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Main Event Right Hand of the Magic God

Discussion in 'Main Event Archives' started by Ver, Jul 21, 2018.

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  1. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM

    Link to sign-ups.

    "What the World Lacks"


    "So the board is set, and the game has begun. Let us see how these dear humans will contend with someone worthy of the title of a god then."

    Othinus was ready. As were her dubious allies, Dio Brando and Enrico Pucci.

    The question was, was the rest of the multiverse ready?


    "Dear me. Where should I start?"

    Knowhere, the new headquarters of the Coalition for some time, was bustling with activity, moreso than it had seen in quite a long time.

    It had been around a day or so since Kyoko Kirigiri, leader of the Coalition, the most prominent force of multiverse protection, had declared a state of emergency and requested for a multiversal summit between the prominent organizations immediately. For what reason exactly was initially unknown to everyone else, the only reasoning she had given being that she had a great lead on the whereabouts of the evil Revanchist, their elusive enemy that had evaded capture for so long.

    Whatever this so-called lead was supposed to be, it was something she urged -- or even demanded -- that everyone be present for. Such a move would have been considered bold, considering the uncomfortable friction between each organization ever since the civil war, but it seemed as though she believed this was important enough to warrant such a grand meeting.

    Representatives from the United Universes, the "official" governing body of the multiverse for the most part, and ODMA, a relatively new ally that had abruptly risen from the shadows and quickly proven itself to be an efficient asset, were abound, wondering what the buzz could possibly be. And as everyone was gathered into the meeting room of the station with the help of senior Coalition members, an unfamiliar looking blonde man, unaffiliated with any of the organizations it appeared, stood at the front next to Kyoko, along with a small number of other unfamiliar individuals.


    "We've got quite an impressive gang gathered here, haven't we? I wonder if it'll be enough though..." The man let out a light-hearted chuckle that contrasted against the serious mood of the room, not that he cared that much, "None of you know who I am. My name is Ollerus, and I am one who came tragically close to becoming a Magic God."

    With his arms nonchalantly folded behind his back, he shifted his position slightly. "I come to you at this moment because something dire is afoot, so I'll go ahead and skip the pleasantries if it is alright. I understand that you're all at odds with this Revanchist organization, and while I'm loath to ask how it's been going, trying to track them down and take them out, I'm here to tell you that they are on the move. And leading that move are three figures that you should take heed of. One of which is an incomplete Magic God from my world known as Othinus, whose grand power is matched only by her ambition. She, in particular, seeks to complete a mystical artifact called Gungnir, split into two halves. She already has the handle, and I..." Ollerus stopped, before raising the tip of a golden spear in his hand, "... have the other part. If she successfully collects Gungnir, she will become a true Magic God and become just that; a god, far more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

    "But that is not all. Working with her are two men, Dio Brando and Enrico Pucci, both of whom are also as powerful as they are ambitious. They, on top of Gungnir, seek another powerful artifact. A one-of-a-kind object unique to one world. An Arrow that can grant its user unimaginable power... if they prove worthy, that is. This Arrow in particular belongs to my dearest associate. Won't you introduce yourself, Mr. Giovanna?" Ollerus gestured to one of the other unaffiliated parties next to him, a young blonde man that, if no one else, Ben and Schala might find familiar.

    The young man he'd gestured to took a step forward, nodding to Ollerus. "Thank you, Ollerus," he said, looking out at the sea of the individuals before him. "Buongiorno, everyone. My name is Giorno Giovanna. Some of you may recognize me, but for most of you, I am the protector and guardian. . ." Giorno paused as he withdrew an ornate arrow-like artifact from his coat. ". . .of this Arrow."

    "To put it simply, Dio Brando is my father."

    "I will spare you the details as we are pressed for time, but my father is an incredibly manipulative and powerful man, whose legacy persisted long after his death at the hands of Jotaro Kujo. From what I understand, he achieved immense power and immortality by rejecting his humanity centuries before I was born. He terrorized the Joestar family for centuries by influence alone before being killed by Jotaro Kujo. I've already dedicated myself to putting him down personally."

    Abruptly, a tall, stoic man clad in a flowing white coat and hat took a step forward, crossing his arms and sighing. "Good grief. . .he wasn't content with staying dead for long. It's likely DIO's alliance with Othinus won't last long if he can acquire the second piece of Gungnir and Giorno's Arrow."

    ". . .Are you going to introduce yourself?"

    "Oh, right," the man nonchalantly said, looking out at the group himself. "My name is Jotaro Kujo. Like Giorno said, I traveled to Egypt with a group of allies many years ago to stop DIO before he became too powerful for anyone to handle. Back then, DIO had assassins waiting for us everywhere we went. If he and Othinus know that we're coming, they may have goons waiting for us wherever we go."

    Giorno nodded to Jotaro, deciding that there wasn't much else to say. He shot a look to Ollerus and took a step back.

    With a nod, Ollerus continued again. "I shan't go into specifics unless you'd like to ask for them, but needless to say, if our dear villains were to get their hands on both the completed Gungnir and this specific Arrow... It would spell catastrophe for the entire multiverse. Never mind how powerful you think you are, individually or not. If both of these objects fall into the wrong hands, no one can stop them. They could even destroy the multiverse entirely and remake it as they'd like if they felt so inclined. Even as we currently speak, they are aggressively on the move, drawing ever closer to their goal."


    "And right after Great Spirit Verius was snuffed out on Ash too... If these three manage to find the other Great Spirits, then there'll be no natural defense. They'll be able to overwrite the others' power with that much power," Sorey of the Coalition's Exorcist Branch commented with a troubled tone, "Aska and Chronos especially... We need to find those spirits, wherever they are in the multiverse, and ensure their survival!"

    "Indeed," Ollerus nodded, "No doubt that if there's a natural tether that binds the multiverse's stability, they will also be at work to destroy those as well, just to be sure that there will be no interference. Like a disease that actively decides to overcome the body's natural defenses. That's why we must stop these three before they can accomplish what they like."


    "And that's where I come in," another one of Ollerus's unfamiliar associates spoke, holding a similarly smug and relaxed expression despite the grave situation. Holding his chin, the long-haired man went on. "My name is Fiamma of the Right, and believe me, I'm no stranger to these multiversal affairs."

    "Fiamma of the Right?! As in... the mastermind behind the Fiamma Incident?!" Sorey exclaimed in shock.

    "Oh? It appears my endeavors of old have brought me fame across the multiverse. Surely I'll have to ask Carissa about this later," the man laughed lightly, "But worry not. While I may have been wicked once upon a time, as you can see, I am reformed, and working out of the kindness of my heart to help save the multiverse," he said in a tone that was almost too friendly to be true.

    Scratching his head irritably, another associate of Ollerus, a spiky-haired teenager, grunted lightly.


    "For the most part, at least, but let's not... linger on that," the boy said, "As for me, name's Touma Kamijou. I've also been involved in these past events that I guess you people have recorded, so if not these two guys, take my word for it when I say, Othinus and the others are like no one you've ever faced before. This is no laughing matter."

    "If I can speak again..." The man named Fiamma of the Right cut in, "To keep things brief, I alone hold the power to track down Othinus, at least by detecting the great power she exudes. However, the multiverse is... quite a spacious area, after all. Tracking what world she is in will take some time, but it is of utmost importance."


    "It is to this end that while Fiamma of the Right tries pinpointing Othinus's location, I suggest you all convene with each other and get ready. This might be the most important event in the history of the Coalition's operation, so I understand this might be a lot to take in, but it is imperative that you're all ready for this. The multiverse depends on us, here and now," Kyoko, effective leader of the Coalition, advised.

    "If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to bring them to myself and Commander Naegi, or Ollerus and his associates. In the meantime, the Armory is also free to peruse, mostly for those of you who might be unarmed and ill-equipped as you are to handle any enemies. Understood? Once we've managed to track down Othinus, we will immediately reconvene here and the mission will begin. Dismissed for now."

    With that all said, you were free to do as you pleased for now, whether to discuss the situation with anyone else involved, to inquire further about the situation with Kyoko and Commander Makoto Naegi, or with Ollerus and his associates, to step toward the Armory, or do anything, really.

    Use your time wisely.

    Cast List
    @Crow as Ben Tennyson and Max Tennyson (Ben 10)
    @Atomic Knight as Billy Kaplan (Marvel Comics)
    @Krieg as Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
    @Takumi as Chise Hatori and Ruth (The Ancient Magus Bride)
    @Minerva as Cordelia (Fire Emblem)
    @Hood Rat as Diego Brando (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @Gummi Bunnies as Dlanor A. Knox and Willard H. Wright (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni)
    @Hida Tomonatsu as Gaius (Fire Emblem)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Giorno Giovanna and Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @Cromartous as Jiren and Toppo (Dragon Ball)
    @Jeremi as Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @Donder172 as Jordshan Limbdell and M1-4X (Star Wars)
    @Kaykay as Leivinia Birdway (A Certain Magical Index)
    @Yun Lee as Libra and Severa (Fire Emblem)
    @dark as Marcus Wright and Kyle Reese (Terminator)
    @Space_Candy as Markus and Simon (Detroit: Become Human)
    @Alex Azure as Mason Moretti and Macy Moretti (OC)
    @Lucky as Phil Connors and Rita Hanson (Groundhog Day)
    @MelodyMeister as Russia (Hetalia)
    @York as Schala Zeal (Chrono Trigger)
    @Ver as Touma Kamijou (A Certain Magical Index)
    @Josh as Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Comics)
    @Hahli Nuva as Will Vandom (W.I.T.C.H.)

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2 - Story Update - Intermission 1

    Chapter 3 - Intermission 2

    Chapter 4 - Intermission 3 - Dead End

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 6

    Final Chapter

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  2. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    They have been brought here for the purpose of rescuing the multiverse. Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello, two convicts on a mission. Rather unwillingly but hey, can't really do other goals if there's no universe left to do them in. "That purple haired girl looks like a kid." Ermes responded to her friend who was leaning towards the wall with her arms crossed.

    "Whatever, I'm just hearing a whole lot of talking and not much else. Another awesome thing my dad's roped us into." She glared over to where Jotaro was standing. Even when standing this close it felt like there was an ocean between them. "Still, shit's probably going to go down real soon," She responded looking back at Ermes. "You hungry?"

    "Yo, shit yeah I'm hungry!" Ermes responded. "They nabbed us right before lunch! We should go and see if they have anything that you can eat around here."

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver
  3. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    Well, this was certainly a dramatic little meeting they had going on, one that definitely didn't like a place he felt out of place in. Despite his membership within ODMA, the thief couldn't help but feel as he didn't particularly belong in this collection of individuals. Business like this was usually better left up to the Boss or the Doc, and it left him a bit on edge as he rolled a lollipop in his mouth and listened in. Seemed things were finally heating in the multiverse, and the details didn't sound pretty if they were going up against a girl with near-infinite power and an bad attitude, not to mention whatever this Dio character was capable of pulling off.

    And the facts of who was presenting the information only caused the hairs on his neck to stand up further. Even if Padre, Cordelia, and Grump were here, the people they were working with from outside the Coalition seemed rather... well, strange and suspicious, with Ollerus being the guy who caught his eye the most.

    "Hey, Kirigiri, right?"

    Gaius approached once the meeting was adjourned and the commander was free, giving her a wave to get her attention before speaking, "If you don't mind a grunt asking... can we really trust that Ollerus guy? I'm not sure on all the facts regarding what a Magic God is capable of, but something rattles my bones thinking a guy who nearly became one has a piece of that Gungnir thing if it's the main way to snatch up ultimate power."

    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
  4. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    Will took in all the information presented to her.

    She was no stranger to multiversal threats, but the mission on Ash had left her a bit peeved. However, she was grateful that Xehanort gave her a chance to join him and his allies to fight for the greater good. After speaking with HImerish, it was decided that Will would assist her new friends and continue her tenure as Keeper of The Heart.

    This new threat seemed like she would need to use a bit of her vast powers to combat. Will looked at her hand and clenched her fist. She decided to head to the Mess Hall and grab something to eat. She figured she'd need the energy.

    @Ver @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT
  5. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Of all the possible problems the Multiverse could face, Libra had never expected one so dangerous. Othinus, Dio, and Pucci put every other villain and Multiversal threat to shame, just by the gravity of their powers. Ever since his time battling against Dracula and Felix Faust in what was eventually dubbed the Faust Incident, Libra had taken it upon himself to fully reintegrate himself into everything he could in regards to his position as a member of the Coalition. Being on Ash, as important as his work there was, it kept him isolated from all else going on within the Multiverse. He learned of an incident known as the Coalition Civil War, which brought shame upon this organization once multiple scandals were brought to light. Other unusual events like the one he had been dragged into continued on, as well. A Murder Game ran by the true mastermind of the Ghirahim Incident kept secret from the rest of the Multiverse...a Coalition member putting multiple members, including their leader, in danger due to the influence of a little girl named Eveline...and many, many more. It was all so daunting, what was going on, and now, to be faced with a threat such as this?

    Slipping out of the meeting room, Libra would find himself a small corner to kneel at. In times like these, it was always a good idea to pray...at least, for him, anyways. Even if far away from Ylisse, Libra was certain hisprayers could reach Naga wherever he was, and that her protection could reach him, too. So that was what he was currently doing, taking a brief moment to himself for prayer.

    It had been a while since Cordelia had seen Libra. They had gone their separate ways, with Cordelia working as a Peacekeeper for the UN, and Libra working as a medic for the Coalition. They occasionally saw each other, but not enough to talk extensively. The Multiverse moved on and business still had to be done, after all.

    That was until they had been summoned to a Multiversal Peace Summit.

    She was there as a guard for a Security Council Representative.

    She entered the room quietly, so as not to disturb Libra’s prayers. She took a seat next to him and began praying herself, which wassomething she hadn’t done in a while.

    Only briefly aware that he had been joined by someone, Libra wouldn't look to see who it was until he had finished his prayer. Once he did, he noticed the familiar red hair, and remained quiet until Cordelia finished praying, as well. "It's nice to see you again, Cordelia." He smiled at the fellow Shepherd, but it was clear he wasn't happy. "I do wish it was at a less dire time."

    If he had a dollar for every tine he said that...

    Cordelia finished praying, stood up, and looked at Libra. “It’s nice to see you again as well, Libra. I hope you have been well.” The moment was tense because of the reason they were there. “Multiverse just gets crazier and crazier, huh?”

    "Well...I've been, certainly. Naga looks out for me wherever I go." He could spare her details of the Faust Incident for now. "And indeed, we never seem to have a moment of peace...how have you been, Cordelia?"

    Cordelia nodded. “I’ve been well, the UN has kept me busy, sent me lots of places. A Peacekeeper’s work is never done.” she went quiet for a second. “In a way, it reminds me of the old days, only, no one else is there.” she gave a slight frown.

    “It was nice seeing you, I hope we get more time to talk.” she said, preparing to leave the room.

    "Likewise. Take care," Libra said, smiling as Cordelia took off. As for himself...Libra would head to the Armory in order to find a useful weapon or two. As long as an axe was on hand he could use, he could keep his staff at the ready. You never knew when you needed a healer.

    @Ver @Atomic Knight @Minerva @Takumi
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  6. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    In the back of the room, Wanda, the Scarlet witch felt like and colony inside of a nation among the group. On the outside of the look of things; of course she belonged here. She wouldn't be invited unless they need her. On the inside, however she felt like an outsider. After recent events she shocked by the coalition's protection of her by other groups. So, in her eyes, when she was cut from being "an insider " in the group, she couldn't blame them. Cosmo hadn't looked her in the eyes for months, others avoid her. She couldn't blame them. Much like her powers, it seem she just drew chaos in her wake.

    So on the outside of the group she watch, in her normal work attire; corset, Cape, her name shake color clear the see and a slight worried look on her face.

    @Jeremi @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ver @Yun Lee
  7. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM


    Jeez, wasn't this annoying. All Severa had wanted to do was find her mother and save the future from Grima, but of course she managed to screw that up royally, winding up in some podunk town called Avalon. The only way out was to sign up for this United Universes or whatever, which she did. But now, there was an even BIGGER problem than even Grima! Gods! Why couldn't anything ever be easy?! Just once she would love to take on someone who wanted to give everyone bad haircuts, or steal everyone's left shoes, or SOMETHING that wasn't going to destroy everything!

    Drumming her fingers on the table, she noticed a woman in a weird red getup. This Multiverse or whatever had the weirdest people... "Is this normal, fighting giant threats like this? Or are you new here, like me?"

  8. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies For My Sake The Convergence Series GM

    -Dlanor & Willard Prologue-
    "Loose Thoughts"

    A knock on the door snapped Dlanor from her pile of paperwork. Due to her involvement with a mission located at Ash, she was fairly behind with her work for the Metaworld, not even counting the fact that she had much more to handle for the Coalition. She was aware of the amount of work being given to her from both organizations, but she showed now exhaustion when it came to the job. It was her duty, and there was no changing it. Dlanor A. Knox was solely made for these purposes.

    ❝ Come IN. ❞ The inquisitor of the Eiserne Jungfrau spoke up, straightening out her paperwork and putting it aside. There was no need for such tedious paperwork when possible information of importance was to be presented soon by whoever was at the door. Moments after her bland voice gave the approval to enter her office within the Great Court of Heaven, a former yet fellow detective stepped into the room.

    ❝ Mind if I relay several things with you, Dlanor? ❞ Willard H. Wright asked once he closed the door behind him. Unlike most of the other operatives under the Great Court, she didn't mind that he spoke to her in a casual manner. No honorifics. No formalities. It was like they talked to each other like close friends. Figuring that they used to work together on several missions, it was only natural. Even after Willard had resigned from his position in the SSVD. Casually taking a seat from the other side of the desk, Dlanor merely nodded at his question.

    ❝ Well, the first thing that I wish to speak with you about is the involvement that the Metaworld has with the rest of the multiverse. I figured that you were more informed on such matters, considering your connection with the Coalition. ❞ He opened up with this point, waiting for her response. Dlanor was aware that this was possibly out of personal interest and concern, factoring in his freelance status with the Great Court. It was no doubt that Willard had these concerns upon these matters, day by day the happenings of the multiverse were becoming more and more apparent.

    ❝ Yes, go AHEAD. ❞ Dlanor plainly stated, allowing for him to go on.

    ❝ I'm sure you're aware of the status of the new Witch of Miracles. That she, Lapis, just so happens to be heavily involved with those multiverse incidents. Going as far as taking the Witch of Certainty Lambdadelta to one of these fragments for their own personal agenda. Is it... fine to let them do what they are doing? ❞ This topic was to be expected, Dlanor knew that much. Word goes around in the Metaworld about this new Witch and her nature to go about in such a manner.

    ❝ Let it be known that Lady Erika has done the SAME. In addition, they both are classified as Voyager Witches, it is in their ability and nature to do SO. ❞

    ❝ But that is what Erika has told you and what your occupation as an inquisitor tells you. I'm asking for your own words on this piece of news. ❞ Willard didn't exactly like what her answer was, especially when this was more of a personal conversation and not one of business. Just the notion for her own opinion left a surprised look on Dlanor's face. It wasn't so often that she would be put on the spot like this, and it wasn't like her to decline an answer when asked.

    ❝ ... I think that what they are doing is JUSTIFIED. When it first came to the multiverse incidents bleeding into the Metaworld, no one proposed to prevent such a problem from HAPPENING. Lady Bernkastel did nothing more but to make those matters WORSE. So my answer is that... Lady Lapis and Lady Lambdadelta are doing what is best for EVERYONE. ❞ Dlanor explained her honest thoughts on the matter, letting Willard dwell on those words.

    ❝ I see. Most other Metaworld residents have said otherwise, that's why I asked you. Being the successor of Bernkastel does leave off a bad impression to the populace. Just about everyone knows what occurred with the last Game, and most knew about Bernkastel's involvement in it. Many others had the same thoughts when Lapis was said to be her successor. ❞ Willard explained the most he knew about the situation initially. Though, he must've taken Dlanor's words well, easing away from the supposedly tense expectations that the Metaworld already had for Lapis.

    Away from that, the next topic at hand came around.

    ❝ Secondly and lastly, Dlanor, are you planning to head out for the Coalition? ❞ Willard asked her as if confirming this detail.

    ❝ AFFIRMATIVE. Judging from an earlier exploration mission with the Coalition, I find it wise to continue work over there if these multiverse incidents continue to OCCUR. ... is it wrong to deduce that you- ❞

    ❝ Wish to accompany you this time around? I see it as nothing more than an efficient method in the case of an emergency. ❞ He finished her question for her, going as far as answering that same question within the same breath.

    Unfortunately, they couldn't press onto the matter as another person knocked onto the office door, and soon a frantic assistant came in to deliver the message that a Multiversal Peace Summit was declared not too long ago.

    ❝ ... Willard, we need to GO. ❞ Dlanor immediately settled on the fact that she was going to let him come along. The latter followed her with silence, he had a feeling that something like this would come around after all the gathered reports circulating back to the Metaworld.

    The briefing was just about right on relaying how serious this was. It's only a surprise that the Metaworld Senate never caught onto this. If this Othinus was allowed to obtain such power, even Witches would have a difficult time dealing with this threat, let alone Witch Hunters like Dlanor and Willard.

    This all clicked in Dlanor's head by the time the briefing was concluded, but of course, Willard had little to no reference point being a fairly new addition to these matters.


    ❝ This may sound like a stretch to consider, but is it possible to effectively... destroy the Gungnir part you possess? ❞ Willard felt like he already knew the answer to this, but inquired on this possibility at Ollerus. All while Dlanor stood next to him, remaining silent.

  9. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    "Normal? It is'nt our first time, so I won't call it uncommon, and yes. Ive been a member of the Coalition for sometime now. However, I've been In this line of work longer. You see, I've been involved in stopping threats like this for most my adult life. The novelty of world ending events for me wore off years ago. It's just another week day now"

    Wanda spoke her word softly and almost detached like. ​
  10. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    So normal that you sound bored just talking about it... Severa noted mentally. Or maybe it was something else? She didn't know. "So...this is just business as usual, huh? Jeez, these kinds of guys seem to pop up everywhere, don't they..." What a pain. But if this was something this lady was used to, then it couldn't be THAT bad...she hoped. Severa couldn't help it, and sure as Hell wouldn't admit it, but she was a bit nervous about what this mission entailed. Her mother and so many others in her world perished under Grima alone...what could that level of carnage do to every world? "What's your name, anyway?" A good question to distract from the uneasiness gnawing in her gut.

  11. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    "Indeed, even I can't deny that it can seem a bit dubious from one point of view," Kyoko admitted with a nod toward Gaius, "But he's provided a hefty amount of useful information since he came into contact with us. Still, I crossed referenced with Carissa from the M.E.U. -- since it turns out he hails from the same universe as her -- and it would seem he is a trustworthy one based on what she was able to find out, so we'd have to take their word for it," she said, placing a hand on her hip.

    "I also cross-referenced the Kamijou boy and it turned out, as he said, he's been involved with incidents in the past before. Character reports indicate that he's an altruistic-to-a-fault kind of heroic aspiration, the kind of earnest hero you could find in any world. Seems like there's quite a lot of people like that in the multiverse, but... I suppose that's not such a bad thing, is it?"

    "Regardless, your apprehension is understandable, but he's assured me that if it helps build trust, he would be willing to leave his piece of Gungnir with us while he travels with the rest of you to find Othinus, DIO, and Pucci, if nothing else," she answered.

    @Hida Tomonatsu

    As Ollerus was approached by Willard, the blonde man shook his head. "If only it were that simple, hmm? But no, that would not be to our benefit. It cannot be conventionally destroyed, at least when they're separated like this; only when they are gathered together, and even then, the only one who would be able to destroy it would be someone who could dispel the magic emanating from it," he explained, before gesturing toward Touma, "And that is why the boy is here. His power, the Imagine Breaker, is the only power that can do it. I guarantee you, no other attempt of magic negation will be effective."


    "Yeah... That's me..." Touma said with a soft chuckle, before giving Willard and Dlanor a (somewhat awkward) wave, "Hello and all that."

    @Gummi Bunnies
  12. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM

    The Knowhere Armory, heavily modified from what it once was in order to compensate for the Coalition's needs, was vast and provided anyone who came there with whatever they might need. Any sort of long-ranged weapon (normal guns, laser guns, bows) or physical weapons (knives, axes, swords, clubs, and so on, some blessed with the power of magic or modified by science) were available. Whatever anyone would have liked was there.

    At the armory, one of the administrative Coalition members, Doppo Kunikida, stood around, crossing his arms and restlessly tapping his feet against the ground.


    "What a pain... I had my whole schedule for the day planned out since two days ago, and now this business with Othinus and the rest of the Revanchist had to muck it all up," Doppo grunted, eyeing Libra as the man came into view, "But I suppose that is the sacrifice of service. This all sounds like quite a daunting mission, but they had to come out sooner or later. Are you ready for something like this, Libra?"

    @Yun Lee
  13. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "I doubt anyone could be truly ready for a mission of this caliber," Libra replied, looking over the weaponry. "But I trust those here to do whatever it takes to stop Othinus and her associates."

    As his primary role was that of a healer, he wasn't too well-versed in weapons, save for axes. He had been training some since his bout with Dracula, so he was mpre proficient in weaponry...though he hoped the times he would need to cut someone down would be kept to a minimum.

    Ultimately, Libra found what he was looking for: a weapon from his own world, one blessed with the magic of electricity as well as sheer force.


    The Bolt Axe.

    Taking the weapon into his hands, Libra felt not just its weight, but the weight of their situation. "I beg your pardon, Doppo...but do you happen to know anything about these three we're dealing with? I recall the names of the latter two while researching the Witch's Game...but nothing more than that."

  14. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    Gaius hummed with apprehension as the young commander explained her own misgivings, though a certain part of him was calmed. Seemed he wasn't the only one thinking about this stuff, and thankfully, it was someone high enough up in authority to do something about it. "Heh, nice to know someone high-up is doing their research," The thief replied with a smile as he pulled out the stick of his sucker and flicked it into the nearest trash bin before focusing again, "As long as you trust him, guess I can go along with it. As for the kid..."

    He shrugged at the description she gave based on the research she had done, "Well, as long as his altruism doesn't get him in over his head. Bad to see your friends get hurt, worse to get yourself killed trying to help when you're not needed. Anyways, Chief, sorry for bugging ya with my worries."

  15. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT The Ultimate Hope

    So this was the culmination.

    Jotaro Kujo sighed.


    The heavy, dreadful atmosphere of the meeting chamber was palpable. It seemed as if the individuals gathered here with their own agendas and affiliations all found themselves at the mercy of a terrible fate. Jotaro couldn't comprehend that such a network of different organizations could communicate so easily across different realities, considering how wild and disorganized everything felt during the Gotham incident many years ago - for him, anyway. It's hard to even trust in the power of time anymore, considering how easily it is move in and beyond space and time with the power that many of the people here have.

    Jotaro found it more annoying than anything else. A pain in his ass, and nothing more. He'd be willing to go through just about any combination of realities and universes if it meant he'd be there to put DIO down once again. In a way, it felt like he got what he wanted; a break from his mundane civilian life after Egypt and Morioh. As he grew older and wiser, the idea of going off on big trips became less appealing, but. . .there was more to this journey than just putting DIO down.

    With all of this happening. . .was this what she meant?

    ". . ."

    Jotaro's thought was interrupted as his gaze caught Jolyne's venomous glare before she walked off with Ermes to go look for food. The stoic father said nothing. He just shook his head and turned his attention to something else.

    That ocean of stone between the two was vast and unbreakable.


    "If I may. . ." a suave, Italian-laden voice intruded in the conversation, heralding the appearance of the blonde-haired young man who had introduced himself as Giorno Giovanna. "Ollerus might seem bizarre from the way he talks, but he did save my life from an old enemy of mine that my father and Othinus had sent to my universe to retrieve the Arrow. He had every opportunity to take the Arrow for himself while I was most vulnerable, but didn't take the shot."

    "I believe there is some 'truth' in his actions. It's best to hold on to what little truth there is in times like this."

    The boss' words sounded as if they carried a hefty amount of history behind them. As if he remembered his reason for coming over here, Giorno looked to the lavender-haired woman standing next to him. "You must be. . .Kyoko Kirigiri, correct?"

    @Ver @Hida Tomonatsu
  16. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Makoto Naegi was no stranger to these kinds of intense Coalition strategy meetings. Everything they did from here on out was critical to the success of their organization, though Makoto believed utterly in the capabilities of the allies around him. Though they had come close in the past, the Coalition had yet to lose a fight, whether that fight was against the Arch Demon, Umbrella, or now the Revanchist. The Coalition had known about the looming threat the Revanchist posed for a very long time now and he could not imagine they could be more prepared for the fight ahead.

    Still, recent events had caused an unbelievable amount of tension among members of all the groups present. If anything could cause a problem, that was it. There was also the matter of their forces currently being divided, but it was wholly necessary if they wanted to make sure the Revanchist didn't accomplish anything they may have had in mind.

    Makoto figured that there was no better time to start fixing things than now, considering the insurmountable danger ahead. He made his way over to Wanda Maximoff, who was currently talking to a girl he was not quite familiar with. He let out a heavy breath and gave the Scarlet Witch a small wave.


    "Wanda... it's good to see you!" He cleared his throat, unsure how to say this around the younger girl. "We haven't talked since..."

    @Josh @Yun Lee
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  17. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    "It's no bother. I understand that it's asking a lot to just trust in these three people nearly out of nowhere, but this is our first lead in quite a while on the whereabouts on the Revanchist, and it's a gambit I'm willing to play," Kyoko simply nodded to Gaius.

    When Giorno approached as well and gave in his two cents, before asking to affirm her identity, the young leader confirmed it so. "Giorno Giovanna, yes? Seems like you have your own history with interdimensional incidents. What can I do for you then?"

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Hida Tomonatsu
  18. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    "Yes, it's interesting, isn't it? Both of them were evidently involved in such an event, but little could be said about what they did there... other than that they made enemies with some Izayoi boy, whom they killed later on. His body was found shortly after the Fall of Elliot, as if they were right there all that time. Scary, aren't they?" Doppo said in response to Libra, adjusting his glasses, "It's a shame that we can't call upon Dlanor's friends from her home world if that's the case; it would probably take too long to get into contact with them," he sighed.

    @Yun Lee
  19. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    「Alien Ant Farm」
    (Collab between @Minerva & @Crow)

    "Security summit Schmecurity schmummit. Why does Grandpa Max think I, of all people, would be good at these things? I'm the kicker of butts, not the... I don't know... summiter of security. It's like that time he told me to calm the town down during the Incursean Invasion and they threw random things at me!"

    Ben was looking through his business suits in his closets as he conversed with Astolfo.

    "I don't even know why I have these. I don't think I ever needed one. Not until now, that is."

    Astolfo appeared behind Ben and happily gave the boy a wink. He placed his hand on his shoulder. "Do not despair." He said in his usually chipper tone.


    "I took the liberty of buying you some new suits, mon frer." He said happily. "It never hurts to be formal just in case, non? And the 'Kicker of Butts' can still be formal, just kick them fashionably."

    "I'm not sure how that's supposed to work, but I'm gonna guess that I do it my usual way but with a suit," Ben replies, "thanks Astolfo. Don't know what I'd do without you."

    Ben wraps his regular outfit with his own suit. He then looks at the mirror - where his outfit, with a tie, was all complete.

    "I'm still a bit unsure if this suits me. What do you think, Astolfo?"

    "I think it's magnifique! Spectacular! Well, I won't interrupt your changing session. Have fun~!"

    As Astolfo exited, another voice sounded.

    "Ben! We're going to be late!"

    The meeting proceeds. Before it, Ben Tennyson awkwardly waves towards some familiar faces, particularly Mason Moretti & the Priest Libra.

    A hand was placed on him - the right hand of his grandpa, the one he calls Grandpa Max.

    "Ben, we can do that later. I don't think the atmosphere's right for a formal reunion."

    The end of the meeting came.

    "Dio Brando's name... and Giorno's presence here... I think there are other Stand Users here. Grandpa, I'll be doing a bit of snooping about."

    Ben decides to approach Jotaro. Plus, since it was the buffet table, he thought he'd meet some of his friends who were hanging around - Schala, Mason and the like.

    "It's been a while, Kujo Jotaro, both for you and for me," Ben says with a stern face, but the action of gathering an excessive amount of food on his plate seemed a bit contradictory to his face.

    Ben seemed to feel a bit too stiff, not because the guy before him punched him as Feedback seven years ago - lots of people did that, actually.

    But rather, the contents of this meeting.

    "Seeing that you & Giorno are here, I assume that other Stand Users are here from Ollerus' faction, am I correct?"


    Max decided to approach Kyoko.

    "Ms Kirigiri, Magister Maxwell Tennyson here," the elderly-looking man says, then turns to Giorno for a bit, then looks back, "you seem to be a bit unsure about the new affiliates. I take it that information on some of them is a bit hard to find? You seem to have a some trust in a good half or quarter of them, at the very least."


    @Alex Azure @Yun Lee @Cromartous @York @Jeremi @etcetcetc​
  20. Hahli Nuva

    Hahli Nuva "My resolve will never falter!"

    Wil had finished her meal, and now went over to the armory to find a weapon. She didn't really need weapons, but she could channel her energy through one to make it as strong as she was.

    She noticed Libra and another young man conversing, and decided to walk over and see what they were up to. Did they know about the mission?

    "Hey. You guys ready for this mission? I hear it's going to be interesting."

    @Ver @Yun Lee
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