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The MEU, or the Coven as they have come to be referred to lately, saw a prestigious school of science in Avalon and thought, hey, why isn't there a school dedicated to magic here?

Enter Grimalkin.


With the advent of the Coalition's disbanding and a bright new multiverse before them, the MEU has decided to train youth in the various forms of magical arts in order for them to join the organization one day under a new division. The House of Mystery has opened its doors in downtown Avalon as a magical school by the name of Grimalkin. Strangely, cats are rather attracted to the place.

People have come across the multiverse in order to attend the school. Though, one could hardly expect a magical school to open up without a single incident, right? The very first day of classes, things are about to get very strange indeed in the halls of Grimalkin.


This is meant to be really lighthearted. There will be no serious issues or multiverse-destroying plots in this one. Just a little magic going awry. Characters for this one can generally be anyone, though younger characters with an affinity for magic will be preferred.






Magical Affinity:
What's your character's affinity for magic? What kind of magic are thy familiar with?

Bio: This is mostly for ascertaining why your character would want to join a magical multiversal school.

Other Info: Optional.​
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Magical Affinity
He has an affinity for Cryo (ice) magic.
Chongyun was basically born into exorcism. Not only is he the heir to an exorcist family, but his raw thaumaturgical affinity, called congenital positivity, was so strong that he basically needed no training in order to become a famed exorcist.

However, that gift comes at a price. Chongyun’s congenital positivity is so strong that, although he has carried out many successful exorcisms, he has never seen a ghost or demon before, as they flee if he’s in the area.

Congenital positivity also comes at another cost, a high susceptibility to heat. Chongyun, if exposed to the heat for too long, has explosive mood swings, the nature of which he never remembers the next morning.

He has engaged in many acts in order to suppress the heat. He never stays in the sun for long, he wears thin clothing, and prefers colder areas. His Cryo skill is a direct result of these tactics.

As to why Chongyun enrolled in Grimalkin? He does not know any heat-resistance skills, so Chongyun enrolled to learn these skills.​

Name: Illyana Rasputin aka Magik

Age: Early 20s

Canon: Marvel Comics, Earth-616

Magical Affinity: Well rounded enough to be a contender for Sorcerer Supreme.

Bio: Illyana is the baby sister of Piotr Rasputin a.k.a. Colossus and Mikhail Rasputin, and just like her brothers, she is Russian. Illyana was an adorable little girl whose innocence drew the attention of the evil sorcerer Belasco. During a time when she was living with the X-Men, Belasco kidnapped her and made her his apprentice so that she might free his Eldritch Abomination patrons. She spent 7 years in a realm of Hell known as Limbo while only seconds passed on Earth, during which she learned sorcery and discovered her mutant teleportation power. She joined the New Mutants as Magik and served as a member for some time, though the nature of her abilities and Anti-Hero attitude unnerved her more religious teammates. Then, during Inferno she was de-aged back into a 7-year-old and was later killed by the Legacy Virus. Then she later came back as a demon. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Other Info: Is at the school as a guest lecturer through her work over at Stange Academy.​
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Annette Fantine Dominic


Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Magical Affinity:
Annette is a skilled young mage, able to use Faith and Reason spells (more commonly known in the multiverse as White and Black Magic). Her specialty above all else is Wind Affinity magic, but she's also able to heal minor injuries if needed. Furthermore, she's the bearer of a Minor Crest of Dominic, which aids in preserving magic spells so that she can use more over an extended period of time.

Bio: Annette has always had an affinity for magic, having the added boost of her Crest and her own interest in studying and learning. Four years prior her father, Gustave, abandoned his family after the Tragedy of Duscur, and seeking to find him, she enrolled in the Fhirdiad School of Sorcery to get a recommendation to the Officers' Academy, deducing he must be there working as a Knight of Seiros. However, rather than attend said academy, her uncle, Baron Dominic, had Annette and her mother flee their homeworld for reasons unknown to either of them. Though she wanted to find her father, at least there's a new school of sorcery here she can attend...

Other Info: This Annette is the daughter of the Gilbert that appeared in The Goddess. As she never attended school at Garreg Mach Monastery, she was not around for the events of Three Houses.​

Aisha Landar



~Magical Affinity~
Once a powerful mage from Sander, Aisha has now worked her way into using a specific kind of magic that reconstitutes magical energy to pure physical energy, which allows her to mix it up with close combat techniques. This stems from a magical pendant that she wears on her neck, to which she allows to call herself the one and only "Magical Girl of Elrios."

At the age of 12, Aisha was one of the highest order's mages, but came in contact with a cursed ring that sapped away most of her innate magical prowess. So starting from the basics, she rebuilt her magical prowess back up into something that she never ventured toward before, and it was due to a pendant's influence. This pendant was a keepsake of her old mentor, who gave this to her as she embarked on her journey to become a powerful mage once more. Even with her progress a few years later being very promising, Aisha swallowed her boasting pride and followed the path of her journey to an academic institution to further reinforce her magical knowledge. As much as she wanted to learn on her own, she figured that learning from a different source of knowledge would allow her to achieve what she had lost and more.

~Other Info~
This is a version of Aisha that's chosen the job class of Battle Magician.​


Triss Merigold

Age: Unknown, but supposedly in her 30's

Canon: The Witcher

Magical Affinity: Triss, being one of the founding members of the Lodge of Sorceresses and a member of the MEU is trained in several different types of magic. However, a lot of her spells are based around pyrokinesis.

Bio: Despite being one of the youngest members of the Lodge, Triss is incredibly skilled in magic. She signed up to work as a professor at Grimalkin, taking the job at the behest of Yennefer, one of her friends in both the MEU and Lodge of Sorceresses in order to better help the mages of the Multiverse master their magical abilities.

Other Info: Taken from the end of The Witcher 3​
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Sabrina Spellman


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ( Netflix show)

Magical Affinity:
Sabrina's particular affinity towards magic is dark Hell magic ( This magic allows her to summon Hellfire and control the weather. She however can do more)

Bio: She wishes to learn more magic, away from the watchful eyes of her father ( Lucifer Morningstar) and her aunts. She also needs a new school because her old one was destroyed when the headmaster tried to destroy the student body.

Other Info: Taken after Part 3.​


Name: Kliff

Age: 15

Canon: Fire Emblem Echoes

Magical Affinity:

Kliff has been studying magic since he was young, and has been using it to his advantage in helping Alm during the war between Zofia and Rigel. That being said, currently his known spells are: Fire, and Thunder.

Moving into Ram Village when he was young with his mother, Kliff had many rumors surrounding him growing up. While he was able to go to school in town, he was bullied. Despite that and his self-centered and suffocating mother he took to learning whatever he could and wished to leave Ram Village.

With the war between Zofia and Rigel, he found his chance to leave home by joining Alm's army and eventually The Deliverance.

Other Info: Taken sometime towards the end of the game.
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Nathan Prescott




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Magical Affinity:

Due to his time in the multiverse, Nathan has taken an interest in magic and supernatural powers. He has no power of his own.

Nathan wants to gain his own power, and also stay close to someone

Other Info:
He has a pistol on him at all times.


Name: Chai

Age: Unclear, seemingly around 13.

Canon: Magical Starsign

Magical Affinity:
Chai has been studying magic his entire life, unusual for a salamander. He has the elemental power of Wood, which means controlling plant life for offense and defense. Outside of battle, he can summon leaves from trees that improve the condition and stats of his party.

Bio: Chai's just been through an entire adventure to rescue his teacher...
but failed. Though he and his classmates stopped the end of the universe, said teacher exhausted her energy and died.
Chai needed a new place to continue his magic studies, as well as a serious re-think on his hopes and dreams.

Other Info: His species isn't usually able to perform magic, making Chai an oddball among them. Chai is also surpisingly stealthy, somehow capable of stealing confidential files from police headquarters.