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Where Heroes are Made
For the past few months the Silverhearts were hiring mercenaries and anyone who'd agree to help them with their cause, but after being given menial tasks of little worth they were either let go and paid or quit where few remained. And from this few, fewer still were sought for their skills and asked to join the Silverhearts fully, selected from hundreds to take part in the great quest of the utmost importance by the heads of the company and the Captain. These will be the heroes of the journey, they are proven to not be one of the many spies and are outsiders from the company with distinct pasts and with certain skills that guarantee the success of their mission. And so they were given a new order, a duty of sorts to follow the messenger to their destination.

Within a month, during the night of a new day the new force for the Silverhearts would all finally reach what appeared to be a simplistic, yet large tavern of sorts just off the side of a stone pebbled road. On the side was a large wooden stable large enough to fit over 50 horses and on the side of it was a large wagon, locked up. Around the tavern were several lanterns brightly glowing their simpler light that lit up the bright brown wood of the tavern. The tavern was around three stories, four when including the strangely placed wooden tower in the back corner. The quite square front greeted the group with a single lit round window for the attic. Around it was pitched black from the darkness as the light of the lanterns as they road made it impossible to get adjusted to the dark.

Once inside the group was greeted by a surprisingly filled tavern full of activity across the building. The center of the room was hallowed out on the second and third floors with a railing to prevent anyone from falling. Round glowing lanterns filled the entirety of the tavern, bringing life of light into the already rowdy crowd. Strangely there were four bars, two for each side on the first two floors and in those bars was a single fallen women in each, their four eyes looking around quickly and constantly as they filled mug after mug of ale. A small group of Gira ka children were running around playing in the open floors while others where handling the numerous customers. A strange sight overall as the building wasn't of Gira ka architecture but rather human architecture.

As the group entered the tavern one by one the rangers who brought the chosen few took them upstairs and to the tables on the second floor, right next to the railings, keeping the party close by to one another as they sat near the railing. "Wait here." One would say to party before walking away with the other rangers. An Aelfensi' bard on the above railing adjacent to the party could be heard singing a ballad about the Uldinzar star, his voice describing the legend on the great war that occurred just by searching for it. As his lute strings sang the bard's voice complimented it well. Soon though the singing would end and the lute was no longer played and the next thing the party would know, the elf was no longer there. If an eye was skilled enough, it'd notice one of the rangers whispering to him for a short bit before the bard stopped and disappeared into the crowd above.

And so, for the next half-hour the party was forced to wait, staying in their seat and not even five minutes in and eyes were already upon the group as they waited unknowing what was to come.

Soon all became quiet as the sound of a loud slam of a door hitting the wooden walls filled the entirety of the tavern. With it came the slow yet loud steps of metal hitting the floor, each step grew slightly louder as the figure got closer and closer to the railing. There everyone could see a dark armored figure in an elegantly designed blackish armor. It stood around 6'7 and the bulky look of the armor gave off an intimidating look. No light shined into the almost pitch-blackness within the armor and all of the mages and clerics of the party would have an increased sense of danger coming from the figure. Whispers came around by several within the tavern "Captain Fuenté.' Sir. J. Fuenté.' It's the captain.' Fuenté.' Shut up you fools, don't anger the captain!"

With a loud, booming yet strangely off toned, slightly lighter than what would normally be expected the figure spoke. "To my fellow Silverhearts, today we are to rejoice! We have gotten much closer than any other to finding the Uldinzar! By tomorrow you will all take part in the most crucial duty and if we are so lucky our contractors will pay us well for our find. Let it be known that it is here where our journey finally begins and here where heroes were made. For too long have we searched only to watch friend and foe fall. No more! It will be known that it was us, the Silverhearts who found the great Uldinzar! Thus is the tale of the fabled star!..."

"N'thus why we die for the Uldinzar!" The crowd shouted in response to the figure, cheering as they all but smash their drinks together drunkenly, spilling enough ale on the floor to fill a barrel.

With a nod the dark-steel knight nodded. "You all know your positions and what you all must do." The figure stated, almost commanding that they were all knew their exact part in the captain's plan. Looking down at the table where the party say the figure glared at them. "And for the newcomers, take them up to my office, I want a word with them all." with that the warrior of black steel disappeared before the door slammed shut and almost in that very same instant the bard walked down to the table of the party. "Please, come and see what captain has for ye. Follow (me) to the floor above us all, and meet the captain that you must all see. Else it would end badly, it is your call."

As the group followed the Aelfensi', his features were now more visible and defined. He was a tall man around 8'2 and a clear Laefolsi' with chestnut colored skin and a visible red scar over his right eye and lit and the heavy leaves and small yellow and white flowers hanging from the red and green vines. The dark-brown leather armor along with a bear-furred cape with a leathery hood was worn, a large white rune on the black fur was blatantly visible as were the twin aelfen swords. They were curved with a black vine-like decoration placed onto the silvery shined steel blades that were on the inside of the slight curve. Twin falxs of sorts. With closer inspection it was clear he was no true bard but rather an Aelfensi' that took up singing as he had no sensible magic or chakra.

As the group walked up to the third floor and after passing through a door through the side wall and into a long corridor the group reached a guarded stairway up into the tower above. Already the mages and clerics both feel a strong sense of danger, the mages more-so than the cleric users as they got closer and closer to their destination.

In the above room they could hear Sir. J. Fuenté talking with what was clearly a Gira ka female.
"No 'Uka, you're still too young and inexperienced. What would your ~"
"*Angry rattling* My mothers agreed that I may come!"
"'Uka you're still too inexperienced"
*louder threatening rattling and a stomp of her foot* " You joined the Templar in my age."
"You'll get in the way. What if you got~"
"You need me. I'm trained by mothers." *annoyed rattling*
"That's true but ~"


As soon as the party walked in the elf made sure the two bickering figures knew the party was there. The dark steel-plated warrior turn around, two blades were kept in their sheaths on the captain's hip, a great-sword and a strange long-sword with a full hand-guard and both were visible to the party. Looking back to the Gira Ka female and nodding the woman known as 'uka stomped out. "Captain, the group you wanted to see are here. They all stand tall and without any fear." said the elf, standing rather casually despite the presence of the captain, uncaring of the knight's rank. With a nod the figure looked at the party.

"I am Sir. J. Fuenté. You're commander and the captain of this expedition." Started the knight, stating quite bluntly their name and title yet avoiding their first name. Continuing the captain stated everything in a more 'a matter of fact' fashion, saying,"You all proven to be trustworthy in the past. I know you don't know much of me and this will be fixed in due time. I however, know enough about you to have made a proper analysis on your skills and abilities along with your loyalty. That is all that matters for your mission." The knight looked around, eyes purely visible now as the figure observed the party members individually before continuing. "As such, I personally selected each and every one of you out of over two hundred, us such you are to be trusted with both crucial information and to handle this important task with me." With that the knight took a step before walking by the group one by one. When the plate armored figure neared the mages they'd gain a feeling of weakness, as though their manna was being drained and worse yet, a feeling of dread as they could no longer feel their magical energy within them. The clerics too had a similar issue though they could still feel their chakra, despite how faint it was. "You'll be following me and my fellow colleague, Lieutenant Valdenfa Thaltuvila, through our journey as a small yet powerful force. Your voice and decisions will matter greatly for we will face great dangers ahead. Assassins, other companies, military forces from some cities we may visit, beasts and even the demons and spirits of the realm. Your reward for this will be one wish from the star each and if that is not possible, a lot of gold thanks to our clients."

As soon as the captain ended, Fuenté was back behind the desk, looking down at maps and papers. "You are dismissed. Rest for the night and drink your fill. All expenses will be handled by the Silverheart Company." The captain started before looking back up towards the group. The knight's cold, icy blue eyes visible as they looked at the party. "Your dorms are on the second floor, the training area is in the basement. A small library and meditation rooms are there as well." Directed the captain before the figure's tone of voice became stern after a short pause. "You will show your utmost respect. We are guests here and the owners are my friends. We will head east at sunrise." A long, hard stare could be felt to each group of the party, almost daring them to show disrespect to the owners and their property. With a wave of the knight's hand the bard guided the party out of the tower.

When the party was finally lead outside the tower and back into the comforting safety of the tavern where all the Silverhearts within the building drank and celebrated knowing that they were close to the star than ever before. The life within was enough to put joy into anyone's heart. Turning around Valdenfa smiled and opened his arms. "Come and rejoice friends; celebrate or rest. Talk to the others as you would so please. Time to know one another and to jest. Hell, train below, show off your expertise. You may go back up to see the captain, or come and chat with me at the bar. It's your choice to go do what you'd fashion. For morning we will be traveling far. " With that and a bow the elf left the party to their own devices, shouting joyously as he made his way to one of the first floor's bars after jumping off the railing.

'Uka could be seen talking with one of the bar maids on the second floor, already having her bags packed and saying her goodbyes to her much younger siblings, a group of about 14 or more surrounding the woman. Below the Aelfensi was getting yelled at by the other bar-maid for his recklessness before he finally received his drink, and above the captain in the heavy plated armor was working in the tower which acted as the officer's strategic center for the silver hearts. And so the heroes of our story, a party chosen and made for one specific job was left to their own devices, and to do as they'd please till morning and it is more than clear that mingling and getting to know some of their own and those that might travel with them is most wise and opportune for this moment in time.
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Harald stepped back into the tavern with the rest of the group, and took the Alfensi's words to heart. Once more, they would be going to unknown lands, which would possibly keep them away from civilization for Ancestors-know how long. So Harald was going to drink, drink some more, eat, then drink quite a bit more!

The Dvergr found himself a mostly empty table, where he left most of his gear, leaving but the axe at his side. He walked up to the nearest bar, trying his best to get through the flock of little ones. "Ale, my good lady! Let's start me off with three mugs!" He said with a hearty chuckle. "And don't be afraid of havin' the servin' ladies comin' by! I'll take all ya can give me!" Some of it, he'd use to fill his flasks, of course. But he'd drink most of it, unlike some people who got so drunk they were unable to keep their drinks in their mugs. Softbellied children.

He turned to the Fallen by his side, recognizing her as the one from the captain's tower. "How old are ya, girl, if the captain won't take ya?" He asked, offering her a smile. "I won't even guess, cause I'd be off by a decade, at least." He chuckled, mostly to himself, before he received the first mug, which he drained before the girl even had a chance to answer.

As the Dvergr asked for his ale the barmaiden, a Gira Ka like the others, she turned towards the dwarf and nodded before apologizing for having to leave the Fallan woman known as 'Uka before going for the Dwarf's drink. Her figure was relatively plump in all the proper areas and besides the small, thin quills on her grey pebbled back she'd look fairly human. As she filled up a rather large mug for the dwarf, already knowing their liking for ale quite well she left to handle the other customers who were constantly shouting and asking for ale.

When the Dvergr turned towards 'Uka she looked back at him curiously. Her own bright red pebbled skin fully revealed to the Dwarf and her own bright green eyes looking down at the man. Smiling after the Dwarf's comment she chuckled a bit with him. "I'm 19, oldest daughter of third-wife Slu'takka." Replied the fallen woman, giving a slight low rattle as she reached the 'k's in the name before pointing towards the direction of the bar above. Before she continued she asked the other fallen woman at the bar if she needed any help, only to receive a 'no' as an answer. "Now, how about you?" Asked the fallen woman, her stance more curious and her quills rising and falling.

"Then yer still a kid in my terms." He said with a friendly chuckle. "Still, that's adult for ya Gira Kas, as far as I know. Should mean yer allowed ta go do what ya want, if ya ask me. As long as ya aren't more needed at home, at least." He said, shrugging. "Anywho, I'm 55, the fourth son of Roar of the Mykkelgard clan."

He accepted the second mug, and took a sip of it, taking it slower than with the last one. "And ya wanna go with tha group ta fight, I take it? Can ya fight?" He asked, giving her a small grin. "And I don't mean fendin off some drunkard who get's a little too handsy. I mean fight, kill, and survive?"

'Uka chuckled as lightly before looking to the side a bit and her quills give off a faint rattle. She nodded quetly in order to confirm that she was indeed an adult and that the Dvergr was right. It was when the Dwarf asked if she can that things became more obvious. Rubbing her neck and leaning a bit back 'Uka stayed silent for a moment more as her Quills continued the faint rattling. "I.. Think you're good in fighting. I practice basic witchcraft. A healing and protecting divination. At most curses."

Harald stroked his beard slightly at that. "I'm a good fighter alright. But I think I was askin about you, missy." He said, downing more of his ale. "Still. Healin' and protectin' are useful things ta have along too. There's just one problem with that. If ya can't defend yourself, it'll be easy to attack ya. Then we'd lose a young lady who knew healing. If ya ask me, in our line of work, even the support gotta be able to swing a weapon, if only ta keep enemies at bay til help can arrive." He said, more seriously than before. "Cause if not, you'd just be someone we'd have to worry about when we fight. And worrying durin' a fight isn't good for anyone but yer enemies." He said, looking at her, to see how she'd react.

The red fallan woman kept her head down, looking at the ground as she continued rubbing her neck. Not making any eye contact the Quills on her back continued to rattled weakly. She considered the dwarf's words greatly and the point he made was a fair one. "I... can heal the healed. Hurt them really bad. " Mumbled the red woman as she continued looking down, her quills finally stopped and the Gira Ka's smile finally faded. "I don't think I'll be a burden."

He continued stroking his beard as he studied her, seeing how she deflated. "I'm not saying you will be a burden. I am, however, saying that the battlefield is no place to go if you aren't ready for it." He said, sipping his ale. "Are ya able to fend off a man, comin' towards ya with a weapon, ready to kill ya? And are ya willin' ta kill him? Cause if ya are, I see no reason for ya not to come along." He said, pausing slightly. "But if ya don't think ya can do it, then I'm not sure yer ready for war."

'Uka nodded again, nolonger rubbing her nech but rather her leg as she put her hands down. "I think I can do it." The fallan women muttered again, quite doubtful overall but still determined to go. "If only my mother's friend would agree." mumbled the woman as she continued rubbing the top of her own leg as her back gave a quick rattle as her quills hit eachother quickly before going back to the slow rising and falling.

Harald put a hand on her shoulder, and gave it a gentle squeeze. "If ya think ya can do it, and you're an adult, I think ya should be allowed to go. And while I'm not in charge... I could try havin' a word with the captain. Can't promise anythin', but it could be all that he needs ta redecide." He suggested, finishing his second mug.

The red fallen woman finally raised her head and smiled as she looked at the small dwarf more confidently. With a slight chuckle and her four green eyes looking down at the dwarf as she felt his reasuring hand on her shoulder " Yeah, thank you." Was all she said as her quills finally still before the smiling woman nodded, still quite slow and unsure but overall determined. She continued her soft laugh but overall seemed more happier now that she had someone willing to help.

Harald smiled back at her, giving her shoulder another pat, before pulling his hand back. "Now, I do want ta add... I can't guarantee that I can convince him. And if I find that ya aren't ready, you will most likely be left at the nearest town. There's no shame in not being ready. But there is no glory in runnin' into battle to die for no reason, other than that you think yer better than ya are." He started on his third mug, before looking over to the table he'd placed his stuff. "I'm gonna go see if I can't make a few more friends before the night is over. Feel free to join me." He said, offering her one last smile, before going back to the table.

She nodded back to the dwarf understandingly "I understand. I won't let you down." Was all she said in her reply as she turned to look at the bar maiden. As the Dvergr drank his third mug the red pebble skinned woman waved at the grey pebbled fallen. Hearing the dwarf's offer 'Uka contemplated and thought about it before shaking her had. "Thank you. I'll be around the tavern with family for the time being." She replied after considering on whether she may go with the Dvergr or not. It was clear in her four eyes her motives were family related for staying. "I wish you luck on your friend making."
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After leaving the captain Thorin wondered around the tavern for a bit before descending downstairs to check out the training area. The training area was mostly empty, but for a few young men who were practicing swordsmanship. Thorin watched the men dual as he walked around the room inspecting the training equipment. It didn't take long for the young men to notice Thorin watching them and realizing who the man was one of the boys asked, "are you Thorin Herald?"

"I am," Thorin answered facing them.

The boy replied with a big smile, "I've seen you fight. You were amazing in the ring. I've never seen anyone with such determination and skill."

"You don't look to bad yourself," Thorin replied joining the small group. "Mind if I join your sparring season?"

"Of course not," the young man answered grabbing a wooden sword and tossing it to Thorin. "That is if you don't mind fighting the likes of us."

Thorin smiled and caught the sword. "I will never turn away from a fight. Even if my enemy may be stronger than me," Thorin answered giving the wooden sword a couple of practice swings. All the boy's friends backed off to let Thorin and the boy have some room. "I like to know the names of the men I fight." Thorin explained.

"Sébastien," the boy replied taking a few steps forward and swinging at Thorin. Sébastien and Thorin parried back and forth for a while. Every now and then Thorin would give the young duelist tips he had learned from his teacher. It felt good for Thorin to just relax and share some of the knowledge he had gained over the years and he hoped it would help Sébastien become a greater dualist.
Myrle and the Barmaid
a collab with @Drakel

Hopping down the stairs from their briefing with Captain Fuente, Myrle waltzed over to the bar and loudly slapped her hand on the counter. “Bring me some meat, the fresher the better! I want it practically bloody!” She barked loudly, before politely adding, “Oh, and a flagon of ale please.”

The Barmaid looked over towards the Aelfensi’ and nodded before turning around and yelled the order to one of the more older children to get and cook the freshest meat they have as she filled the flagon, wordlessly placing the green elf’s drink in front of her before moving on to handle the other customers. The barmaid constantly looking towards the Gira ka known as “‘Uka”’s direction.

Greedily slurping her beverage, Myrle observed the barmaid’s constant glances. “So,” she said, not bothering to wipe away her frothy moustache, “What’s so special about her, huh?”

As she watched the green elf down her drink rather quickly the barmaid started filling the next flagon, already knowing that another may be wanted. When asked about her daughter the barmaid’s quills rattled as her eyes squinted towards the Aelfensi’. “She knows magic better than either the captain or the ranger as a wicked witch. She can do what most can not.” Replied the Barmaid while holding the second drink. The meat behind her was now cooking and the aroma filled the tavern.

“Well, what can she do? Can she turn people into toads?” She paused to accept the drink and take a deep swig. “Or maybe charm people with a magic song and make them dance and do whatever she wants? Oh, that’s good!” Myrle called to the cook, “Just a light sear to keep the juice inside.”

The Fallen barmaid nodded before yelling back to her son on how the food was to be cooked. Turning back she responded to the Aelfensi’s question with another rattle of her back’s quills. “She follows the black arts of healing others or, when given the time, place lethal curses onto others. Revenge, torturous pain, bad luck and even death until they seek her out and plead for forgiveness…’ ‘
The captain would be so lucky to have our daughter under her command.” Stated the fallen woman with a loud, chaotic shimmy of her spine’s quills as they hit against one another fiercely.

“Sounds useful. Why ain’t she coming with?”

The fallen woman growled angrily as her quills stuck one another fiercely at the comment. “No, The Captain thinks her too young.”

“Too young?” Myrle blew a dismissive raspberry at the thought. “I left home before I turned 30. If I can do that, your daughter can come along. You should go talk to that Captain and tell him I said so!”

The Barmaid nodded but before she could say or do anything, the large leg of some strange yet clearly huge creature. The meat was fairly roasted though also juicy as can be told from the plate it sat upon. Once the meat was given the the Aelfensi’ the Fallen child scurried off, disappearing from sight quickly. Turning her head back towards Myrle the barmaid sighed. “The captain and I aren’t on good terms, unlike the others. Though I’ll talk with Valdenfa and my daughter about it and see if that may help.”

“You know, maybe I could-” Myrle cut out, mesmerized by the great haunch placed before her. “Maybe later....” she mumbled before tearing into it greedily with her sharp teeth.
"An Elf and a Dwarf walk into a bar..."
a collab with @Z'Greel
Myrelia delicately balanced a plate of meat in one hand, a pair of mugs full of ale in the other and a half-eaten haunch of beast in her mouth as she carefully made her way from the bar to a table. Finally making it to the first she could find, she set down her food and drink and greeted the table's other occupant once she had cleared the meat from her mouth. "Hi!" She said cheerfully before digging into her drumstick.

Harald looked up from his axe at the Alfensi sitting down by his table, frowning slightly. Then, with only a little effort, he pushed aside his grudges, and returned a smile. "I see I'm not the only one usin' the captain's offer to it's fullest." He said, sipping his ale, before returning his attention to the crossbow. "A good idea. You never know how long we'll be out and about."

"Yup!" Myrelia said in between bites. "Jerky's nice, but it gets old really fast. It's always nice to have something soft to sink my teeth into. So, what's your name? I'm Myrelia Phenatlia," she took a bite mid sentence, "though everyone calls me Myrle Pearl."

"Harald of the Mykklagard clan." He said, pulling the string back, testing it. "Here for the star as well, I assume?" He asked, putting down his crossbow, apparently satisfied. "Or rather, here looking for the solution to your problems?"

"Yup! I wanna be the best hunter in the world, and I figure that even if we can't find Uldinzar, it'll be good practice for treasure hunting."

Harald simply looked at her for a few moments, before shrugging. "Not too picky on what kinda hunter then, eh?" He asked, smirking slightly. "What do you hunt with then? Bow?"

Myrle shrugged to indicate the weapon hanging from her back. Setting the drumstick down and licking her fingers, she unsheathed it: a wide, four foot blade affixed to a long handle, engraved with a bear's snarling head at the tip, the snout coming to a point with teeth making jagged serrations. An eagle's head engraving adorned the base of the blade, a fist-sized lump of green amber staring out of both sides of the blade as the eyes. "I hunt with this." She beamed, her sharp teeth accentuating the grin, somehow suggesting that she was deadly serious.

"You do, do you?" He asked with an amused smirk. "So you run after whatever you're huntin', and try to whack it with that?" He finished his ale, and waived at the serving girls to bring him more. "Not say, somethin' ranged? That shoots arrows or bolts? So ya don't have to run after it as much?"

"If it runs, then I chase it into a trap. It works just as well as any bow, and you don't have to be sneaky about it either, just clever." She said defiantly.

"Do I look sneaky to you?" He asked, patting his armor. "And a trap needs more people. Unless it's a trap you set up, in which case, your prey needs to go to juuust the right place. Not sayin' it can't work. Just that it seems... Less easy."

"It works. Trust me." Myrelia said seriously, the smile from before gone. "If you don't, then take a look at these." She procured a few bounty posters. "See all these guys? I caught them. Me. Using my method."

"Ah! You're hunting people as well!" He said with a laugh, and a thank-y0u tot he serving girl, who refilled his tankard. "Aye, a person is easier to catch with a melee weapon, if only because they don't run as fast! And can be quite a bit easier to trap, dependin' on the circumstances! Still. I'm a man who prefer to kill at range, if only because it's safer."

"Hmpf, my way's more fun," Myrelia insisted. She sheathed her weapon and put away her bounty posters before returning to her food and drink.

"Then you'll get ta run after our enemies on this adventure, missy." He said with a smile. "I'll be in the back, tryin' not to die, while killin' as many enemies as I can, without gettin' my armor dented."

"Heh," she said through a mouthful of food, "I think we might make a good team. I flush 'em out and you bag 'em."

"Now that is a sentiment I can get behind!" He chuckled, raising his tankard towards her.

Myrelia clanked her tankard against his. "To hunting!"

"And to Uldinzar!" He said with a laugh, before guzzling down the contents of his tankard.
Rhordris smiled to himself as he entered the library and took a look at the large amount of books and other various items in the room. Surely the Silverheart company wouldn't mind if he spent the majority of him time here before the group left. He couldn't help but smile the longer he looked around the room: Hopefully there would be a few spell books in the library that he could study. Or he could work on his magical skills for a short time. The smile faded after a moment, he hadn't had much of a chance to practice his magical skills lately due to the lack of foes lately. The Captain had said that they were guests here and to respect the tavern and it's owners. Which meant that he would have to keep from using many of his large area spells.

That ruled out nearly all of spells, but he could still center himself and focus.

He slowly lowered himself to the ground and closed his eyes as he began to take very deep breaths. He felt his body rise a few inches off the ground and he couldn't help but smile. He had learned how to levitate only a few months before and for him, it was a soothing exercise that allowed him to escape his problems for a short time. As he continued his levitation exercise he found his thoughts returning to the Silverheart company and their quest for the Star. It was a grand adventure, that much was certain and it was something he was eagerly looking forward to, but he still had minor doubts not about the company, but about himself. He had been learning the spells as best he could but he knew he could do better. Compared to many other mages he was but a beginner and he knew it.

Just keep learning as best you can. He thought to himself as he continued floating above the floor.
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(Collab with Drakel)

Lira walked down to the bar on the first floor. She'd never seen a tavern so massive in her travels. Barmaids were yelling, children were running around and ale was flowing. It was a wonder so many people in so many races and states of inebriation managed to congregate under one roof so peaceably. At least there had been no bar fights yet. Large crowds were not something she particularly enjoyed, but yet she was here and it seemed as though it would be a long time before she saw such merry-making again. With a sigh she hitched her quiver up higher on her back and tapped her calloused fingers on the wooden bar to get the fallen Barmaid's attention.
"Food...whatever is your best...and some ale?" Lira said in her quiet tone, "Please."

The Barmaid, a reddish-brown skinned fallen with black eyes and around 12 spines on her back, was talking with one of the other many adventurers within the tavern, but as soon as she heard the order from Lira, she nodded before whistling to one of the fallen children and told them to cook 'The stew' as she would so call it. She taken one of the many wooden mugs and filled it with ale before handing it towards the female hunter.
"Anything else you'd like miss...?" Asked the Barmaid with a soft shuffle of her many spines, which lightly tapped each-other.

Lira swept up the mug and took a grateful swig. It was decent ale and on the house at that. She put down the mug with a soft thump on the wood and gave the Barmaid a respectful nod before slipping a silvery coin across the ale splashed counter top. Barmaids had a tendency to hear and see much more than they let on and she had a feeling what she would ask may stir trouble. Least she could do was make it worth the maid's while.
"You seem to have been working here for awhile, miss, and Captain Fuente seems to be well known, but also very private," Lira said to her quietly, "What can you tell me of him and his lieutenant?"

The Barmaid chuckled at Lira as she shook her head while her spines lifted up and down, yet not a sound was made by them.

"You assume far too much. Though if you'd like to know about Fuenté, no one better to ask than Sir. Fuenté. There is little to know, though 'Uka's birth-mother may know more as she's the captain's friend," responded the barmaid with a frown, "There are, however attempts of death on most who join the Silverhearts make things less easy and trust harder."

After saying that the Fallen looked over towards the other side of the bar to the Lieutenant and smiled as her quills shuddered, rattling loudly against one another. "As for the elf, He tells many stories and lies well. He is entertaining to the customers though and is very good in the more pleasurable arts."

Lira raised her brow at the grinning Barmaid and then glanced down the bar at the Lieutenant. "Hmm,..lies and pleasure often go and in hand," she replied, "But lies and attempts on my life are nothing I haven't dealt with before."

The Barmaid nodded at Lira knowingly. "He is trusted by the captain, so that must say something."
As she spoke a child came out with a large pot of stew, filled solely with vegetables of various types and smelling quite sweet overall. "Don't worry about the attempts on your life yet. There will always be dangers for people like us. Lucky for you, no one knows you, and I can assume that is why the captain chose you, along with your skills. Though it's always a good idea to talk with others to better understand the dangers you may face. "

Thank you for the information, miss," Lira replied with a nod to the Fallen, "I'll think I'll have just one more drink, if you would."

The Barmaid gave her a respectful nod in return once before handing over the next drink. Lira ate the deliciously sweet stew and watched the Lieutenant for a long moment before then scanning the room to observe her other traveling companions. From what she could see it was a diverse group. They would make for an interesting venture.
The initial meeting had left Niabrun with a sour taste in his mouth. He'd never really liked being ordered around like some common dog, but he was able to play nice long enough to not get himself into trouble. Things had always been that way, it seemed. Out of slight annoyance, he sent a few pops of electricity arcing between his fingertips, small flashes of blue light shining for the quickest of moments.

They'd been given leave to cavort amongst the bars other patrons below, but for the Aelfensi' such a thing felt almost tedious. Knowing what crowds places like taverns had, regardless of how close-knit of a group it was, there was always someone who wanted to remark about your facial light, or ask to eat the fruit from your hair. They had no respect, and even less when they heard you chose to sling spells over fighting with brawn.

Morons. Those who bore blade and shield would never grasp the finery that was magic. They were too inept, though likely not through fault of their own, to understand what it was to be a walking force of nature. For him, magic was life. Without it, he would be nothing, and Niabrun knew he would never willingly pass off that which he needed. It was too precious. Walking down among those who could barely comprehend why magic was so important, however, was almost as bad as giving up his spells, since they would simply pass him off as another weakling like the peasants.

He knew crowds, after all.

As he sat there, leaning over the railing with a scowl on his face, the mage snorted derisively at the oddball conversations and plays at trying to woo the various women in the building. Surely you wouldn't need skill with words when the flash of gold was available, and barring that there was always the threat of magic to persuade those who needed more stiff reminders. Some people, after all, never learned.

He watched a few of his new companions head into the crush of bodies, and he shook his head. All the bluster of those in command about this being their last night among normal people had gone to their heads, but Niabrun would be back. At least, he'd come back eventually, and those who'd give him cause to be unhappy would rue that day. He looked to the other few on the landing with him and inclined his head slightly.

"If I'm needed, I will be in my room. While they choose to party themselves into oblivion, I will be gathering my mind and body for the journey ahead, as I expect it will hardly be a short and simple excursion." He spoke as if he were referring to some refuse, and when he finished he turned and headed to the room appointed him, intent on finding some modicum of rest as the night wore on.
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An Imperial and an Avalonian Walk Into a Bar...
(Written by Script and Sodaguzzler)

The bustle and noise of the tavern was, whilst not unfamiliar to Elian, hardly his natural element. Be it as noble or cleric, his previous life had not involved much time spent in rowdy inns, in the company of so many different races. The last year had served well to chip away at his prejudices regarding none-humans, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't still find the rattling of the gira-ka a little unnerving.

And so, once their aelfensi guide had left them to their own devices and the others had begun to scatter, Elian was left at something of a loss. He watched bemusedly as the barmaid began to yell at the elven man for his reckless acrobatics, quirking an eyebrow. Was he not one of their superior officers? One would think he'd have a little more self control.

He turned his gaze from that scene to glance over his companions. His eyes lingered a moment longer on one: another human boy, by the looks of him of similar youth to Elian himself. His manner of dress was at once familiar and odd. It was not quite like any of the styles he had seen commonly in the Imperium, and yet, seemed reminiscent of them all the same.

"You there," he raised his voice slightly to be heard over the din of the tavern as he approached Pierre. "From where do you hail?"

Pierre found the captain of the Silverhearts to be intimidating, not the very least of which due to him feeling weakened when the good captain did his round. As such, after they were left to their own devices, he had almost wanted to make a beeline to grab a drink to calm his nerve. He was stopped when a voice called out to him and the speaker soon showed up.

He eyed the blonde for a moment in curiosity before offering the sadly taller human a sad smile, "If you would like to know, care to join me for a drink?"

Elian hesitated over the invitation for a moment, before nodding brusquely. "Alright," he answered. He did not return the smile immediately, his brow remaining slightly furrowed. "Lead on."

Pierre led the blonde to an empty seat as he grabbed a couple mugs with him. "Well, what do you wish to know about little me, mister Imperial?" Pierre asked Elian as he offered a mug.

Taking a perch on the seat beside Pierre, Elian took the offered mug but didn't drink immediately. "I had wanted to know where you were from - the patterning on your robes is similar to some I saw in the Imperial city," he explained. "But from hearing you speak, I can tell. I've not ventured into the Red Queen's lands since I left the Imperium. Are you from Avalon itself, or the surrounds?"

He paused, remembering himself. "Ah, I ought introduce myself first. My name is Elian."

"Mine's Papierre, though almost no one calls me that," Pierre replied, setting his mug down as he stretched his robe for Elian to see. "Heh, like it? You can find anything in Avalon if you know where to look. The seller said the pattern was based from an ancient order of Imperium monks. Likely untrue, but it's amusing enough. Say, do you happen to actually know one? I must admit though, it's kinda rare seeing an Imperial willingly going into a place full of people."

"Perhaps rare in a place full of people who aren't also from the Imperium," Elian noted. "My people are ... insular, not antisocial." He paused to take a tentative sip of his drink, tasting the ale experimentally before deciding that it was palatable enough to take a more substantial swig. "And no, I've never met anyone from an 'ancient order of monks'." It was likely that Papierre was referring to the Emperor's clerics, but Elian had no particular desire to get into that subject, and so chose not to make the leap of logic.

"If they don't call you Papierre, then what do they call you?" he asked, hoping to move the conversation onwards.

Pierre snorted into his drink after hearing Elian's reply about his people. "Ah, too bad, talking about them have always been fun," he joked as he took another gulp from his drink and Elian would notice that Pierre had meant fun in a mocking sense. Pierre began to chuckle as he remembered his time in the Academy, although it was quickly replaced with a grimace as he was also remembered of his exile. He started to exhale a long sigh before turning his attention back to Elian when the blond questioned him.

"Hm? Ohyeah, never that, always bits of it. Mostly Pierre though. Which I never get, it's only one syllable. I can understand if you shorten it a bit further, but Pierre? Really, if you're going to shorten it, at least don't be lazy and try to be creative about it." he replied with a shake of his head. He raised his mug once again and drunk it down before turning to face Elian with a reddened face. "Oh talking about name, have you ever been called something funny or embarrassing? and no, heathen, heretic and demon doesn't count."

Raising an eyebrow both at the odd question and Papierre's flush - was the Avalonian already drunk? - the corner of Elian's mouth quirked up in a half smile, although something prompted him to hesitate before he answered. "My... Someone used to call me 'Ellie'," he said, with a faintly fond smile. "Which was not entirely appreciated at the time." He paused, and the half-smile briefly developed into a smirk. "Why? Poor experiences with people referring to you as 'Papi'? Somehow..." he gave the youthful looking man an exaggerated once over "... I find that a little difficult to imagine."

"I can see why," Pierre chuckled. "and no, never had that one." He gestured to himself. "For obvious reason."

Elian nodded, saying nothing for a few moments as he took another drink - still less than halfway through his own mug. When he did speak, it was on a different subject. "So tell me of Avalon. What is it like, in truth? I have heard only horror stories of brutality and madness, but I expect my sources were biased."

The black haired man remained quiet as he played with his empty mug, "In a word? Strict. Although you have leeway here and there, more if you're a practitioner of the Art the Empress approved. She can and will be unreasonable at times however, but given who she was married to, was that even a surprise? Don't ever say that within the border though, her ears covers a lot of it and her blades reach far... very far. In a sense, not that much different from the Imperium I wager, just with less 'rarr, murder non-humans and non-believers.' in our daily lives"

A chuckle escaped Elian, and he gave Pierre a sidelong glance. "A light-hearted way of putting it," he remarked. "It makes it all the more ironic, I suppose, that there's like as not to be a war before the decade's out. If all the accusations of barbarism levied against your people are as hypocritical as I suspect, I wonder at the point of it. Perhaps it's giving our leaders too much credit to think there is one."

The two continued to converse for some time as the evening wore on. Elian was content to remain in the comfortable and familiar company of another human - Avalonian or not - and let the rattling and oddity of the rest of the bar's patrons continue ... over there.
"I wish you luck on your friend making." ~ The Barmaid; Pg. 1
Witches, a Bard and a Templar are in a Bar...

As the hour slowly passed by the night continued to pass as more and more of the more early sleepers within the Silverhearts began to head to their dorms in the quite large tavern. Even so the tavern was still very much lively as many continued to celebrate and enjoy their night within the bars. The Library was filled with mages studying and the lower meditation room had many clerics searching their souls for their inner powers. The young warriors in the training room were continued their fun and being in awe as the hero proved the rumors around him right.

The bars slowly began to be less and less filled and the windows above revealed the moons' light shining in, signifying the later night. On some tables were small sects and other teams with their own jobs that needed to be done for the Silverheart's success and the barmaids were getting less and less busy as they tended to their customers like the grand hosts they were. Some of the more older children getting their own drinks, chugging their ale down after such a long day's work and now night's work. The more younger children were likely also asleep as well.

It was clear for the party that introductions were only just beginning and that there were more to do, and lucky for them the night was still young. Some might know each other slightly better than others but there was still life within the night, and should they fail tonight there will always be more time in the future.

Valdenfa was happy that the barmaid was distracted from his antics as she focused more on the adventurers around and thus, the elf silently sneaked away, heading back up to the Captain's quarters and in turn passing the Green-shroomed elf and the armored dwarf, enjoying how they were getting along, an oddity in and of itself to him. As he went up the door was left open for any to come in should they wish though for the moment none could hear their conversation.

Above the only bartender in the far upper bar, a green skinned woman with blue paint on her body was no longer there, having managed to sneak away though those with a trained enough eye might catch the sight of the lower floor's doors open and close or hear the sound of footsteps going down the stairs.

'Uka was still around talking with one of her mothers happily as they helped her pack. The young Fallen was enthusiastic as she all but danced in the moment of joy and of her resolve to leave with the group whether the captain agrees or not. Moments after she walked over towards the Dwarf and elf, waving before placing her balled hand onto her heart with a light, soft shimmy of her back's quills before the tone rises as she puts the hand towards the elf. with her index and middle finger held up, touching the dwarf's shoulder with the base of her palm as the shimmy became lower before dying as soon as her hand was moved away. "Friend, thank you." Was all she said before walking away.

It was only a moment before she walked over to Lira, sitting next to the human woman without any sort of recognition of the human girl beside her, instead her focus was towards the fallen barmaiden. With a shimmy of her quills and a nod she looked up to the empty upper bar and then back down towards the barmaid with a frown. The only response was a slow shake of the barmaiden's head before pointing towards the door into the basement area where the training room would be held.

A heavy sigh was let out before the fallen woman's back quills rattled again, only to receive a rattle back and before Lira would notice it, wine was being poured for the Gira Ka woman sitting beside her.

'Uka looked around and did notice some strange people from the chosen group and took note that some were secluding themselves to be alone, one of which that caught her interest was the elf that simply walked to his dorm without word or celebration like the rest of the group, and then there was the odd Gira Ka in the group, blue scales and black eyes like a void. The woman stared at him and eyed him with a scowl of sorts, her eyes not leaving him for a moment until it would be more blatant that he'd notice, in which she quickly looked back to the barmaid, retreating from the stare.

Below the small group of fighters in the training room were in utter awe at Thorin, most of which young impressionable adolescents or milk drinkers that heard the rumors of the reputation man until one stepped up. "Do you think you can beat Sir. Fuenté in a duel?"

It was clear nothing beyond the norm was happening since the past hour and as such the party was clearly free to do as they so pleased.
Thorin was enjoying sparing with the young men when one of them asked, "Do you think you can beat Sir. Fuenté in a duel?"

"I would destroy him like every other man foolish enough to cross me," Thorin replied letting a twisted smile cross his scared face. The thought of fighting a worthy opponent like Sir. Fuenté filled Thorin with excitement and desire. "But I believe a man like Sir. Fuenté is smart enough to not risk his honor and skin against me. Plus if I beat him who would show me where the Star is," Thorin added.
Myrelia and Lira: Collab w/ Grothnor

Myrelia made her way back to the bar, still holding her half-devoured haunch of meat in one hand and pushing her way through the crowd with the other. Squeezing her way next to a young human woman, she slapped the bartop to get the maids' attention. "More ale! Er... please!" Taking stock of her surroundings, she grinned at Lira, greeting her with a cheerful, "Hi," before taking a bite of meat.

Lira took a long drink of her second ale and set the cup down as the female Aelfensi greeted her. She had to crane her neck a little to look up at her tall soon-to-be traveling companion. She was met by cheerful but mischievous grin which was set to gnawing on a bite of meat. "Hello," she replied quietly with a nod, "Phenatlia, right?"

Myrelia grinned at being recognized. "Yurp!" She said through a mouthful of food, which she swallowed before continuing, "Myrelia Phenatlia, or just Myrle Pearl. You're- uhh... damn, I forgot." She frowned. "You are coming with us to find Uldinzar, though, right?"

Lira raised her brow at the energetic Myrle. She was not offended by not being remembered as she had been trained to stay quiet and go unnoticed.
"Adalira, but I prefer Lira," she replied, "And yes. I'll be going with you in the morning."
She finished off her ale and pushed the mug back across the bar. Then looked Myrle over, noting the cleaver at her waist, before meeting her eyes again. "Do you know much about where we might be headed?"

Nope! It's a star, it's hard to find, and it grants wishes, and that's all I know about it." Myrle shrugged. "I've found people with less to go on, so I don't think it'll be that hard to find. Probably."

Lira nodded. "As have I. But the star has been around for a long time and been sought by many. It may prove a greater challenge than hunting down a mere person. The reward is beyond compare though. A wish with unknown limits."

"Yeah, but it doesn't move, does it? How hard can to be to find something that just sits in one place? I mean, I never went treasure hunting before, so I dunno, but it doesn't seem that hard to me." Myrle touched her drumstick to her chin, thoughtfully, if comically. "Then again, if it ain't that hard to find, someone would have found it by now, so there's gotta be a catch...."

My point exactly," Lira replied in her quiet tones, "This "catch" will be one of our greater tests on this journey. I hope you're good with that blade of yours. I think we'll be needing it well before we find our prize."

"Oh, I can handle this thing." Myrle patted her blade with a smug smirk, "Wouldn't be carrying it if I didn't know how to use it. How about you? You know how to use that bow of yours?"

Her hand brushed over the bow slung over her back and her eyes grew distance for a fraction of a second as if she had remembered something, before they focused back up to Myrelia. "Well enough."
Lira's reply was not boastful but nor was it meek. It carried a quiet confidence.
"I've trained with it for a long time."

"Well, so have I. Trained with bows, I mean, and I suck. With bows." Myrle, mildly embarrassed, looked around, noticing the barmaids had left a full tankard by her while she was distracted. She gratefully took a long sip to fill the awkward silence.

Lira watched as Myrle took a long gulp from the tankard. She wasn't the best conversationalist, she knew. She'd been taught to listen first and talk only when necessary. The only reason she had even spoken this much was because she was two ales down and she rarely imbibed.
"We all have our strengths," Lira chuckled, "I doubt I would be much good with that cleaver of yours. Though I've never tried one before."

"Well, it is more ceremonial than practical. Well, was, more ceremonial, anyway. I had to make a few adjustments to make it a decent weapon, and Uncle Bally gave me tips on how to swing it, but I'd say that I've gotten the hang of it rather nicely. The elders at home'd go nuts if they saw what I've done to it." Myrle grinned guiltily.

"Ceremonial," Lira echoed with a curious look, "Well, if it was a gift, you have every right to make it your own. What sort of modifications have you made, if I may ask?"

"Err... yeah, the modifications!" Myrelia was grateful for the shift in topics, allowing her to get away without admitting her theft of the weapon. She pulled it out of it's sheath to point out her changes. "Originally it was just a really big knife, not meant for using in a fight. The handle was too short to swing it effectively, so I ripped it out and got a longer one. The back edge was blunt, so I sharpened it, which took a long time. And finally I popped out the amber stone and replaced it with my green one, so I can talk to Uncle Bally. I know it's technically more of a polearm than a cleaver now, but not many halberds have blades this big. Plus it's kinda heavy and cumbersome for most folks, and real polearms are supposed to be balanced and lighter and stuff, and I also just like calling it a cleaver 'cuz it sounds big and scary and I'm boring you, aren't I?"

Lira listened to Myrelia's enthusiastic rambling as she looked over the weapon with interest. "No, you are not boring me. I just don't... converse often," she admitted, "It's-"
At that moment the Fallen Barmaid taps Myrelia on the arm, causing Lira to pause. "Perhaps you would like to try the training room downstairs?" she suggested, nodding to the weapon.

Maybe later, I'm taking to- oh, you mean now?" Myrle asked, surprised. "Uh, wanna go down to the training room? I can show off some moves Uncle Bally showed me and you can show me how good you are with a bow?" Myrelia shrugged, somewhat surprised by the sudden suggestion. "I mean, if you want."

Lira saw the Barmaids suggestion as more of request. They probably didn't like patrons bringing out their weapons at the bar. Ale and sharp objects often didn't mix well. "Might as well," she replied, having a rare moment of wanting to be social, "I'm done with food and drink for the night anyways."

Myrelia finished her food and drink quickly before leading Lira downstairs. "Okay, I got an idea," she said as they entered. "Shoot some arrows at me and I'll block 'em." She said before jogging down towards a wall and unsheathing her cleaver, ignoring any protestations from Lira. The amber stone embedded in the weapon began glowing faintly as Myrelia took a ready stance. "Don't worry, I got this!" She called.

Lira raised a brow in surprise at Myrelia but didn't hesitate. If she believed that she could handle it, no argument could be made. They would both find out quickly if she couldn't.
She let Myrelia stand at the far wall of the surprisingly well equipped and slipped her bow from her back then selected an arrow from her quiver. The distance was not anywhere close to the furthest shot she had ever made and there was no wind to account for. Only the angle needed to be slightly adjusted for her height.
Knocking her arrow with practiced fingers she aimed for the Alfensi's right shoulder, far from a killing blow.
"Ready yourself. "
She drew and released, hearing the hard snap of the bow string and knowing that she had sent the arrow exactly where she'd meant to.

The amber stone shone brightly and Myrelia's cleaver moved so fast, the inattentive wouldn't even see it move, just appear, into the path of the arrow, which bounced harmlessly off the flat of the wide blade. "Woah, you actually shot it at me," Myrelia said surprised, but smiling. "Hahh, that was kinda close, but you see what I did there, right? Pretty neat, yeah? Though if you shot off another arrow right after that, I'd have to duck or dodge or... well, panic." She grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, that was a nice shot too. You're definitely better than I am. With the bow, I mean."

Lira had noticed the amber jewel and was impressed by the speed at which the weapon could move. It would come in handy.
"You seem surprised," she replied, "I can fire several in rapid succession if you want. I admit that your weapon is impressive, though. You wield it well."

Uh, thanks." Myrelia walked back over to Lira. "But, uhh, don't shoot at me anymore please. I wasn't actually that sure I could block it. That and most people just ask if I'm sure before shooting or just shoot it off to the side or something, and I have a hard time using my magic over and over without a little breather, and I usually don't try this when I've been drinking, so, uhh..." she chuckled nervously. "I'm just glad it worked and I think once is enough for one night."

Lira lowered her bow. "You're right of course. I don't want to injure anyone unnecessarily. Particularly since we will be traveling companions as of tomorrow. Perhaps we should both get some rest before then."

"Go ahead, I still wanna make good on that all-you-can-eat-and-drink offer!"

Lira gave her a respectful nod, "Fair enough. Have a good evening, Myrle Pearl. See you at dawn."

"Yup! See ya!"
A Council of Elves
a collab with @Drakel

Spotting the Lieutenant passing by her table, Myrelia remembered that she had promised to speak to him about taking 'Uka along. She hurriedly crammed the remaining food on her plate into her mouth and washed it down with the rest of her ale before following the elf up to the office. She poked her head through the door to see if she was interrupting anything.

“Are they still spying upon us?”
“Indeed, it could be any one of the original hearts.”
“And the monks up north gave no fuss?”
“They’re hiding our tip as we speak. She’s in safe hands.”
“I suggest to send others south. Fake the star in the dragon’s mouth”
“Too obvious, we’re to send squads east.
“I see us getting a great loss, many may ~”
It was more than obvious that the captain and Lieutenant were discussing before they heard the door creak loudly before simultaneously turning their heads to the Aelfensi woman behind the doorframe. “Oh it’s just you.” Stated the captain bluntly as Fuenté looked back down to the maps of the world on the table with Valdenfa, who smiled and waved the girl inside welcomingly. “You can make a toss.” stated the elf as he bowed, clearly talking about allowing her to start a conversation with both the captain and him.

“Hey, planning plans here? Do I get a heads-up on what’s going down?” Myrelia giggled a little at her small joke, cutting it short in front of stern faces. “I wanted to ask why ‘Uka can’t come along with us, but I also just came up with another question: could you tell me about his job? Like, anything? ‘Cuz I don’t exactly know what a star looks like up close, or how to look for something that isn’t a person or animal, or what the trick to finding Uldinzar is, or anything.”

As Myrelia joked about the planning the Lieutenant raised a brow as the darkness under the captain’s helm left a long stare upon the Aelfensi’ woman. “We are.” Said the Captain bluntly as the armored figure looked back down onto the maps. When asked about the Fallen girl, however the captain’s head rose back up quickly and the cold glare could be felt by all in the room. “She’s too young and the magic she wields is too dark. There is no place for the likes of her in my team. It’s for her safety, and yours.” Replied the captain as Valdenfa shook his head in disagreement. “Why continue to disapprove? She’s useful and you know this true. You know she has so much to prove. Her magic is dark but she’s strong too.” The Captain stayed silent at the elf’s comment, as the armored helmet glared at both Valdenfa and Myrelia before the captain’s head shook. “Now, for your other question. We don’t know, and we likely won’t know until it is found. All we have is a tip from a friend who might be helpful in finding the star. That alone makes us closer to finding the Uldinzar than any other. Your job is to follow me as a small squad while all other Silverhearts distract the others searching for the star from us.”

“Well, I guess that’s as sound a plan as any.” Myrelia shrugged, “Either way, you should still take ‘Uka. Having a healer can be useful, and if you think she’s too young to come, that’s bullshit. I’m 60 and you’re letting me tag along, and I’ve been doing stuff like this for over half that time. She’s, like twice as old as I was when I left home, or, well, she’s actually only half, but she’d be twice as old as me if she lived as long as an Aelfensi’, but-,” Myrelia shook her head and huffed, stumbling over her words. “Look, if she can’t go, you may as well be keeping me from going either.” She glared at Captain Fuente.

“She is right, healers are needed. The party is doomed without, through our travels she’ll be tested. She’ll grow from with, without a doubt..” Agreed the Ranger but the captain gave both team members a long hard stare. “Her age is more issue than you know. She lacks control over her witchcraft and will be twisted by her dark magic. She is a danger to all of us if she comes with.” Stated the captain as the knight glared at both the Lieutenant and Myrelia. “You know that is not always true, It time to listen and ~” Before the elf could finish the Captain slammed the heavy steel gauntlet down loudly. “I was not finished!” interrupted the captain as the elf instantly became quiet from the captain’s sudden hostility on the issue. After the moment of silence the black steel knight began to speak again. “As I was saying, since this issue has been pressed in the way it is… I will at least consider Thadn’uka in joining us. But, if she is to come, her blood will be on your hands. Both of yours.” As the Captain finished Lieutenant Valdenfa nodded understandingly as the term was acceptable.

“Good.” Myrelia’s glare vanished with a satisfied nod. “That’s all, I guess, unless you wanna give me any more details on who this friend is. Though if you’re planning on telling us tomorrow, I guess telling me now would be a waste. I am really good at finding people though, so if there’s anything special about him you don’t want everyone knowing or something… no, probably best that I don’t know that kinda stuff. I may spill the beans accidentally.” Myrelia grinned. “See you guys tomorrow!”
Pierre excused himself to the Imperial and headed towards the meditation chamber. He was a bit tipsy, but it wouldn't impede his performance let alone his meditation. Not when he had been drilled to 'relax and concentrate' to do his jitsus. He bumped into a green Fallen with blue pain on her skin on the way down and muttered an apology before continuing towards the meditation chamber. Inside he found several others practitioners doing their own business as well. Taking a seat, Pierre produced several pieces of his paper charms out of his pockets and laid them on the ground in front of him. He then started to regulate his breathing as he fell into a meditative trance while still maintaining his gaze at his papers. Then, responding to his chakra, the ink on the papers started to glow and floats around him.
Meeting in the Library
Collab with @Chev

Rhordrid couldn’t help but smile as he went paged through one of the spellbooks that he had found while going through the books in the library. Many of the the spells he already knew but there were a few new ones such as the ability to summon a path of ice across water. This spell could be useful, he thought to himself as he mentally stored the instructions for the spell and continued paging through the book. He paused as he heard the sound of nearby footsteps. For a moment he was wondering if it was possibly another mage coming to study the books. Another mage might be easier to relate to than someone who wasn’t a big fan of magic.

“Hello?” he called out uncertainly. “Is anyone else down here?”

N’drin had been in the library for a bit, searching for books more than she had really found one to read. In the end, she found one that was about fire-based magic, showing spells she was at no level to cast. It still interested her anyway, so much so that her head was practically in the book as she walked around the library reading. It wasn’t a surprise that no one was in here besides her with the tavern and all, though she would probably head down their herself in a moment’s time.

“Hello? Is anyone else down here?”

N’drin popped her head from the book and quickly walked over to the direction of the voice, seeing another soul in the library. “Yeah, I’m here.” She said as she walked over to the male. Noticing a book in his hand, she glanced up at him. “I’m N’drin. What are ya reading there?” she asked, drawing her eyes back to the book in his hold, trying to make out the words.

Rhordrid gave the new arrival a quick look over and smiled faintly. “Greetings, my name is Rhordrid.” He said as he bowed slightly. “To answer your question, I was just reading up on a book of spells, I found a rather nice on as well: A spell that will allow people to create a path of ice across liquid surfaces.” Rhordrid paused for a moment as a sudden thought occurred to him. “Of course, a path of ice might be a bit slippery now that I think about it, still, it’s better than swimming if you ask me.”

N’drin chuckled at his words. “I agree. Though I’d say if you have the right equipment to go along with that spell, slipping wouldn’t be an issue and it’s nice to meet you, Rhordrid.” She folded the corner of the page of the book she was reading and closed it. “So since you’re reading up on spells, I take it you’re a mage as well?” She always enjoyed meeting other mages, discussing the different forms of magic each one had, comparing, contrasting and whatever else those conversations would arise to.

“Indeed I am.”Rhordrid replied with another faint smile. I’ve been working with magic since I was a teenager. I’m looking to expand my knowledge to as best I can. I know a few of the spells in this book, but the Ice Path is one I didn’t even know existed.

N’drin smiled as Rhordrid confirmed himself being a mage, excited about the fact that she met another. “So what kind of magic are you proficient in? Wait, don’t answer that yet. If you’re up for it we could head to the tavern and continue this conversation and possibly meet the others. If you’re up for it that is.” she said eagerly, her eyes expressing the excitement that her voice held.

Rhordrid paused for a brief moment before nodding. Gotta try and get used to the others. I wanted an adventure and I got one. “Of course. I’d love to go the Tavern. I could go for a few drinks anyway.” He said with a smile.

“You’re telling me. I could probably drink everything that’s in the tavern at this point. I’ve been sober for way too long.” she chuckled as she turned and began heading to the tavern, curious about who else could be in there. “So you said since your teenage years? I bet you’re good with your magic then.”

Rhordrid shrugged. “I like to think I am, I practice as often as I can. When I was being brought up my mother mostly taught me dark magic but I’m trying to expand my set of skills.” he smiled slightly. “It’s always a good idea to keep learning new spells, at least I think so.”

“Oh it most definitely is, though I don’t think I’ll ever branch out from my fire magic.” She looked over her shoulder as they entered the Tavern. “Though dark magic sounds pretty awesome.”

Rhordrid shrugged. “Honestly, if I had the chance I would love to learn more about fire magic. Dark magic is somewhat...it’s….it’s difficult to describe with words. It might be just me but I feel odd when I use it.” Rhordrid’s eyes roamed around the tavern for a moment before a red bottle of liquor caught his eyes. “Ahh...that looks nice. Would you be interested in giving it a shot?” He asked.

“Hell yeah. I’m always up for a drink.” she said, as she eyed the bottle, excited that she would be able to taste the sweet burn of liquor after so long.
Please step into my office
A collab with @Drakel

As the evening went on, and Harald had drunk enough to no longer be thirsty, he figured he'd actually keep his word, and have a talk with the captain, as he had promised the young Fallen girl. He got to his feet, felt like the room was spinning for a few moments, then got used to it, and headed for his office.
With a firm hand, he knocked on the door and awaited a response, knowing not to disturb an officer in his office by barging in.

As the Captain and Liutenant heard the knock they both looked towards the door. "You may come in, see that we're within." Stated the Aelfensi' loudly as he looked back down at the table below, maps and small flags, daggers and the like covering the table as they all stood on the maps of the known world around. Looking up, Fuenté gazed to the small dwarf before taking a step away from the large table. The knight's heavy metal boots hitting the ground loudly with every step. "Is there something you need?"

Harald stepped into the office, and looked to the commander. While he had drunk quite a bit earlier, he managed to focus properly despite it, thanks to lots of practice. "There is something, sir." He said, saluting. "Just a few questions. Because this group accepts anyone skilled enough, who are adults, ja?" He could have simply asked about Uka directly, but he felt that was a little too direct. Not that what he was currently doing was very subtle.

Captain Fuenté nodded at to the Dwarf when asked about who the group does and doesn't allow. "True. By order of my superiors you may bring anyone who you can prove can contribute to our quest. Where are you getting at Harald?" Fuenté's dark helm hidden any clue on whether or not the captain was knowing where the conversation was heading, though from the tome alone a slight annoyance towards the question could be found.

"I might have found a recruit, is all, sir." He said, looking into the eye-holes of the helm, trying to see anything at all, and failing. "I'd say she's young, but then, pretty much all the Fallen are that in my eyes. Apparently quite good with magics. Very willing to travel. She'll probably join some other group, if we don't snatch her up before we leave." He said, pausing slightly. "Goes by the name of Uka. You know her, from what I've heard."

Valdenfa smiled as he heard the Dvergr's comment on the possability of Uka being a new recruit for the party. "You are right, we do know of her. Having her is what I prefer." Stated the Aelfensi' in agreement with Harald's comment.

The black helm turning towards the Lieutenant and then back towards the Dwarf the Captain began. "We were just discussing that possibility, though I am still against it. Our group has no use for a witch."

"Then let me ask a simple question, sir." Harald said. "Would you rather have her in your group... Or would you rather have her run off with some other group, who has nothing against having a witch in their ranks?" A simple question, meant to focus on his relationship with her, and the rest of the Fallen at this base of his. "Because from how eager she seemed to be to leave, she will leave. With our group or without it."

The Captain stayed silent towards the Dvergr's comment for a moment. The Lieutenant on the other hand couldn't help but smile and chuckle "The Dvrgr does hold a good point. There are tasks which we may appoint." Continued the elf in agreement with the Harald's point. The eyes of the captain could only be assumed to be the coldest stare. "You have a point. Though the black magic she wields may change her for the worst. She will love it's evil ways. Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of bringing her?"

"Better she has friends about, trying to keep her on the straight and narrow, than with a bunch of thugs, encouraging it." He said, meeting the commander's eyes. "And she wouldn't be tha first comrade I'd have to put down. Better to give them a chance, and face the consequences, than to not trust your friends."

As Fuenté's own eyes met with the dwarf's, the cold blue eyes, that similar to ice stared down. "So be it then. While I don't like the idea you've convinced me. Uka may come." The Captain left it at that, the tone was stern and left the message on the captain's feeling on the matter clear. As the helm looked over towards the elf, Fuenté nodded towards the ranger and within an instant Valdenfa walked out to give Uka the news.

"I'm glad ta hear it, sir." Harald said, saluting. "That was all. I'll get out of your way now, sir." He continued, before leaving the office, hoping to find Uka, if only to see her reaction to it.

Whoops, wrong room
A collab between Luxin and @Grothnor

After all the ales she had with dinner and the others she had to congratulate herself on talking the Captain and Lieutenant into taking Thadn’uka along with them, Myrelia was feeling a little tipsy. Stumbling through the halls, she looked for her room and, upon finding one that she thought was hers, barged in, only to find one of her companions inside. She stared at Niabrun with a vacant expression, not fully understanding what had happened.

Niabrun looked up from the metallic snake in his hands, his voice stopping as she burst into his room. For a moment, he thought to simply let loose a good portion of his magical potential at the woman, but after a moment he realized that it would be a poor choice to make, especially after the droll speech from earlier. He set the metallic creature on his bed carefully, then stood, several inches shorter than Myrelia.

“You appear to be in my room, Aelfensi’. Care to explain why that is?” His tone was cool, though at least professional. His mind was trying to decide whether it would be worth the effort to try and coax her into his bed for the night or to simply do his best to send her onward and someplace else where she would bother him less. As the two ideas warred in his mind, a few sparks jumped between his fingertips as he moved them. He caught himself and calmed his restlessness, the sparks eventually stopping.

He looked her up and down, assessing her more fully, then sighed and sat back down. He looked up at her, dark teal eyes half-closed in apparent frustration.

“Your room? I thought this was mine.” After spending a moment to decide that she was most likely in the wrong, she shrugged. “Sorry, my bad. I’m Myrelia, and a little drunk.” She scratched her head sheepishly before offering her hand to shake. “You’re gonna be looking for the Star with us, right? What’s your name?”

The shorter elf looked at the proffered hand for a moment, then stood and shook it. If nothing else, he could use someone on the team who at least understood some of the social graces that the rest of the world’s races didn’t seem to understand. Plus, she was drunk, which meant he’d likely be able to pass off the meeting as circumstantial and unimportant later on.

“Niabrun. And I will be joining the team, which is certainly a good thing for everyone else. I’m certain we have plenty of members capable of swinging a sword or throwing a punch, but I feel like there is a substantial lack of proper combat magic within the traveling troupe. That’s where I come in.” He snapped his fingers, an arc of lighting almost gracefully flying from his hand, through the air, and back into his body once more.

“Lightning magic, huh? Pretty cool. I use some magic myself. I dunno what it’s properly called, but Uncle Bally calls it Force Magic. I can make my jumps bigger, my swings faster, and my feet faster.” Myrelia beamed, “It’s pretty useful, but I tend to rely on my cleaver more. So what weapon do use?” Myrelia asked as she inspected his lack of armaments. “And what’s that snake-thingy over there?”

Niabrun actually snorted softly as she asked about what weapon he used. The sheer incredulity of the question barely made him angry, especially with how absurd it was. He shook his head and quited his laughter, attempting to appear serious once more.

“Perhaps I was not abundantly clear. I use Lightning as my direct force of will on the world around me, rather than some crude implement requiring strength of body as well as of mind. Let me show you.” He placed his hands in front of his, palms towards one another, about a foot apart. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen save for stray hairs on the both of them rising slightly as a massive static charge built up. After only a second or so, a blindingly bright arc of electricity jumped from one of his palms to the other, sustained by the magic he poured into it.

As the air around them began to smell harshly of ozone, and just before the light blinded them any more, he pulled his hands apart, grunting slightly with the effort of the motion as if they’d been held in place. He blinked a few times, then looked up at her.

“I need no weapons when I wield the raw destructive capability of mother nature herself.”

“Oh.” Myrelia sounded faintly disappointed at still not finding anyone she could spar with, but her dismay vanished momentarily, “That’s pretty neat, being good enough with magic to not need weapons. Hey, maybe you could teach me a thing or two? I’m mostly self-taught. Left the clan young and Uncle Bally, well, he isn’t exactly the best teacher at times, ‘cuz, you know….” She turned around to show off the Green Amber stone embedded in her weapon, tapping it. The implication was clear to any Aelfensi’ that ‘Uncle Bally’ was long dead.

He felt goosebumps on his skin as she brought up potentially tutoring under him, the idea niggling at one of his deeper concerns. He may have been capable in his preferred line of study, but when it came to various other magic he was as green as a sapling. Never one to show that weakness if it could be helped, he stretched a bit to cover his nervousness.

“Perhaps, but it will likely not be something I’ll be able to do while on the road. I trained in a scholarly setting, and if I were to train you at all, I would need a similar setting to teach in.” He paused, then continued as she showed off the stone. “I am sorry for your loss, but at least your uncle now resides where those who need him most may find him. I imagine he has found his peace, regardless.” The sappy words felt almost stale in his mouth, but Niabrun couldn’t make the words anything less than honest. After all, the large chunk of amber upon his half-staff, hidden from view at the moment, was for a similar reason: a reminder of one lost.

“What? No, Uncle Bally was long dead before I was born. He’s really my Five-Times Great Uncle Balinor. He used this cleaver last before it became some ‘ceremonial antique’.” Myrelia rolled her eyes sarcastically at the description. “But, uh, thank you, that’s really sweet.” She smiled before remembering where she was. “Well, I should probably get going. Sorry for just barging in like that and all. Sleep well, and all that stuff.”

He thought once more about asking her to stay, but she seemed to be coming to her senses. He was glad she hadn’t pressed further about his companion, and as she apologized he stepped forward, opening his door.

“Perhaps you should. After all, tomorrow is a rather big day for us all, and with how much you’ve had tonight, it will likely come back to haunt you before you know it.” He chuckled softly, placing one hand on her back to help her out of his room. “And don’t feel like it was all bad. After all, we have to deal with the savages the whole time we’re out, so get the rest you can now, before they show just how barbaric they can be.”

With that said, he gently pushed her outside and shut the door after her, locking it, though it no longer hung the same way in its frame.
"tomorrow is a rather big day for us all" ~ Niabrun Adelfonde
In Morn, We Ride

As the night passed on and the heroes, sadly must eventually rest. Whether from the very start due to being so tired, from the activities they done in the Tavern or from the many drinks they consumed, even heroes must rest. Thadn’uka sleeping ever so happily with dreams of adventure while her mother, the green fallen, caressed her lovingly throughout the night knowing it may be the last she'll see her daughter. The Lieutenant continued his night with ale in one hand and a women in the other, enjoying the night till he was passed out onto the table, and the captain alone in their own quarters stayed up planning more and more, footsteps could always be heard until Fuenté finally called it a night as well.

And so the party's Night at the Tavern was coming to an end as the night slowly turned to day... And with it their true adventure was to begin.​


Inside the tavern was quite dark, lit only by the very few still lit and very dim lanterns. For those who happened to wake would've saw and heard the chaotic early morning rambling of the Silverhearts leaving them all there, riding out and far quickly and in turn leaving the party behind to be the last to go. For those who slept, they'd never knew what happened and instead would be awakened by the Lieutenant, sided by 'Uka who was more than excited for starting her first adventure, a bright smile on her face and her quills jumping up and down in an eager beat. "Time to go, This you know. Outside we meet before we fleet." was all the Lieutenant said to each he woke while ringing a bell loudly, the sound almost echoing within the Tavern. For once since the entire night the tavern was empty besides the heroes who were left, all of the Silverhearts tasked with a job were gone to fulfill their duties. No one was around but them.

When outside they'd truly know how early it was as the party was greeted with a beautiful morning. The first suns barely to be seen through the two large rings around the world and four moons could still be seen in the sky above. The stars were shining through the dark blue and purple morning sky while the orange and pink was growing, battling out the dark and in turn making room for the light. There not too far from the side of the Tavern were several horses, all sattelled and all ready to ride. Beside the stable was the Captain and the four barmaids along with the many children there, some seemingly to have already grown a small bit since the previous night as well.

'Uka took some time there saying her goodbyes and hugging her mothers and siblings. Taking her time to enjoy whatever time she could with them as though it was her last. The Captain on the other hand went to the group. "We're to go north in a two day trip before we stop at Kyrthrule for our contact. There we may stop for supplies. We ride in ten." Commanded the Captain before walking the steed away before stopping between the other horses and to 'Uka. "Time to go." Was all the Captain had to say before the fallen Healer nodded.

Sad, low rattling of her quills as the Gira Ka hugged her mother. As they broke their hug, her mother's arms were upon the young Witch's shoulder before nodding towards her. 'Uka in turn nodded back before taking a step back and climbing onto her own black ride, waving back to her family, her eyes watered yet a strong smile still kept.

Once the group were all ready, they rode off, the Captain and Lieutenant both up front leading the group and 'Uka was behind. The speed in which they rode one with great haste and very few times would they slow. There were hardly any breaks and even less so times for the group to better be acquainted with one another as they rode on, passing large hills and the green lands. The other two suns began to rise as well and above three moons could be seen out of seven. Two of which were quite large in and of themselves.

As time passed the Aelfensi Ranger raised his hand to stop the group. "It'll be dark soon. We should stop for rest, before it is noon. For it would be best." Stated the Ranger, to which the Captain nodded in agreement, before commanding the party to get ready and to set up camp. It was not long before Camp was set up between three large rocks that leaned upon one another. Around them was a wall of trees that surrounded the hill they were on and not far was also the road. Beside those rocks were a small cluster of trees just perfect for tying their horses up. Even so it the Captain was always looking around, still in full armor while the Lieutenant was slightly more relaxed as well, still in armor yet already preparing to rest as well. Even so his eyes were always kept towards the trees around the camp as he played his lute. 'Uka on the other hand was in a more casual looking clothes, a very simple dress of sorts with no back, perfectly fit for her quills as it was just held by long cloth strips. In her hand was a large book that she continued reading with full interest on whatever subject it held. Every chance she got she'd wave excitedly towards other party members, just happy to even be a part of the group.
Myrle spent most of her ride eyeing up the rest of her companions she didn't get to talk to before leaving the inn. Thorin dominated most of her thoughts, as she wanted to see how good of a fighter he was, and how well he'd fare against her magic. She imagined the spar they could have had at the inn and regretted not being able to face off against him. Papierre and Elian both seemed like chakra users, and Myrelia unconsciously avoided them, finding the whole idea of Chakra strange and alien.

Rhordrid seemed curious to the elf, as he was apparently a mage. Myrelia wanted to know what kind of magic he wielded, but there weren't any opportunities over the ride to discuss such things. N'drin too caught Myrle's eye as she wondered why a one handed human would warrant being brought along, but she had tact enough not to ask about the missing extremity. Myrle waved back and smiled at 'Uka's friendly waves, but kept her eyes on the horizon for most of their rest. She took the words of the Captain and Lieutenant seriously, and kept her senses trained for ambush. For the time being, she considered herself to be on the hunt, and generally kept quiet and observant.
Harald was a man who was used to waking up with a bit of a hangover. He'd long ago managed to function, even as his head wanted him to lie down forever. What he'd yet to get used to, however, was horses. Huge beasts with malice in their eyes! Terrible creatures, just waiting to throw him off, and stomp on him! And so damn uncomfortable to ride!

Yet he managed to survive another attempt on his life by a horse, and even got off of it without faceplanting. And now, he was stomping about in his armor, crossbow at the ready, patrolling for anyone approaching the camp. Even as he did though, he peered at the people of the camp. Many people, of many different origins. And he himself. Once a man of a great house. Now a mercenary, in a desperate attempt to keep his house great. He sighed slightly to himself, turning his attention back to the surrounding lands.