lil Imp
Once, humans declared war on god, and used their own souls as weapons.

You're all that's left. Don't repeat their mistakes.

Return to glory.

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Music, should it please you.

The Premise:
Sometime, somehow, humanity declared war on the divine. They fought with machines that harnessed the essence of mankind; the soul. The reason isn't important. Not anymore. Humanity lost, and Earth has been devastated. The stars are gone; the sun no longer shines. The moon has turned to blood. It is a dark, cold, merciless world. All that remains is you...and the forces of Heaven sent down to kill you.

You: You and your fellows take on the role of the Aspects: homunculi created from the remains of human souls. Each Aspect personifies part of humanity, such as a memory, an emotion, etc. You gain extraordinary powers related to what composes you, and a large well of SOUL to draw from. Secrets do not give themselves up easily, and Heaven has little tolerance for the creations of man. You'll need both.

Your Enemies: By using their souls as weapons, humanity committed a blasphemy against Heaven. Man in its original form is gone, but their technology remains. This cannot be, so Heaven still maintains a strong presence on the Earth. They seek you, too, and want nothing more than to tear your flesh and drink your sweet blood. Perhaps it would be best to avoid such creatures.

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An Aspect is an artificially produced creature that personifies an aspect of humanity; such as an emotion, personality trait, or state of being. Humanity created them from the last shreds of their souls, making them creatures of SOUL energy at base.

As the title suggests, the goal of the Aspects is to return humanity to the glory it once had. They are a final effort by now extinct mankind to win the war with Heaven. What humanity meant by returning to glory, however, is not clear. That's for you to discover.

Aspects usually take human form, but they are adaptable. Be creative and make them a little more outlandish if you want.
(Just loose ideas. Make your character how you want)




An Aspect's abilities are a cost-free power they can invoke at will. Some may be offensive, others simply a tool. The one rule is connecting them to your Aspect's theme. For example, a calming ability wouldn't fit with an Aspect based around anger, nor a speed increase with sluggishness, and so on. Be creative and find interesting ways to connect your Aspect to your powers.

If your power is unbalanced or unfitting, don't worry. It'll get sorted out.
SOUL is the essence of mankind, their spiritual half. During the war with Heaven, humanity used SOUL as energy to power their war machines. As a human, losing your soul meant death. As an Aspect, however, things work differently.

Aspects are made from SOUL, and thus have a larger pool of it than any human. They also are more flexible, as exhausting their SOUL reserve doesn't mean death, but instead unconsciousness. It regenerates over time, unless depleted, in which case it must be refilled through other means.

If you're having trouble picturing how SOUL works, think of Mana with bigger consequences. Ingame, SOUL isn't measured by numbers. Instead, its assumed you still have SOUL to spare unless otherwise noted.

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Equipment, on the other hand, is technology from the war that is still functioning. It requires SOUL to be used. Keep in mind that the more drastic your equipment's effect, the more SOUL it consumes.

There are no technological restrictions to your equipment. They don't have to fit into a specific time or era; they can be as anachronistic or advanced as you want. In short, equipment can be anything you imagine, but it may have to be tweaked for the sake of balance.

After the war ended and humanity was extinguished by Heaven, the world was left without many of its celestial bodies, and its rules as we knew them broke down. It is unrecognizable, and slowly drifts further into a void of decay and abandonment.

Earth is stuck in a state of perpetual half-light. There are no stars, the sun is gone, and all that remains of the Moon is a lake of blood. Towering over the lifeless landscape are enormous factories, monuments of mankind's war machine. Broken weapons emplacements and the corpses of fallen Heavenly Hosts litter dead grasslands. Nothing remains of what once was Earth but ruins and rotting battlefields.

It is deep within a decrepit facility that you and your fellows awaken.
If you have any Questions, feel free to ask!

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[Picture of your character, if you have one]
Name: (Even a homunculus need a name!)
Gender: (Optional) (Does your character have a gender? Not all Aspects do.)
Appearance: (What do you look like?)
Aspect: (What are you personifying?)
Powers: (You can have up to two powers based on your aspect. Keep in mind that I may ask you to tweak them for the sake of balance.)
Weakness: (Humans were flawed, and so are you. You need at least one.)
Personality: (Optional) (Try to integrate your Aspect into your character's personality!)
Equipment: (give yourself a piece of tech, whether a weapon or just a useful tool. Keep in mind that your equipment runs off SOUL.)


Name: Oswald
Gender: Male
Appearance: A man completely covered in black cloth, who never reveals his face. Partially mechanical.
Aspect: Introvertedness
Hide Away: Oswald hides himself in the shadows, his form changing color and texture to match the landscape around him.
Silence: Oswald creates a ten foot zone where no noise can be heard. It also mitigates divine powers.
Weakness: Oswald has immense trouble interacting with others, and often miscommunicates or is unable to express himself properly, many times coming off as self-centered and unfriendly.
Personality: A quiet type, Oswald is queerly both attached to others and repelled by them. He struggles to work as part of the team, but is nevertheless determined and gentle for all his flaws. He takes a lot of time alone, and despite his seeming dislike of others, wants only the best for everybody.
Equipment: Ethereal Blade: A long-handled sword with a carbon fiber handle. Using SOUL, its blade becomes immaterial, and phases through inanimate matter while still cutting flesh.
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Name: Jameal
Gender: (Optional) Presumably Male
Appearance: An old looking machine, draped in dirtied rags that make up a sort of pseudo cloak. A large box protrudes from it's chest. It's visible arm looks almost skeletal, made of jointed pistons and various machinery that extend into an three fingered spindly hand.
Aspect: Curiosity
What's that?: Jameal can glean an unnaturally quick understanding of most things by concentrating on them.
Aura Vision: Jameal can sense general auras and presences around him in a twenty foot radius.
Weakness: Jameal's want to understand and fiddle with things often gets him into trouble. Loving to touch and examine beings and objects which he knows he shouldn't, especially if he's been told not to. He is easily distracted by shiny or interesting looking things.
Personality: (Optional) Despite his trash-picker appearance, Jameal is quite bubbly in personality. He holds an seemingly eternal optimistic outlook, and would rather roll with the punches then sit and make a plan. He loves anything interesting or unique: People, places, objects, or sights. He views peoples differences and and weaknesses and uniqueness, and will strive to make friends with them...Even if it is mostly so he can study their habits.
Equipment: Dragon Fire: Sliding back and unhinging his head plating, Jameal can spit a energy blast with a range of sixty feet before it dissipates. This is fulled by SOUL (Note: The ammunition is the canister with the glowing gem that protrudes from his head.)
Just so everybody knows, character approval is just when I like the page. If something needs tweaking I'll sort it out with you before I like.
Name: Kyo
Gender: (Optional) Male

Aspect: Greed
Rather Be Shiny: Kyo's arms and legs are composed of shiny, nacreous material. He can control the shape and size of these limbs to a tremendous degree to form spikes, blades, bars, etc. He can produce roughly triple his own body's volume in total, and still control the shape of nacre even while it is detached (however he can no longer add or remove weight from it, nor can he levitate it)
You're Mine Now: Should Kyo completely envelope an object within nacre, he can transport it to a pocket dimension roughly 4.2m(long)/2m(wide)/2m(tall) in size; lined on the inside with the same nacre. From the outside, this pocket dimension takes the form of a huge (golfball-sized) pearl. Kyo can also store himself within the treasure trove.
Weakness: Though durable, nacre is susceptible to shattering when sufficient force is applied, meaning that an entire construct is likely to be destroyed should any central part be damaged greatly. Other limitations have been listed above.
Sufficient damage to the inside or outside of the treasure trove will break it, emptying all of the contents into the outside world. While inside, Kyo cannot see out, and will eventually run out of air. Also; the treasure trove cannot simply be opened - and he only has one available. Thus, should he wish to make a withdrawal, he must break it like a piggy bank.
Personality: (Optional) Kyo is mercurial, avaricious, and vain - taking great lengths to keep himself to his own standards of beauty, and easily getting excited when he sees something he deems interesting. He is also prone to mood swings, bizarre behavior, and radical shifts in interest.
Equipment: Greedy Eyes: A number of small cameras the size of eyes, with mechanical tendrils on the back. Kyo has twelve of them, and can see as they see, and control and track them, through a phone-sized remote monitor (max range 1km, reduced if to a minimum of 100m if the more are in use[-75m per additional Eye]). They possess small laser cutters that are used to crack open safes and doors so that Kyo may get the treasure within but are poorly suited for combat. Though they are capable of locomotion along most surfaces, they cannot fly and are somewhat slow and mostly utilized for recon.



Name: Willow(Also goes by Father Death/The Black Death due to her costume's black appearance.)
Aspect: Wrath
They call me Father Death: Willow can manipulate her very own shadow and have it take on a look similar to that of her 'Father Death' costume only instead of a black cloak, The Shadow consists entirely of darkness and can be ordered around by Willow. The shadow for the most part is immune to physical blows and this suits Willow for the most part as it allows the Shadow to absorb hits that might have otherwise been meant for her. This of course does not free her from the possibility of harm however as a crafty enemy with a far enough reach and power can punch through the Shadow and still have enough power behind their blow to reach Willow and inflict damage upon her.

Willow's shadow when it's transformed:

As shown in the picture, the Shadow is capable of wielding and interacting with physical/solid objects such as knives and of course, those who would wish harm upon Willow. It does not need to rely on conventional weaponry however and can shift it's hands into razor sharp claws given Willow's urging to do so. Even blocking doors will do little to stop this monstrosity as it can seep under doors or through cracks like some kind of viscous liquid. The shadow also grows berserk in line with it's master and it's appearance will shift to accommodate that, it's black eyes will glow blood red, it's billowing shadowy mass will boil and bubble(this is however more for cosmetic purposes than actually being boiling hot to the touch)and it's claws will extend. The drawback however is that if Willow gets too angry, she could risk losing control of her Shadow and having it attack both friend _and_ foe.

Father Death/The Shadow also only has a range of 50 feet. Attempting to go beyond that will strain and injure Willow.

Scary night, isn't it?: Although Willow's costume is mostly meant to intimidate and frighten those who cross her path, it also serves a practical function. One of which is that her gloves inhibit and restrain another one of her abilities. If she were to remove her gloves and focus her SOUL into her hands, they adopt a sickly decomposing texture to them, looking as if they're going to rot right off her arms. This isn't just for cosmetics however. If Willow manages to make prolonged contact with an organic enemy(as this technique will not work on machines for example) she can rot their flesh and the effect will linger even after Willow is forced to cease contact. It will only vanish if Willow is either: knocked out/killed. I figured this fit with Willow and the nature of Wrath since putting a slow and very painful effect on your enemy seems very wrathful to me.

Weakness: Though it provides a useful shield against attacking enemies, those with sufficient ranged weaponry can punch through the Shadow and reach Willow on the other side. Also it's really at it's best during the night as sunlight pains the Shadow and burns it the longer it stays in contact with said light. This will obviously leave Willow without much in the way of protection so she mainly tends to use Shadow at night unless there's simply no other choice. As mentioned above, if Willow is to lose her temper, she can risk losing control of The Shadow and will have to calm down to regain control over it. That is hopefully before it inflicts too much damage on her own allies...

Scary night can be quite effective if Willow manages to get her hands on a particularly vital area like the chest or the throat and decompose it. There are major drawbacks however in that if Willow's hands are injured, it'll be a tad difficult to use the power. Scary Night also requires it's user to get in close with the enemy and depending on the enemy in question, this could be a very risky maneuver for little to no payoff.

Personality: (Optional) Although she doesn't say much, Willow has a fire burning deep within her. Having come to terms with who she is as a person, she feels that the 'divinity' which seek to wipe out those and others like her deserve to be horrified and begging for mercy before they're taken down. Hence why she adopts the costume as seen in the pic above, going with black robes, dark sneakers, a surgical mask, and bicycle gloves. She will see the holiest crumble and crash under the weight and power of her blade!

Outside of combat however, Willow often gets so engrossed into the 'character' she's made herself out to be in this fight that it's not a surprise to her anymore that people tend to forget that she identifies as a woman. Hard to tell and all with the ghostfaced costume and all!

Equipment: Seen a Ghost: Although it seems to resemble just a plain hunting knife, Willow can imbue it with SOUL and coat the blade with darkness similar to that which manifests from her Shadow. This is mainly used to extend the length of the knife, allowing her to turn it into a sword or ax depending on how she wishes to have the darkness manifest. If worst comes to worst however, she's not too bad with the knife all on it's own.
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Gender: (Optional) Female
Appearance: Her design is a bit simpler than the picture, less extraneous decorations and stuff. Her hair is also shorter, and she's just a bit younger-looking.
Aspect: Music
Powers: Some Enchanted Evening: Sound waves have a myriad of effects on the thought processes of sentient beings, especially when those beings have already ascribed meaning to said sound waves. In simpler words, songs have power. Jacqueline can manipulate her voice to the point where whatever she sings has a slight hypnotic effect on anyone who hears her (about 20 feet radius?). She can encourage faster cellular regeneration/repair, manipulate emotional responses, even play tricks on people's perception of reality, depending on what she's singing about. Creativity is key.
Screamo: Or if she needs something more immediately weaponized and doesn't have time for an entire song, she can pour extra power into her voice and set off a sonic wave that blasts away everything around her (about 25-30 feet radius). Using this, however, will disable her powers for a short time afterward. Vocal rest, you know?
Weakness: Powers-wise, she doesn't have much control over her Area Of Effect. Anyone who hears her, gets the effect. Also the vocal rest thing. Personality-wise, she's much more of a pacifist than a fighter, and will often hesitate to fight until she absolutely has to. That can cause some problems, I'm sure you can imagine.
Personality: (Optional) You know how Disney Princesses are? How they'll burst into song and show everyone kindness first and exemplify non-toxic femininty? Yeah, that's pretty much Jacqueline. She may have been made for war, but in her heart and SOUL she is an artist above all. It's a dichotomy she sometimes struggles to balance, but hey, every war effort needs some kind of morale.
Equipment: What better weapon for the Aspect of Music than a microphone? Particularly a heavily-reinforced, wired microphone with a stand. It can be used as a microphone (using it with the stand enhances sound radius even further), the stand can be used as a staff/lance type weapon, and the microphone can be thrown by the wire to bludgeon or wrap up enemies. The wire is actually attatched to her arm, being unspooled and respooled by an internal mechanism. She'll usually just hold the microphone, while the staff is attached to a little magnetic clasp on her back.

Hope you like her! I'd like to get into a group RP, and this one intrigued me.
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Name: Ranou
Gender: (Optional) Female

Aspect: Wilpower
Powers: Projection of will: The user is capable of creating tangible objects from energy. from something as simple as a square shield or a platform to something as complex as a fully functional jet engine that does not require fuel. Scientifically they have been proven to be formed from nothing more but resequenced photons that act as if they were matter with real mass. the color of these objects is pink however they all seem to turn red when they're about to break. There are limitations to this however. if the user does not know how a construct works they cannot create it untill they learn every single detail about it and how it works.

Clamps: one or multiple chains with metal like three fingered clamps at their ends. These clamps grip onto their surroundings like buildings trees vehicles and even other people with enough grip to support the users weight and what ever other forces their actions may create.

Launchpad: an 6 inch thick pad created on the ground wall or any other. upon stepping on the pad it will launch the user in a predetermined direction during the creation process which is displayed a nice triangular arrow.

Barrier: a non functional piece like a wall or a transparent barrier. walls would take up the exact physical properties of the material it appears to be made. bricks act like bricks metal acts like metal. the transparent barriers are a bit different as they are a bit hardier than regular glass. These transparent barriers can be created midair for the user or others to walk upon too.

Weapon: The user can create a selection of simpler tools like swords staffs spears polearms scythes and whips.

Weakness: If her willpower falters her constructs begin to loose shape and weaken until they eventually break.

Personality: (Optional) She is a mentally strong and smart girl. Intelligent beyond belief she knows what to do exactly when and appears to be several steps ahead. This intelligence coupled with her unbreakable will no matter the situation proves to be a rather deadly combo.

Equipment: Structure softener. Sounds rather counterintuitive but it can both save a construct and her from impact or allow for creation of whips and soft materials.The structure softener takes the form of a glove.
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Name: Eion
Gender: Male

Aspect: Creativity
Powers: Spark of Creation- Can take and repurpose basic materials and components to create things. As long as he has the parts he can create it.
Recycle, Renew, Reuse- He can take parts, materials, and scrap, and reconstitute it to its basic form before turning it into a part for something he is creating.
Weakness: He can create a great many things with many uses, but occasionally he builds stuff and has no clue what it does, if anything, and every time he creates something he has to let somebody know.
Personality: Eion loves to create things, be it physical things, or creating new relationships and bonds with others. He is very much ADHD, having more energy than he should at odd times and being unable to focus on some things for very long.
Equipment: Omni-Tool- A Proto-plasmatic constructive device that can through the usage of SOUL, create a wide variety of tools in which Eion can use to create his many devices and such. It also functions as a holographic display.