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Open School of Power | You Guessed It, A Super Power School RP

Atomic Knight

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The Convergence Series GM
This RP will be starting on the 27th!

Welcome to the Out-Of-Character thread for “School of Power,” an RP set in an academy dedicated to teaching students who have superpowers.

In this RP, players will be making students who are in their final year at this school. Much of the focus will be on the students training with a government-sponsored hero group as they ready for graduation.

School Information (Arthur Gray’s School of Power)

The school where the RP takes place is called “Arthur Gray’s School of Power,” located in Seattle and named after a vigilante hero who operated in the 2020’s but became nationally recognized in 2031 when he became a personal confidant to the current American president. It was thanks to people like Arthur Gray that government-supervised “heroes” started to become more common. The school has been in operation for ten years and has not seen a wide variety of graduates as of yet.

The school is a “smart school,” in that the lighting, temperature, security, announcements, and features of the school are controlled remotely and often automated.

Students are divided based on their powers primarily. They share generic classes (math, science, history, etc.) but each have a dedicated professor who is adept in that specific kind of power, which include:
(More categories could be added in the future if needed)
  • Mind based (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Illusions, etc.)​
  • Physical based (Super strength/speed/athletics)​
  • Energy based (Projection of outward force, such as spiritual energy, fire, ice, etc.)​
  • Shape based (Manipulation of established forces such as fire, water, air, etc. Generation would go to Energy while manipulation of concepts of physics would go to Reality.)​
  • Biology based (Toxins, diseases, blood, metal skin, animal physiology, powers that affect the biology of other humans/animals, powers that affect or interface with the powers of others in some manner, etc. Coursers whose powers copy or interact with other powers are part of the Biological category.)​
  • Utility based (Anything that would involve interfacing with man-made technology or an expanded knowledge such as intellectual/mechanical/etc.)​
  • Reality based (Anything that manipulates or changes concepts of physics or our world, such as gravity, density, time, matter, etc.)​
  • Healing based (Anything that may fit another category but function mostly as a means of healing others)​

(Keep in mind that the actual classes are not the focus of the RP. Instead, focus is on hero training, school exams, school holidays, field trips, and common hours.)

Those who first discover their powers will commonly be between the ages 11 and 21, with those who discover their powers younger or older than that to be a rarity. For this reason, those who first attend the school could vary greatly in age and progress is not based on age or experience. Every student gets an ID that stores their information, money, and acts as the key to any lock they have access to.

Those who first attend are put through an entrance exam that determines their level of control over their power. Generally, most have very little control or mastery of their power when they first begin, putting them at Grade E. Students progress from E to A based on how well they can control their power at its full extent. This means that one could graduate at a much faster rate than another. Grade F is reserved for those who continually display no progress in controlling their power and usually present a danger to themselves or those around them as a result. Those who spend a long time at F have special action taken toward them, which generally does not happen often and the school is new enough that it's rather unprecedented. The official word by the school is that the student either receives some sort of reprimand or they are sent off to special programs outside of the academy for extra training.

Non-power based academics is treated similarly as it is in real American high schools and the grade based on your power control is a separate matter entirely. This means that those attending the school before they are 18 are at least restricted from graduating until they would have graduated from a regular high school (unless particularly adept at academics beyond the average student). However, students would still be restricted from graduating until they achieve a power control grade of A. The school offers college and university level academics for those made to attend past the age of 18, but there is a limit of 8 years of attendance before one is forced to graduate, barring major outliers. Those forced to graduate with power control grades between E and B would enter government-assisted programs outside of the school’s purview.

All students are encouraged to board at the academy but parents of minors can opt them out if they absolutely demand it. Boarding is rather cheap as the school is only semi-private. Dorms are separated by age brackets, these being 11-13, 14-17, 18-22, and 23+. Individuals who happen to be younger than 11 would have special requirements outside of this. Dorms are co-ed but separated into gendered sections with each sharing a common area and recreation room.

Hero Group Information (The New Guard)

The New Guard is a government sponsored hero group that was one of the first implemented after the popularity of heroes in the public spotlight became apparent. Early implementation of these groups saw an effective rise in crime resolution in the areas where heroes surveyed, leading to a few official groups being formed. Once these groups began appearing, vigilantism and non-official groups became considered illegal.

The New Guard is largely West coast based and is spread across several divisions, though the main chapter is located in Seattle. They sometimes work alongside the Canadian group, the Vancouver Squad and the American East coast based Citizen Protection Alliance (CPA).

The New Guard is composed of a wide variety of members across their various divisions. While they don't have much in the way of hard limits on the number of Coursers who can sign on with them, the group generally only takes on those who who largely have a mastery of their power and are vetted in terms of ones ability to handle the situations that members of The New Guard are likely to run into. It is for this reason the group takes on interim Coursers and Coursers in training. They work alongside the three major Courser schools in the western United States to help train graduates and possibly ready a number of them for a career as part of the group.

The New Guard implements a ranking and point system for Coursers with good behavior, mastery over their powers, and performance in missions involving The New Guard. This system is meant to promote peak performance and determines the kind of missions a Courser with the group is given. A majority of Coursers signed on to the group only work part-time or in niche scenarios while those higher in the group's rankings operate from the group's headquarters in Seattle. These upper members tend to have a more public image and are the ones often handed missions involving rogue or terrorist Coursers.

The New Guard's top member, Omega, disappeared five years ago in an unknown incident, though some believe it was related to the female superhero, Linda Nolander, going into retirement soon after. Though Omega has been missing for all these years, they still hold the top ranking possible for a member of The New Guard.

World Information / Lore
  • In 2017, there was a disturbance off the coast of the Atlantic Seaboard, later believed to be some kind of heavy explosion in the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. It caused tidal waves to smash into the coasts of North and South America. What had been the cause was virtually unknown, but effects could be felt across the world.
  • There were strange weather patterns for a time, but more pressing was that certain individuals started to develop superpowers. While first concentrated in Africa, Europe, and the Americas, it was clear that individuals all over the world had become changed.
  • Using one’s power was described by those who did it as bringing forth something from within them, or guiding forth a piece of something greater. Due to the unique feeling those who had gained powers felt, the term “Courser” began to gain popularity in use for those who had powers.
  • Individuals who could not control their powers ran rampant, causing destruction that led to fear and hatred from the masses. Coursers began to gather in groups, feeling ostracized from others, though this often led to disputes between groups of coursers over ideals or territory.
  • Within six months, the American government was first to manufacture weapons designed to target Coursers. This technology started gaining use outside of America not long after, but in early 2018, the American government enacted a zero-tolerance ban of powers, dubbing those who could use them as “People Exhibiting Powers” or PEPs. Attempts to mass-detain PEPs led to widespread disputes, causing many PEPs to flee to safe havens.
  • Courser terrorist groups gained some traction, but this caused large internal disputes between those with powers. In the end, it was Coursers who stopped their own kind from doing mass harm. This, combined with the revealed mistreatment of Coursers started to change mass opinion of PEPs.
  • By 2022, federal laws had been modified that gave Coursers protection against hate crimes in many developed nations, all following one after another in quick succession. Many Coursers who happened to be in positions of power came out about their powers as a result. In 2023, government-mandated research started on discovering the origin of powers in America. Such research has been conducted across the world but the results are still largely inconclusive, with physical searches of the North Atlantic Ocean to be inconclusive as well.
  • By 2026, there was a push in many countries for Coursers to be hired to specifically deal with Courser threats. In 2028, an eight-year old born after the incident that caused superpowers to awaken in people displayed a superpower ability, thus revealing that the course of humanity had been changed forever.
  • With the knowledge that Coursers would continue to be born, there was a push to develop academies specifically for their kind. The first school in America dedicated to this cause was built in 2030, with others following. It soon became federal law in most developed countries that any individuals who developed powers at any age were to immediately attend a PEP boarding school until officially declared to be in full control of their powers.
  • Jump forward to 2042, the year our RP will take place.
In terms of society and the technological level of the setting, let’s be hopeful and say that things are generally a bit more progressive than in 2020 and that prejudice and human rights issues have switched to largely being about PEPs and regular humans. Technology will be a bit more advanced but let’s not go completely into the realm of science fiction.

Coursers are a minority but largely a commonality for those born within the last twenty years. All Coursers that live in America are registered by the American government once discovered but some can apply to work for the government. Coursers in these positions could be comparable to a superhero team such as the “Avengers” and some are widely known to the public as “heroes.”

Anti-Courser weaponry is generally more mundane than one might imagine. There is very little in terms of weaponry that is effective against all Coursers and more just individual weaponry that might be tailored to combat certain powers. For example, someone wielding fire would combat them with standard personal protective equipment and weaponry adapted from anti-riot methods such as a water cannon. Of course, as this is the future, we can be a bit more loose with what this weaponry might be able to do, though what they were using in the early 2020s would have been not too unusual.

Non-lethal counters to powers are generally preferred, especially after public opinion on PEPs switched around. Coursers are slightly more resilient than a regular human though more of a problem if able to gather together, so weaponry that isolate Coursers would be most often seen.

Research into Coursers has revealed they all share a gene unique to them that was "activated" in 2017 but little has been found in terms of equipment that will literally suppress the powers of a Courser or "deactivate" the gene. However, sound equipment or ultrasonic weapons that emits harsh white noise or high-amplitude sounds would be the most common weaponry used simply as it be effective against most Coursers. This and more advanced weaponry in the same vein such as something that can shoot waves of force or sound would be highly regarded for its effectiveness and general low-risk of permanent harm as compared to standard firearms. Many Coursers produce their powers effectively through means of concentration and this largely disrupts that.

As for registration, generally most regular people have it pretty drilled into them that they must report unregistered PEPs to the government and currently there are few that feel otherwise, regardless of their political alignment. It is largely seen as the safest course of action for all involved due to how destructive some Coursers are. There is a test that detects the gene they possess (a blood test, generally) but in terms of current technology and resources, it is largely undetectable until puberty or, in a few cases, until someone outright starts exhibiting powers, which could be long after puberty. Regardless, children are encouraged to be tested around puberty but it is not mandatory in most states. This does catch some PEPs but many slip through until they actually develop their powers.

The test is still being developed and many groups have a vested interest in technology that will outright detect a Courser akin to a police scanner or a metal detector.

There exists Coursers who go rogue, have powers so minuscule they go unnoticed, or successfully hide their powers from others. Hiding your powers is not an easy task as it is common for powers to be uncontrollable without some level of use or practice. Anti-government PEPs and even terrorist PEPs have not fully been squashed but you would find few who think these Coursers are not outright villains.

That's the extent of the lore, at least. If you have any further questions, absolutely feel free to consult myself and @Ver.​
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Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
I posted a few NPC sheets earlier than they were ready in order to illustrate what we're looking for and what you can achieve with powers.

For example, Sandra, despite complete mastery of her power, has only limited manipulation in concept, which gives what she can do a level of focus and uniqueness. In addition, her ability allows for the ability of flight, which at first may seem unrelated but is actually a creative stretch of her particular power.

Jack's powers of personal gravity manipulation and teleportation may seem unrelated, but both involve Jack's positioning and can be combined to give him unique feats in terms of his movement. Two powers that are unrelated technically are allowed in a set as long as they combine in a seamless manner or provide a reasonable combo.

Lastly, Eleena has the most unique power of the three in terms of how it manifests, what weaknesses it has, and what other non-power elements in-line with the technology of the setting could be integrated with the power. Don't be afraid to be very specific with your power or have it manifest in ways that are strange or surprising.

Vector manipulation is obviously a very powerful ability if given to the full mastery, though as I understand it, John is currently only able to affect velocity and acceleration? Just add a few example applications of how this power could be used (such as shooting a stationary object).

I think that, if we assume your character will eventually gain full mastery of his power at some point in the RP, the power will quickly become overpowered in just about any situation. I suggest either stating limits on what can be summoned outside of the flaws or limit what can be summoned to something specific (such as animals, weapons, items containing leather, etc.). Also, as you listed it as reality, does this mean Morgan is creating these objects out of thin air or is he grabbing objects from some other location?
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I'd like to try my hand at making a character for this sooner or later!

Funnily enough, I was about to start my own fantasy school rp, so this is convenient!

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
Later today I'll start some preparations for dorm assignments and come up with some ideas to get established relationships going.

The character is good, as is the power, though I just want to address the runaway aspect of the character. If his powers were discovered at 15 and he went to Arthur Gray's, his adoptive family would have been informed and it would have been on them to pay for his expenses. However, if they live far enough away from any designated PEP school, he could have received dorm funding. You can go with that aspect, have him sponsored by a benefactor or mentor, or just have the adoptive family choose to send him away for whatever reason. Now that he is older it is less an issue but its more for backstory purposes.

The character is good! Thank you : )


But We Were Happy
@Atomic Knight I will go with that aspect where he got funded/mentored. Listen, as long as they still get that government check, the adoptive family doesn’t care about him.

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
So, for dorms, the age range everyone is at, they would be in the Sylvite Dorms. I can randomly assign these but if anyone specifically wants their character to room with someone, I will do that. Dorms will be finalized when we start the RP, which will still be for a bit, as we have a few people who have expressed interest still making sheets (Plus I need to finish my own NPCs, haha).

For character relationships, my character Sam runs a podcast with two other students. If anyone wants to get in on that, just let me know. As well, my other character, Tommy, would run in the same social circles as other characters who would have been on sports teams.

Also, if characters are the same power category, they likely shared many classes during their time in school.

We talked about this a bit but I think Tommy would be enemies with Rashida for whatever reason, lol.


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The Convergence Series GM
So, for dorms, the age range everyone is at, they would be in the Sylvite Dorms. I can randomly assign these but if anyone specifically wants their character to room with someone, I will do that. Dorms will be finalized when we start the RP, which will still be for a bit, as we have a few people who have expressed interest still making sheets (Plus I need to finish my own NPCs, haha).

For character relationships, my character Sam runs a podcast with two other students. If anyone wants to get in on that, just let me know. As well, my other character, Tommy, would run in the same social circles as other characters who would have been on sports teams.

Also, if characters are the same power category, they likely shared many classes during their time in school.

We talked about this a bit but I think Tommy would be enemies with Rashida for whatever reason, lol.
LMAO! Yes for sure, I'm down for some feuding.


The Red One
Ok. I'll go check out the other character sheets to make myself an idea of what kind of characters should be used for this RP. I might have them ready in a while.