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Isolde Bennett
Female, 27

Appearance and Personality:
Isolde has choppy mid-length dark brown hair, pulled into a side braid. Her complexion is fair, her eyes bright blue. The left side of Isolde's mouth stays neutral when she smiles, with a scar that sits just above her lip, permanently giving her the appearance of grinning. Isolde stands at 5'9", with a medium build.

War has hardened Isolde's once forgiving nature and she has grown weary of trusting others, however, cannot walk away from a person in need of help. She often finds herself battling her inner consciousness between being angry with the Kingdom and accepting her fate inside the Impregnable Fortress. Isolde is easily irritated by ignorance and has a temper that flares when her competence is questioned. She is easily talked down and resorts to making sarcastic or passive aggressive comments at inappropriate times when she cannot answer a problem with brute force. On the battlefield, Isolde views the Guardians that fight alongside her as family and will give her life to ensure their safety. She will leave no man behind.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Isolde's strength, and also her downfall, is her persistence on the battlefield. She believes that a Guardian does not give up and she is prepared to die while in combat. Isolde wields a Halberd and has studied the art from a young age, only lightly training in other weaponry. It was exclaimed that Isolde appears to be "dancing" when wielding her Halberd, she is quick on her feet, does not waste any movement, and excels in close to mid-range combat.

Isolde stands out, as both herself and her weapon are tall. She is not good at being stealth and is more skilled with an upfront approach. Isolde has an adept ability at reading other people's body language but is not sensitive to other's feelings.

History or Backstory:
Isolde was born in the Impregnable Fortress, the only child of Gareth and Emeline Bennett. Her childhood was filled with survival lessons, weapons training, and bedtime stories of war tales once past. When Isolde was young, she snuck out of the fortress, following a hunting party. She had never seen the world beyond the Impregnable Fortress and she was curious. The hunting party encountered scouts belonging to the Kings Guard and a battle ensued. Isolde was spotted by a member of the Kings Guard and without hesitation, he pursued her, sword swinging. Isolde screamed, the weapon came down and grazed the left side of her mouth but what had stopped it from completing piercing her? A Guardian had appeared behind the Kings Guard, his hand latched onto the Kings Guard's arm, holding it back. The Guardian looked at Isolde and told her to run. The girl ran, not looking back.

When Isolde returned to the fortress, her parents met her screams. They rushed her to the medic and her injuries were treated, although they would scar. Isolde was quiet for the weeks that followed, her spirit broken. She stopped training and she stayed inside. Her parents approached her, worried about their daughter, and Isolde finally told them what had happened. The hunting party had not returned yet, so it was impossible to know if the Guardian was still alive or not. She questioned why the Guardian would save her if it possibly meant his own life. It was then that Isolde's parents explained to her the most vital point to live by; the Guardians you fight alongside, are your family, and you do not leave a family member behind, no matter the cost. Isolde felt the wound near her lip and her training began again.​