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Wait a second, where do I post?
Convergence is a fandom multiverse that allows for expansion and formation by its player base. Monthly events that function as group roleplays are hosted within the In-Character Forums. The genre and style of these events vary, but they usually add to an ongoing overall narrative within the Convergence series. A schedule of upcoming events can be found in the Games and Characters thread, along with a directory of past events. If you wish to submit an idea for a monthly event, please refer to Roleplay Ideas thread for details, though it is heavily recommended you play in a few games first before considering!

The In-Character Forums is not just for monthly events, but also side stories set within the Convergence multiverse. These range from group roleplays to 1x1s, with the plot and scope of them decided by whoever conceived of them. Anyone can come up with a side story idea, grab some players, and start their own thread without explicit GM approval or permission. If the side story is planned to be grand in scope (as in, would affect the other plot threads in the series), then do run them by @Atomic Knight and @Ver.

If you're itching to get started right away, you can generally hop into any of the "Hot Spot" threads without much hassle. Any RP within this In-Character section is not GM-directed and thus, any player may plot out something all their own.

Is this meant to be complicated?
With the amount that's going on, it does seem like it may be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. For the most part, one can safely ignore what's going on outside a plot they may be running or a thread they are a part of. In addition, the monthly events are usually intended to be stand-alone to the point that someone new should be able to engage with what's happening easily. Not all events are quite so friendly to new players. but that's more rare than not.

If there's any confusion about any terms, plot, or goings-on, feel free to hop by our Discord for any questions you may have. We also have a wiki that may help you out on certain terms or references!

Main Events, Side Stories, Illusion Games... what's all this mean?
I'll try and break it down:

Main Event = Monthly group roleplays that very in genre and style. They aren't strictly a month, but do run sequentially after one another.

Side Story = A group roleplay or 1x1 set in the Convergence universe being run by players. These go as long or as short as the players want it to.

"Hot Spot" = Otherwise known as Sandbox roleplays. These roleplays run indefinitely and represent specific locations within the multiverse. These are open world RPs that generally have no GM direction attributed to them.

Illusion Game = A specific kind of side story roleplay where the character's memories have been erased and replaced with memories of a new life. The genre and style of these kinds of roleplays vary, but all follow the specific memory loss premise.​
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