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Roleplaying Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Writer's Circle' started by Arthro, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Beebasaur

    Beebasaur Persistent Drone

    I hate it when people do really short posts that basically do nothing to help the story move along, and you end up the only one putting any effort into it. Like @Emory and @Queen of Roses I hate it when people will just start roleplaying in first person without telling anyone else they are going to do it, and when everyone else is roleplaying in third person. It can just be a pain to read. As a side note I have actually had several roleplays where the other person insisted on writing in second person, I have had this happen several times. I mean seriously how popular is Second person for writing anyway.
    Emory likes this.
  2. I believe that most of your concerns and the other issues mentioned by the other posters on this thread; basically comes down to the (Partnership).
    A well established partnership rarely....if ever.....has to deal with these types of problematic issues. But with people that do not know each other at all....and try to come together to tell a story, the problem generally stems from a lack of mutual respect, trust and oftentimes, proper communication.
    With a well established partnership things like "Posting expectations-character interactions....battle wins vs losses....a characters demise for the sake of a plot...etc, etc; are things that are discussed and agreed upon, in a mature fashion, before hand. So the effort is not a futile one....but collaborative. Whereas, new partnerships tend to suffer from (Two individuals) that are completely on the opposite side of the spectrum. Nothing productive will ever come from that. With a trusted partner....there would be no problem allowing one's character to die in a (Story plot); no one's ego would prevent them from being able to achieve there creative aims.

    Characters like "DoomsDay---Darkseid---Thanos---Superman....etc...etc, could all be a part of a role play with (mature partners) and that with few, if any issues at all. But outside of that spectrum....it could never work. And the characters themselves would be blamed.

    That has at least been my experience.
    Beebasaur likes this.
  3. Steely

    Steely Tactical Imbecile

    I heavily agree with you on this matter. As much of a mood killer as it might be to just plan things out (Specially with battles and such) if they involve both characters in the play, it completely keeps it from devolving into an immature endurance test of who can dodge more or hit harder in their attempts to desperately win the fight. So usually, when a RP I'm in involves any sort of violent conflict between my character and my partner's character, I always ask beforehand for a defined victor. It's like setting up the foundations of a house; from then on, a ton can happen. After all, not all victories are crushing, definite ones. Perhaps someone won a duel but at the cost of a severe wound, or staining their otherwise goody-two-shoes reputation by using a more dirty method.
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  4. Wise and very talented writer with the exceptional super power of preparation, and detail. Creativity as well. We're agreed.
  5. Doe

    Doe New Member

    When I'm plotting with someone and I've just laid out a few good ideas, and their only response is "sure lol". That drives me nuts. I can't stand first person either. It pulls me out of the story.
  6. Laurel

    Laurel New Member

    My two biggest pet peeves are tone inconsistency/outright ignoring any tone in the scene, and short posts.

    In regards to the first, I’ve roleplayed with some people that just... outright decided to ignore the gravity of their actions? For an example, someone wrote a mass murder scene. Really gruesome, bodies and blood everywhere. And then they moved on as if nothing had happened. I don’t know if it’s really a huge thing to anyone else, but it kind of drove me nuts how nonchalant it was. Where’s the drama? What thoughts were going through the character’s head? What was the motive? None of that was present, it was just a murder spree.

    And I know the second has already been addressed multiple times but good lord I get really annoyed when I put something about this being a semi literate to literate rp in the description and someone comes along and writes two or three sentences. I get writers block, but it just makes a part of me die whenever it happens. Especially when the person in question leaves for days at a time and then suddenly comes back with the same length replies. I dunno, just makes me feel like I’m putting in a lot of effort for little to no payoff.
    Chris Lang likes this.
  7. Chris Lang

    Chris Lang Active Member

    I might have mentioned it elsewhere, but another pet peeve is when someone is trying to paint a dark, dramatic picture, and then ruins it by making a reference to an Internet meme or an infamous Internet site.

    For example, one forum-based RPG I was a part of had the host describing the scene of a brutal vehicular homicide as a gruesome scene, but said it was reminiscent of something seen on an infamous Internet 'shock site'. That reference was jarring, inconsistent with the overall tone of that post, and pretty much wrecked the mood it was trying to establish.
  8. I don't like it when roleplayers ignore my characters when I'm trying to interact with theirs.

    On another RP website, there was an RP forum that I got approved for that had 6 to 8 other characters participating. I loved the plot for it and wanted to be a part of it. Most of the other roleplayers knew each other beforehand, but I was fine with that. After character introductions, nobody really interacted with my character and if they did, it would be two to four sentences of interaction. When they interacted with each other, it would be a paragraph or two of interaction. I was pissed and also hurt for a bit. Then I left the forum completely. I didn't like being excluded like that.
  9. iriswest

    iriswest Walking mess

    I honestly lose it when we're plotting and they say "anything you want is good" or "sure we can do that, I'll follow your lead". Like please no, I love it when we both and discuss together, if not I feel like the other person isn't enjoy it.
    Blue winter rose likes this.

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