Open SilverQuill's search for THE partner (MxF)

Oh, hello there!

How are you doing? Fine, I hope, and I also hope, since you're reading this, that you're ready to do some writing. I don't want to ramble on forever, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet, and to that end, I will henceforth use bullet points to give you the necessary info for you to determine whether or not you want to shoot me a message!

  • I'm a guy who plays, mainly, male characters. However, my side characters will be female as well.
  • I play one main character, and I like to also play side characters. It's not required of you, but know that I will do it.
  • I like a fair bit of detail in my writing, and I like properly structured and organized posts.
  • No posting schedule, anywhere from a few posts a week, to one post a week, to maybe one post every two weeks depending on how my muse is doing.
  • I enjoy plotting and discussing and chatting, so don't be shy! Also, excitement from the partner's side really gets me going!
  • I strictly discuss things over PM, so contact me there. Please.
  • I prefer RP-ing publicly, I like my work being seen by others! However, if I really, really like you, I might be convinced to go private.
  • I enjoy mature themes, but everything within site limits.
  • No godmodding and no metagaming, on either side. Simply put, don't control my character, I won't control yours.
  • Nothing else to say, but this bullet point makes ten, and I like an even number!

And now, it is plot time!

It's the year 2439, and for the past one hundred years, Earth has been uninhabitable. As a result, humans took to the stars in search of a new home. While most remained on space stations designed to partly simulate life in an Earth-like environment, a large fleet headed by three space behemoths, HWSS Hope, HWSS Credence and HWSS Fortune, spread throughout the systems in search of an inhabitable planet, a new permanent home for mankind.

This story will follow the events that will unfold aboard HWSS Hope, which, ironically, becomes the epitome of Hell for the people aboard it. A floating grave where the dead get no rest.

I don't really have much in terms of details, though I have a few ideas, one of an experiment gone awfully wrong, which unleashed a substance that slowly turned people mad, another idea about Hope finding a seemingly inhabitable planet, and of the scouting team bringing aboard something from the planet which should have just stayed there. Either way, something goes wrong and the giant ship becomes Hell.

If you are familiar with movies like Alien, Event Horizon and games like Dead Space and Doom, then you already know the kind of thing I am looking for! If you're not, it's fine, but if the idea still grabbed your curiosity, then please,
PM me!