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Lord Goddex

Here's my attempt at an intro. I'm Lord, you can call me Lord or Goddex
I'm 21+ and female, if that matters to you al all.
I have been role-playing for about 12 years, but due to life I had to take a years hiatus from my hobbies. Lucky for me, I have recently gotten freedom to return to my passion of writing and and looking for some partners to do some 1 x 1 roleplays.

My Style
I usually play 3rd person past tense. Like a 3rd person narrative book is written. The length is dependant on my partner but it is usually a paragraph or longer depending on my intrested in the roleplay

My expectations for You
All I expect is someone who is open, creative and really loves writing just like me.

How I Like To Play
I usually prefer discord its the easiest wat for me at least but I will also use the PMS and threads here. I will need a bit of patience at first but I will get it down I promise

My Ideas
These aren't the only ones I will do, they are just some suggestions. They can also be changed and edited as well.

Setting:Medieval town
Theme: Dark Fantasy, Romance
In a small town in the middle of nowhere, there is a monster that terrorizes the townspeople. Eating the livestock, attacking tradesmen and hunters, even destroying the town on occasions. The attacks are sparse but they happen to a point where one must take notice. The mayor of the town hires a demon hunter, muse A, to come and hunt the monster
after a fight leaves A injured they meet B, a sickly medicine worker who helps them heal and attempts to educate them on the monster but what secrets hide in this forest and what is this monster truly

Setting: Fantasy World
Theme: Fantasy, adventure, action

The Demon Lord, once ruled the mortal realm as the most feared being in existence. Over 1000 years ago they were sealed away by s clan of powerful hunters. This clan lived on as the holders of the blade and protectors of the world against the demon lord. The blade is passed down generation to generation and one nonbelieving descendant releases the demon. However the once powerful Lord has had their powers stripped away and has taken on a smaller, weaker form.

Setting: Dystopian future
Themes: Superhero, action, apocalyptic, dark

In the future, some humans are born with special abilities. They may have superpowers or just small boosts in strength, speed and physical attributes. These humans are called Alphas and for a long time took on the roles of superheroes. Protecting the weak against villains and criminals. However when the worlds strongest Alpha turned to the dark side things took a turn for the worst. He killed the top heros of the world and assumed control over all. Alphas were then taken at birth to facilities to be tested. If they passed they were forced to join the army of the tyrant. If they failed they would be killed.

Our story is about two alphas who are lucky enough to escape the facility before their test day. They are on the run looking for refudge but can they truly escape?

Two Students at a magic school, find a dark past behind the school.
Intergalactic War between technology and magic
Hunting down a witch cult
Forced to work with a sworn enemy
Video game world fuses with real world
Demon forced to work with demon slayer
Isekai anything

I will only do OC x OC fandom ideas. AUs are my life blood

Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super
Magical Girl Site
Avatar The Last Airbender
7 Deadly Sins

Mermaid x Sailor
Knight x Princess/Prince
Warrior Princess x Royal Prince
Demon x Knight
Demon x Slayer
Reaper x Dead
Genie x Adventurer

These are just the ideas I have currently come to me with your ideas and plots too please! I would love to hear them!

So thats about it any questions or if you want to start something up please don't hesitate to contact me!​
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Soft Sweater Enby
Hiii! I'd be interested in doing Beauty and a Beast with you!!! I'm under 18 though, if that influences your decision I understand!!! But if you would like to RP, feel free to PM!! Or I can PM you first.