanged. "Charming and kind, I would imagine, but do you think that the demon would always stay kind? What do you think he would do once the human was under his control? Would he hold himself back, or would he," BAM his glowing claws snapped out and drove into the mattress on either side of Lucia's head. His eyes were pools of purple surrounding a dot of black cold and flat as a shark's. His smile was still merry though, "Lucia Belle Davis, satisfy every dark desire? Hm? What do you think?"


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Lucia had never experienced the type of warmth Shayton had caused to her body, just as she thought that was end, he was on and going again, the ceiling was spinning and turning white. Closer, closer again and then...

"W-Why.." she could almost cry. Although it was a bit rougher than earlier she couldn't control the feeling it caused. She WANTED to feel that sensation again. However, she managed to face him once again, the purple glow she had noticed earlier was back and brighter. Her chest tightened with anxiety, alongside her confused body.

"Tell me something, Lucia,
"Do you believe in demons?"

"Demons?" She questioned silently, eyes wide with growing confusion.

As he began speaking, Lucia unconsciously began to cover her chest with both arms to make herself small- to protect herself in someway.

"-Charming and kind, I would imagine, but do you think that the demon would always stay kind? What do you think he would do once the human was under his control? Would he hold himself back, or would he,"

Lucia let out a scream and winced at how close Shayton had slammed his hands at the sides of her head. She glanced to side and noticed dark claws had sprung from his once tender hands.

She began to whimper and tears began to form at the corners of her eyes. She began to realize her current situation. "N-No.. this was.. this was a mistake. Let me go.. please." Her words trembled as she begged.

It was to avail however as Shayton seemed to still have his pleased grin, taking pleasure in her fear and pain. "H-Help me..!" she cried as she tried to push the demon away with her small arms.


TW: Torture

Theme: Reaper

The cortisol and adrenaline from her fear rushing off Lucia mixed with the musk of the estradiol, oxytocin, and dopamine from her arousal and orgasm. It was intoxicating.

Utterly unaffected by her pushing, he shoved his face between her breasts and inhaled deeply. Her axillary sweat glands pumped out the cocktail of chemical pheromones, making him woozy. He pressed his forehead against hers and gave her a closed-eyed, dopey smile.

"Your fear smells incredible, Luce. I want..." his eyes popped open, "more."

He slowly lifted a hand and held his claws before her face. The green poison beaded at the tips, and Lucia froze, eyes popping in horror. "Where... where..." he murmured musingly, lightly running his claws along her cheeks, neck, shoulders, and chest stopping right before her breasts and leaving narrow welts behind. No broken skin. Not yet.

He pulled back, sitting up. He was straddling her, still keeping her pinned, and his own arousal was more than apparent. Shayton laughed openly as she obviously kept her eyes off it. "Oh, now, you're a blushing virgin again? What caused the change? It couldn't have been me. You still want me--that's obvious. And you shall have me," he promised darkly "... but only once I've had a little of my own fun. I've been working you allll evening, and I deserve a reward for my hard work, don't I?" His voice lightened, his flat purple eyes taking on an innocent shine. "After all, I was a good boy and didn't hurt you before. That took a lot of work, Lucia! I held myself back all night, Lucia! I wanted to claw you as soon as I touched you, Lucia, but I held myself back, Lucia! I deserve a reward, Lucia! I do!" He eyes narrowed, and the innocent tone fell away. "And I shall have my reward, Lucia."

Suddenly, he lunged at her, hands clawed, smile gleeful. Her squeal of fear was cut off in a choking gasp of shock and then a scream of pain as Shayton sank his fangs into her neck. He made sure to not catch the jugular veins or pierce her throat. No need to preemptively end his fun. Her blood rushed into his mouth, and he let out a deep moan of pleasure, his body sagging in ecstasy. The blood was joined by jetting spurts of saliva, and he groaned at the sweet pain of it. He sucked on the wounds before running his tongue, long and luxuriating, over them, at the same time running his claws diagonally along her chest just deep enough to draw blood.

Lucia whimpered in pain, her body spasmed, and Shayton let out an appreciative hum, pulling back to study Lucia's face, pinched in suffering. "Marvelous," he murmured in wonder. "Simply marvelous."

Eyes and smile crinkled in curiosity, he experimented how her body reacted to different types of punctures, scratches, and bites. Face, arms, stomach, shoulders, sides, legs, neck, breasts. Each reaction was different. Some were so slight that only a creature as passionate about human suffering as he was could tell. His own threshold of remaining self-control was swiftly reaching its abrupt end, and if he pushed it that far, he would lose control and immediately kill her. He didn't want that.

As each second passed, her arousal was fading despite many injuries being specifically inflicted to magnify it, and Shayton didn't want to waste to opportunity to pleasure her and hurt her at the same time, so he reached back and undid his pants.

The sharp sound and shuffling of handless removal of suit pants caused Lucia to sharply snap her attention back to Shayton's face.

"What?" he asked. "I did promise you that you would have me. I'm a demon of my word, Miss Davis, and I wouldn't deprive you your first time after I had already done so much for you. That would be rude." He pouted, then slowly smiled. The smile of a creature so evil even the worst of humanity would be disgusted and afraid.

As he reached for his boxers, still smiling, he paused, eyebrows flinching downward. "There's no way..." he murmured to Lucia. "He couldn't have--"


Bricks, plaster, and iron beams folded like paper before the glowing ball of black leather and white wings busting through the wall like a cannonball.

Theme: Iridium

Anahera's feet snapped down and his wings swung out, revealing Marianna tucked in his arms. She hopped down from Anahera's arms and Anahera's halberd was flashing in his hand in the same instant.

His eyes were locked on Shayton who seemed speechless in shock.

"That's--That's n-not--possible--SHIT!"

Shayton was off and away from the bed in a single sinuous jump backward, but he landed awkwardly in his shock and panic. He fell to one knee hard, and met Anahera's fist as he rose.


He was downed, crashing to the floor at Anahera's feet.

As the angel dismissed his halberd and reached with both hands, surely to crush Shayton to death or burn him with that fire that Anahera shouldn't have, toward the demon, Shayton flipped onto his stomach and shot between Anahera's legs, causing the angel to stumble for just enough of a split second.

Distraction. I need a distraction. There!

Shayton met both Marianna and Lucia on the bed in a swirl of black familiar to both. "Miss me?" he gasped to Marianna, reaching for Lucia. He managed one deep, hasty slash into Lucia side before Anahera was too close and Shayton had to leave or die.

"Better check to make sure she won't die!" he gasped to Anahera as he swan dove off the bed, rolled in a perfect somersault, and was running toward the whole in the wall. When he reached it, he jumped without hesitation, twisting to look behind him. Predictably, Anahera had stayed to check on Lucia rather than follow him.

He swirled out of existance just before he hit the ground.


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Lucia began thinking of her family as the thought she was going be raped and killed in that very moment was running through her head. She wasn’t strong enough to fight off a man twice her size, a demon to make things worse!
Via, I’m sorry. She thought as she was trying to dissociate herself from the pain, her expression emotionless. She didn't want to die. Not like this! But.. it was all becoming unbearable.. She winced at the sound of him undoing his pants and feared for the worst, he would get what he wanted and no one w.

"There's no way… He couldn't have--"


The sudden loud crashing of a wall caused Lucia to jump, snapping back into reality on what was going on. Before her eyes was Anahera… an angel? “M-Marianna..?!” Lucia croaked her sister’s name as Anahera revealed her from his arms and set her down. In ungodly speed Anahera was after Shayton. “Oh my god, Lucia! What did he do to you?” Marianna was quickly at the bedside of Lucia and pulled off her jacket to quickly cover her exposed sister who could barely manage to sit up on her own. Despite the conflict in the background Marianna clung tightly to her younger sister, relieved to have found her in time.. but, did she really though? Marianna began to examine her sister's wounds for clearly and her dark brown irises began to shine bright with angry and fury. Before she could say another word, Lucia leanned into her sister's touch and clung to her wordlessly, as if she was still in disbelief.
Marianna pinched her lips together tightly and clung tightly to her sister in return once again.

“Don’t worry, we will get you out of here.” She promised, releasing her sister only to notice Shayton rushing towards them in a swirl of black,

"Miss me?"

Marianna tried to body block her sister but was suddenly pulled to the side swiftly and watched in slow motion as Shayton slashed her sister’s bare side. “
NO.” She rushed to her sister’s side and caught her falling sister in her arms. “No, nononono. Please no.”

Lucia coughed up a small amount of blood, her wound staining the white tshirt her older sister wore. The slash had caused her face to grow pale and she began to cry in gasped pain. The wound burned unbearably.

Marianna began putting pressure on Lucia’s open wound in an attempt to slow the bleeding. Flashbacks to their father’s funeral began to play in Marianna’s head and possible scenarios and outcomes began to swirl it’s ugly head.

“M-Mari… it.. it hurts…I want to go home.”

“I-I know, I know... Just hold on, we will get you help.. you'll be okay!” She stammered, her hands trembling as she pressed on the wound. “Keep your eyes open Lucia. Look at me.. Luce, look at me!”

Marianna began to panic as Lucia's eyes fluttered shut as she passed out from the pain. “ANAHERA!” Marianna screamed.

“I can’t- I can’t do this again.. please god.
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Anahera was at her side before the final syllable of his name had left her lips.

“I can’t- I can’t do this again.. please God.

"You won't have to," growled Anahera, looking over the gory, unconscious woman. "What did he do to her...?" he whispered in horror before taking a huffing breath and reaching out, it appeared to lift her into his arms, before pulling back again, his face conflicted.

"I can't help her. Not like this. She needs Heavenly healing, but I'm not sure if I can even take a human to Heaven especially one as wounded as she is. She needs Raphael's healing--now, but I can-can't t-take--It's not like--" Anahera froze staring down at Lucia, then his face sealed and his head bowed to the side as he said, "I'm taking an incredible risk, but what must be done must be done. It's my fault Lucia is in this situation, and any consequences that come from righting my wrongs are mine to bare."

He backed away from the bed, determined eyes still on Lucia before he half turned to face the most open area of the room. He took a deep breath before extending his wings as far as they would go in the tight space, reaching out his arms, palms up, and calling in a voice which only shook a little,

"Archangel Raphael, Healer of God's Beloved, hear my call and come. Come to the aid of a daughter of our King who needs your touch. Hasten in coming, Lord Raphael, for time is short, and she hasn't much time. Fulfill your calling as I fulfill mine, and use your Holy Blessing to aid as I use mine. Come for her sake and not mine for I am only a lowly servant not fit to face our Creator, and you stand in His presence every day. I entreat you to hear my call and come to my aid even though I am not worthy to summon you. Let my--"

"You're hardly unworthy, Guardian Angel Anahera of the Golden Wings, to call me. I have come, and I have come to aid you for you are worthy. Whatever the task, I will gladly join you and count myself blessed to help you fulfill your calling."

The voice was deep and warm though full of command and power. Anahera turned slowly hardly believing it until his eyes beheld the angel standing in front of the hole in the wall, a faint smile on his lips.

Raphael didn't need to glow or display a weapon or his wings to instill awe in anyone who beheld him. His mere presence in the room filled it with gentle warmth, and despite the fact that he didn't exude any light, the room was brighter, warmer, softer. The hard edges of broken masonry were softened and rounded, and the cool tones in the room impossibly swayed warm. The harsh orange glow from the city's lights on the clouds became the soothing orange of a sunset within the room, and Anahera's, Marianna's, and Lucia's faces were now, also, softened and smoothed, Lucia's blood seeming not so grotesque, and Marianna's tear tracks fading beneath a perfect filter of smoothing warmth. Anahera's already inhuman beauty was magnified as his face became even more radiant and his wings shone.

Archangel Raphael's appearance didn't soften the way everything else did, but it didn't need a boost. The only thing cool-toned about him was his eyes, a purple the color of earliest winter morning. His dark curls, above a blue scarf and mauve jacket, framed his face which was kind but did have stern angles. It wasn't hard to see how Lord Raphael would look if he were angry.

Even though the occasion was terrible, a wonderful calm rolled over the trio. Lucia's face relaxed in her unconsciousness, and both Anahera and Marianna were aware that things weren't out of control anymore. There wasn't a question that Lucia would be safe and well. Everything would be alright. They could rest.

Anahera's wings folded away on their own, and he fell to one knee, kneeling before the Archangel.

Raphael's laugh was warm. "No, no, Anahera. It is I who should kneel before you, but we haven't the time for ceremony." His cool eyes, full of calm purpose, slid to Lucia and Marianna on the bed, and he approached them, his steps so smooth it was as if he were floating.

After a disbelieving pause at Raphael's words, Anahera rose and joined them on the other side of the bed.

Raphael sat on the bed beside Marianna and reached out, laying one warm hand on top of hers and gently turning her chin to fully face him. He gently stroked her jaw and smiled at her like a loving brother here to take the burden of providing for their family off her shoulders.

"All is well, Marianna," he whispered. "Look." He nodded his head to Lucia on the bed. Her body was relaxed, and a faint smile was between cheeks full of color. "Watch," breathed Raphael, and he removed his hands from Marianna--leaving behind a loving warmth. He used one to cup Lucia's face and the other to lift her hand to his lips. He gently pressed his lips to the back of her fingers, red with blood, and ran his thumb over Lucia's cheek. "Princess of Heaven," he whispered, "there is no time for pain. The world awaits you. Rise, Daughter of God, and be healed."

At the final word, Raphael leaned forward and pressed a tender kiss over her heart. Immediately, gold, warmer and richer than Anahera's, almost amber, sprang up, shining. It glinted and flowed like running water in Summer sunlight over her body, slipping into every wound. Even though the light like liquid flowing into every part of Lucia's body, the stream never lessened. It kept its same speed and rhythm as it slid into and settled on all the marks and wounds inflicted by the demon, not a drop falling off her body or staying on the sheets.

Raphael gave Marianna a little smile, and a drop of gold shot up her arm from where it touched Lucia to zip onto her lip, healing the wound caused by her nervous biting. He leaned over and gently bumped her head with his. "You've gotta stop doing that, Marianna, Princess of Heaven. I can't come down and heal your lip everytime you bite it, you know," he teased kindly.

As the hurts on Lucia, visible and invisible, healed, Raphael brushed Marianna's hair back to look at her skin before nodding approvingly at Anahera. "Well done, Anahera. Her scars are almost entirely gone now. You did better than many of us had guessed." A cheeky smile.

Anahera's eyes widened even further, if possible. "You knew?"

"Of course. Didn't you know that I can tell whenever someone is being healed using Heaven's power? Sellabis didn't need to tell me that you had borrowed his gift for me to know." His eyes were twinkling. "Sellabis did, however, tell others. I didn't participate in their betting nor did I engage with those angels at all. I observed them from Michael's Glass, but engaging would have been a horrible example and would have stirred them up further."

"Who voted that I would do well?"

"I don't know. Lord Chamuel broke them up before they got far."

"You didn't get involved, but another archangel did?"

Raphael laughed. "Anahera, do you really think the archangel of peace wouldn't get involved when a group of angels is betting about how well one of their own will do in healing a human. Chamuel was furious. Oh! That reminds me. Archangel Michael told any angel who was the next to interact with you that he was proud of the job you're doing as Marianna's guardian angel but that you would do better not to avoid being around her."

In the warm light, Anahera paled at the thought that Michael was watching him then blushed at the archangel of guardian angels' compliment then flushed crimson at the knowledge that Michael had known that he had been avoiding Marianna."

"Does--" Anahera's voice cracked sharply upward, and Raphael grinned,"--Does Michael watch me all the time?"

Raphael let out a teasing snort. "You think he's all powerful? He can't watch any of the guardian angels at all times much less constantly focus on one of millions. I had no idea you were so self-focused, Anahera!"

Anahera blushed and ducked his head which made Raphael laugh. "Oh, relax, Anahera. I'm just messing with-- Oh, look! She's waking up!"
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Marianna stared up I disbelief at the archangel that appeared before them. She was hesitant at first and unsure if he'd really be able to help her sister when Anahera couldn't. However as the man named Raphael approached the Davis girls, Marianna shifted her gaze to her sister's wound, her heart pounding and brows furrowed in worry despite the warmth and calming presence Raphael radiated.

She froze slightly as he gently turned her to face him, something in his cool-blue eyes told her to trust him.

"All is well, Marianna,"

For the first time in the her life did she allow herself to relax and let someone take over the duty of helping her family. It was weight she didn't realize she struggled so long to carry.

She watched carefully as he touched her sister and watched with wide-eyed bewildered at the gift he blessed Lucia with. The bloody gash was gone, and the marking left by Shayton were healed. She felt as if she would in relief as she watched her sister's chest began to rise and fall to take in slow, relaxed breathes once again.


She turned to face Raphael to thank him, but suddenly raised a hand to her bottom lip as she felt the tender flesh that she had torn up fromher constant nervous habit was healed.

"You've gotta stop doing that, Marianna, Princess of Heaven. I can't come down and heal your lip everytime you bite it, you know,"

She felt like she was being teased by a close relative and blushed out of embarrassment at her noticeable habit. "S-sorry." She apologized meekly.

She listened to Anahera and Raphael speak as if they were once friends and Marianna managed to smile. She felt her sister stir behind her and immediately hugged her waking her sister as she sat up.. "Mari...? What... what happened?" She mumbled as if she had woken up from a dream. "Oh my god Lucia.. Im so glad you're okay!"


Theme: Strength of a Thousand Men

As Lucia and Marianna reunited through tears and hugs, Raphael gave Anahera a meaningful look. Anahera and Raphael stepped aside, and Raphael laid his hand on Anahera's shoulder. Anahera looked over toward Marianna and Lucia for a moment to check that they were well, and a strange coldness washed over his face. He turned his face back quickly and froze.

Raphael was physically shorter than he, but the frigid rage poring off him in waves threatened to bow Anahera to his knees. All warmth and gentle kindness was gone from the archangel's face replaced by divine fury so potent that Anahera wanted to flee. Too much too much.

Even though Anahera's front was being assaulted by cold, the room didn't become cooler which proved to show that Raphael was still in control. Rage didn't equal a loss of control for an archangel. Even as Anahera wished to cower from the might of his superior, he wished he had the strength not to lose control when he was furious.

"Where's the demon," rasped Archangel Raphael, and chills ran down Anahera's back.

"I-I don't know." He had to fight not to whimper.

Raphael must've picked up on Anahera's fear because the cold blasting Anahera lessened, and the hand on his shoulder moved to grasp the side of his neck.

"Guardian Angel Anahera, look at me."

Anahera forced himself to meet the elder angel's livid glittering gaze.

"When you find the demon, kill him. Don't even bother returning him to Hell, or all the archangels will be lining up to kill him ourselves, and that can't happen. Take my Divine Flame, and keep it until that demon has been burned. to. ashes. Not a single wisp of him is to remain. Do I make myself clear?"

Anahera's fear of punishment vanished, but the fear and trembling from the awe of being so exposed to an archangel's anger remained. His shoulders straightened, and his chin locked. He slowly nodded.

"Yes, my Lord.

"Good." Raphael stepped back and opened his palms at chest level a couple of feet apart. White flames erupted on his palms before traveling up his arms and encircling his body and pooling around him on the floor, a sweet female voice singing wordlessly swirled through the fire.

1:15 on the song

Out of the corner of his eye, Anahera saw Marianna quickly turn her attention to the two angels as the white fire's light filled the room. Marianna had seen Sacred Flame before. She had seen it when Anahera had tried to kill Shayton. Then, it had been used as a weapon--a destructive force beyond Earth.
Now, it was still fear-inspiring, but it did no harm.
As the flames on the floor traveled to pool around Anahera's feet and slide up his body, the female voice rose to a crescendo.
Last time, Anahera had been too angry to appreciate the feeling of the power fit only for archangels descending on him, but now, he gave it his full attention.
The flames tingled and snapped like static electricity as they raced up him. He closed his eyes and lifted his chin as the fire flickered up his face and crowned his blond head, stinging as it went.

Angels of lower rank could hold Heaven's Sacred Flame for a time, but the power wasn't meant for them. It took a toll on any form.
It burned demons, wore out lesser angels,

and incinerated humans on contact.

Within the sting though, a power--much stronger than his own--filled him. It brought confidence, a clear sense of purpose, and surety of the ability to protect... and destroy. And it felt addicting. Like any addiction, though, it would burn him from the inside out. The cost always outwore the high even though it didn't feel like it while the high had you.

His eyes opened as the flames sizzled away onto his skin. He could feel Marianna's wide eyes on him, and he realized that he was still glowing. He hadn't ever shown her that he could glow before. Whoops.

I got too carried away, he thought as he killed the glow and met Raphael's gaze.

"Thank you for your generous gift."

Raphael smiled slightly, and finally, some warmth broke through the cold. "No, thank you, Guardian Angel Anahera of the Golden Wings. You have done better with your mission than anyone else would have."

Anahera's brow furrowed. "But--"

"I mean it. None of the other angels could have done what you have. Not even Michael, the greatest of us all."

"You don't know what I've done." An unwelcome glimpse of the blood-drenched living room in the occult queen's house made his stomach turn. Then, an unbidden flash of a memory of the heat between Marianna and himself when they had been on the couch flared. If Lucia hadn't been Marianna's sister, Anahera knew he wouldn't have been able to drag himself back. Not from Marianna. He blushed and didn't look at her, still watching and listening.

"You've protected all the humans as well as could possibly be desired considering. You've fit in among Earth better than anyone on a long term assignment that Michael has seen in centuries--he told me this."

Anahera's blush grew, and he couldn't prevent the boyish smile that lifted his lips.

"You've handled emotional difficulties far better than any but a few of us would have. You're kind. You're strong and unafraid to cause harm when the occasion warrants it, but you're gentle at all other times. You won't abuse the Sacred Flame like many angels have before you. Angels lesser than you hold higher ranks, and I, personally, would like to see that righted. It isn't up to me though." A crooked smile, then Raphael looked at the girls. He addressed Marianna and Anahera together, "I've healed Lucia's body, but I cannot heal her mind or take away the trauma that has been dealt her. Get her away from his terrible place and with her twin. Marianna, it's your responsibility to especially watch over her while you can since you know everything and have experienced far more of the supernatural world than either of the twins has. Use your discretion about what you tell Sylvia, but I advise as little as possible."
He turned to Anahera again. "You can't waste time. You have to get to Shayton."

Anahera couldn't hide his exasperation. "What did you think I've been doing all this time? Also, Michael wants me to watch over Marianna more, and you want me to devote more time to destroying Shayton. Please tell me how I'm supposed to accomplish both."

"Hm..." Raphael's eyes dropped as he considered. "You have to go to the source." He looked up. Anahera frowned in confusion. "Hell, Anahera. You have to go into Hell to get information direct from his kind."

Anahera would've fallen if the power coursing through him didn't support him. "You can't be serious!"

Raphael's eyebrows rose. "You think I'd joke about this? You may be surprised to find that I want Shayton dead even more than you do, but it's true. I'm not exaggerating or joking."

"But--" Anahera trust his arm out toward Marianna, and white flames burst out. He scowled and shook them away, "what about Marianna, Raphael? You're telling me to leave her. Isn't that the exact opposite of being her guardian angel?"

Raphael was watching Anahera's hand. "You have to get that under control. We can't have you bursting into flames every time you become impassioned."

"Raphael," growled Anahera.
The archangel sighed. "I'm neither a guardian angel nor in charge of them, so I can't tell you exactly what is or isn't appropriate for you to do. However, you're primary mission on Earth is to get the escaped demon. It always has been. There are others who can watch over Marianna while you're gone, but you're the only one who can get what you need."

"'Others'? Like whom?"

Raphael shrugged and half-smiled. "Rachmiel would protect her with his life."

Anahera sputtered helplessly for several seconds before rasping, "You want Rachmiel, a guard of Hell, to come to EARTH to protect a human?"

"Of course. Who better to defend against a demon than someone who was created for that exact purpose?"

"Why him?"

"Because he knows you. You're his friend. He's more inclined to be... nice if it's for you."

"'Nice'? RACHMIEL?"

Raphael tsked softly and shook his head. "You should have more faith in him, Anahera. Every angel is more than their purpose. Rachmiel has spent over two-thousand years guarding Hell, but that doesn't mean there isn't more to him than that. He can tell the difference between a demon and a human."

"Yeah, that doesn't mean he'll be nice."

Raphael huffed and crossed his arms. "Would you rather he be nice or protect Marianna with his life, Anahera."

Anahera drooped. "I would rather he protect her."

"Exactly. You'll only be gone for a few hours anyway."


"Don't sulk, Anahera. It doesn't become an angel of your magnitude."

Another pleased smile and blush.


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Marianna remained in awe and disbelief with the events that had unfolded. She surely would’ve lost Lucia if it hadn't been for Raphael's help in time... however, she couldn't help but feel a deep pit in her stomach filled with regret and what ifs. Her mind was still in shock to what could’ve been if he hadn’t saved Lucia in time and what would become of her family and Sylvia. Her worries soon focused on soothing Lucia gently as the younger Davis girl began to fully take in her surroundings and become aware of earlier events. Her face was pale but emotionless, Raphael was correct in his words that her physical wounds were healed.. But her mental wounds would always remain.

How was she supposed to help her little sister... how does someone come back from what Shayton done... he nearly- he almost.. no. He didn't.

He would never, ever lay his hands on Lucia or any of her family again. She would make sure of it.. she knew Anahera would make sure of it.

If only she hadn't saved Shayton the day she was kidnapped. If only- Marianna quickly shook her head and pushed back her invading thoughts once again as she held Raphael's advice close. Lucia was alive and well, but it was her job to help her get through the trauma.

Marianna tried to refocus her attention on Lucia as Anahera continued to discuss with the Archangel before getting ready to depart. Marianna made sure to cover up Lucia as much as possible- Luckily she was small enough that the jacket had swallowed her whole.


Once the trio had returned into the apartment, they were quickly greeted by a wide-eyed and tearful Slyvia who quickly embraced her trembling twin. “Via.." Lucia crumbled once again in her twin's arms and began sobbing. After a while of crying and hugging, Marianna got Lucia settled to get herself cleaned up in the bathroom and a fresh set of clothes before returning to her other sister who remained worried and concerned, filled with questions yet to be answered.

"Slyvia.. I'm sorry... for everything. For not telling you anything and keeping you in the dark. I just wanted to protect you and Luce, but that isn't the case anymore." Marianna began to carefully explain most of what she knew. Who Anahera was, who Shayton was… She did her best to answer any questions without overwhelming the pushing Sylvia for more information.

She explained more about Shayton and what had happened at the mansion, leaving out the part about her nearly dying in fear her sister may try to find and attack Shayton herself. Sylvia was a force to be reckoned with and she couldn't risk letting her sister out unsupervised, human or not.

Marianna's bottom lip was bruised and slightly swollen from her unconscious habit of biting as she continued to answer questions. "I promise, no more secrets Via... I'm sorry you and Luce got trapped in the world. I should've.. I should've been a better sister.. I couldn't protect our sister." Marianna held her face in her hands, preparing for Sylvia's rage and grief to take over, she was prepared for any grief she was to be given.



Lucia's POV

Once Lucia was alone in the bathroom, she removed the large jacket from shoulders and turned on the hot water of the shower and stepped inside. Her pale skin turned slightly red at the heat of the droplets of the shower head. She faced the steaming water and closed her eyes...

She wanted to erase the demon's touch from her body, but no matter how much she scrubbed at her skin.. she felt him.. everywhere. She hated the effect he left on her.. although her body was healed from the wounds, she could still feel the invisible pain that lingered. She covered her mouth with her hand and muffled her wails... but soon the sobbing turned into rage.

Her mind drifted to the image of the divine flame back at the mansion. Although Lucia was not a violent person in any way, she wanted Shayton to… suffer and burn.. burn and be in so much pain. The pain he searched for in his victims.. She wanted him to feel what she had felt in that moment.. Be in the same pain or worse like he had caused her. Although Shayton hadn't stolen her virginity, he still violated her in such a manner she didn't know if she would recover.

Once she gained some kind of grounding and composure, Lucia found her twin and relaxed beside her on the couch, clinging on tightly to her arm and staring at the floor.


Marianna’s POV

Marianna waited until her sisters had found their way into bed for the night before pulling Anahera outside to the rooftop. Her sisters would be leaving soon and would be getting Lucia some kind of therapy, what more was she able to do?

“Where do we go from here…?”
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Once done with Anahera, Raphael turned once more to look at the two, precious humans on the bed. His eyes softened in love, but he didn't smile. "I'm going to have some harsh words with Raguel when I return. I don't care if they worked together and used magic--no demon should ever be able to escape Hell, and as the Archangel over Hell, it's his job to make sure that nothing like this ever happens. He should be more than capable of preventing any escapes."

"If that were true," murmured Anahera, "Shayton would never have gotten out. There's more to the story than meets the eye; there must be. If you would permit my impertinence, my lord, let Michael and our Great King handle whatever consequences Raguel and the guards face. Your Blessing is ever needed. Please, don't allow your anger to cloud your judgement so that you neglect your mission."

Raphael spun toward Anahera, his eyes flashing in rage, but then he paused, and his eyes dropped. "Mm," he grunted, and turned away. He turned to the bed and reached a single golden-skinned hand out. With a flourish of his fingers, Lucia was clothed in a dress made of the same material as the tunic that had covered Marianna after Shayton had kidnapped her from the alley. The dress was warm and covering--providing an Heaven-enhanced version of the much-needed sense of security brought with no longer being naked.

After that was completed, the archangel took three steps toward the hole in the hall and waved his hand in a slow sweeping motion. As his hand moved, every bit of the evidence of Anahera's less-than-subtle entrance rose into the air and, even down to the dust, returned to its original placement.

Once the wall was restored, Archangel Rachmiel, Healer of God's Beloved, vanished in a rush of warmth without a farewell.

Anahera released a slow breath before turning to the girls. "Let's go home."


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Once home, Anahera was quick to close himself in his room. He sat on his bed, dropped his elbows on his knees, and raised his shaking hand before his face, flinching as the white flame exploded to life in his palm. He let out a tiny hiss and closed his fist, smothering the flame.

He shook his head and dropped his hand. "How am I supposed to do this?" he murmured. "Last time, I didn't even hold it for an hour, and now, I have to hold it for however long it takes to get to Shayton?" He flexed his hand, and the flames burst up again. Anahera let out a sharp hiss and massaged his fingers with his opposite hand. When he had received the Sacred Flame the first time, he had been filled with distracted rage and adrenaline. He hadn't even felt any of the pain.

He took two, three, four deep breaths before rising and walking to his window. Outside, the first, weakest glimmers of day were visible in the East. They had been out all night. He groaned and rubbed his face before changing into a fresh set of clothes, leaving his shows off, and leaving his room to witness the bathroom door shutting behind Marianna as she walked down the hall.

He silently watched her, unnoticed, until she turned the corner, and he heard Sylvia's shrill inquiries begin.

He padded into the kitchen, unobserved by the sisters, utterly occupied in their frenzied dialogue. Automatically, only half-aware in a haze of memories and thoughts, he went about making the most comforting breakfast his distracted mind could come up with: eggs Benedict with fried homemade sausage in place of the bacon, biscuits, and caramelized honey-infused oatmeal with fresh fruit, milk, his special spice mix, and chopped up nuts mixed in. The girls' voices blended into the distant mix of kitchen noises as the soundtrack to his thoughts--just as discordant and unsettling. As long as Anahera actively ignored it, the pain of the Sacred Flame beneath his skin was tempered by the power that it filled him with. The power was tempered by his exhaustion, confusion, and worry. As soon as Lord Raphael had let, so had the comfort and stability he had supernaturally provided. Without it, Anahera couldn't deny or ignore just how bad off things were.

He couldn't show it though. Marianna would need his support to deal with the twins. Anahera knew them well enough to understand that Sylvia wouldn't act passively if Lucia fell into a fit of PTSD. He would need to keep the youngest Davis girl in check while Marianna helped Lucia so Sylvia wouldn't go off and get herself killed or worse trying to find and destroy Shayton. His needs had to wait until the twins were safely gone and Marianna was stable.

Breakfast was done by the time Sylvia had exhausted her questions and emotions. The four ate at the table in far less than peaceful silence.

Once they were done, Anahera insisted the twins sleep in his bed since it was larger. They deserved the most comfort that could be achieved, and his curtains would block the daylight better than the blinds in the living room.

After the twins were settled in Anahera's bed, Marianna and Anahera only held eye contact for a moment before she pulled him to the roof.

Here we go again, thought the exhausted supernatural entity as the heavy door slammed behind them. How many times had they stood on the roof together like this? Anahera had no idea. Too many times.

Her words pulled him from his miserable thoughts. “Where do we go from here…?”
Anahera looked at Marianna, and she looked back. Anahera figured he looked rough, but he had no idea just how exhausted, overwhelmed, and burdened he looked. His eyes were hollow, puffy, and decorated with red veins. His posture slumped like the weight of the world was on him, and he looked like he was barely staying standing.

He tipped his head back and closed his eyes, letting the early-morning light shine through his aching eyelids, before letting out a whole-body sigh and shaking his head. He didn't open his eyes.

"Unless you want to wake the twins up, bundle them up, and send them onto a plane when who knows what will trigger Lucia's trauma in just a few hours, they're gonna miss their flight. They'll need to get tickets for a later flight. Their tour is obviously getting cancelled. I vaguely overheard Sylvia mention that their tour manager was calling her basically in complete panic, so that's great. That'll have to be dealt with, but I think any action that I take will just look suspicious. The manager should be told by either you or Sylvia that Lucia was kidnapped by an insane fan and that she's physically okay but traumatized and has to go home. Keep it out of the press and tell him the police are already on the hunt for the kidnapper. The fewer details the better.

"Honestly, I want the twins to be here where I can keep an eye on them and you can help Lucia, but she both wants to go home, and they can't be around when I do what I--" His voice broke. "When I--" Once again, his voice failed him.

His shoulders slumped even further, and without a word, Anahera sank to the ground. He set his elbows on his crossed knees and buried his face in his hands. He took a shuddering breath, and then his shoulders began to quake with silent tears.

"I don't want to do back to Hell," Marianna heard him say brokenly.


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Marianna's body tensed slightly as she become aware of the lack of sleep the duo had as she studied Anahera's exhausted expression. Looking half-dead would be an understatement. She didn't realize just how much she had depended and leaned on the poor angel last night when it came to finding Lucia.. she did.. depend on him a lot.

"Unless you want to wake the twins up, bundle them up, and send them onto a plane when who knows what will trigger Lucia's trauma in just a few hours, they're gonna miss their flight. They'll need to get tickets for a later flight. Their tour is obviously getting cancelled. I vaguely overheard Sylvia mention that their tour manager was calling her basically in complete panic, so that's great.That'll have to be dealt with, but I think any action that I take will just look suspicious. The manager should be told by either you or Sylvia that Lucia was kidnapped by an insane fan and that she's physically okay but traumatized and has to go home. Keep it out of the press and tell him the police are already on the hunt for the kidnapper. The fewer details the better."

She sighed slightly at the events that unfolded with Lucia's situation, her own guilt forming it's ugly head above her. "Right.. I'll make sure to get their flight's rescheduled and get things discussed with their manager properly.."

Marianna then began to unconsciously hug herself with crossed arms before continuing, "Lucia will be safer at home. She needs time away and if that is what she wants... I'll have to explain things to mom, but it'll be fine." Her expression was pained, she didn't know how she would explain things to her mother, how she didn't protect her, how she almost died- no. Stop it.

Her eyes were trained on Anahera's shoes to stop her focus on her negative thoughts, her hands clutching tightly to her biceps that they would have surely left bruises if it wasn't for Anahera's shaking voice breaking her out of her self trance.

"Honestly, I want the twins to be here where I can keep an eye on them and you can help Lucia, but she both wants to go home, and they can't be around when I do what I--" His voice broke. "When I--" Once again, his voice failed him.

"Hera.." her voice soft as she crouched down to Anahera's level, gently reaching out and holding onto one of his hands that buried his face. "Hera I-"

"I don't want to do back to Hell," Marianna heard him say brokenly.

Her heart threatened to break and her own tears threatened to form for the angel. She pulled the angel close to her chest and held him, resting her chin on top of his golden locks as she did her best to comfort him. "Anahera.. Love, you are not alone. Let me get things handled with the twins... we will take things one step at a time, okay?" She did her best to form her words without exhaustion taking over. They would find a way to stop Shayton, they would. But right now, they had to take care of their own. He needed her.

"Are you still with me?"


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Anahera let out a little hum and leaned into her embrace when she pulled him to her.
"Anahera.. Love, you are not alone. Let me get things handled with the twins... we will take things one step at a time, okay?"
He could hear the sheer exhaustion in her voice. He had to pull himself together, but not only was he physically and emotionally exhausted, he was also overwhelmed with the memories and experiences from the night before warring in his mind for dominance.

From the twins' concert when Anahera had still been trying to block Marianna from his heart to the panic and rage of Lucia's capture to the hasty trip to the occult house and the gruesome slaughter that had resulted. Marianna not rejecting him after his darkest side showing, and Anahera no longer being able to fight how much he cherished her as a friend.
As a friend...
That phrase had been thoroughly ransacked in the club when Anahera had been utterly unable to hide the dark, wanton fire she lit in him. He hadn't even wanted to hide it. From there to his repulsion and shame at Dirty Angel's kiss and her advances to the final, desperate flight to the mansion and the attack against Shayton and horror of what had happened to Lucia and then Raphael and then the Sacred Flame and finally home.
There was no way that all that had taken place in the space of one night. It had to have been days. Somehow. Some way. Through some power. Earth's night simply wouldn't hold that much activity.

His brain hurt.

His body hurt.

The Sacred Flame lapped at his very final reserves of strength, nipping and snipping at his energy so it could burst free in Heavenly glory... only to kill Marianna with its unearthly power. Nope nope nope. He wasn't going to hurt another human.

"Are you still with me?"

Anahera let out a bone-deep sigh and cracked a pained smile that dropped almost immediately. He pulled back and rested his forehead against hers. "Marianna Davis, I cannot conceive of an occasion where I won't be with you. Granted," a self-deprecating smile, "my imagination is about as flexible as my muscles are at this point, but the point remains: I'm here with you, and I'm here for you. Even when I leave, and I must, I'll still be with you. Here. I'll be here." He gently pressed a finger against her chest. "Even while I am gone in flesh, I won't leave you in spirit. That's one of the best things about being a guardian angel. You are never alone, and I'm never without you. Even if Heaven, Hell, and every star separate us, I'm bound to you and you to me, and He who bound us won't unbound us."

After a peaceful pause of mutual breaths, Anahera rose to his feet and reached out his hand. Once she stood, he squeezed her hand before letting go. "I'll help you take care of things with the twins. You talk to whomever must be talked to, and I'll look into flights. Sound good?"


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The fact that the twins were on a flight home twenty-one hours after Lucia had been rescued was a sheer miracle. All in all, everything had gone rather suspiciously well regarding the twins. Anahera would have been bothered had he not known that he wasn't doing this without support from his superiors.

Despite having been awake for over twenty-four hectic hours, he only rested because Marianna wouldn't unless he did as well even though he crashed asleep faster than she did when their heads hit their pillows. When crisp knocking on their door rocketed Anahera out of bed hours later, he was surprised to find that he felt acceptably well despite the fact that he had only gotten six hours of sleep. As he stumbled noisily out of his room and down the hall toward the front door, his legs uncoordinated and eyes crusty, he heard Marianna's door open behind him. Great. The knocking had assuredly woken her up too early. He was decidedly less than pleased with the unknown person behind the door.

He mentally checked his wards, but nothing had changed.

"Who in the world...?"

Anahera leaned forward to look through the peep hole just when a fresh set of business-like knocks surprised him. He jerked back, hand over his overly-sensitive ear and scowled.

"Please stay back," he said to Marianna as he heard her shuffling footsteps and stifled yawn behind him.
Just as he opened the door, his body made him yawn as well. However, his yawn froze in place as he beheld the smartly-suited man with his fist raised for another set of knocks on the threshold.

A mocking smile and quick once over. "Hello, Anahera. Your time on Earth hasn't suited your constitution, I see."


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Thankfully the arrangements to find the twins another flight home went a lot smoother than the duo had first expected, thanks to Anahera. Marianna dreaded the expected phone call from her mother later in the week to question her sisters’ trip and why their tour was suddenly canceled. But it was to be expected and Marianna wanted to take the responsibility to smooth over as much as possible to avoid a visit from her mother or a worst situation at home for the twins. The girls’ mother meant well for all the right reasons however, she could be quite over protective. Especially for the fact Marianna had avoided telling her mother how she had been living with a MAN for most of the year.

The past night events seemed like a blur now, everything had happened so quickly and all at once. Marianna's mind felt the most overwhelmed it had in ages, but luckily it had tired her brain enough to finally allow herself to relax and fall asleep. She just wanted her sisters to be okay. She wanted to find Shayton and put a stop to him before he could hurt anyone else she loved.. But for now, she had to rest, and she thankfully got Hera to do the same with some protesting of not going to sleep until he had.

Marianna was later woken up by the sound knocking at the door, loud and clear to get the attention of those behind it. Marianna grumbled in her sleep, wanting a few more minutes to sleep, believing it was Anahera trying to wake her up for breakfast or something in the matter. It was only when she heard the knocking once again and Anahera’s footsteps that she forced herself to pull aside the covers and get up from bed. She slowly opened the door and rubbed her tired eyes. Her curly hair was braided to the side, slightly messy due to sleeping hard. Accompanied by an oversized shirt and black shorts that were hidden by the shirt she seemed to swim in.

She blinked several times to try and get her eyes to focus on Anahera, just as confused as she was on who was knocking at the door. She quietly shuffled behind him as he tried to look through the peephole of their front door. “Who is it Hera…?” She mumbled with a yawn before being told to stay back. She did as she was told as he opened the door. His stiff body language caused her curiosity to peek around him. Only to see a rather well dressed man in their doorway.

Hello, Anahera. Your time on Earth hasn't suited your constitution, I see."


Another angel? Her eyes were wide as she stared cautiously behind Anahera at the stranger. He was rather handsome and held his head high. He had an aura around him that caused her knees to quake slightly in nervousness as she sank closer behind Anahera.

Marianna soon regained her composure as a few quiet minutes passed, noticing it would be a weird situation if their neighbors saw Rachimel standing outside of their door.. “Ah.. why don’t you come in.. R-Rachimel, is it?” Clearly her throat and gently pulling Anahera to the side to allow the man to let himself in. “I’ll.. go get some drinks.” She muttered before quickly excusing herself to the tiny kitchen.


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Rachmiel stared at Anahera, eyebrows high, face otherwise blank--waiting to be let in.


Anahera, hand still on the door handle, could only blink stupidly at the elder angel. His brain had both not fully awoken and couldn't grasp why the sentinel of Hell would be away from Hell to be on his doorstep. This combination left him as still and mute as a stature other than his eyes. As the minutes ticked by, Rachmiel's eyes took on more and more of a mocking glint while his face didn't alter in the least, but Anahera could only recognize this rather than also being able to act on it.


Rachmiel was about to push Anahera aside and enter the apartment uninvited when the human behind Anahera spoke up, and his pale green eyes flicked to her. The woman's actions must have jolted Anahera out of his idiotic stupor because he shook himself and stepped aside for the other angel to enter.

"Thank you. Your reaction speed certainly hasn't changed from your time on Earth," Rachmiel said as he passed the threshold, his voice dripping in sarcasm. He felt the slight tingle and glimpsed the shimmer of Anahera's power out of the corner of his eye. Well, at least he had possessed the sense to put up wards. Strong ones, at that. It had to have been before Earth's putrid aura had soiled his strength and clarity of mind.

He looked around the space. It was organized enough and didn't possess the same septic tang in the air as outside. Turning his eyes to see the unseen, Rachmiel saw Anahera's wards glitter across all the walls and especially around points of weakness--floorboards, windows, vents, and the like. One room down the hall shone so much golden light into the hall that it was hard to look at. Rachmiel let out a low hum, his eyes narrowing.

"Excuse me."

Rachmiel turned his gaze to Anahera. The fellow angel was scowling, his hands on his hips.

"Care to tell me why you're looking over my wards, Rachmiel? Do you not trust my judgement?"

Rachmiel's eyebrows rose incrementally. "You can tell I was viewing them?"

"Yeah. One of the perks of being a guardian angel. I can tell when someone is messing with my wards. Now, care to answer my question?"

"I wasn't messing with them, Anahera. I was merely observing your work."


A small smile. "Curiosity."

"Liar. You don't do anything merely out of curiosity."

A silent snort and shake of the head. "Fine. I did it because I felt and glimpsed your wards when I passed the threshold, and I wanted to see how much you had done."


"Because it gives me a sense of how seriously you're taking a situation, how much power you have since the last time I observed it, and how aware you are of particular points of weakness in a building. Speaking of which, why is the first room in the hall emitting such an over abundance of Ward Light?"

Just then the human returned from the kitchen with a glass of water in her hand. As she held it out to him, Rachmiel witnessed the slight tremors in the surface of the water. His eyes flicked up to the human's as he took the water from her hand. Good. She was aware of the danger he posed. It was important for humans to be aware of the power of angels and respect it. There shouldn't be any fooling around or disrespecting it. Rachmiel knew that he was supposed to keep the existence of angels hidden from humans, but he couldn't imagine being able to restrain himself from showing any human that tried to cross him just how foolish they were to do so. He hoped, for their sake, that no human was dumb enough to try.

"Because," Anahera nodded at the human, "it's her room. Shayton is after Marianna, and I refuse to allow him to access her."

"Mmm." Rachmiel watched the human as she stopped to stand next to Anahera. His eyes scrolled up and down, observing the mussed hair, lackluster clothing, and just... humanness about her. He looked back at Anahera. "Why would the demon even be after her?"

Anahera's scowl turned ugly, and he moved slightly in front of the human. "Watch it. Maria--"

"I mean it. Why would the demon go after her. Of all humans, why this one? Is it because she's under your protection because I don't know why else the wretch would go after such a human human. He--"

"HEY!" Anahera was suddenly in his face. "Don't you dare speak about her like that. You have no idea what you're talking about. Marianna--"

"As far as I knew," Rachmiel's voice remained calm, "demons only went after humans of extraordinary beauty, and this one clearly isn't."

Anahera's fist was caught in Rachmiel's hand before any human eye could detect movement. Rachmiel forceably lowered Anahera's fist, his eyes glinting dangerously. "You're awfully touchy about her, aren't you. Though, I guess I should expect as much from her guardian angel."

"Let go of me, Rachmiel," growled Anahera through gritted teeth.

"Not until you--hich!" Rachmiel sucked in a pained hiss, flinching and jerking back. He shook his hand, watching Anahera warily. "Lord Raphael gave you Sacred Flame." It wasn't a question.

"Yeah. He did. Think about that, Rachmiel, before you insult Marianna. Think about why Raphael would have entrusted me with it, and take into consideration that I'm not against using it on anyone who insults or hurts her."

"Even humans?"

Anahera's eyes flinched, and he paused a moment before stepping back to stand beside the human. "Why are you here, Rachmiel."

Rachmiel's eyebrows lifted. "Lord Raphael told me he told you I was coming."

"Yeah, well, if that were true, I wouldn't be asking the question, now would I."

"Fair enough," conceded the other angel, shrugging. His eyes flicked to the human's. "I'm here to watch over her while you're gone, actually."


Anahera tensed even tighter. "Oh, Hell no, Rachmiel. Not after that display."

Rachmiel smiled that stupid, self-satisfied, mocking smile that Anahera had always hated even when they were close friends. "Care to call Lord Raphael and tell him that you aren't satisfied with his choice?"

Anahera froze, and Rachmiel's smile grew to a grin. "I didn't think so. Don't fret about it though, old friend,"--would Rachmiel ever stop mocking him?--"I'm more than willing to guard your little human while you're gone."

More than willing, Rachmiel was capable of it, Anahera knew. Lord Raphael was right: there really wasn't anyone better to protect someone against a demon than a Sentinel of Hell. He just hated the idea of leaving Marianna in the hands of an angel so clearly without the desire to treat her with the respect and care she deserved.

Rachmiel had certainly hardened since the last time they had met. He had always been harsh and mocking, but he had never openly shown such contempt and extreme disregard of the feelings of others before. Something must've happened to the angel to cause such a negative transformation. Anahera's heart softened.

"What happened to you?" he asked gently. "What took place that caused you to become so cruel, Rachmiel? You were never so hostile before."

Rachmiel flinched and folded in on himself just the tiniest bit. His eyes dropped, and his arms tensed. As Anahera watched, Rachmiel's eyes shut sharply and he shuddered almost imperceptibly. Finally, the angel spoke, and Anahera had never heard him, usually so strong and closed off, sound so vulnerable and weak. "It's not... It's not easy, guarding the gates and fence of Hell. Some angels think it is, but it isn't. And there are... consequences when the Sentinels fail at their duty. There hadn't been such a massed effort to escape Hell since World War II, and more than one of my brothers in duty fall each time the demons make a mass attempt to escape. It... takes a toll. Over time. On all of us."

"Rachmiel..." Anahera took a step forward, extending his hand to the hurting angel, but Rachmiel spasmed back and glared at Anahera, all vulnerability gone.

"Don't you dare pity me, Anahera. You've hardly had the easiest time dealing with Hell."


As soon as the words left his mouth, Rachmiel instantly regretted them. There was never any call to mention his past to Anahera, and the guardian angel's body language showed that time hadn't removed the pain of the survivor of Hell.

"Ah-Ah, I'm sorry." Rachmiel ran his hand through his hair. "I shouldn't have brought it up."

"No, no," Anahera made a vague gesture toward him, "it's fine. I don't expect you to not bring it up."

"But I do. As much as you infuriate me sometimes, there's never any reason where I should bring that up. I owe you that, Anahera. Please forgive me."

The look Anahera gave Rachmiel didn't make him wish he hadn't apologized, but it did make him squirm and avert his eyes. He gulped down the water in one.

"I-- Thank you, Rachmiel. I forgive you."

Rachmiel nodded sharply before looking back. "You should go now. The sooner you're back, the better."

Anahera nodded and sighed. "Yes."
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To say Marianna was nervous was an understatement. She had remembered Anahera’s higher up had mentioned a person named Rachmiel was to come see them.
However, she hadn’t expected their guest to be so quick on arriving. The girl did her best to collect herself as she filled a small glass with water before making her way back to the living area where their guest and Anahera seemed to be conversing. She felt slightly intimidated by his steady gaze as the man seemed to seize her up as she handed him the glass. Although she had been getting better at masking her fear, his mere presence caused her to become wary.

She quietly made her way to Anahera’s side when she began to pick up on the duo’s earlier conversation.

Because," Anahera nodded at the human, "it's her room. Shayton is after Marianna, and I refuse to allow him to access her."

The auburn haired girl glanced towards her bedroom door where Anahera had placed his sigils that were invisible to her eye, but knew they were there. Her attention slowly turned back to Rachmiel as studied her once again, causing the girl to shuffle her feet slightly in awkwardness.

"Why would the demon even be after her?"

Marianna bit her bottom lip slightly. Was that an insult?

"Watch it. Maria--"

"I mean it. Why would the demon go after her. Of all humans, why this one? Is it because she's under your protection because I don't know why else the wretch would go after such a human human. He--"

Marianna’s face began to flush slightly as Rachmiel remained blunt with his words. Usually people’s opinions about herself didn’t bother her. However, this conversation was beginning to rub her the wrong way.



Too slow. The Angel was face to face with their guest before Marianna could stop him.

"Don't you dare speak about her like that. You have no idea what you're talking about. Marianna--"

"As far as I knew, demons only went after humans of extraordinary beauty, and this one clearly isn't."

Before the human could utter another breathe, Anahera had swung his fist to strike Rachmiel, only for it to be caught in hand.

"You're awfully touchy about her, aren't you. Though, I guess I should expect as much from her guardian angel."

Marianna watched helplessly in fear the situation would escalate more, however, the two soon distanced themselves and the conversation transitioned to his coming.

"I'm here to watch over her while you're gone, actually."

Wait, what?” Marianna gave a puzzled expression as she stared at the tensed Anahera.


Sytry, Demon of the 8th Degree

Hell is exactly how you'd expect it to be, a place for the damned. Home to sinners of all sorts. Home to the unfortunate souls of children who gave birth and life to the demons that roamed the fiery domain. Demons like Sytry. A long dark haired man... Tall, lean but muscular. Could surely be mistaken for angel with his beauty, a common error for being mistake for an angel as a demon.

Sytry sat on a tall pillar as many demons below him were in a heated fight with their strengths. The fight was destructive and bloody, onlookers cheered and cursed as the massive pit fought. A couple of sentinels stood nearby at the fiery gates that condemned all those who remained in hell. The guards wore shining armor and wielded weapons.

Even with all that armor and blessing from the high heavens themselves, many demons were was able to escape, not without defeating the guards or getting passed them that is. Few of succeeded. Those unlucky like Sytry did not have moons aligned for them. Any demon caught were erased and thrown in oblivion. Although it was difficult to escape many had down it. Demons such as that damn Shayton.
If it weren’t for him, he would be out of this shithole and up on earth to do as he pleased.

The demon ran his fingers through his dark locks before sighing and jumping from the pillar.

His body disappearing in a puff of red smoke, before reappearing on the shambled ground below. He locked his fingers behind his head and began to casually walk over a dead body of a demon that was thrown earlier from the pit fight against a wall.

He mumbled with a bored expression before continuing on his way. Only to be interrupted by the sounds of the giant gate being opened for the first time in an almost a thousand years. The guards made way for a particular angel, one with glowing blond hair and a presence that would make any lesser demon quiver in fear.

My, my… looks like we have a celebrity coming to grace us with a visit.” The demon muttered with a mocking grin.
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Love & Loss

Anahera sighed, reaching up and rubbing the back of his neck, massaging the tight muscles there. He met Rachmiel's stern gaze, then Marianna's confused one, then he looked away down the hall.


Anahera closed his eyes and sighed again shifting on his feet and rolling his neck.


Another delaying sigh. He popped his knuckles and looked at Marianna again.

"Anahera, I know what you're doing." Rachmiel's voice was softer than it had been the first too times. "You're delaying. I get it."

Suddenly, Anahera's neck snapped forward, and he met Rachmiel's steady, pale green gaze with a challenging, bitter, gray one.

"Oh, really? That so. Because I thought that only I was trapped and nearly slaughtered by thousands of demons. I thought that, in my first visit to Hell, a place where I shouldn't have to go, I, alone, freed twenty-nine fellow angels trapped in Hell."

Rachmiel opened his mouth to speak, his eyes flicking to Marianna, but Anahera ignored him, blasting onward. "It's interesting that you claim that to understand my feelings when you weren't created to have much empathy or compassion and you didn't go through what I did."


Now Rachmiel's temper had been stoked. "That may be so, but it's not as if I enjoy having to go into Hell or interacting with demons. May I remind you that, while you gallivant around doing whatever lovely missions you've been assigned, I face and interact with demons and Hell every day? I've gone into Hell more than you have, and it's not like it doesn't affect me--"

"You didn't go through what--" It was Anahera time to attempt to interrupt without success.

"OR that I've never been injured while I've been there. Dreading going into Hell isn't reserved from Sentinels. We don't like it either, and we don't have a choice."

"Like I had a choice!"

"You did!" Rachmiel spread his arms wide. "You decided to disobey direct orders, and there were going to be consequences."

"Now, you're blaming ME?"

"To some degree, YES!" None of that would have happened to you if you'd obeyed orders and trusted Archangel Michael!"
It was only after the words launched from his mouth that Rachmiel realized that he had been giving the human too much information. He had to shut it down before she really learned things she shouldn't. While she was a human, and therefore lacking in intelligence, even she would be able to put too much of the puzzle together if he didn't shut things down.

"LOOK, stop. We should BOTH stop. All I meant to be saying is that I know you're delaying going back, and the longer you delay, the more time which could be used hunting down the demon will be wasted. None of us know what he's doing right now, but it can't be good. Just a few hours could mean the difference between life and death for many. If you go now, you give him less opportunity to cause more harm."


Whatever It Takes

Anahera bit his tongue, fighting back the urge to retort or, worse, to blast Rachmiel with sacred flame. Rachmiel, curse him, was right. He closed his eyes and gave himself a hard shake knowing that he needed to rid himself of extreme emotions before he entered Hell. Demons were masters of manipulation, and Anahera couldn't allow himself to be vulnerable to their attacks. He gave himself another shake then turned fully to Marianna.

His eyes swept over her face, the traces of anger and hurt running off him like rain on a canopy. The world around him faded as he looked into her eyes, beautiful pools of warm brown full of concern for his safety. He reached up and cupped her face with one hand, closing his eyes and tilting his head forward until his brow brushed hers.

"I'll only been gone for a few hours," he breathed to her. "Rachmiel will keep you safe while I'm gone. I trust him to protect you." He opened his eyes, meeting her gaze at a sharp angle. "I trust him, and I trust you. All I ask is that you trust him as well. And me," he added after a brief pause. "Trust me as well. I'll get what I need to, and then I'll come straight back. I won't abandon you again, Marianna."

He brushed his lips to her hairline in the most feather-light kiss before closing his eyes and stepping back until there was several feet of distance between himself and other two occupants of the room. He rolled his shoulders, his angelic robe replacing his Earth clothes and his wings bursting out behind him. He carefully swung them around and tucked them tight until he was entirely surrounded by a cocoon of snow-white feathers.

Marianna and Rachmiel heard the Guardian Angel speak, but his voice was muffled by his wings, and they knew the words weren't for them. Wisps of a material which fought to be angelic white and demonic black at the same time twisted up from the tips of the cocoon until it lapped at the pinnacle.


Anahera was gone.


Faintly glittering wings unfolded to a view Guardian Angel Anahera of the Golden Wings had hoped to never see again. Despite the heat leaking through the towering bars of the massive, ornate dark gates thirty feet from him, a chill ran up Anahera's spine, and he nearing fled. His memories rose in a maelstrom that he hadn't experienced in centuries, and his knees began to buckle.

Just as his knees brushed the rough igneous floor, he was caught by two pair of strong hands under his arms.

"Stand strong, Guardian Angel. This is not beyond you."

Angel started to drag his eyes up, his mind filled with screams and howls and blood and agony. "My-My Lord-Lor--"

"Stand, Anahera. This is no time for weakness."

The order cleared the chaos from his mind and lifted Anahera to his feet, but he quickly fell to one knee, bowing his head, wings extending out. He heard a faint "Ow" followed by slight, replying laughter just as Anahera's spreading wings hit a small amount of resistance. He was briefly tempted to look over his shoulder to see who had caught him as he fell who he had then rewarded with a whack of his wing, but he wished more to honor the angel before him.

"Under other occasions," the voice made Anahera tremble, "I would call your respect appropriate, but standing on ceremony when there are human lives at stake is foolish. Get up."

Anahera stood, his head bowed, his knees quaking within his gown, and his jaw tight to prevent it from clacking. He heard a sigh and a disparaging mumble about the weakness of average angels and winced internally. Anahera didn't want to seem weak, but how could he not be afraid when he knew who stood before him. He hadn't even looked at him.

"Look up, angel. This is NOT the time for this behavior. I'm not the danger here."

Anahera fought to swallow and lifted his chin. When his eyes did behold who was standing before him, his knees started to crumple again only to be stopped by an armored finger against his brow. Biting golden fire sparked over him, making him wince in pain and uncontrollably causing the Sacred Flame within him to burst up and out, wreathing his body and filling his palms.

Behind him, he heard a quiet, awe-filled, "Whoa."

"Anahera of the Golden Wings, you wouldn't be a legend or have been given this gift or the rank of Guardian if you were a coward. There are true evils where you are about to go, and if you cannot look me in the eye under your own power, you will die beyond those gates."

This time, Anahera didn't fall when he looked up and up the black armor, and met the twin pools of fire within the hood of he before him three pairs of wings flashing and flexing out of the corners of his eyes.

"Good," the voice tolled from the depths of the white hood. "Raphael said you were coming, and if he chose you, he believes in your ability to fulfill this mission. If you can look me in the eye without fear, I shall believe you can as well."

Anahera nodded without breaking eye-contact. "I thank you for your faith in me, Archangel Raguel, Sovereign Commander of the Sentinels of Hell.

Archangel Raguel hummed in approval before lifting his hands and throwing back his hood.

"Do you still have the armor you wore?"

Anahera blinked, and his eyebrows dropped. "No, High Lord Raguel. It was... too ruined... by what happened."

Raguel hummed in acknowledgement. "No matter." He waved his hand, and starting at his head, Anahera's robe was replaced, piece by piece, with a gold variation of the armor of the Sentinels, two swathes of his robe remaining to fit under his breast plate in the front and back and fall over his legs.

Anahera lifted his arm to stare at sickeningly familiar plating which had only protected him for a little while the last time he had worn it. He shivered.

"Summon your weapon," commanded Archangel Raguel, and Anahera, without hesitation, obeyed. Raguel took it from him, laid it across his palms, the massive halberd looking like a child's version in the Archangel's colossal hands, and presented it to Anahera.

"When did you receive this weapon?"

Anahera looked up in surprise. "Uh. It was given to me for my first mission after I was saved from Hell.

"Exactly. What does that mean?"

Anahera shook his head, utterly bewildered. "I-I don't... I don't know."

"I see." Raguel looked past Anahera. "Savral, Imriahs, what about you? Do you know the significance of the timing that Guardian Angel Anahera received this weapon?"

Anahera half-turned and looked at the two angels behind him.

They looked uncommonly alike for angels, especially when both of them were wearing their identical Sentinel of Hell armor.

One had a sterner face than the other and had a harsh scar across his cheek. Judging by the angular bruise forming on his uncovered neck, he had been the one to receive the unexpected and unwelcome sudden gift of Anahera's wing.

The sterner one looked at Anahera, staying silent yet clearly thinking, and the other's eyes flicked from Anahera to his master to the halberd before he paused and, eyes considering the ground, said, "It's a sign that, even though Guardian Angel Anahera is wearing the same armor, it is not the same time, and he is not the same angel. Some things are the same as they were, but he is not. He is stronger, older, wiser, more powerful, and more experienced. Things will not go the same as they did the first time." He looked up, first at his commander and then at Anahera.

"Well said, Imriahs." Raguel held Anahera's weapon out to him, and Anahera took it back, speechless. He turned and bowed briefly to Imriahs, who flushed in embarrassment, before deeply bowing to Raguel.

"Thank you, High Lord Raguel. I am ready."

"You are."

The Archangel leader of the Sentinels of Hell pulled his hood back over his head and led Anahera to the gates before standing aside and smiling for the first time. "I look forward to hearing of the destruction of Shayton, Guardian Angel Anahera. As High Archangel Michael does, I have full confidence in you."

Anahera flushed in pleasure before banishing his halberd and reaching out. With both hands, he gripped the gate handles and pulled.

The gates to Hell swung out without a sound, and heat and foulest air rushed assaulted Anahera. Jaw locked and eyes vicious, Anahera summoned his halberd again and swiftly stepping past the threshold so the gates could shut behind him without delay. Despite the momentary urge, Anahera didn't cower at the foreboding sound. Archangel Raguel was right. He could do this.

For Marianna.

For her, he could do anything.

He only had a moment to view his surroundings before a mocking voice cut through the hissing of lava and distant cries of the damned:

My, my… looks like we have a CELEBRITY coming to grace us with a visit.”

Anahera, to his surprise, found a returning smile easy to bring forth. "Aren't you lucky?" He said, walking forward until he stood a mere twenty feet from his eternal foe.

"Unfortunately for you, I'm not here to mingle with your kind's riffraff. My business is with demons worth my time." His smile dropped. "Take me to Kesres, and if you lead me into a trap, I'll slaughter you and whoever thinks they can take me without hesitation. If you think I was dangerous nine hundred and twenty six years haven't made me any weaker." He lifted his free hand and Sacred Flame burst up in an alarming burst. Anahera didn't wince. "Quite the opposite."


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Friends on the Other Side ~

Although it wasn't a surprise to see one of heaven's angels roaming the underworld, it was quite a sight to see the infamous Golden Wings in Hell once again. He made his way toward the angel in cat-like curiousity. "Strange, to have you grace us with your presence, oh mighty Anahera." The demon spoke in a smooth, yet mocking tone as he gave a slight bow.

"Aren't you lucky? Unfortunately for you, I'm not here to mingle with your kind's riffraff. My business is with demons worth my time." "

Sytry stood tall with hands in pockets and smirk remaining, "Kesres, you say? My.. What would the
Golden Boy want with our lord?" The demon's eyes began to glow slightly with a green hue, only to be dimmed at the sight of Anahera's new gift.

"Take me to Kesres, and if you lead me into a trap, I'll slaughter you and whoever thinks they can take me without hesitation. If you think I was dangerous nine hundred and twenty six years haven't made me any weaker."

"Well this certainly had gotten interesting... It seems heaven's pet got a new toy to play with." He teased carefully, before letting a sigh escape his lips. He carefully closed the distance between the angel and himself enough to push the angel's hand to side with a finger in a motion that it was a germ he was holding in his hand, to allow the flame to go out.

"Now, now.. no need to use brute strength. I am a man of my word and promise to get you to Kesres. However, let me remind you... Anahera. You are in our world now, and just because you were gifted with new toys and armor, doesn't mean we will be easily bossed around by the lot of you." The demon's tone turned dark and deep before snapping back into a playful expression and mood.

"Now, follow me little birdy. I'm sure lots has changed since you last stayed with us~"


As promised, Sytry lead Anahera through the fiery and shambled place named hell, passing many lesser demons who stared and watched with a mixture of hate and deadly curiousity. Sytry made sure they kept their distance however with a single glance in their direction. Soon. His eyes would say.

They approached a large archway, surrounded by statues of what the humans believed some demons to look like surrounding the frame as well as several broken steps that lead up to a large throne at the top surrounded by red and black smoke and fire. Next to it, held to what looked like to be a human sized bird cage with a ripped up, but still concealing dark covering over it.

As they approached the the throne, Sytry knelt down and bowed his head, allowing his long hair to frame his face as he knelt before his lord.

"My Lord, I have brought guest who wishes to speak to you.. He seems to want to ask about a particular member of our own."

The demon smirked, as he glanced back to noticed a subtle, confused change of expression on the angel's face before it returned to his cold front. Oh how fun this would be.

Rise, Sytry."

A dark, deep toned voice spoke seated at the throne.

Kesres was one of the few demons that ruled other the less demons in their underworld Hierarchy. He was feared by all who crossed him that even the Sentinels would avoid him as much as possible. Although he was not as strong as some of heaven's own, he was still well respected and his word was law. He wore a dark armor and cloak that was crafted for the chosen few in Hell's domain.

Sytry soon rose to his feet, eyes still casted to remain the respectful to his higher up. He raised a hand toward the demon, gesturing him close. The demon quickly approached and whispered before returning to his place by Anahera.

"What is it that you want, Angel." Sounding more like a statement, than a question as he continued.

"It seems that one of our own is causing you more damage then one of god's favorites can handle?" The lord's tone was cold and mocking.

"You will leave empty handed, Golden Wings. We have nothing to offer you."


Theme: Ironwing

Anahera had less trouble keeping his head up than he thought he would as he followed the demon through Hell. He stayed calm, the angel's eyes roving the beautiful, wicked faces around him as they peered at him. He was a little bothered that the reigning emotion on the faces of the demons wasn't fear, but he wasn't that surprised. His wing's glow was listless in the light from Hell's flames, and it wouldn't be that bright anyway. His reputation served him well enough, though. None of them were approaching, but Anahera could tell that that was because his guide was warning them away. He couldn't see the demon's eyes, but he did see the subtle body language as the demons ceased moving when they turned their eyes to the demon beside him. He knew the demon wasn't warning them away because he didn't want Anahera to suffer any harm, but Anahera couldn't spare the time to think too much about it.

He was in enemy territory, and his senses were on high alert. He was living moment by moment and didn't have the luxury to think about the future.


Anahera stood back as the demon spoke to his master, watching with sharp eyes and carefully-controlled movements. He wasn't afraid when he looked at the greatest of demons. He could take any one demon no matter how powerful. Sacred Flame could not be nullified or avoided by any demon. Only the archangels could dispel it. Kesres could easily destroy him if Anahera didn't have a weapon that the demon couldn't avoid. As long as he was calm and not a fool, he was safe. The demons would be fools if they tried to trap him again. Not only because it would cost thousands of them before there was a chance that he would go down--and even then, angels greater than he would retrieve him, doing more damage than he did along the way--but also because they needed him.

"It seems that one of our own is causing you more damage than one of God's favorites can handle. "You will leave empty-handed, Golden Wings. We have nothing to offer you."

Anahera stepped forward. "Well, I have something to offer you." He paused. "It's true that Shayton has not proven to be easy to catch. They is why you sent him of course: to use his clever manipulation to convince the humans into building a gateway for you to escape-- Oh, but wait. He didn't do that, did he? He manipulated you into letting him be the one to go, and then he left you."
The narrowing of Kesres's eyes and the resentful whispers from the demons that made up his twisted court were exactly the reactions Anahera wanted.
"I know," he continued, "that there isn't much loyalty along your kind, but still. That had to have burned didn't it? You did trust him, but he betrayed his lord and his fellows and went his own way. Furthermore, there's no way you can make him pay for his betrayal and disrespect... not while he's on Earth, that is. If he were back in Hell, you could get your just revenge... but not yet. He has to be sent back to Hell by someone... me, actually. No, I can't do it on my own, but you can't do it at all. If you want him back, you need me, and I need to know what his weaknesses are before I can get him. You give me information, and I personally deliver Shayton into your hands." He stepped forward and put out his hand. "Do we have a deal, Kesres?"


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Theme: Destructo

Although Kesres's expressions were hidden under the hood of his dark cloak, you could tell in his slight shift in body language that the angel's presence and request for information caused annoyance. His underlings of his court continuous whispers were soon silence by a sudden raised hand.

"Quite bold of you, Angel, to waltz into my domain and expect us to help you." The demon placed his hands on the arm rests of his chair and gripped tightly. "Shayton has proved to be... quite a... annoyance. However.. As much as I would enjoy to seen our dear Shayton once again. Our intel comes with a price."

Sytry soon rose from his knelt position and requested to approach his master, once at the lord's side he whispered into the demon's ear. You could feel a sudden change of atmosphere. "Well, maybe we could come out with a deal after all. A life for a life as humans would say."

A sudden snap of fingers and overly large bird cage appeared besides them in a red hue of smoke. "Sytry, if you would."

Sytry approached the cage and tore off the damaged to sheet.

"It seems you must have forgotten about something more important, Anahera." Inside the cage was no one other than the forgotten angel himself, Aoith. Although still beautiful, the angel was broken, his body covered in bruises and scars. Frighteningly pale and skinny... No wings in sight, just a few to many bloody feathers scattered along the cage floor.

"Here is my offer to you, Golden Wings. We shall give you back one of your own in exchange for information and Shayton to be returned to hell. However... to make sure this deal is completely properly... I will be sending Sytry with you. He knows Shayton better than anyone and has gift that could be quite useful to you." Sytry began to allow a smirk play along his lips as he glanced over at the already pained expression of the angel infront of his. Although the angel did his best to remain calm, it was obvious, seeing one of his own had pricked a nerve.

"If our deal is broken, Sytry will see to it that our little bird here is more broken than he is leaving this place."
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TW: Gore, implied torture

Theme: Mercy in Darkness



No. No.


Shaking hands.
Ragged breaths.
Ringing ears.

Descimated soul.



Please, God, no! Let this not be real!

But his prayer when unanswered. It was real.

Aoith was here.

Aoith was...

My God, Aoith.

Aoith, please. Look up. Look at me.

Almost as if the angel in the cage could hear the golden angel's silent pleas, he stirred. He didn't look up or lift his head, but as his torso twitched he did whimper as the open, inflamed sores on his broken leg scraped on the roughened mental that made up the floor of the cage, and his eyes opened.

Anahera tasted blood in his mouth, and he realized he was biting the inside of his cheek to keep himself from screaming.

He wanted to look away--to address the monster before him whose words barely penitrated the ringing in Anahera's head--but he couldn't.

His brother was naked. He was pale-no. Not pale. He was faded. The once vibrant golden-brown of his hair had paled to an ash brown--what little hair he had left, that is. His beard, shorn roughly, was caked in blood, and Anahera couldn't tell how much of it was from the wounds on his chin and how much of it was from his mouth--drops of fresh crimson slid between the ripped, healed, and torn open once again lips, over his cheek, and into the hole where his right ear had once been.

Aoith shuddered, and his eyes moved. They wandered aimlessly, and Anahera was struck with a horrible realization:

His brother had been blinded.

The thin lines in his skin--nearly transparent in its thinness--showed everywhere a whip stroke had healed, and the deep scores coating him showed where the demons had delighted in carving the precious angel. Countless, tiny dots--scars, black with dried blood, and red with new--were the dreadfully familiar marks of demon teeth and claws.

In places, his body had been peeled and sliced away from the bone so it could be carved with words and signs Anahera kept his eyes away from. This included the left side of his jaw. Where his bones were still safe under his skin, he was still skeletal, his fingernails and toenails long since torn from him, afterward followed by each of his toes, his opening mouth showing cracked and broken teeth. Gore--both fresh, shining and old, crusted--coated him. The clumping scabs surely hid wounds soon to be reopened.

And his wings...

The lusterless, gorey feathers littering the cage floor showed that Aoith had been plunked while he was still within the cage.
But what happened next required him to be out. Out and trapped beyond all escape, for if there is one thing that an angel will do anything to save, it is his wings, and no matter the risk or cost, the lost angel would've escaped if he could've before... before...

Aoith's wings were gone.

Anahera could see just the edge of one of the gruesome bars of torn tissue rising from Aoith's back.

Not a single feather was left.

Only gore.

Theme: Fortress of Seduction

Anahera was going to tear Kesres to pieces.

He dragged his eyes back up to look at the ruler of the demons. Anahera was aware that he had been staring at Aoith in dumb horror for several full minutes, all while the demons watched on in glee, but he had to pull himself together.

He had to get Aoith out, and the chance was even being offered to him.

The price though...

Anahera looked at the demon Sytry anew, studying, calculating. There had to be more to their game than just Sytry getting out. Of course, his mission would be to take over Shayton's role. The demons would never stop wanting to be free. Another demon on Earth was just about one of the worst things that could possibly happen. However... he would be within Anahera's grasp, and he wouldn't be on Earth only to help the other demons escape. Sytry would still need Anahera's help to capture Shayton. That meant that Sytry couldn't immediately go rogue, nor could he betray Anahera directly.


Anahera did have to hold a laugh back at the idea of Sytry trying to go after Aoith once Aoith was free from Hell.
Did Kesres really think that Aoith wouldn't be going straight to Heaven? Did he think Aoith would come to Earth after he had recovered? How foolish. Aoith would be in Heaven, and no demon can enter Heaven.
As soon as Aoith was in Heaven once again, the demons had no nor could have any more power over him.

Honestly, there wasn't a choice.
He wasnt going to leave Aoith in Hell no matter what it took.
He'd gladly trade places with him if it meant that his brother would be safe.

This was the only option.

He had only just took a breath to speak when a voice shuddered through the fetid air. It was almost too faint to hear, but there was no way that Anahera would ever miss that voice.


Oh no.

Anahera could feel his resolve not to run to the cage and break it apart with his bare hands fading. If Aoith spoke again--

"You came back for m--"

"Kesres!" Anahera's voice was louder than it needed to be, but he couldn't let himself hear another gurgling word slip from his brother's bloody mouth.

"You have a bargain, demon. I'll take this angel and this demon," he gestured to Aoith and Sytry, "back with me, and I'll only return when I have both Shayton and this demon in my company."

Let that be a promise that you can't just run off, thought Anahera to the new demon.
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