The Evrensel Conflict Rule Olvania -- An Evrensel Conquest

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"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
-- Karl Marx

In a far off land, in a time of medieval warfare, where the kings ruled and knights enforced their will, there was a small little village in the middle of nowhere. The land? Tamriel. More specifically, Cyrodiil. The world was Nirn, home to the infamous Elder Scrolls, Daedra gods, monsters and creatures of all kinds, and a variety of different human and humanoid species. It was world of fantasy for sure, one that was usually plagued by war, either of civil war, dragons, Daedra invasions or even men wishing to exact power from unorthodox methods. It is a truly unique world.

But it holds many magical artifacts. One of which, a certain someone wanted. See, in this village, in an inn of no real importance, a conversation was happening between two people, which was quickly getting out of hand, as someone had an item that another person had. This person wasn't in the inn, but someone knew where this certain person was. And, to make a long story short, several gunshots went off in the inn. The door to the inside flew open, and someone came stumbling out, holding his waist in pain.

He looked ready to collapse, as he gasped fore breath and put his hand out for help. But then a sword went through the back of his throat and came out the other end, quickly killing the man. Inside the inn was a massacare, as everyone inside was shot to death. Standing in the doorway was the murderer himself, a blonde haired, blue eyed, handsome young man, wearing armor of some kind while wielding both a samurai sword, and a Mauser pistol. He didn't seem phased by him killing everyone inside.​
Alvira watched the scene take place with amusement and excitement. Like most people, she was searching for something, she and Ben had spent a long time searching for a particular person and at times her patience wore thin. So it was moments like these when the violence took over that she could relish her new found freedom and be herself. Alvira enjoyed hurting others, watching people suffer in pain was something she got a great deal of satisfaction from, it showed that she could make people feel the pain that she experienced at the hands of people throughout her life.

In fact, there was no one left for Alvira to harm, they had all disappeared from her life in some form, except for Ben, but although he had probably hurt her more than most, he was the only one who didn't get the wrath of Alvira's revenge. In fact, there was a lot he had gotten away with that others had suffered the consequences for. It was sick and unhealthy but it kept the girl satisfied.
So it was here in the inn that she watched her lover dispatch several people, it was something they had grown used to but then if people had just told them what they wanted to know, they probably wouldn't have been killed . . . actually no they probably would have still been killed.

She stood and moved to the doorway as Ben stabbed a man through his throat, she placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled "I'm starting to feel jealous that I can't take part, sooner we get what we're after, the better"
"You could've taken that Walter I offered you," Ben remarked, wiping off the blood from the sword by flipping it over, squeezing it between his inner elbow, and pushing it backwards so the blood was caught in the fabric of his armor. Vira wore. He liked the armor choice, it was something like a commander would wear, though he still wasn't happy she went into combat without any type of weaponry. Ben had several on him for both close range and distant targets, while she carried very little and made him ever so anxious. Perhaps she just liked how he was so protective of her if they were in battle, while the bar fight happened, he did all the work while she sat there to watch.

Their job was simple, find a guy who knew the location of some old ruins here in Cyrodiil. In those ruins laid a fragment of a formerly dead god, with a small portion of his power crystallized. As you might imagine, that's a big thing to want to find, and Alvira wasn't clueless on why he wanted it. The coup. Their current place of resident was 'Guerra Continue,' a name given to it by Ben's father. There, Ben was the army chief of staff of the Olvanian army, Olvania being a dictatorship country of two planets. One was a civilized world where the rich lived, another was more for workers to live and work on, with work conditions in the toilet. A good comparison to be made of it was the Soviet Union, as the current leader, Cassandra Van Duiji, ruled with a iron fist, and had the paranoid mind of a Joseph Stalin.

The cracks in the government were there, but Ben wanted to break the dam and flood the city with 'revolution.' This crystal was the best way to go about it. "C'mon, let's go." Ben told her, signalling Vira to move out. As for their relationship, Ben saw it as the opposite. Open relationship, they were fine as a couple, and while they had their fights, Ben believed it was normal...... Well, as normal as a man who constantly flirts with men and women he wishes to fuck, owns a sex cult at home, and is currently wearing a collar around his neck with the tag having Alvira's name on it.

As best a relationship anyone could have. But really, the man was happy, he loved his girlfriend and had a strange way of showing it, enough that she herself would know it. But he certainly didn't make it easy, oblivious to her feelings of his rather constant, for lack of a better word, cheating. As they walked across the streets though, with civilians watching them, Ben slightly hummed under his face mask to the beat of 'Rubberband Man' by the Spinners. Calmly, he asked what, out of context, would be a weird question, but since they'd been doing this for years now, it was rather normal.

"Where did you wanna go for dinner tonight?" The location being whatever world she wanted to visit. Universe jumping had its benefits for dating.
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Alvira rolled her eyes but she wasn't annoyed, in truth she had deliberately sat out of the fight, mostly for the fact that Ben didn't like her getting into fights nor going to battle when she had next to no weapons. She could defend herself well enough, however, using stealth, in a battle that was a bit difficult but she was experienced in combat and could take on a few hits. Alvira wasn't exactly like a warrior like Ben but she managed well enough. But she was looking forward to getting a weapon of her own eventually, she just wanted something suitable for her.

As they left the inn she walked alongside him in silence, she was still growing used to travelling to different universes, as children, she had thought of it as a mere bedtime story. And whilst Ben spoke of it, she at the time didn't truly believe it, it wasn't something she could comprehend until it happened. It had made her ambitious, and adventurous, she was no longer the woman stuck in the same time, refusing to move on until she had caused a few people some well-deserved damage, at least in her mind. After Alvira had erased her mother from the world she had gotten a taste for revenge and violence, her targets were often those who Ben chose to sleep with.

She loved him and knew he loved her, but she certainly wasn't going to give him the chance to develop feelings for anyone else, at most she allowed a few days of Ben's cheating before she got rid of them, and then waited for the next poor soul. She shrugged her shoulders as they walked "Not sure, surprise me"
The shit these two have gone through after Ben's revelation to her, there was no way this man didn't prove how much he loved her. Their whole life got turned upside down, and while Ben took it like a champ, smiling that he was also returning home to his universe hoping, the man was still smart enough to slowly introduce it all to Alvira. This was new for her, and he didn't expect her to grab this new life by the balls and turn it into her bitch. This woman goddamn was really to wage war on everyone, and if it wasn't for Ben, she'd be teleporting into different cities with nukes to watch the pretty fireworks. Ben knew with this power, you needed to be smart with it, and with Alvira, he created not only a gang, not only a trading network that supplied people with weapons, drugs and supplies, but he managed to get himself into a position of political power with the chief of staff title for a former earth colony turned Communist.

This could be considered an average date for them at this point. As they walked, Ben noticed guards running up the streets toward them, obviously trying to arrest them. Ben just fired his gun until the magazine was empty, killing a few in the process, while the rest hid in cover. As he reloaded, he replied, "Would you prefer a good scenery or someplace quiet?" He already had an idea in mind, it just came down to wanting to know what she was in the mood for. As for their sex life, that........ Is a can of worms I cannot explain. It wasn't bad, FAR FROM IT, it was more Ben's ideas, kinks and fetishes were all over the place in terms of erotica, but also illegal, a bit twisted, and he enjoyed being hurt by her in whatever manner she wanted to hurt him. The things he asked her, just......... Jeeeeeesus.

If you give him an inch, he'll take a mile, and there was no way Vira didn't realize there was a lot of mental issues in the sexuality department. She would have stories a plenty of Ben's issues, but to be told another time. When they arrived at the edge of town, Ben, completely going anachronistic, pulled off the forest camo blanket from the military Jeep they brought with them. Horses were too slow, he preferred having something with an engine..... Also, this world had giant spiders, trolls, and several other monsters hiding in the trees, along with bandits, a Jeep was effective at running things over.
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Alvira barely noticed the guards being gunned down, she had become very desensitized to death, at least when she wasn't the one doing the killing. It had become a common occurrence for people to die around them, just how things were.

"Somewhere . . . pretty, quiet is boring" she responded, the woman herself was once a quiet girl, silently seething at the world for forgetting about her, allowing someone like her mother to care for her instead of just putting her into the care system. Ben may have been a large influence on her as an adult, but it was the mother who planted the roots that made Alvira a ticking time bomb. She wanted control, with control she was safe, nothing was unpredictable than at least from her perspective.

Of course Ben had the most power, the most control, and whilst Alvira wanted more, she didn't take it, not from him. Her odd respect for him kept her from doing that. She climbed into the jeep, in this world that was filled with odd creatures, it was very effective.
Well the man promised her a queen role, it wasn't like she didn't have power. Quite the contrary.

He started up the Jeep and drove onto the road, heading in the opposite direction of the village. No doubt they'd be wanted criminals, but that's why Ben wore the mask. As they drove, Ben finally removed it, revealing the strangest piece of his outfit. He wore a collar around his neck, and on it was a tag with Alvira's name on it. He had worn collars not too long after they started dating, at first it was meant to be just kinky, but now it had more of a significance to the two of them. Ben was her boyfriend, but he was also her pet, he belonged to her, even if he enjoyed the company of other women. He never took it off, the blonde enjoyed wearing it no matter where he went with her, and while it was a strange choice for sure, he didn't care. It made her happy, so he was happy.

A perfect representation of their relationship. They drove for an hour, watching as they past the beautiful scenery this world offered. it was like a painting almost, with the mountains in the background and large open plains in the forefront, with trees and forests to surround the environment. If you removed the deadly creatures, this would be a lovely place to live in. Hell, if she wanted, Ben would try to set up a part time home here, wouldn't be the first time they made summer homes in other worlds. Their driving would lead them to the coastal city of Anvil, east of the massive oceans surrounding the continent. Again, they parked along a hill to hide the jeep so it wouldn't be spotted by anyone traveling along the road. They made their way to the front gates and entered the city.



It wasn't the first time Ben had visited this place, and it certainly wouldn't be the last, but this was Alvira's first time. She'd only been in this world other times in the other countries, never Cyrodiil, so he let her walk around a bit to explore the city. Their house was at the far end, Ben had made payments before to have their be their little safe house while they visited this world. Once they finished exploring, Ben brought her over to their hideout, where someone was waiting for them. Ben quickly talked, handed over a pouch of something to the stranger, and he in return gave Ben the key. They went inside and Ben started to remove his armor at the front door. The place was well furnished, nothing spectacular, but it would do for their job. On one of the walls was a picture of the Olvanian leader Cassandra, which Alvira had met before by attending a party with Ben.

Once her BF undressed he went over to the wall and began putting pictures up from a folder placed on the table opposite the painting. "So Cassandra Van Duiji, Commissar of the Olvanian people, and leader of the ideals of Leonard Tropski, the liberator of the former earth colonies," meaning the two planets that made Olvania country. "She's your standard dictator with a hint of paranoia, and she isn't afraid of cutting someone's head off and putting it on a steak to scare away anyone who thinks she isn't to fear. The people are sad and angry, but no one is willing to step up, so," he finished putting the pictures up. "We will help them." On the wall now were several leaders of the Olvanian government, all of which were important.

"Our job is to start a revolution, and to do it, we need to erode the public's trust as much as possible so when we do finally throw a coup to get her off power, we're not doing it alone. First, we need to eliminate her inner circle, either by killing them or embarrassing them into stepping down. Can't kill them all or else she'll suspect something." Ben kept explaining, pointing to the different pictures. "Once her circle is weak enough, we need to rally support by having the people rebel, and the best way to do that is by making them angry, and hopefully our visit here will do the job."

"My aunt, Gloria, has the power to mind control a mass group into doing whatever she wants them to do, however, she is unwilling to let me have that much power, so I promised to help her find something she's looking for. 'The fragments of god' are crystallized pieces of a dead god powerful enough to reshape a planet into whatever you want it to be, but those fragments are located in other universes because his death is the reason his universe no longer exists. We find the fragment in this world, she'll give me the mass control power needed. And once we have that, we control the entire public of the capitol to riot and kill whoever protects Cassandra, we jump in to kill her while her guard is busy, and after that, I made a deal with a close confidant of hers to step down from power and grant me the Commissar title. Then me and you take control."
Alvira gazed on the scenery with interest, she was a dark woman, with many issues and complications, but she could enjoy the beauty, such as the scenery that passed them by, it was something that she never grew tired of. It was one of the many pro's of the travel that Ben offered her.

Eventually, they came to a city, it was her first time visiting the city, although she had seen similar locations, she was still breathtaking by the architecture each time. Although she had a goal in mind, something else to focus on, she knew that she would get time to admire the scenery later, again another benefit of her partner, when you had the money and power that he had, time was of no importance. They could do what they liked when they wished to. Money was another big factor that Alvira was interested in, in the time she had spent travelling with Ben, she had seen many worlds, many struggles, different environments. It had got the woman curious, with the power she would eventually get, she had a certain idea of a society she wanted.

The problem was, Alvira was not a people person, in fact, she had a very black and white system of what defined a perfect society, she felt with money she could create that. Erase the people that got in the way or tarnished her 'society' and replace them, but that was a project for a later when she had become Queen. For now, she concentrated on her partner and their job to start a revolution.
She folded her arms and glanced at the wall that held the pictures of various leaders "Why not send someone into her circle, someone that won't be traced back to us . . . in fact I have an idea" she suggested, a small smile hinted on her lips, it seemed she had a perfect experiment to try, killing two birds with one stone.

"I've been working on a project when we haven't been travelling that is . . . I started researching into the concept many years ago when we were younger, but it was a mere thought back then, but recently I've had the money, obviously, to put that idea into play, in short, I've been developing a humanoid, robotic obviously, but a prototype, with all of the places we have visited I was able to acquire technology way more advanced compared to where I come from, the prototype in question had a social module that was developed exclusively to make it adapt and integrate with humans, we send the prototype and get it to do our task, it's far more reliable and less risky than sending hired help or one of us in there.

When the android completes its task it can give us a signal and then we go in"

She suggested as she leaned against the wall. Over the years Alvira had developed an interest in whatever money could afford, and technology was exceptionally helpful to them.