Knight in Shoddy Armor
Nevarro is a supercontinent, a colossal mass of land with rivers and streams running through it like pulsing blue veins. It is surrounded by the vast ocean, which stretches far over the horizon, uncharted and daunting. The land is rife with fantastical creatures of all shapes and sizes, marvels to behold.

But where there was beauty in Nevarro, there was also corruption. Marauders, predatory beasts, and ruinous powers wielded by evil sorcerers sought to impose their will upon the land. The kingdom of Vandor, home to humanity, was besieged on all sides by these dark forces. Within a year, humanity was steadily pushed further inland by the invaders and all hope was beginning to wane.

Then the Templars came. The greatest warriors of mankind, the Templars were instrumental in beating back the forces of evil and remained the guardians to humanity. Though their origin is largely shrouded in mystery, many have come to believe they were powerful, pure warriors bestowed great powers by an ancient wizard. Their feats and skills became legendary, stories told to children of how the Templars would vanquish evil at every turn. Years past and eventually, the Templars faded from memory. Yet, their power still exists, ready to be bestowed upon successors when the time comes for heroes to rise again. That day is fast approaching, as the forces of darkness are preparing to return, and humanity's survival may hinge on a new generation of Templars.

Notes and Guidelines
As you can probably tell, this may have some similar concepts to other properties you've seen, and you would be right! I took a good bit of inspiration from things like Power Rangers, Bionicle, and Destiny, where I looked at the core concept, a small team heroes that vanquish evil, and gave it a new spin. This is very much an action/adventure type of roleplay and it is also my first group roleplay.

To keep things relatively controlled, I will only take about two people, maybe three if the need arises. Basically, you will be playing a heroic knight that takes on the responsibility of defending the realm as a Templar.

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No, not that kind of knight! Although, I suppose the armor looks nice... :emoji_hushed:

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That's... closer to what I had in mind. :p

Anyway, to become a Templar, your character will require some great quality, like willpower and determination, a pure heart, or a sense of justice. Positive traits would make them worthy of being Templars. The Templars will face all kinds of threats in their journey, but there will be an overarching threat that acts as the big bad of the story. If you are interested in joining and learning a little more, you can either comment below or message me directly. I am in the midst of finals, but know that they end on Tuesday, May 5th. So, I will decide in how many people may enter.

For the sake of those who wish to join, we will have, let's say, three Templars to start. If I only get two, I can easily play the third myself. If I get three, then I can play the role of the mentor figure only and keep the plot going. I'm honestly fine with either. Now, there are some rules to establish.
  1. I must request that you be able to write a paragraph at the very least. That usually entails three to five sentences. I'm not a huge stickler for writing dozens of paragraphs, but I think three to five sentences is a good minimum to write some material that your fellow players and I can work with.
  2. I have a plot in mind and am in the midst of developing characters, so I kindly request that you do not godmod or make your character an overpowered champion that never gets hit, or has no flaw of some kind. Everyone has some kind of flaw, be it mental, emotional, or otherwise. Character development has to happen and there's nothing more satisfying than your character overcoming their personal struggles and becoming a better person for it!
  3. This sounds obvious, but there's going to be a good degree of action going on, so I think it stands to reason that you will have to be comfortable writing action sequences. After all, that's part of the fun!
  4. The Templars are composed of heroic people only, so there will be no token evil teammates. As in, no villains. Can you make someone abrasive and a bit of a jerk, or cold and distant? Sure! But they have to possess some positive traits to balance it out and make people remember why they were chosen to be a Templar in the first place. Maybe they're extremely abrasive because they lost a lot of comrades in the army and have trouble connecting with others, but ultimately will stand by them when it counts. Something like that.
  5. The Templars are currently comprised of humans only. This may become a plot point down the road, but know that for the time being, humans are the only ones who make up the Templar ranks.
  6. A story without stakes is a boring story. The Templars may be considered superheroes by most, but even they struggle to take down foes, so there will be times where I must sell the threat of a villain to ensure there's tension, and that may mean your folks are going to get knocked around a bit. Just a forewarning!
Alright, still interested in saving the realm? Great! I will provide you a character sheet template. You may fill it out and either post it below or PM it to me directly. I will give you basic information I am looking for, but if you have any other information you want add, please do so!

Image: Basically, give me an image of what they look like!
Title(s): Do they have some fancy/awesome title, i.e. William the Conqueror, or Joan of Arc?
Age: The range is going to be somewhere between their twenties and thirties.
Occupation: Are they a knight? A good-hearted thief? A noble? Part of a royal family?
Background: What's their story? How did they grow up? Were they in the army? Were they a thief trying to give to the poor? Were they a noble who wanted to do some good with their wealth?
Personality: I think this is self-explanatory. What are they like? What would you say is their best trait?

Filling this out will give me a good idea of what powers to bestow your character when the time comes to make them Templars. These are the bare minimum requirements, but if you wish to add more, then by all means! If I have any questions about your character, I will ask! And if you have any questions about this project, let me know as soon as possible and I'll get back to you!