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Referred here by another user? Post here!

Discussion in 'Introductions & Departures' started by Tiko, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    If you were referred to Storyteller's Circle by another user, let us know who referred you to our site!

    If you have referred users here, make sure they let us know by reminding them to post here.

    We will be offering trophies, and stickied threads to our top referrers as a gesture of gratitude for helping to grow our community here on Storyteller's circle.
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  2. snakelgur

    snakelgur New Member

    I have been referred by Sentry, and can't wait to join!
    Meliodas likes this.
  3. Quinn

    Quinn New Member

    I was referred by Taleweaver.
    Meliodas likes this.
  4. I was referred by Taleweaver also. Blame them if this backfires and everything burns to the ground.
    CeruleanRaindrops and Meliodas like this.
  5. ChojiYume

    ChojiYume Member

    I was referred here by Taleweaver. P... Please be nice....
  6. Z'Greel

    Z'Greel The wandering Lizard

    ChojiYume likes this.
  7. Iamtheecchiking

    Iamtheecchiking Conquering New Realms 1 pair of Oppai at a time

    ChojiYume likes this.
  8. QeenSeri

    QeenSeri New Member

  9. MissBumbleBee

    MissBumbleBee New Member

    ChojiYume likes this.
  10. Jackal

    Jackal All Hail Woodstock!

    @Cana dragged me here
    ChojiYume likes this.
  11. Ereck Dragonflame

    Ereck Dragonflame New Member

    ChojiYume likes this.
  12. Fix-It

    Fix-It New Member

    @Cana referred me to this site
  13. stargazer

    stargazer    ✹ .   ˚ ⊹ ·     ✧   ⊹

  14. Pawnige

    Pawnige “All the truth in the world is held in stories.”

  15. The_Slayer

    The_Slayer Kenji Stevens

  16. Themanofpokemon

    Themanofpokemon New Member

  17. KrazyKlaus

    KrazyKlaus Cute But Deadly

    I was told I needed to post onto the intro forums by Meliodas. Is this here I do it or is it somewhere else?
  18. Dungeon Rambler

    Dungeon Rambler "Sing me a song of fear and dread!" ~Skyrim

    ChojiYume and MissMudkip like this.
  19. Anime Aiko

    Anime Aiko New Member

    I was referred by @MissMudkip. Is this where i write an intro?
    MissMudkip likes this.
  20. MissMudkip

    MissMudkip Mud...Kip!

    The second link given in the discord Aiko!

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