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Open SCP Foundation thread, anyone?


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So are we playing members of the foundation, or SCPs?
You can do either! You can be an SCP (something reasonable, no 343 or a 001 proposal, basically none of the super overpowered ones), or you can be someone within the Foundation, whether that be Class D, Scientist, Security Guard, or anything like that!


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I wanna be an SCP. That possible? I have a few non op characters, and one SUPER op character that could all be a part of the plot, as well as a character that's been affected by such entities.

The op one could be interesting - it's always fun for a monster to exist that you can't fight, and could be a good drive for the plot

Also - since I don't know which numbers are used and which aren't - is it ok for us to put a number in front of the number if they're a part of the same group? EX. SCP - #T0001 - I feel like that'd make the names easier.
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