Santo Domingo

Hollow glade

An empty place to rest
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Santo Domingo
One of Night City’s oldest districts, who avoided much of the fallout and damage of the 4th corporate war due to its location. During the crisis it was a provisional camp for Night City citizens and refugees looking for shelter. This population has since been dispersed into the city, meaning that 2077’s Santo Domingo is now the testing grounds for industrial projects and the home of the city’s power plants. This is a district that is constantly in flux due to corporations acquiring different pockets of land in the area for investments and new projects. These sites are guarded by corporate security and drones, and competition between corporations here has hit a fever pitch.

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Under constant construction, so much so that there you can find a junkyard next to an old nuclear power plant next to high tech corporate factories. Arasaka and Petrochem have a dominant presence, but not all corporations find success here. Corpo security is needed here otherwise gangs will start to creep into the nooks and crannies of corporate facilities, especially during heavy construction.

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Rancho Coronado
Workers from Arroyo live in Rancho Coronado, a self-sufficient town in Night City’s borders. Cookie cutter houses line the streets in a similar fashion to mid 20th century american housing, filled with residents that are tired of the hustle and bustle of deeper Night City, or are heavily rooted in their factory jobs. There’s a lot of infrastructure here for such a bare bones sub-district, with it’s own bars, schools, parks, restaurants, and metro station. The NCPD are spread too thinly to accurately monitor the suburbs so the 6th Street gang reigns supreme here.