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dune agenda

You are a skilled dancer, who was just recently accepted to join a well-renound dance troupe in France.

You have devoted nearly your entire life to dancing, it’s your passion. You can never live without it.

However, someone had spiked the sangria at the welcome party, and there’s whiteout snow conditions outside.

Soon, you find out about the mysterious origins of the school and the troupe, but one question remains...

Is it real? Or not?



This is an illusion game based off of the 2018 psychological horror film Climax, with some elements taken from the indie game Your Turn To Die, as well as the Bayonetta series of games.

Each character has a new identity in the form of a wannabe dancer, whether they were or not in their original canon does not matter.

There are three roles: the Survivors, the Intoxicated, and the Traitor.

The goal of the Survivors are to find who the Traitor is. At the end of each chapter there is a vote to see who they think the Traitor is. The person who gets the most votes is thrown out into the cold, and will die of hypothermia.

The goal of the Traitor is to make it to the epilogue. If the Traitor makes it to the epilogue and isn’t killed in the vote, all of the Survivors will kill each other due to their intoxication, and will never escape the illusion.

The Intoxicated is a role only achieved by filling up the Intoxication Meter. As time advances, the Intoxication Meters go up, and when it reaches 100%, your character becomes Intoxicated. Intoxicated characters are extremely violent, attacking the other characters. They also experience hallucinations, which may disguise a potentially fatal blow. Intoxicated characters cannot vote, and cannot escape the illusion. Survivors who interact with the Intoxicated get a negative impact of 5% on their Intoxication Meter. The other Intoxication Meter penalty is if the character you chose to die at the end of the chapter wasn’t the Traitor.

There are two ways for your characters to regain their identities. One is through Tapes found throughout the abandoned school, and the other is when the Traitor is killed. It is exceptionally hard to find your true identity in this, because the Intoxicated cannot find their true identity. Finding your true identity makes you immune to intoxication.



If you don’t know what an Illusion game entails, essentially you play pre-existing characters, but they have a new identity, with a new name and new memories conforming to the universe they now inhabit.

Here are things that you need to keep in mind while crafting your new characters.

1. All of the characters are skilled dancers. Whether or not your character was a dancer in their original canon is irrelevant.
2. All of the cast is above the age of 18. You can be a character who’s not above 18 in their original canon, but they must be 18+ in this roleplay. This is because 18 is the legal drinking age in France, the setting of this roleplay, and the concept itself involves intoxication.
3. Your character must be human. I am allowing human versions of non-human characters, but no non-humans.
4. Your character is not sane when they are in the Intoxicated role.
5. They have no superpowers. They can be super-powered characters
6. They can’t have weapons.



The setting is an abandoned high school in France turned into a makeshift dance studio. The remainder of the school is accessible, and is where the majority of exploration will take place. Outside the school is an inescapable snowstorm, meaning you can’t leave.




Illusion Appearance: (A written description of their appearance, no pictures)

True Appearance: (A picture is fine)

Illusion Name:

True Name:

Illusion Age: (18+)

True Age:


Illusion Bio: (Character backstory within this new universe. They’ve lived their entire lives in this universe!)

True Bio: (wiki page, basically)

“Intoxicated” form: (basically what they do when they’ve lost all sanity.)




@Takumi as Alfonse Fitzgerald
@Yun Lee as Anastasia Krovpuskovkaya
as Chelsea O’Brien
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Illusion Appearance:
Alfonse stands at 5'6" with sandy brown hair that reaches his shoulders. He usually keeps it tied back into a low ponytail or into a small bun. Sometimes he even wears a headband or hat to keep his bangs out of his face. He's lean in build with light muscle that isn't anything impressive or extremely noticeable. He also has hazel eyes, and can usually be seen wearing clothes he deems comfortable, such as sweatpants and hoodies, or just a simple t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. He may occasionally wear a white scarf.

Illusion Name: Alfonse “Al” Fitzgerald

Illusion Age: 18

Illusion Bio: Alfonse has always wanted to dance since he was six years old-he found it fun and it put smiles on his family's faces-so he decided that he would work hard to make it his career when he got older and would try to make it big in some way.

He considered it a passion as well as a hobby that gives him true joy, but the truth that sometimes he just can't sit still for long periods of time without some kind of movement, even if it's something small. He was always on the move and would watch dancers of all types growing up, sometimes babbling about them to his parents about how cool they were and how he wanted to learn all kinds of styles of dancing.

“Intoxicated” form: Al would likely mutter to himself and pace the room, growing paranoid and convinced that everyone else is out to get him in some way, be it from trying to get him to fuck something simple up to straight up plotting to murder him--he knows they're up to something, he just doesn't know what. When in this state of mind it'd be hard to talk him out of such thinking, and he may lash out in some way in response.

Other: N/A
Illusion Appearance: A beautiful young woman who prides herself on her looks, Anastasia makes sure to take care of her appearance. Long red hair always styled perfectly, usually down but with a knit beret on. Pale skin that is also freckled, she has sparkling green eyes and a gorgeous hourglass figure. Her only woe physically is her height: she's just barely over five feet tall. She dresses elegantly, too, usually wearing expensive brands and fine fabrics. Her makeup is always done and her nails are always manicured immpecably.

Illusion Name: Anastasia Krovopuskovkaya

Illusion Age: 23

Illusion Bio: The Krovopuskov family moved to Switzerland far back in the early 20th Century, right before the Bolshevik Revolution. A rich noble family, they started over while managing to escape with their wealth, and as a result have enjoyed an elite lifestyle. Anastasia is a socialite, born with a silver spoon, and prides herself on her breeding and heritage. A skilled dancer, she was trained by the very best since childhood, and her acceptance into this troupe is a testament to her life's work.

“Intoxicated” form: When completely intoxicated, Anastasia becomes overly paranoid of everyone else. Convinced they are all spreading rumors about her, that they are all trying to sabotage her and ruin her beautiful looks or her career, she will stop at nothing to silence them all and keep them from destroying her reputation and her dreams.​
Illusion Appearance:
1.7 meters tall, tan brown/blank skin color
Blue shirt and jeans
Healthy appearance and not very muscular
Illusion Name: Chelsea O'Brien
Illusion Age: 22
Illusion Bio:
Chelsea was born in America and lived most of her life there. She was fascinated by dancing since she was a young girl. She went a lot to dance classes in America and wanted to participate in competitions, winning at least one in her late teens.
She decided in her early 20s to move to France to join the well-renowned dance troupe to follow up on her dreams.
“Intoxicated” form: (basically what they do when they’ve lost all sanity.)
When Chelsea is completely intoxicated, she begins to try to and make other people insane as she suffers from hallucinations. Having lost her grip on reality. These hallucinations range from innocent ones to straight-up murder.
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