Dame tu Cosita. I don't care that it's a dead meme, I want it to live on in my family forever and eventually become an heirloom that no one will understand.


Music for the soul

I've always been a big fan of Modest Mouse and I feel this topic correlates pretty well with this song's music video.


I don’t know what I was expecting when I opened this, but it wasn’t that.

Uh I dunno, now I have to think about it. Maybe a requiem. I always liked Brahms’. I’m too indecisive to think about what song I’ll play for all eternity.


Sauver ou périr

I love LANY, and a lot of other music genres. Until recently, I started dedicating this song to my mother. I love her to death and everything, but this song would keep me up through a lot of our arguments, and is kind of my rebellious side telling her "Let me breath." In a way. Again though, she's an amazing mother and I love her dearly.


Chooser of the Slain
Ihr sollt nicht trauren by Santiano. It sounds very upbeat, but it's telling a story saying not to mourn for the singer when they die; that they should dance like the person is still among them. I've always loved the meaning behind it. And, also, it means I can force my German music upon my family one last time. Mwahahahaha! :emoji_smiling_imp: