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Sayasama's Character Spread

Discussion in 'Omniverse Character Profiles' started by Sayasama, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Sayasama

    Sayasama Member

    This shall be EPIC!!!
  2. Sayasama

    Sayasama Member

    Nicknames/Titles/Alliases [Optional]: Dom
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 23
    Homeworld: Aer

    Current Loyalty [What faction/guild they're in, if any]:
    Current Residence: Aer
    Hyadn Status [Whether or not they're a Hyadn, yes or no]: Yes [Rounder]

    Domain is 5’7 with brown skin and a makeup that makes her look all around average if she doesn’t put any effort into her appearance. She also has long waist length brown dreads that she usually keeps in a ponytail or some sort of messy bun. On any given day she is usually seen wearing some kind of half top with an under shirt with either slightly baggy, or form fitting pants. On her person are solt crystal beads, they are usually found on her wrist, hanging from her waist, and around her neck.



    Species/Object [What plant/animal/object they are]: Cheetah

    Name: Favian
    Species/Object [What plant/animal/object they are]: Tiger

    Name: Wiskkem
    Species/Object [What plant/animal/object they are]: Fox



    Domain is your all around average person with a bit of a sassy personality and is known for trying to keep people at arms length. Her main hobbies include rolling her eyes, muttering under her breath, and sighing heavily, along with long naps when she is supposed to be working, reading books, and making others make her deliveries for her, and cuddling with her familers. Yet despite all this, many people in her village view Domain as responsible and trust worthy because of her kindness that seems to shine through at some of the most unexpected times.

    History: Domain considers her life story a rather average or boring one. Where Domain was born exactly, she has no ideas. All she knows is that her family that mainly consisted of her mother and father, moved around a bit when she was young. Or at least, that’s what she has been told. In fact, she has no memories of her life before this village. The only thing she can recall was the day that she and her family had arrived.
    She was only 3 and in her mother’s arm and could remember her mother’s long brown hair and sun kissed skin, and even feel her mother’s worn clothes underneath her tiny hands. She could even smell the sweat that was dripping down her skin, and hear her soft yet tired voice. Her father, on the other hand, was not as detailed. All she can really recall about the man at that time was a large black figure carrying a rough sack standing against the sun, a deep booming yet gentle voice, and a thick styled beard. She remembers hearing a small conversation between her parents that day just before the village came into view and they both fell silent. She remembers her family stepping onto the streets for the very first time…
    And then it’s like everything fasts forwards 2 years and her mother is dead. Fast forward another 2 years and Domain is in the kitchen standing over her father’s dead body. She remembers how confused she was at the time. “First mother, now father…” She remembers thinking that. At the time an illness was sweeping through the village, one that had killed at least 12 people by the time it was through in a village that was barely home to 60 people at the time. Luckily, a new found friend of the family had managed to survive and despite having lost his family as well, decided to take in Domain. Eventually he even taught her his trade, and she became a handy man.


    Ramen, Naps, her foster father, her Familers, Leaning on someone (literally)
    Dislikes: Annoying people, being interrupted, Death of a love one
    Goals: Find someone special, Live a normal life.
    Fears: She will lose the ones she has come to love

    Strengths: She is crafty in tight situations.
    Greater Strengths [Optional]: Great at crafting and casting spells and wards
    Weaknesses: curing poisons
    Greater Weaknesses [Optional]: Mental sabotage (Family related )


    Modification spells, Binding rituals, elemental spells
    Power Weaknesses: Curses


    Weapon(s)/ Equipment [Names and a description of their appearances and powers, if they have any.]:
    Spear: a gift form Domain's foster father. The spear itself is rather basic except for the fact that gives a slight boost to elemental magic
    Vehicle(s) [Name, appearance, functionality]: Hover Bike: This bike was one of Domains first independent projects. The bike is equipped with a glitchy holographic map, a gun, storage compartment, and communicator
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  3. Sayasama

    Sayasama Member


    What the inside looks like...
    When you first walk in:
    If you go through the door on your left...
    When you go through the doors on your right...

    When you go up the stairs...
    When you go through the door be hide the front desk down stairs you will enter the kitchen...
    When you go up the stairs there are 4 rooms located there...
    The first room is Domain's room...

    Second room is the restroom...
    Third room is her foster Father's...

    The third room is a guest room (deceased daughter's room)

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