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Saving the Fringe (Mixed-playstyle Fantasy) [OOC/Sign-ups]

Discussion in 'Out-of-Character Discussion' started by Lazzamore, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    We live on the fringe of Dandorra, out beyond where the sane man dwells in mediocrity. We live in untamed lands, bordered east by Ezmaria, where Ezmar Khan rules with an iron fist. South of us are the mighty Swordlands: impossible, vertical mountains, a wonder of our world. North is the 'Westerly Sea', and to our west... No one knows. Wilderness as far as the living have traveled.

    Chances are you come from Sunu-Ra, the only port city nearby for miles. Host to a number of adventurers, outskirt guilds and strange religions, the city is the best hope for taming these lands. Not that the land wants to be tamed, mind you: out there are monster tribes and fey as numerous as any nation of man or other cohort in the heartlands.

    Maybe your here as the forerunner of salvation; maybe you know the way. And maybe the blasted fools of more 'civilized' parts called you a Heretic for it. Or maybe you ARE the salvation, maybe you just need a bit more power to show the folks back home that submission is a virtue. Maybe your salvation in the Uknown itself; And getting lost in the untamed wilderness and, therefor, truly living, is what the gods made you for. Heck, you might even be here to stop our 'salvation', as one of our monsters or a wild spirit in the woods.

    Well, whatever it is, one things certain: Your accomplishing nothing while standing around!

    Saving the Fringe is a mixed-playstyle RP; in it we will be playing as either Characters or small Factions, (whichever strikes your fancy) on the fringe border of the 'civilized' world of Dandorra. You may choose to be one of countless races of 'monsters', a Fey (which can manifest as nigh any magical being) an adventurer or a whole colony, tribe, anything.

    Individual characters can be a bit more powerful off the start then those that make up our small factions, for balance. Anyone can feel free to describe parts of the world as they make their characters; I'll have a map I update as I learn about your additions to track this world. What's in our blurb above is all we have decided about this world.

    Feel free to post your characters and Factions using the Sheets and Guidelines below:
    Faction Sheet
    (Religious, Municipal, Corporate, etc... What would best describe what your group is?)
    Effective Demographics: (List any major races and professions, and a rough idea of how many of each. Most factions won’t have more than 10,000 people, we are mostly looking for colonies, militias, tribes etc... Not whole nations. In some cases, you may be an extension of a larger group, in that case only list your controlled, effective numbers you have at your personal disposal.)
    Location: (describe your faction or colonies locale, territory and surroundings)
    History: (Use at least two (short) paragraphs to cover how and by whom your faction came to be)
    Heraldry: (Symbols used to identify your faction. Just a pic is sufficient, though either a pic or description will work.)
    Leaders: (Who runs you faction? In the case of a religion, list your mortal leader as well as your deity.)
    Other Important persons: (Optional. List any or all below using the below fields as a suggestion for each one’s sheet.)
    Short Description

    Character Sheet
    (What ethnicity/creature is your character?)
    Home: (Describe the place and territory in which your character lives/spends most of their time, and that is visible on a map. This is entirely optional.)
    Biography: (Give a brief (1 or more complete paragraphs) description of your character’s motivation and important backstory information you know.)
    Description: (Either two sentences or at least one picture, both are fine.)
    Flaws: (List atleast 2 traits (however minor/major) that could ONLY be considered weaknesses)
    Strengths: (List at least 1 trait that is their greatest advantage in any part of their life.)
  2. geniusinmath

    geniusinmath My favorite Teen Titans superheroes

    I can't wait to make my OC. How young can they be?
  3. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    Hm... If they are human, then I'd caution against making them children. (That is, younger than 18) unless you think you can play them in a way that makes sense. I guess what I'm saying is: If you want to play a young character that's fine with me, just make sure they are still realistic (Y'know, don't try to bring in 'Shaggy and Scooby-doo' when the rest of us are something like 'Lord of the Rings' characters).
  4. SedentaryCobra

    SedentaryCobra Outhouse Poet

    Name: Brazos Mercenary Company
    Type: Autocratic mercenary group operating a moderately sized municipality
    Effective Demographics:
    The Brazos Mercenary Company operates out of the colony of New Korum. New Korum is comprised of roughly 14,000 people of varying professions.
    By Race:
    78% Human
    11% Elvish
    7% Dwarven
    1% Orc
    3% Other Races totaling less than 1% of the population
    By Profession:
    ~4,200 farmers
    ~4,900 fishermen
    ~2,000 dedicated soldiers
    ~900 construction and carpentry workers
    ~600 skilled craftsmen
    ~500 other skilled professionals (businessmen, clergy, administration, etc.)
    ~800 unemployed and other unskilled professionals

    The Brazos Mercenary Company, however, does not control all of these individuals. While it comprises almost 12,000 individuals in total, only 4,000 are in the western lands.
    Brazos Company Makeup:
    ~2,500 soldiers in the New Korum region.
    ~600 support personnel on payroll (smiths, horse breeders, laborers, etc.)
    ~400 naval personnel across 11 ships, 2 of which are warships.
    ~500 other personnel and soldiers scattered throughout the western region.

    Location: New Korum is located on the coast in a deep water harbor. Sheltered by cliffs and situated farther west and in wilder lands than Sinu-Ra, New Korum was a city constructed to act as a strategic launching point farther into the western lands. With access to plenty of timber, the city is intended to begin construction of large vessels and sturdy docks to further expeditions into the west. A small river runs near the city, emptying into the harbor. Outside the city's palisades lie a collection of farms that, when combined with the fishing industry, are sufficient to feed the townsfolk.
    The Brazos Mercenary Company started as a small group fighting in almost any and almost every conflict in Ezmaria for the better part of a hundred years. Led by several wise individuals over the course of its history, the "Band of Brazos", as it was originally called, grew to the size of a small army. Having found itself in a prolonged period of peace, the Brazos Company set its sights west.

    The Brazos Mercenary Company was hired by the merchant investors of New Korum to defend the city during it's construction, and act as a garrison and army until construction of the city could complete, at which point the city would presumably be able to defend itself. The Brazos Mercenaries, already a veteran company, invested a large portion of their wealth into wresting control from the previous shareholders.

    In control of New Korum, the efforts to construct a viable frontier city with a functional deep-water harbor and drydocks proceeded slowly, over budget and behind schedule. Portions of the company were moved over permanently, and began to seek out active work in other areas of the frontier. Offices were established in Sinu-Ra and other large colonies and towns, and the company began to gradually expand more and more into the region.
    Heraldry: A symmetrical banner of five vertical stripes. A clean white, followed by a thin bar of red, a thick one of black, then red and white again.
    Leaders: Asmos Smokereign, Human, Current leader of the company. Currently in Ezmaria dealing with domestic affairs.
    Carrik Steelmender, Human, General Administrator of New Korum.
    Gorn Seaworth, Dwarf, Admiral of the Company's fleet.

    Name: Captain Lanfire, the Jackal
    Half-Elf, Age 37
    Home: Currently resides in New Korum.
    Biography: Lanfire the Jackal joined the Brazos Company as a way to escape the slums of his hometown. After some years in the company, he was offered the opprotunity to be among the first to settle and defend New Korum. Curious about the world beyond Ezmaria, he gladly accepted. While there, his level headed decision making and agreeable personality afforded him the rank of Captain, answering only to General Administrator Carrik Steelmender. Still his reliability and experience in the frontier gave him an edge over the other captains, and maintains a degree of seniority over the other captains, despite his relative youth.
    Description: [​IMG]
    Flaw: Strictly Professional - The majority of Lanfire's early adulthood has been spent within a strict, professional mercenary environment. His inept in personal situations, and maintains few personal contacts. Much of this stems from his childhood in the slums, as well. He had no close friends, and no family that he knew of, evidenced by his surname. Emotionally, he is extremely isolated.
    Flaw: Unsalted At Sea - Lanfire has fairly extreme sea sickness. Coordinated motion becomes difficult, as does retaining his lunch.
    Flaw: Just Short Of An Eyepatch - After an encounter with a fey with particularly bright magic abilities, Lanfire was rendered mostly blind in his left eye. It looks fine, and focuses the same as his left, but it has proved troubling in fights. As far as he is aware, no one other than the one fey who blinded him should be aware of his partial blindness.
    Flaw: Cons Of A Street Education - Lanfire still struggles to read more complex documents. Legalese is the biggest issue, though he is capable of reading most of the papers he is presented with.
    Strength: Adaptive Mind - Lanfire is a very quick learner, and finds himself quick to adjust to most situations.
    Strength: Quick Hands - A holdover from his early days that served him well as he aged, Lanfire excels with manual tasks requiring dexterity.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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  5. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    It took me a bit longer than expected, but here's my faction and some characters.

    Faction (Anyone can join!)
    Name: Fey’Doriin kor Yordella (They who stride the trees.)
    Type: Religious Nomads
    Effective Demographics: Elves, Fey, Wargs, Wolves, and various hybrids. Smaller populations of other creatures exist. Some 9,000 total have been estimated.
    -30% Elves
    -25% Fey
    -17% Wargs/Wolves
    -12% Elf-Fey hybrids
    -8% Were-Creatures
    -8% Other Creatures

    -3,579 Hunters*
    -3,328 Gatherers*
    -329 Master Craftsmen
    -641 Rangers
    -947 Children
    -52 Infirm
    -123 Druids
    -1 the Druid
    *Hunters and Gatherers often do more beyond find food. They make up much of the Fey’Doriin kor Yordella’s fighting force and often work as mild craftsmen or apprentices to Master Craftsmen who produce anything from clothes to weapons to textiles.
    South and West from Sinu-Ra. Only some few ten miles, but heading south with great speed towards the mountains. Few know why, for now, but there is rumor of a ruin. A city that spans a region of the low mountains at the edge of the Swordlands. Both under and above the ground. It’s walls, crumbling but still standing, form a barrier that few dare to climb. The only hole is a single gate, still standing and oddly pristine in condition, standing closed. The ancient whispers name this a cursed city. A dread city. Those who entire are foolish, glory-seeking, purifiers, or desiring its power.
    The Fey’Doriin kor Yordella, or merely the Fey’Doriin, trace their origins far back into the history of their trees. They wander up and down the forest, stewards and protectors of their forest. Ferocious protectors. Wild as their land, they’ll utilize many methods to drive unwanted guests from their land from simple bow and blade, to turning the land against them. Trees that once produced healthy fruit, turn to poison, docile animals turn violent or into spies. The Fey’Doriin will keep their lands and people protected at any blood price.
    However, the exact opposite is true for any welcome guest. Celebration is thrown for them and every bounty they have to offer is shared. They welcome the welcome as if a traveler who has been gone for years. The return of a family member, once estranged, but now forgiven and home. A passionate people through and through who wander the forests at will, claiming wherever they stay as their own, but never staying anywhere for long.
    Ancient history suggests that they were once a small nation. A city-state that existed on the edge of the Swordlands. But due to their pride, and perhaps a few dark rituals, they fell into ruin. The Fey’Doriin will make no comment one way or another as to if this is true, but merely claim to not know. Which, for most of them, is true.
    Most recent history has shown a people enraged. With the coming of these “adventurers.” These “settlers.” These “tamers.” Has brought about conflict and chaos with them. Even accidental for, when the initial landing came, the settlers felled many trees, great and small, to build their initial homes. Tragically, they chopped down a tree of their old leader, the Druid Dryad Len’Sha while the tribe was away west. So quickly did it happen that they could do nothing to stop it, nothing to prepare for it, and with no tree nearby could hold Len’Sha’s spirit and magical might, she died, horribly and painfully. Enraged, the young Elf Druidess Kairin, new leader and guide to the Fey’Doriin, takes her people towards the Swordlands and the ruins that lie upon them while dispatching several envoys both to the settlers and other tribes. Demanding recompense from the former and support for vengeance from the latter.
    Such few banners that can be found show a green and purple backdrop with a silver bramble of thorns. Written below the thorns are, in silver as well, words declaring “Never Trod Upon.”
    The people of the Fey’Doriin worship a pantheon of deities and potent spirits who commune with the one titled Druid or Druidess. There may be many druids across the land, but there is only one Druid to the Fey’Doriin. A being who has come into contact and, to some degree, has forged a bond with one or many of the Pantheon deities. The spirits fade into and out of memory, but some remain constant. People honor the Pantheon by trying to commune with the spirits and seek to do their will. This differs from the Druid in that there is no sort of magical bond or tie that seems to channel part of the essence of the deity.
    Kor: The wolf. Protector of night and harbinger of death. A spirit of hunting and completion. The hardest to heed.
    Cauna: The robin. Heral of spring. Leader of celebrations. A spirit of joy and song. The easiest to heed.
    Gorendon: The dragon. Leadership and prideful. Power incarnate. The most dangerous to heed. King of the Pantheon.
    Thallion: The fox. Trickster of the Patheon. The most foolish to heed.
    Bandor: The stag. Leader of heart and home. Family and simple wisdoms. The wisest to heed.
    Kuari: The trout. Helper in birth and the one that leads into an through the flow of life. The most complicated to heed.
    Druidess Kairin Shial’Kot, Elf-Dryad hybrid, see characters
    1st Ranger Yowena, Elf-Fey hybrid, Field commander of the Fey’Doriin’s military arm and leads their people in battle
    Other Important Persons:
    Ranger Durdast Era’Moss, Werewolf-Elf, see characters
    Lillend Tei, Fairy, Companion to Durdast and planned speaker of Kairin’s ultimatum.
    Isador Vor’Tian, Fey, Speaker to the other tribes across the land and will deliver Kairin’s plea

    Druidess Kairin Shial’Kot
    Race: Elf-Dryad with pale tan skin, bright green eyes, green hair, and various deep green and brown tattoos of vines and branches that crisscross her body along with what life grows from her.
    Home: SW of Sinu-Ra in the forests that range to the Swordlands.
    Biography: At the young age of 52, she took leadership of the Fey’Doriin. Young, brash, hotheaded, she leads her people through the woodlands with brooding plans as to the vengeance that she feels she must extract upon the coming settlers for the death of Len’Sha. It was that death that triggered her bond with Gorendon. He imbued the power of rage and flames into the woman to supplement her natural strength in mind and magic. Southwards, southwards she leads them to the ancient ruins. Why? Many guess, none wish to believe. Kairin is leading her people to the ruins of Rhon’To’Yon. The remains of the city at the base of the Swordlands. There she hopes to revive the ancient, fell magic of her people. Magic she’ll use to defend her home and people while extracting vengeance, no matter the cost. And what a cost it is for, upon wielding such magics, she, the Fey’Doriin, her homeland, and any who come to willingly follow her will be twisted into abominable forms of themselves. Horrors to inflict upon the people who dare settle in owned land as if no one lived there. Who had the gall, the pride, to think, no, imagine they had some sort of right to it.
    Her demand is simple, but also a decently clever ploy. The leaders of these various groups of settlers must come forth and submit themselves to a moot of the tribes of the land that will discuss how they will come to exist together and to exact justice for the wrongs that have been done to the native inhabitants. Furthermore, by merely agreeing to meet on Kairin’s terms, she already gains the advantage in the talks. Lastly, should there be any foul play, she’ll have all the cause she needs to work to wipe out the settlers. Kairin’s envoys are on there way, winging to both tribes and groups of settlers. Should she be ignored, then she will follow through in her designs and use the ancient magics.
    Flaw: Angered Beyond Reason – From the tragedy, or murder, of Len’Sha, there can be only be the demanded recompense or vengeance. She will hear no alternative and stop at nothing less.
    Flaw: Cannot be Concealed – Her bond with the lord of the Pantheon gives her raw power, but it cannot be hidden. Her passage is obvious as the noonday sun in an unclouded sky.
    Strength: Power of the Pantheon – At the same time, the bond that connects her also allows her to severely twist the land to her emotional state to protect her people. Her joy sends all the land she travels in bloom. Her despair leaves it wilting behind her. Kairin’s anger twists the forests into a horror. Haven of ferocious creatures and poisoned brambles with trees that murmur and plot darkly at any who enter their shadow.
    Name: Durdast Era’Moss
    Race: Werewolf Elf
    Home: SW of Sinu-Ra in the forests that range to the Swordlands.
    Biography: A solid 157 years old, Durdast Era’Moss has served with distinction for the Fey’Doriin as a ranger of their people. His father passed some seventy years ago. A werewolf and victim to the decay of time. His mother, Fysha Era’Moss is alive and well within the Fey’Doriin. An elf of age and stature who works to weave tapestries within her large caravan of a family. See, Durdast has six siblings, half siblings really, twenty-four nieces and nephews, and an exponentially growing number of other extended family members. To understand this, one must know that Fysha is several millennia old and has continuously married various mortal creatures ever since she arrived from the west to the Fey’Doriin. For each person she marries, she has one child. Eventually, her husband dies, Fysha mourns properly, then eventually marries again. To say that she doesn’t love her spouses is a lie. It would be more apt to say that she loved them for different reasons. Every child of hers has followed a different lifestyle, helping to make them radically different from each other, but Fysha helps keep them woven together and harmonious. Never letting her family emotionally drift away from each other. An Era’Moss family reunion is a sight to behold. It is rumored and believed that Fysha’s children have inherited her immortality. It is certain that her elder children have well outlived what would be natural for hybrids.
    Durdast is the youngest of her children and wildest of them. Happiest when he is ranging, he takes great pains to work to be out in the relative solitude of the forest, even as a youth. It was during one of these excursions away from the family caravan that he found his longtime friend and partner, Lillend Tei. A fairy of kindred spirit, the duo sought out every secret the forest had to hid, be it strange bugs under rocks or being able to shoot the smallest apple on a tree. The two have remained close, despite him becoming a ranger and warrior and she turning to being a druid and guide.
    Mental and Emotional Scar – A traumatizing even has happened in Durdast’s past that still haunts him. Occaisonally, he gets panic attacks that can strike from nowhere and cripple his ability to do, well, anything productive. Despite the fact that he refuses to speak about it, he seems oddly weary of enclosed spaces.
    Flaw: Dangerous Transformation – Perhaps Durdast’s greatest continuous source of self-anger and shame, is that, when he transforms into his wolf form, he becomes completely feral. Liable to attack anyone around him and hunt down those his beast form would consider prey and food. They only one who can help Durdast keep his mind is his longtime friend and partner, Lillend Tei.
    Flaw: Illiterate – Cannot read or write.
    Strength: Clever Responder – Durdast is known for his quick mind and flexible nature that allows him to adapt to most any nonsocial situation he finds himself in.
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  6. Ragenaut

    Ragenaut Don't get between me and my munchies

    Name: The Stygian
    Demonic, Aquatic City-State
    Effective Demographics: The population of the Stygian consists of one part Naga and one part Demon. The demons treat the city state as a crossroads, moving across large expanses of their terrible dimension through the city's many infernal portals, while the Naga call the place their home, collecting treasures from the deep, and now raiding and pillaging the ships above, and the villages near.

    Location: The Styx live in ruins deep under the sea, remnants of a once proud and decadent civilization now drowned. A great tower connects the underwater city to the waters above, its shadow looming over the nearby coast. The nearby land is a fetid, poisonous swamp that spreads like a disease, claiming and corrupting nature as it goes. A storm rages eternally, leaving the land perpetually waterlogged, with a deep, thick fog shrouding the land in a grey shadow.


    Heraldry: (Symbols used to identify your faction. Just a pic is sufficient, though either a pic or description will work.)
    Leaders: (Who runs you faction? In the case of a religion, list your mortal leader as well as your deity.)
    Other Important persons: (Optional. List any or all below using the below fields as a suggestion for each one’s sheet.)
    Short Description
  7. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron


    The Order of the Tattersouls
    Type: A Knightly Order in command of a city and several nearby outposts.
    Effective Demographics: Roughly 13000~ Individuals Split into 3 groups. 2 Legions of 4800 each and 3400 home bound who maintain and build weapons, armor, siege weapons and generally maintain the economy.
    By Race
    -~98% Tattersouls: Tattersouls are the risen corpses of people who were forcibly torn from the
    -~>1% Other races of varying species.
    By Profession
    - ~9600 Dedicated Soldiers: The soldiers are split between 2 legions. Each legion is split into two companies and work in a cycle where one legion is out culling undead before returning and the resting company marches out to continue the crusade while the returning company is reinforced and rearmed.
    ~4800 total soldiers
    ~240 Knights: The most elite warriors of the Tattersouls. They are mounted on heavily armored undead horses, armed with long slashing Rhomphaias and armored in a coat of plate.
    ~480 Mounted Squires: Mounted Squires are the light infantry of the Tattersoul Order. They are mounted on unarmored undead horses for extra speed and are armed with falchions and kite shields. They are armored with heavy lemellar sets.
    ~720 Heavy Infantry: The Heavy Infantry are veterans of at least 10 deployments. They have fought dozens of men, monsters and beasts alike with extreme efficiency and skill. They are rewarded with lemellar armor and carry a pair of one-handed axes to slash and rend flesh and armor in equal fashion.
    ~1200 Archers: Tattersouls who are armed to long ranged soldiers armored with mail hauberk and carrying with war bows, a buckler and a falx sword.
    ~1920 Light Infantry: The lowest ranking and usually the most freshly raised Tattersouls. The light infantry are armored with mail hauberks and are armed with slashing falx swords in order to sever limbs and decapitate enemies.
    - ~1000 Miners: Miners tirelessly work in metal mines in order to produce the raw minerals needed to make the weapons and armor of the Legion.
    - ~700 Lumberjacks
    - ~900 Blacksmiths
    - ~600 Crafters
    -~200 Farmers
    -~>100 Agents
    Location: (describe your faction or colonies locale, territory and surroundings)
    History: (Use at least two (short) paragraphs to cover how and by whom your faction came to be)
    Heraldry: (Symbols used to identify your faction. Just a pic is sufficient, though either a pic or description will work.)
    Leaders: (Who runs you faction? In the case of a religion, list your mortal leader as well as your deity.)
    Other Important persons: (Optional. List any or all below using the below fields as a suggestion for each one’s sheet.)
    Short Description

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