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Main Event Shadow over Gotham

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Harper Row Epilogue - No Below

Harper didn't want to let go.

Although SeeU's tears had been spent over not only her, but the rest of the group as well, Harper's weren't. Instead, she buried her face in SeeU's shoulder, crying her eyes out as she latched onto the Vocaloid. Why did things have to be this way? Was the multiverse that unstable? Whatever the reason, Harper eventually found herself being broken away from the Vocaloid, still sniffling, though she had managed to calm down a---


Harper didn't even know how to react when SeeU suddenly pressed her lips against hers, only being able to blush profusely when she pulled away. However, she couldn't help but smile as SeeU left through the portal, seeming to finally loosen up a bit.

"See ya around, SeeU." Harper said with a warm smile, flicking the Vocaloid a small wave as she exited the portal, leaving for one final time.


Harper had stuck around until the last of the stragglers had left. What, with allegedly being the only vigilante left in Gotham, Harper had to at least ensure that everyone made it home safely. Though, with all finally said and done, the pink let out a sigh of relief and tugged out a grappling hook, landing on one of the nearby buildings and running off back to her apartment.

Once she reached said apartment, Harper was mow back in her normal attire, with her Bluebird costume neatly tucked away in a black duffel bag that she had slung over her shoulder. Cullen was fast asleep, with the time venturing around 3 am or so, so the punk quietly sneaked into her room without alerting her younger brother, idly tossing the duffel bag aside as she hopped into her bed and wrapped herself under the covers, quickly falling asleep. Well, not before getting a quick snack.

Because after a day like today, Harper needed lots of food and lots of sleep.




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Bishamon's Epilogue: Visions vs. Reality

Shortly after their return home, Bishamon released the rest of her shinki and dismissed them-except for her Exemplar. Instead, he stayed by her side as she took to the couch in the study they had found themselves in. His goddess sighed as she sat down at her desk, bringing a hand tp her head as if she had a migraine.

"Veena? Would you like me to have Kugaha make you some medicine?" Kazuma asked, brows furrowing as he turned to face her.

"Yes, and I shall take a bath. After having to traverse the sewers of all places, I want to feel clean." she grumbled, purple eyes closing for a moment. He didn't leave right away, instead pondering about something before deciding to finally speak up about what she had been through.

"Veena, what exactly was all of that?" he asked, and didn't earn a direct answer at first.

"I'm not completely sure, but we'll discuss it further later..." she responded.

"There's soemthing else, My Lady...you brought up the Yato god at some point. What did you see?" his voice had grown quite as the woman beside him visibly tensed at the memory resurfacing. She had been vulnerable, and for that short while it had felt like a new wound was being made over an old one.

"I...It's none of your concern. It wasn't real, and what I saw...it'll never become reality." she spoke, tone firm to keep it from breaking. Standing, the war god looked to her guide. For a second, the image of him with that wretched sword in his chest came to the forefront of her mind before leaving as quick as it came. She reached for him, then paused in reaching for his face, instead placing a hand on his shoulder momentarily to reassure herself that he was here and well.

"Veena-" he started, just as she let go and headed to a couch in the room.

"Afterwards, I want you to find out what you can on the Yato god's whereabouts, understood?" she asked, tone becoming professional to hide the slight embarrassment she was feeling.

"...Yes, Lady Bishamon." he replied after a moment, adjusting his glasses with a small sigh.



But We Were Happy
Corey and Mason Epilogue- Home is where you are

Corey looked over at Mason and took his hand as they left for home. After this horrible event, it felt good to be going home, even if their home wasn't quite a place. When they arrived back on the empty streets of Beacon Hills, Corey sighed. " You know, it's been nearly six years since everyone else vanished without a trace. I thought I sensed Scott and Stiles for the briefest of moments before we left... but they are gone now. This place.... it hasn't been the same without them. I mean, we barely got through the ghost riders and Nazi werewolves and the monster we released. An abandoned place where nobody belongs."

Mason turned to Corey with a sigh. " I have a theory about that now," Mason simply replied.

Corey tilted his head and looked over at him. " What kind of theory?" He asked.

Mason sighed. " I think that they went through an incident similar to ours. A game where they had to help another world, but it was just so fast and sudden. Maybe, we shouldn't focus on that now. It's not something I want to think about," he honestly replied.

Corey looked over at Mason. " Do you think-?"

" I don't know Corey, I don't know," he replied with a sigh. " But I don't think we are going to find the answer here. We might want to go and talk to the guy who we met just before we left. But first this."

Mason kissed Corey and just for a moment, everything was right in the world. Home is where you are, Mason.



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The Convergence Series GM
Farewells had been said, some of them friendly, some of them teary, but it was time for everyone to get back to their respective universes. “Okay I’m ready. Stand back, as well as goodbye, everyone.” Using his powers Nix Uotna caused the device to twist and turn before vanishing into itself. As the device was destroyed the people not part of this multiverse started to fade away until finally they vanished.

And as the final people left the only ones left were the Justice Incarnate and Nix, though they as well were not going to stand around for very long. “We need to return to the House of Heroes and talk shop.” Superman responded to Aquawoman. “I am sure you have a lot to tell us.”

She nodded. “Aye, whoever supplied Bane with this device will certainly not be deterred by one set back.”

Superman smiled. “If they decide to return we will be ready for them. Come, we better get going. Dino Cop, take us home.” An unseen entity seemed to oblige as a new portal emerged behind the group and they started to leave.

Nix waved the group off. “We need to start meeting under better circumstances!” He sounded jovial, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that whatever had happened here was not going to stop with just this incident. As the Superjudge of the entire multiverse it was his job to protect all 52 Earths. With that thought rolling in his mind, he as well left for parts unknown.

Now the only one left was…Catman who wasn’t sure what to think about all of this. “Shit…” But he knew that he had to leave before any cops started to pour in. Even with no outstanding warrants he knew that Gotham PD were more than happy to pin anything that had happened here on him.

As he swiftly and quietly left Arkham, he failed to realize that…the charred remains of Bane had vanished.


“Are we there yet?” Three men were carrying a very large body bag on their shoulders in a network of tunnels deep bellow Gotham City. The first one was tall and lanky, with a skull motif drawn on his face. A mute as well, but he always got his point across, he went by the moniker Zombie. The second one was quite short in stature with broad shoulders and a muscular build as well as a ponytail, his name was Trogg.

The final one was a tall man in a suit and glasses with long blond hair tied in a knot. If the falcon perched on his shoulder didn’t give a tip on his name, he went by the moniker Bird. He was the man anxious to know if they soon arrived at their destination.

“Soon, no doubt.” Trogg replied with Zombie only giving both a silent look before continuing. Even this had been planned for. The untimely demise. Bane was no fool, there was no one you could trust. Preparations had been made, now Bane’s closest followers could see if it was going to bare any fruit. Soon enough the cave opened, and something was shining up the area.

A pool of some sort shimmered quietly in the long-abandoned tunnel system. The trio silently and gently put the body bag on the ground and unzipped it, revealing the charred remains of Bane. “Are we sure this is going to work?” Bird asked the other two, skeptical on if the rumors they had uncovered were true.

“Only one way to found out.” Trogg grabbed the body by its legs. “Zombie, grab the arms.” With that both men took a firm hold swinging Bane back and effort until they had enough momentum and flung the body into the liquid. The three looked on as it quietly sank leaving no trace left.

They stood on silently at the pool as seconds turned to minutes. “…” It seemed like their plan was a bust. Perhaps death was something that even Bane couldn't overcome.

Dejected they were about to leave when Zombie stopped them and pointed into the pool. Bubbles had started to form on the surface, getting more intense until a hand broke through.

But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.​
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The Convergence Series GM
Epilogue - Makoto Naegi
"New Recruits"

Makoto Naegi had never known despair like this. Trapped, alone, and forced to live out a nightmare. It had only been for a few hours, but it felt like a whole lot longer. He was at the mercy of Junko Enoshima, who had decided she had become bored enough to start a horrible sort of game with Makoto.

It had all started when the group had gone underground, where Makoto soon found himself lost in the chaos that followed. There was gas running through the tunnels, causing hallucinations, which must have made Junko quite excited. She had wandered off from the group herself, following Makoto in order to subject him to the worst the gas had to offer. It was not long before Makoto was trapped by Junko’s hands.

Junko’s laughter filled his head, sending him down paths that led to reenactments of his time as part of the killing game he and his classmates had been forced to participate in. Images of his dead classmates filled his head, walking around him as if they were zombies come to life. They were calling to him, begging him to join him, but Makoto could only forge ahead. It was only by the light of hope that he got through this dark time.

As for Junko, as much fun as she had toyed with Makoto, it began to bore her soon enough. No surprises there, really. The strange events that had brought both her and Makoto to this world were beginning to come to a close and Junko needed to figure out where to go from here. Thankfully, the solution came to her easily. Almost like fate, really. Such a concentrated amount of despair from the gas gave birth to what Junko could only think of as a portal into the next life, where she found herself in a place that was very dark indeed.

When Bane was defeated, Makoto was eventually found and rescued from the depths. He felt ashamed for falling behind so thoroughly but was thankful enough for the matter being over that he felt okay about it all. With the promise of returning home, Makoto had some important information to pass on to the Future Foundation.



"Makoto Naegi, you've disappointed me."

Kyosuke Munakata looked as disappointed as he said, his flat stare seeming to judge Makoto harshly. He stood above Makoto, looking down from a raised platform within the Future Foundation's headquarters. Ever since Kazuo Tengan's mysterious disappearance, Kyosuke had been the new leader of the Future Foundation, directing it as it made its first steps to eliminating despair across the multiverse.

"One of our first forays into combatting the despair that lurks in other worlds and you've essentially given me nothing. And the matter of Junko Enoshima, who I thought was supposed to be dead by your hands, is nothing short of disquieting." Kyosuke looked away, annoyed. "I suppose I won't blame you, considering you found yourself in the situation outside of your own free will. I will simply have to look into this matter on my own. We must be ready when we meet with these... G.O.R.E. individuals."

Makoto swayed nervously on his feet, unsure what to say. "I'm very sorry, really. I could look into it on my own, just to fill in the gaps--"

"I believe I made myself clear," Kyosuke said with a sigh. He almost sounded bored now. "I don't believe you are equipped to destroy despair, no matter how highly others speak of you. No, from your division I would rather Kirigiri. I will speak with her soon. As for your new assignment..."

Kyosuke pulled a thin letter from his pocket and tossed it to Makoto, who had to jump to catch it out of the air.

"These are coordinates for a universe I'd like you to explore. There, we have discovered an alternate version of our own with a different kind of Hope's Peak Academy. I want you to go there and gather new recruits for the cause. You can do this at least, can't you?"

Makoto nodded. He would try his best, in any case.


The trip was a quick one, though incredibly odd for Makoto. He had never really imagined the idea of alternate universes, but he figured it had to make sense. The multiverse had to have limitless potential, right? In any case, visiting a different version of Hope's Peak Academy was just not going to feel right. As far as Makoto had been told, this one had never experienced the tragedy and did not contain himself or his classmates. That was probably for the best.

Makoto stood before Hope's Peak Academy, looking up at it like he had once done a few years ago. He found himself smiling, despite all the bad memories he associated with the school.

"Hey! Hey there!"

Makoto looked down, spotting one of the students waving to him.

"Are you new around here?"

Makoto walked up to the massive student a bit timidly. "No, not exactly, but..." He rubbed the back of his head, still smiling. "I've come here to tell students like you about a group. It's kind of a special group. They're called... the Future Foundation."
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