Some very major things happened OOC and ICly in a sense. And I posted my Major GM post so we can all continue if you'd like.


  • I will no longer be accepting New Members in this RP. The only exceptions will be very, very close friends of mine.
  • Nilum, sadly, notified me that he wishes to drop out of Drageloc. He can still join at any time (I'll give him an opening) as one of the very few exceptions I'm willing to have with the "No-longer accepting" thing.
  • Potatocat is the only other exception to the "Nolonger accepting" thing as a very late entry as we did talk about things.
  • I plan on doing NPC first impressions on the PCs soon. YAY exciting things. You guys may do such as well soon too.
  • NPC CSs will be done soon as well. Exiting things.


Again nothing much truly happened besides everyone now knowing some of what Drageloc looks like planetary wise and that everyone set up camp (sorry but still in tutorial mode). Here are some of the major key points from this GM post.

  • 'Uka is fully a part of the party now. Congratz everyone. She is also in a point of conflicted feelings, having left her family for the first time and exited to be on her first ever adventure.
  • The Party Traveled and are now no longer in the Tavern. They are outside and in a camp. You may collab RP yourselves traveling on your trusty steeds if you'd like but overall I skipped the traveling since there really would be nothing to say for this one. In the future you might get a GM post or two that stop with the party traveling, though there will always be a reason.
  • Valdenfa and Fuenté are cautious or suspicious of the trees around them.
  • No Magical or Chakra presence outside of the party can be felt by any mages or Clerics, so no danger could be felt.
  • Everyone now has a horse. Ride them well and take care of them.
  • Kyrthrule Is your first destination and I'm certain no one knows what is like, so ask if you'd like.
  • Chance: Possibility of a Combat Vs. Charisma scenario. Achievements can be gained. Very good chance to learn about the world as well.


Herald of Mykkelgard (Z'Greel) & Myrelia (Grothnor) Both Earned the "Bring a Witch Foundation" Achievement for taking the effort to bring Thand'Uka to the Party. 50 Zeal added to them both.

Missed Opportunities:

Since the Last GM post here are some of the possible activities or things the players missed. I won't really go in depth with them but I did think it'd be fair to say what the players DID miss out on if they took the chance.

  • Dance of the Bleeding Moon ~ A Major achievement off of a collab with Uka's Mother who dances in a secret room. If interrupted she explains in further detail about being a witch, the culture around it and some things about both 'Uka and Sir. Fuenté.
  • Valdenfa The Drunk ~ Nothing too major though if talked too alone while drunk he may reveal some secrets about the trip should you know how to convince the narcissistic wench loving elf that is the Lieutenant.
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Tomorrow is the next major GM post, things might change as I noticed that my last post may have been a bit too much too soon, was pushing combat far too soon or something along the lines. I do know that players had a very hard time replying to it and were lost but I am not sure as to why, if anyone has any thoughts on the matter I would personally love to hear them. Especially if they're criticisms on my last post and what I may have done wrong in order to make it so hard for some players to reply.

Either way, since I know something was wrong but am not sure what it may have been, I will be skipping the combat all together and instead have everyone safely reach the city of Kyrthrule to meet your first contact.

Sorry to everyone who was expecting a post last sunday. Honestly I was working on it but could not finish before 10PM. As such I have around about 3/4ths finished though I can't find the time during the weekdays to get it done. As such it's on stand by until Friday after work in which I'll have all the time that I need to get it done.

This post is going to be long and will be skipping combat since I believe it's a bit too soon to utilize it, though I do want to let you guys to get used to the Zeal system as well so in other ways you'll get too in the city of Kyrthrule.

Also, after this post there will be a 3-5 week delay of no GM posts (depending on how things go). This means that rather than a single, long GM post I'll be doing collabs with everyone willing since, for this part at least, it'll be far more useful and better in order to continue the story. Some collabs may be up to 3-4 people depending on how things go too. So yeah, fun times ahead, be warned. :p

  • Again I'd like to heavily apologize to everyone for being so late with my post. It was a rather long one and I didn't plan on not finishing it last week like I did. From now on I'll be starting my GM posts on Saturday and ending them on Sunday to make sure that they're all completed on time and progress the story more efficiently.
  • Due to the many, many IC options and how things will be for this post till my next one, I'll be waiting 3 to 5 weeks (as my last post states) before making another GM post to progress the story. This is mainly because for those 3-5 weeks I want to do Collab posts with my players and may even have large group collabs if you all are willing.
  • Still working on those NPC CSs and the NPCs opinions.

  • I moved everyone out of the camp and while I did originally plan on a combat scene I decided against it since it was way too early. Thus it was all fluff and I do appologize for the waste of time.
  • Everyone is now in the large Guild city of Kyrthrule. Some things to know is that it has many guilds of all different types. Almost nothing isn't owned by one guild or another and as stated ICly, for many of those who live within the city their guild is their entire lives. There are shops, arenas, taverns and the like all around the city to be in or around.
  • The Guild of Secrets seems to be devoid of all life but the Dvergr spy known as Elrik, who can be found wandering around the guild.
  • @Potatocat now has his opening to join should he choose to accept it. His Dverg character has been said to have been following the group and is now in Kyrthrule with the party. All he'd need to do is introduce himself with an excuse as to why. Maybe he heard what they were after and decided to join the party in effort to help find the star or something.
  • Valdenfa is now heading towards some tavern or can be found already in one spending his time away from the spies of the Guild of secrets.
  • The Captain's face has been revealed to the party, finally. Fuenté is also now in the Guild of secret's chambers, large individual rooms that seem to be hardly occupied, each with a desk and down the lower hall is the bathhouse with a large pool for the party to reside in should they choose. The captain is reading and looking at the scroll, which may have some interesting stuff on it.
  • Uka is on a grand adventure throughout the city to marvel at all it's glory. Excited and enthusiastic the Gira Ka girl is jumping from place to place with curiosity.
  • There are many brawls and fights throughout the city between guilds that might need to be handled, so while it is a grand city of spammail Guilds that eagerly advertise to everyone in hopes of having new members join, there is still danger.
  • So many creative activities can be found and had so for the purpose of ease, if you can think it there is likely a guild, large or small around it and as such there is an endless supply of possibilities that you all may do or have so you're all free to be creative in your character's activities should you choose to do things alone. But be warned, I might purposely target and choose you for a collab if you're too alone. :p


  • None was truly given. Sorry guys.

Missed opportunities:

  • Nothing of major importance. At most some combat achievements but that is not of great importance that you all can't get later on in the story should you choose.