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Servorum in exsilium! [Ancient Roman] [Survival] [Historic] [Realistic] Open

Discussion in 'Realistic' started by HerrLeutnant, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    "It is only the dead who has seen the end of war." - Plato.

    The year is 46 BC, reign of Julius Ceasar, with Rome growing ever more powerful as an empire reaching all the way to present-day Israel, it is also growing more dependant upon slaves aswell as living space for retiring legionaries, due to the Marian reforms.
    Due to Rome's constantly expanding borders, it needed a constant supply of slaves to work in the mines, farms, road building etc. Since many slaves either become old, die of accidents and diseases or even by the hands of their masters. Some slaves like the Greeks whom were educated were even able to buy themselves out of slavery in time, for some of them worked as accountants and even advisors.
    However, the life of a common slave is a short and brutal one, no matter which kingdom binds one's collar, working in a mine is a mere death sentence especially.

    Many penalties exist for slaves if they are to break the rules of their masters, most of them include a harsh beating or crucifixion/hanging. Some claimed those who tried to escape, were fed to the tigers of the gladiatoral arena, for mere entertainment.

    The Roman society is rather strict and discipline based, where anyone whom is not Roman is shunned, Greeks are looked down upon, despite the fact that they share a more-or-less similar culture, aswell as an identical religion, only difference are the names of their Gods.

    Yet, many people under slavery, decided to risk their lives in hopes of becoming free than live their lives as slaves, with little chance of survival.


    And that's the intro! So, if you haven't guessed, you will take the roles of slaves under the Roman rule. Now how you became a slave is entirely up to you. Your character might of been captured during a certain battle with the Romans, or you were an ordinary citizen of a settlement that was enslaved by the Romans after conquest.

    But you are not limited to that, even Roman citizens who could not pay off their debts were forced into slavery to pay for it. Whatever you choose, is up to you.

    You will be allocated to a large farming estate on the outskirts of Perusia, present day "Perugia" Italy. Your first objective is to get to know your fellow men/women in bondage and escape the whips of your overseer.
    But that is not the ultimate goal, your goal in general is to survive in a harsh Roman world, evade pursuing slave hunters, seek some form of respite, even commit acts of murder if it will benefits your character's survival.

    The rules for this RP:
    • No Godmodding.
    • No multi-competent overpowered OCs - If you wish to play as a strong character from Sparta, so be it! But he shouldn't be one a hit killing machine who can masterfuly wield any weapon, even great warriors fall in battle.
    • No killing player's character(s) without their permission.
    • No fantasy or futuristic elements in this RP.
    • No one-liners - Sometimes during the roleplay, there not much to write about, i understand! But please, try write more when there is alot going on!
    • No you cannot bring your one of a kind magical spear given to you by Odin.
    • And most importantly....Have fun! :)
    Character sheet:
    • Name:
    • Gender:
    • Appearance: (You may decribe your character in detail instead of a picture.)
    • Age:
    • Where is your character from:
    • Reason for enslavement:
    • Military training: (Leave blank if your character didn't serve in the military)
    • Abilities: (Such as knowledge of medicine, knowledge of tool/weapon crafting A.K.A blacksmith, archery, sword handling, horsemanship etc etc)
    • Brief bio:
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  2. Ashanna

    Ashanna Galactic Orphan

    • Name: Kieran of Clann Laeghis
    • Gender: Female
    • Appearance: Long dark brown hair and brown eyes, fair skin, of average to tall height (about 5'5"), with a toned frame
    • Age: 17
    • Where is your character from: Hibernia/Ireland
    • Reason for enslavement: Captured on pilgrimage; kept for her education, most likely
    • Military training: None
    • Abilities: Reading, writing, counting, herbal medicine, divination
    • Brief bio: Kieran was studying to be a druid, and as such, she was on pilgrimage to Gaul to study under the college of druids there when she was captured by Roman soldiers.
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  3. Tutski19

    Tutski19 A young happy lad


    Name: Vulcan Aurius Cassius

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Capitoline Hill, Rome

    Reason for enslavement: Arson

    Military Training: None

    Abilities: Vulcan, named after the Roman God of Fire, was trained to be one of Rome's greatest blacksmiths. During his training, his skills were estimated to be equal to that of Rome's top blacksmiths. Being a blacksmith meant that he was in constant contact with fire. This led him to gain a complete understanding
    over fire.

    Brief Biography: He was born in a family that religiously worshiped Vulcan, God of Fire. His parents named him after their God. Then began his grueling training to become the best blacksmith in Rome. During one of his smithing sessions, he grew tired of his training and started to complain. Many bad sessions later, he snapped. With a lit torch, he burned his house and ran away. Roman guards soon caught up with him. They charged him with Arson and made him a slave.
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  4. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    • Name: Eiriks Of Tulifurdum, Eiriks the Wanderer.
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: 5.9 ft in height, waist lenght black hair, hazel eye color, a toned ectomorphic build due to spending his early youth as a farmer.
    • Age: 19
    • Where is your character from: Germania, a village by the coast between present-day Denmark and Netherlands.
    • Reason for enslavement: Captured by Roman legionaries after conquest.
    • Military training: None.
    • Abilities: Eiriks has a mild knowledge of surviving in the wild due to his adventuring, knows how to wield an axe and shield from the teachings of his uncle Blaedr. Yet Eiriks was never tought how to properly handle a spear, sword, javelins, or any other throwing weapon for that matter.
    • Brief bio: Eiriks' is a son to a forester mother and to a horseman father, who fell in battle while clashing with rival Germanic tribes, all while Eiriks was just an infant. Eiriks had developed a strong passion for adventure and exploring, ever since Eiriks was 14 years of age. The reason why his thirst for adventure rose was when his uncle Blaedr took him hunting in the mountains. Eiriks saw the alps, the hills, the mountains, felt the dawn's cool summer breeze, the freedom to seek new land. Eiriks had been exploring Europe for almost a year now, he was captured when he was staying the night at a small village close to the Roman border without even knowing. Eiriks was invited to a wedding of a couple he never knew with guests he never met, but nonetheless, he accepted the invitation and spent the whole night celebrating in the tavern. Eiriks woke up to the shouting legion soldiers as they began rounding all the villigers up for enslavement. (More details about Eiriks past back recent events will be covered in the story)
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  5. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

  6. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    (All we have to do is wait for ODSTDRAGON to post their character and we may begin)

    (Edit: While ODSTDRAGON is making the character, i'm going to start off the RP as my character as soon as i get back from work, don't want to draw this out for too long)
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    Sorry needed to see it wasn’t expecting sudden activity note I’m bad with historic and regional names)
    Name: Ish Balik
    Gender : Male
    Appearance: a direct contrast to the Roman idea of dress this is due to being from the Middle East. As such his clothes are light and wrap around the entirety of his body. His head is wrapped and hides his face. He wears the traditional clothing of the Islamic peoples from the area
    Age: 20
    From: somewhere out in the Middle East. Formerly of the Persian empire before its fall.
    Reason: was out wandering one day. Searching for plants and supplies for a trip to the holy city.
    Abilities: Some limited medical Knowledge mainly herbal based. However this are from his own area and will not apply here. Knows how to treat a fever and a hurt leg. Limited combat knowledge mainly from wanting to keep his family safe from the rivial Branches of Islam
    Bio: born and grown in a very Strick family this created a displine in the young lad. He would follow through with his family wishes. He was a strick follows before capture. Several years being passed about by the Romans have made his precious memories fade and has forgotten some of the values he once held.

    Note not an actual Muslim I’ll try to keep that part out of the rp to avoid offense
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  8. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    (In all honesty, neither Christianity nor islam existed during 46 BC! Not meaning to nit-pick but it's quite a discrepency! Christianity was the first faith to come to light, islam only came centuries after. So before Christianity, each and everyone was a Pagan, meaning every nation had their own set of Gods! Fun fact: There is even a Pagan egyptian god/goddess named "Isis" Yeah...go figure.

    But if you wish to play as a Persian or an arabic character, sure! Cartheginians had an interesting history, including Hannibal!)


    ( Oops sorry but that suggestion works. I still wanna keep the wrapped up appearance )
  10. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    (I highly doubt the slave master would allow that kind of attire, not to mention it dosen't make sence to work in the field, in a hot summer sun and wrapped head to toe in curtains, the person wearing that stuff would be drenched in sweat! xD Might i suggest wearing it after breaking out of captivity?)
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  11. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    [Roleplay begins]

    "Wodan... What vast sort of wisdom did you achieve to create such beauty?" Eiriks said to himself, whilist standing on the mountain side, overlooking his surroundings. Seeing the river down below, with the sounds of water movement echoing upwards. The breeze brushing past him as it flaps his long fur coat with the movement of the wind...
    "RISE YOU DOG!!" Eiriks heard someone shout out of nowhere as he turned around, only to be met with a large snake pouncing towards him in a split second as it connected with his forearm and sank it's teeth into his flesh, channeling a sharp painful sensation all over his arm aswell as his upper torso.

    It was only at that point, his eyes opened in an instant. Eiriks blinked a couple of times only to see a man wearing a red tunic and sandals standing over him holding a whip looking down at Eiriks. "Give me an excuse to crucify you, barbarian! RISE!!" The man shouted at Eiriks. "It was only a dream, but a nightmare lasts forever." Eiriks thought to himself as he began scrambling up on his feet. As strange as it may be, they actually allowed the slaves to keep their footwear, most likely not to damage the slaves before anyone buys them, nobody wants damaged property. Yet everything else was stripped off, every slave was given mere rags to put on.

    Ever since his capture, he among many others whom were captured, were forced marched for several days. Thankfuly they were allowed to eat once a day, but nothing for the rest of the night. Many perished along way from starvation and thirst, some tried to make a break for it and run into the woods, only to have horseman run after them. The only thing that was heard after horsemen going after the runners, is the echoes of screams in agony, then silence.

    Eiriks must of been so exhausted that when they finally reach the farming estate after marching for several days and nights straight, he collapsed onto the floor asoon as they locked all of the slaves in the basement/cellar for the night.
    When Eiriks was on his feet, he only then noticed the slaves he had marched with, were already standing in line with shackles around their wrists, awaiting their first orders and begin their lives as one's properties.

    Yet, there were those he did not recognize, there was a woman around his age and aswell as a young man whom does not even look like the villigers from the settlement. But what sort of shocked Eiriks, was the brown-ish man, Eiriks had never seen a person originating from the middle east "By the Gods! Is he burned??!" Eiriks thought to himself in shock and supprise as he stared at the arabic man, trying to comprehend his skin tone.

    "Hear my words, filthy curs! You belong to Rome! Your lives belong to Romans! You will serve Romans!! Rome is civilisation! Rome is power! You stinking barbarians should be honored to even BREATHE the same air as us proud Romans do!" The supposed slave overseer sure does seem to fire himself up with his own speech than anyone else. He then pauses as he slowly walked over to the young man, the one Eiriks does not recognize.

    "Cassius...Vulcan Cassius...Why did you violate Roman order? Better yet, why did you bring dishonor to Rome itself with your vile act?! Your family was too kind on you! But worry not, boy! I will instill discipline into you and make you wish to Jupiter that you shouldn't of commited arson!!" The overseer gave quite the mouthful at the young lad.

    (I suppose all of you can now post on how your character ended up in farming estate of Perusia)
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  12. Tutski19

    Tutski19 A young happy lad

    Vulcan's eyebrows started twitching, annoyed by the overseer's actions. His stomach was already grumbling from the hunger he endured for days. His body looked like it was gonna collapse from exhaustion because of the marches. He didn't want to endure this nonsense which the overseer was shouting at him. Unable to take it anymore, he shouted, "Shut your trap! Old man!" He struggled against his shackles, 'If I wasn't bound in this shackles, I would have punched him a long time ago!'
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  13. Ashanna

    Ashanna Galactic Orphan

    Kieran was counting her breaths, the way she had been taught in her earliest days of druidic training. In...two...three...four...hold...two...three...four...out...two...three...four...
    It calmed her mind and helped her to think rationally--not to mention it helped her forget the gnawing pain that had begun in the pit of her stomach. She cast a surreptitious glance at the captives around her; the spat that had erupted between the overseer and the young man Vulcan Cassius provided decent enough cover for her to get her bearings and take in those standing with her. Her eyes lingered on the dark-skinned man; she had heard tales of the Parthian people of the Arsacid Empire before, but she had never seen one in the flesh. Her incessant curiosity urged her to speak to him, but logic reminded her that he likely didn't speak Latin, less probably Gaelic, and negotiating a potential language barrier in the presence of the overseer was unwise. Instead, she inched closer dark-haired man who had been the initial target of the overseer's ire. Keeping one eye on the scene that was unfolding, she turned slightly towards Eiriks and waited for a breeze to stir. "Gaelic?", she whispered fervently, hoping to keep her voice disguised with the gentle wind. "Latin?"


    Such a long way he’d come. March here March there, starve like a dog sleep like a log. Then Hail Rome oh great ROME! It was all they could preach. However he knew if he could grab a sword he could make them praise a donkey who was clearly not godly if for only a moment. Only their harsh legions of young men wouldn’t balk with fear of death. But this pig that though so highly of himself, that ugly head would be his. He didn’t care the man actually looked decent it would separate from his body and be buried in the mud of swine. However just because he wasn’t a conqueror he had to stay cool he still had the power right now. But once he could get behind the man the chains that bound him and made him so base to this man, would slip his wretched life from the world. He breathed and sat down watching the actions of the others most were scared and would do all they could to please this master, however one was to tired to go on, he needed to rest especially after coming even a fraction of the distance he had. Another was clearly going to start a fight and he liked him, he would’ve fought and died had he not been sleeping when the legions came. Oh how he wished he’d been a warrior now, like and Immortal of the old empire then he wouldn’t have had his fate! But the female who was a little Paler then the others what was she up to? Hee saw her mouth move she was whispering. Trying to communicate. He didn’t understand though why everyone kept staring at him like he was different. He looked down at his darker tone. Not super dark , although without the light it could be that way, but tan, sand Scared. Blessed by light and bathed in heat. Was it his body? He could understand the girl looking at a man for his muscles but not the other one. * he checked to make sure his clothes were still intact. He missed his turban for now he wished to hide from them!
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  15. HerrLeutnant

    HerrLeutnant Member

    "...I am from the north..." Eiriks whispered back at the unfamiliar woman without even looking at her, somehow he felt it was best to avoid mentioning that he hails from Germania or even his village, there might be potential enemies whom engaged in conflict with the elders or chieftains of Eiriks' tribe. "...Where do you hail from...?" He asked her.

    Eiriks turned his head in a second as soon as he heard someone other than the overseer yelling, the young lad whom showed impressive defiance at the overseer/master, on the other hand, it was quite foolish. The overseer stood silent, staring at the young slave as a clear grin appeared on his face, followed with a slight chuckle "Faustus, did you hear that? The young slave wishes for you to practice your scourging on him! Isn't that considerate of him?" The overseer said to one of the soldiers holding a spear and a long shield.

    "Aye, Captain!" The legionary replied as he and the other soldier next to him walked towards Vulcan from behind as he struck him with the bottom part of his shield upon Vulcan's back regions of his knees, making him fall to his knees. The other soldier walked up to Vulcan as he grabbed him by his head hair and dragged him forward infront of all the slaves. They were now by the long log post, the soldier took out his gladius ( short stabbing sword) as the other one pulled Vulcan by the chain that binds his hands and set it high up onto the log post, the soldier with his gladius drawn had then the shackles fixed onto the post by driving a nail through the chains using his sword handle.

    "What are they doing..." Eiriks asked himself silently as he watched the whole ordeal he did not understand. Vulcan had his front body hugging the post, his arms bound upwards and his back completely exposed as the soldier simply pulled Vulcan's ragged clothes off, only leaving his trousers intact. Eiriks then saw the overseer hand a whip called the flagrum to one of the soldiers, otherwise known as Scourge, a short whip that has all kinds of small pieces of metal, bone, glass, lead, small weights on it's thongs.

    The overseer gave a nod to the soldier holding it as he swung it over his shoulder as it connected with Vulcan's upper back, Eiriks' eyes widened at the sight of someone being whipped with something like that. Eiriks saw slaves get beaten before back home but not in such a cruel fashion. After several more Scourge strikes, Eiriks actually saw Vulcan's flesh tearing a little with every strike.

    "Do any of you think defiance is a wise choise?! This snot-nosed brat will live but in excruciating pain! YOU! Do you want to join the scourging with him??!" The overseer asked Eiriks.

    "...No, master. I wish to serve the great Romans!" Eiriks replied whilist looking down onto the floor, it was horrible to see a young man suffer like Vulcan. Eiriks also knew it would be best to appear submissive to avoid such punishment, no point in showing defiance pointblank, wouldn't achieve anything now.

    "Let this be a reminder, slaves!! You disobey, i will personally fed you to the lions! Give him 5 more strikes and cut him down, he will be put to work in the fields with the rest of them" The overseer said to the soldier striking away at Vulcan's back, which already has clearly visable long bleeding wounds, with small pieces of his flesh clearly ripped a bit, even bits of metal pieces sticking out. The overseer left as there was now 30 Legionary soldiers present, they will instruct and escort the slaves to their positions of work in the estate...

    (Sorry for taking control of your character there, but then again we are slaves for now, so defiance is punishable in any society that enforces slavery!)
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  16. Tutski19

    Tutski19 A young happy lad

    Vulcan heard what the overseer said and thought, 'Practice scourging? What's that?' He looked at the solider coming towards him. The soldier strucked Vulcan's knees, forcing him to kneel and then roughly grabbed his hair, dragging him towards a log post. "Hey! What are you doing?" Vulcan shouted at the soldier, but he ignored him. Vulcan flailed around, while the two soldiers set him up against the log.

    The soldiers forced him to hug the wall in an unsightly manner. They also stripped him of his clothes, leaving his bare back exposed to the world. Vulcan noticed that the soldier was holding a whip with sharp metals poking out of its thongs. The soldier went behind him, setting up for a strike. Vulcan already had an idea for what they were gonna do, so he shouted "You're gonna regret this!". A reply came in the form of a whip striking his flesh, tearing it mercilessly as if it was paper. After a few more strikes, the soldier left Vulcan uselessly writhing against the log.

    Vulcan was near unconscious, only kept awake by the searing pain he felt in his back. He could feel bits of metal sticking out his back. They have left Vulcan alone for a while, giving him a small amount of respite from the beating. He eyed the other slaves, trying to find a respectable-looking person amongst the group. His gaze stopped on three particular individuals, a black-haired man, a young-looking, brown-haired woman, and a dark-skinned man. He looked at the trio, mouthing "Help me..." With that done, he slumped against the log, unconscious from the beating.
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  17. Ashanna

    Ashanna Galactic Orphan

    It took every iota of Kieran's self-discipline to observe the scourging without wincing, let alone crying out in empathy. With each landing of the lash, her breath caught in her throat; she had seen warring between clans, and so she was not naive to the violent ways of the world, but such barbarism was new to her. As Vulcan's flesh was ripped open and his blood spilled onto the dirt, Kieran had to avert her gaze. She cast her eyes downwards as she tried to still the rapid flutter of her heartbeat.


    "Hibernia," she whispered in reply to Eiriks. "Northwest of Gaul," she added as a point of reference, just in case the man had limited knowledge of geography. "An bhfuil an teanga seo á labhairt agat? Do you speak this language?" she asked in Gaelic, switching to her mother-tongue. "Latin--not as good," she continued, switching back. "What do you-"

    She was interrupted by the thunderous voice of the overseer, and she visibly startled, snapping her mouth shut as the Roman bore down on the man beside her. She could understand enough words to gather the gist of the overseer's question, as well as Eiriks' reply, but there was no mistaking the plea from the whipped man whose eyes were all-too-suddenly boring into hers. Adiuva me...help me... She knew well what herbs would make a poultice to stop the bleeding and soothe the pain, but the likelihood of her being able to administer them was nil. Unless...

    "I want also to serve Rome!" she called out before she had given herself time to think through the plan that had formulated in her mind. "I am studied in herbal medicine," she continued, not waiting to be addressed. "This man..." She gestured towards Vulcan Cassius. "This man is no good to you this way...let me heal him so that he may better serve Rome, and so that I, too, may prove my worth to you."

    What have I done? she thought, hoping her expression looked braver than she felt.
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    Ish watched the proceedings. These men were so savage. He could only feel the hate build. He wished he could take them all on. Of course he couldn’t nor would he. He really didn’t have the energy to be defiant, nor did he want the scars. They would probably crack down on the other slaves. So he again waited, but got up.
    He checked and watched and checked and watched. Vulcan was beaten within an inch of his life. Ish only had one indinct to pull the metal out of his back. Not for kindness, yes it would be nice to not have it in his body, he wanted the bloodied metal pieces for himself. The process wouldn’t be easy, but if he could grab even one of those bloodied pieces for the others back, he’d have a weapon. A small nick, and the other man’s blood would be in their wound, maybe some other biological element and he could at least get the soldiers. Sick. Then with enough of of the guards out, maybe he could have the other four help him escape, of course he would help them. He’d help as many as these people be free as possible, mainly because more people for the Romans to hunt down.
    He was a cold person. Normally he wasn’t this ill and angry, but one strips another of their rights and makes them less than human needless to say some
    People become unhappy.

    When the soldiers were addressing the crowd watching the girl. He came to the edge. Then waited for the overseer to break his gaze. He inches himself closer and closer to Vulcan. Sickened by the guard cleaning his bloodied whip.
    This process seemed to last forever an eternity mainly due to the adrenaline spike, but he probably moved faster than he liked. Although the chains had pulled some of the other slaves with him, so the line moved a little bit it appeared that they were all still in the same place Relatively. He slowly reached his hands around Vulacan’s side looking him in the eye. Then put his hand on his bloodied back no doubt causing a great amount of pain. Then he began to move it, which would’ve been a pleasant massage, had Vulcan had his skin. Finally finding ge metal he pulled a piece , still small and gross from the other’s back. Then pulled his hand away. Getting back into the majority of the crowd, hoping he didn’t look to obvious and that If Vulacan began to scream in pain he wouldn’t hav to hear it in his own ear.

    Of course while this process wasn’t smooth and no doubt the more bright of the soldiers had probably noticed it all, while the overseer was distracted, Ish had don’t seemingly nothing other then comfort his fellow before enflaming the injury. He wrapped up the bit of metal where it wouldn’t be found. He soon expected to be beaten much like the other man. He looked solem as he moved over to the woman hoping he could talk to her before he was dragged out , and possibly she herself for speaking aloud to the overseer

    ( I feel like I did a lot wrong with that post, forgive me for it’s awful quality)
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  19. MJK2431

    MJK2431 ✿❀❁

    Name: Valerie Hellinorvax (nickname: Val)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: This female is an intermediate between petite and curvy, with toned muscles that are not overly bulky. Her physique implies that she is agile in battle, relying more on stamina and outsmarting her opponent rather than brute force. Valerie has waist-length hair with definite waves which are a pale golden colour. Her eyes are an icy-blue hue, with sun-kissed skin that could hint at the large amount of time she spent outdoors before her capture. She has a light splattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks with rose-hued lips. Encircling each of her upper arms are blue curling tattoos. Another blue tattoo can be found stretching from below her neck to her lower back along her spine, the image portrayed by it being an intricate braid that knots down her back in a thin stripe.

    From: Gallic (Primordial Gaelic) Tribes in the North-Western regions of the Roman Empire.

    Abilities/Military Training: Valerie was born and raised during the last years of the Gallic wars. From a young age, she was trained to use a sword, dagger and bow and arrow. In early plans to unite not just the Gallic Tribes but also other people (such as the Germanic tribes) into the fight against the conquering Julius Caesar, Valerie was also taught many languages (other than her own native Gaelic) such as Latin and Greek. This was done in an effort to smooth communication. To compliment this skill, she was also taught to read and write. She has been educated in battle strategy.

    Reason for Enslavement/Bio: Following the execution of Vercingetorix some years after the Battle of Alesia in 46 BC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vercingetorix), the remaining Gallic troops were rounded up. Many chose to join their leader in execution rather than live a life serving Rome when given the option, while others had the choice made for them. Valerie was one of those in the latter category, with her education and ability to speak many languages fluently being disadvantageous in her plea for death over slavery. She was forced to live, being shackled and dragged along with other slaves as the Roman army continued on with their pillaging and conquests.
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  20. MJK2431

    MJK2431 ✿❀❁

    Valerie had been quiet up until this point, the woman just below average height sitting among some of the other slaves on the far side of the group just beside the woman and male whispering. True, she was apart of a big group, all slaves hailing from different regions with different appearances and languages. What set her apart from the rest though was the teal coloured tattoo rings found on each of her arms. This female was one of early Gallic descent, having been taken recently with the fall of Vercingetorix. Without his encouragement of unity among the different tribes, the Gallic people had easily become divided and thus had fallen under Julius Caesar's attack.

    She had remained stoic and seemingly neutral so far. Keeping to herself meant it was easier to observe and watch when there wasn't the distraction of company. Valerie had already figured out that the Roman solider that usually followed the slave caravans on the right flank favored his left leg. She understood that the soldier with crooked nose drank heavily and was usually incapacitated most mornings because of activities from the night before. Val had also gathered that the soldier who did the flogging of the younger male slave was a brutish man who often drugged some of the female slaves and carried them away for a night before returning them the next morning in a groggy state.

    While her facade of calm and isolation remained mostly intact, the whipping of the man and the sight of the red blood trickles running like small streams down his back had made her flinch with every crack of the flogger. Seeing another so savagely brutalized made it easy to remember that she did not have control over her own being. She belonged to Rome now and that thought made her jaw clench and stoked the rage contained in her core.

    The woman spoke, the one who had been whispering to the male before. Valerie had understood what they were saying and knew instantly what the woman had said to the soldiers about wanting to help the flogged man. However, these men were more muscle than scholars and in the other woman's mixture of haste and fear she had spoken to them in Gaelic rather than Latin. Valerie could only assume that they had no idea what she was saying and so intervened in case they viewed it as a threat. Valerie knew she couldn't handle the sight of another flogging so soon and so spoke up quickly.

    In perfect Latin, she said hastily, "The woman knows how to help the man. It would be a pity to lose a slave you have invested money into feeding only to have your investment wasted if he dies. She wishes to salvage him so that she may serve Rome by helping him live so that he may serve too."

    She looked back at the woman, whispering back in her mother-tongue of Gaelic "If they do not understand you, they might kill you,-" Halfway through the sentence, she switched to Germanic, making the transition smooth so that it appeared she was only speaking one short sentence as she said to the man as well, "-Whispering is going to catch someone's attention and get you and the medicine woman tied to that pole next."

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