Returning User RPing in my free time


The Crazy Cat Lady
I miss RP, but Lobos & My life has held many chaotic forces unraveling around & within us. I work part-time plus am full-time in College for IT, taking 4 classes plus 2 mandatory lab classes for a total of 6 classes.

I would like to RP again, I always enjoyed playing our my characters, but i will admit I am not sure quite where to pick up the pieces of my lack of RPing since my absence has been quite profound.

I tend to be very intermittent on my visits to the site & RPing, not intentionally, just life. Typical. But I hope to jump back in. Feel free to msg me if you find a character you'd like to RP with.

You can use this hyper link to view my characters.

Characters tied in specific locations:
Talyria, Alika, Klaira are tied to Lutetia.
Krylene & Shryna are tied to the Dominion Republic.
Lylend typical ventures into the Penance Tavern in the Undermarket near her Boyfriend Jegun & the Judicarius group. She is a member of the Judicarius.