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New User Salutations to One and All!


I am writer to who writes for fun and looking for a home for my RP or more people to add to MyWorld RPs on Discord which I did see that you have a server there. Not that I have visited and looked around...

Any ways, the way I write would be like one of my characters. So each character has it's own personality and way she/he/ who speaks. (I have 1 quiet androngenous character and 1 goddess character that has a wandering and wondering mind).

I can RP with most people (never know if one will come across one person who I can't RP with. Haven't met one yet though).

Now tell me what you would like to know about me and we will see who decides to answer.


Anonymous Me
Hi, welcome to STC. Is there a reason that you've preferred to do RPs on discord? What do you think is the character you have most enjoyed writing?


When I RP on Discord, I can make a category be one area of my RP with channels being rooms then repeat with as many areas as I need. I also can assign levels to places and only those who reach the leval can go into that area. For the most part that is what I do for my PLTs (Personal LapTop system).

It used to Rosewoode Cara DeForrest but she retired now. Most likely will always be retired because she has too much power in MyWorld. Her daughter, Zane and son, Thomas are the same way. I even made a genealogy for her. Rosewoode was my first character and she helped me get over various obsticles in Life.

Right now I'd say it is Mystique. She is my last creation and the one who has a new style genealogical approach. Her powers are inherited and I'd love a chance to see how she becomes an adult. At the moment she has just feeling different (she is coming into her powers but she does not yet know this. In my eyes, a character does not know all that the player knows and sees. They sometimes do not even 'hear' or 'see' something which makes them more 'human'. And if this happens to you, just repeat or nudge her or something of the sort.) She is 15 and will soon turn 16 which is when she will truely come into her Magical Powers. She can do little things which shows that she will have magical powers and will need training.

Any other questions?


Also, on Discord, I have a bot that I can sell items to characters and characters could have a store too. More on this if anyone asks.


I don't do the back end stuff to keep it running. A friend does that part. I load the items into the stores for people to buy. I give everyone a set amount of money for them to spend. Depending on what they want to do- take a class, go on a journey, ect. they would have a specific list of items to buy before they need it.

The character can go buy what he/she / it wants. Once the money is spent, there is no more given unless they do a specific accomplishment. If they decide to quest, there won’t be a store until a new town appears. Then they can buy again. On the trail, characters can find items sometimes and these can be sold at any store.

I have one pay day and I run a payroll which includes a set amount of money plus the bonus of finishing up items.