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I am looking for a handful of persons who would be willing to act as BETA readers for my FanFiction saga. For those of you who finish reading this post and decide you are interested, I only ask for two qualities in my BETA readers;
1. You give your honest opinion, even if you think it might hurt my feelings. I cannot grow as a writer if I don't know what needs to be fixed.
2. Be willing to provide examples for your favorite parts as well as parts you think could use a little work.

Now onto the basics:
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (namely 2003)
Length: As of right now, the saga is a series of three - potentially four - books so this is a long-term commitment of entertainment
Characters: Cannon and Original (no self-inserts, I promise)
Pairings: MxF, main pairing is Cannon x OC
Genres: Family, angst, betrayal, & romance
Universe: UA - very slight universal alterations
Time-Skip: About 6 years after the shows ending (Turtles are in their early to mid-twenties)
Knowledge Recommendation: Have seen at least the Battle Nexus arc (You can watch the entire series at KissCartoon.es)

The main universal difference is that the turtles never actually defeated Shredder, just basically learned to co-exist without destroying each other, although they still get into confrontations and skirmishes
Book One - New Beginnings: It's been a few years since the turtles' last major confrontation with Shredder or the earth threatening to implode on them from some extraterrestrial source and life has started to settle down for the terrapin warriors. At least until the brothers return from their third Battle Nexus Tournament, utterly defeated, and a confrontation is sparked between Raphael and Leonardo. In an attempt to avoid a violent climax, Raphael heads to the surface where he makes a startling discovery. The branches of the Foot Clan have apparently descended into civil war amongst themselves and at the very center of it is a new mutant. But what is her connection to them? How had the Foot Clan gotten their hands on a mutant turtle, and worse still, why do they seem to want her dead?
Book Two - Climax: Three years after meeting Lin, the turtles return to the Battle Nexus Championship with a new addition to the family, but during the enjoyment of the tournament foul deeds are afoot. When Lin gets tangled up in an assassination attempt on a pair of Princesses and gets injured; tempers flair, accusations are thrown, and sparks are ignited in more ways then one
Book Three - Downfall: The turtles visit Nechinia, homeworld to the beautiful Princesses Ashleigh and Lara

Examples of Writing:
New Horizons Book I: New Beginnings: Chapter One

If you have read this far and are still interested in being a BETA Reader, you may either reply below or send me a message if you prefer to remain anonymous. Also, have some character busts of the main characters I drew;
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