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Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by ChelonianCommander, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Littlemankitten

    Littlemankitten I heal you, I hurt you. I heal you again. Forever

    Lavina looked out for the hatch, she didn't see it, but the Djinn and Dullahan should be able to get it open with ease. "I see no problems in sticking together, it should make everything easier. If one of us gets caught by the police we have a better chance to fight them off with three of us instead of one." Lavina didn't really mention that she didn't really want to be alone in this world. She was always with some group or another and the thought of not being with any other magical beings scared her.

    Of course they would have to find a safe house of some sort and probably a job to avoid suspicion. Shouldn't be that hard, depending where they end up there should be a abandoned building or two to stay in until they can figure out a means of getting a better living situation. If worse comes to worse they can always "subdue" the owner of a house to stay for a little while.
  2. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    The demon smiled kindly at the two figures of authority.

    A bubbly laughter resonated throughout the confined space, an attempt to lower the tension that grew the more she stalled for time. "Of course! That'd be no problem!". It was fast enough that it didn't seem too suspicious, but the silence that followed it was deafening. A slight pinch of panic gripped at her heart as she walked towards the man. Blank. Seconds ticked away in her mind, the sight of the gun made her stomach churn. Reaching towards the frame of her sunglasses, she started to pull them off. Tilting her head forward, she made sure to use the low lighting and her thick hair to her advantage. The beating of her heart slowed down as she took a deep breath disguised as a sigh.

    The process was smooth.

    Or at least, it seemed like it. Before anyone could react, the werewolf behind her sprinted towards the human holding a gun. Light footsteps as he reeled back his open hand and reached out towards the male. Before the man could even blink, the werewolf was upon him in an instant. Ducking, the werewolf attacked from below. Grabbing the man's face, he gripped onto his skull and bashed it onto the ground. A cacophony of unpleasant noises ensued as the poor man face planted onto the dastardly floor beneath him; the werewolf that loomed over him menacingly seemed to grin at this revelation. There was no struggle. Just a single groan to assure that his brain still functioned.

    Asmara panicked.

    Glancing at the partner of the man, she quickly set herself to use and ran towards her. Reaching out a single hand, she attempted to use any kind of magic she could think of onto the human. Magic coursed through her veins and into her fingertips. A spark...

    But nothing happened.

  3. Arthus_Vox

    Arthus_Vox Active Member

    "Sure i guess we could, would make things easier with three heads focusing on what to do," Leon considered the options, he was out of his element,(ha) he knew having company in a strange place that none of them knew about, "Plus, I was given some place names that we could check out,"
    He wouldn't produce the list to the other two, wanting to keep it on his person, instead he continued to move towards the exit. Upon reaching the ladder that would lead up to the hatch, Leon would stop and wait for the others. "So, anyone have any objections with looking for a Safehouse together?" Looking at the other two, Leon had no idea what would await them once they opened that hatch.

    Moving up the ladder he would grab a hold of the hatch, checking its hold to the ground. It was a bit of a struggle as it seemed to not have been used in some time. Slowly it would slide free, the "Fresh" air from above would rush past him into the tunnels below as the air pressures tried to equalize.
    The smell of Smog and motor oil hung thick to it, making Leon almost choke and cough as it washed over him. This Air was nothing like the Air back at the commune, light and fresh with the numerous amount of trees everywhere. Fresh Air would have to be sought out, or at least he would have to try.
  4. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Rachel watched in shock as the werewolf attacks the man. She yet out a quick gasp as his head slams into the ground. What's more the other person go up to her and look into her eyes and Rachel quickly realized she was trying to charm her, thus preventing her from becoming so. In that moment, she quickly takes her taser and uses it against the demon girl. The taser wasn't a normal taser however, as it was built to the CPD to assist in the capture of magical creatures by disrupting magic. She quickly shock the Demon with the magic disrupting taser, sending the sensation of paralysis across the entire body. Thinking on her feet, seeing her partner getting his face smashed in, she quickly grabs the woman by the hair and holds the taser at the woman's neck with her finger on the trigger.

    "Hey Grandpa! Stop what you're doing and back away from the PI!!" She shouts.
  5. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Sliding past the angel in order to help the Djinn open the hatch, Sinclair spoke, "Then it's settled. We stay together, find jobs, and pool our resources." Finally, the two supernatural beings managed to crack the hatch door open. "Umm, one last thing. What are your names? Mine is Sinclair."

    The young Dullahan held out his hand to both the Djinn and the Angel as the old iron hatch swung down from the ceiling behind him. His blonde head was currently nestled in the crook of his left arm. A smile, both friendly and somewhat sinister adorned the shoulderless head.
  6. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Furlbark turned around from where he left the male, looking at the female who held the demon. After a second or two, he cracks a smile. "I think you've made a mistake." He says, taking a step forward. "I don't know who that is," another step. "And frankly I don't care. But you will not get in the way of my hunt." He stops, almost within arm's reach of the woman.

    "So go ahead, do it. The moment the demon is down you'll have nothing to protect yourself, and if you try to leave I'll kill both of you and disappear. I do not wish to start off my days in this world with a murder, so think carefully."
  7. Littlemankitten

    Littlemankitten I heal you, I hurt you. I heal you again. Forever

    "Lavina" She stated, hurrying to get back outside. The stench of motor oil and smog made her gag a bit, but she knew she would get used to it. It was simply part of the charm of human life. Much like poverty, abuse, and the imminent threat of total destruction that lingered in the air. When she finally got out she took one depth breath, making her cough harshly but it still felt good, after being cooped up in that subway for so long any air was good air. "So, where to first?"
  8. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    What an asshole.

    That just made him even hotter in her eyes.

    The shock from the taser had greatly disrupted her ability to think, for a few seconds, her mind went blank. Stiffening, her body fell forward and towards the woman and she was held by her hair. How rude. It took time to style her hair for the trip. In the back of her mind, Asmara knew she could've died if she hit the ground. A charge like that coursing through her entire body? Were the CPD trying to kill magical beings? Ignoring the numbness that washed through her entire being like a plague, she smirked at the authoritative figure that held her. "What a bore, am I right? What do you say we just get out of here and forget our sorrows through physical intimacy?"

    Cursing her very existence and the need to indulge in another's warmth at every single moment possible, she brushed off the feeling of regret and just gave the woman a sly smile. Death at her age only deserved a scolding for being so late.
  9. Arthus_Vox

    Arthus_Vox Active Member

    "we can definitely work together in finding a place, but i would say no to pooling resources. Sorry kid but I just met ya." Leon would reply to the young Dullahan. Looking at the angel he would smile kindly, "Nice to meet you Lavina, you can call me Leon." helping her up through the hatch to the surface. The city was enormous, buildings towering over them in a seemingly endless Concrete Jungle. It was a bit overwhelming to him, he didn't expect it to be so big, so, bright. Slowing his breathing so he could adjust to the much heavier air, it was difficult, almost choking.

    Once he got a good look around, he would begin feeling the Buzz of electricity around him, it made him smile a giddy little grin, "Truly wondrous, no? And to answer your question me dear. We need to get to 145th and Trejon Blvd. that's one of the locations I was given for the safehouses." He saw no need to keep the location secret, they were all new and fresh to the city.
  10. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Rachel kept the taser on the demon's neck. The demon seems to be trying to flirt with her and Rachel wasn't really in the mood right now. "Look, I didn't want too hurt anyone! You and you're....granddad were the ones who attacked first! We were only trying to help!" Rachel wasn't lying. She and her boss weren't part of the CPD. They were more like hired hands from time to time. "Look if you want to try your chances with the ACTUAL CPD, then that's fine. We'll file the report, but if you want to get some actual help from people who cares, then help us help you."
  11. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Sinclair looked up at the concrete jungle that surrounded him. Unable to keep his excitement in check, a giddy smile formed on the man's lips. He was here, he was finally here. After years of hatred for his innate gifts, the Dullahan was finally in a place where he could explore them.

    "Hey Leon, is there a cemetery close to this place by any chance?"
  12. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Furlbark raised his eyebrow as he stepped closer, arms taut by his sides as he raised them, now within arms reach of the demon. "I don't care. There will be no file filed because the only traces of my existence here will be the Hunt. Let go of the demon now and i'll knock you out. You won't remember this and your boss will be fine." He says, arms raising in preparation to defend himself.

    "I don't care about you or your boss. I care about my prey. Get in my way and I kill you."

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