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a few questions some of you may have:
Q.) Can I make my own threads
A.) yes of course you can

Q.) do my threads have to be in the time line of the main Event?
A.) No, You are not required to be in the same time line.

Q.) how many wolves may I roleplay as
A.) as many as you feel comfortable roleplaying

Q.) someone challenged me in a pm what do I do!
A.) talk with the other person about how they wish to conduct the roleplay for the challenge to happen in character and weather or not you are willing to give up the rank.

Q.) What are the breeding cycles for these wolves?
A.) They have advanced a bit and appear to breed any time of year if it is relevant to having pups.

Q.) How many times can 1 female wolf have pups?
A.) One litter a year, Until they reach the elder age. normally after 5 or 6 litters.

Q.)If I am roleplaying a different animal than a wolf and I fight myself how does that work?
A.) if your fighting yourself you should first try and avoid that but second if you can not avoid it react with each character as if you didn't own the other.
Example: Zeke lunged at the saber his fangs bared ready to lay down his life for those he cares about.

Fangs bloody from the last wolf who got in the way the lunge from the little red and black wolf didn't even make her flinch. She was powerful and not afraid of a few wolves for she was Sabbor the mighty.

Zeke seeing his lunges weren't causing the saber to back up any pulled back his ears he wasn't going to survive the encounter without the pack he couldn't just run as he knew his back would be exposed and he would surely be killed.

so you see you can simply act like your replying to yourself in the fight if you need too

Q.) Why are these wolves so smart?
A.) they are only as smart as you the player make them if you want to roleplay a dumb wolf you can but it is a semi realistic roleplay that simply means you as the character are the brains of your wolf which is why they can talk and why we do not have any issues the color scheme of the wolves or other animals you may roleplay as.

Q.) will any other species of animal ever be apart of the wolf pack?
A.) this is a good question, I have yet to decide if this will happen or not. for the moment though only the wolves are in the wolf pack.

Q.) How many wolves do you think it takes to kill a saber cat or a bear
A.) well since we have both regular types of wolves and Dire wolves for a saber cat to be killed I would think about 4 wolves but the fight would have serious injuries on the wolf side and may not be considered a true victory. the bear I believe would need to be more wolves than 4

Q.)What if I have a question that isn't posted here?
A.) reply here with it and myself or someone who does know the answer will be more than happy to get you the answer your looking for.
Q.) how might I join the active main thread when it's already so far underway?
A.) you should read all the previous posts to get a feel for the area your about to jump into and then find out if your rank was used in any activity, If so you could pretend to have been doing that activity. another option: this is pertaining to the moving thread: is you could be some of the wolves that may have been left behind for the move without realizing it and now must race to catch up. you could explain your self as not being around many ways if you are with the group such as fell behind while marking a spot off the path. It's really up to how you feel you can slip into the roleplay and still feel like you've always been apart of the pack.

Q.) I want to be a lone wolf But I also want to roleplay what can I do?
A.) if your a lone wolf that simply means your currently not part of the pack as such you can either roleplay on your own, make a thread as stated before; the non main event threads do not have to be in order with the main event: and roleplay with whom ever comes across you first. Just check the main thread to see which territory we are currently in. you could also if there are other lone wolves roleplay in one of the other threads the main pack isn't apart of yet.

Q.)I realized my favorite type of animal isn't on the list of animals found here Why?
A.) I simply may have just missed certain animals but one type of animal isn't allowed in any form and that is the monkey/ apes as they as well as humans do not exist what so ever in this world.

Q.) What happens when my character dies?
A.) you can create a new character if it was done without the consent of another player please bring it to the attention of a spectral Gm as we have rules in place for the group so no one's character should be killed without consent.

Q.) My Wolf broke it's paw during a hunt How long do I have to remain injured?
A.) This is up to you and those you roleplay with as we are not magic nor do we have human hands or thumbs your paw may be injured for the rest of your character's life depending on the skill and intelligence of the Chi and psi wolves.

Q.)How do we roleplay the pups that don't have players to play them?
A.) anyone can roleplay a pup without a character sheet so long as they remember 60% will die what this means is for every 10 pups born 6 will die from a verity of reasons. another fact I forgot to mention is only about half the pups survive the first year from the 4 that remain. so out of the 10 original pups 2 tend to survive to full adult from any one litter. please keep this in mind when creating a pup character our pack is large and we maybe able to pass off more pups survival which is why I didn't include the other fact about pups before. but if your roleplaying as a lone wolf that's pregnant and were wondering how many of your pups may survive if you do not have a partner it will depend on the 60% of the pups you have. if your also trying to figure out how many of the surviving pups will make it to adult hood take the number you have left of pups and divide it by 2. Example: lone wolf has a mate birthed 6 pups 4 pups die at random times maybe 2 were stillborn 1 got rolled on by the dad and one was killed by a fox while mom was out getting scraps to feed the pups your left with 2 pups and they are now old enough to go outside and move locations. you take the 2 pups left divide by 2 and you know one of the two pups will die before it reaches a year old. the other survives to adult hood and can now help assist with the next pup set up gaining another wolf to help hunt will assist with the second half of that equation. for the large pack picture for a minute 3 pregnant females all have a belly full of 10 pups. chances are out of the 30 pups 18 will survive to about 6 months old if we then added the half marker only 9 pups would survive less than 1 litter of pups out of 3 even though the pack of wolves is suppose to be huge and one of the biggest ever seen. I feel personally that being as large as it is gives the ones that survive to 6 months a better fighting chance to reach full adulthood. if no one wants to be a pup after it is grown you can have it leave the territory to try and find another pack beyond the lands that Regal controls.
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