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Adelaide had left the derelict buildings behind and made her way through the streets of No Man's Land with little to no trouble. Occasionally she'd had to move out of the way, hide from other people and make sure she wasn't seen, but other than that she'd done okay. She'd put the gun in her bag, the one that Kyle had given her. She didn't want to have it out in the open and for people to get the wrong idea. She wasn't here to attack people. That's was the last thing she'd ever do.

Now she was in an old building, that was just as dilapidated and broken as the rest of them. She'd been here before numerous times, and she knew it was empty, which was my she'd come. Having been out in No Man's Land for so long, Adelaide knew that people set up homes in some of the buildings. She was too scared to settle down in one place. Her parents had constantly moved around No Man's Land, though that was chasing her father while he was looking for the none existent Key he'd been hunting.

Quietly, Addie moved around the new building she was in, trying to find a room that she could settle down in. She'd had enough wandering for for one day already and it wasn't even midday. But it was important to make sure you had shelter in mind before it got dark. And with it been cold, the days were shorter than the nights; though, the day was murky and cloudy looking already which made it darker and gloomy looking.
Nathan was about to settle down for the night when he heard someone walking down the hall. Great. Just great. He thought to himself. He hid behind a pillar, one of the few things still standing in the building. He had been avoiding raiders, bandits, and rogues as he travelled across No Man's Land, keeping to the shadows. It had cost him some valuable time, but with the supplies he had, a bandit would probably shoot first. Supplies were scarce out here, and people would kill to get them.

He kept his hand by his sword, hoping the person wouldn't notice him. He poked his head around the corner quickly and saw a girl walking towards him. He his again, hoping hadn't been spotted. He generally avoided people out here, as they usually weren't very trustworthy.

Then again, who could he trust?
A noise made her jump. With no lights in the place, and the weather being so dull and gloomy, it made it seem later than it was. It was cold too. She was a few floors up in the building and once she'd looked around and couldn't see anyone, Adelaide moved to the window. No one was outside in either direction that she could see. She looked around the room again and couldn't see anything. Something did feel off though. It felt like someone was there.

Standing still for a few minutes, Addie waited to see if anyone jumped out. No one did. She allowed herself to relax and took her backpack off. She found a place where it looked like previous settlers had built a fire and used the rocks to make a circle again. She opened her pack and took out some wood that she'd collected on her travels to start the fire. It didn't take long. Her father had taught her how to make a fire. She just had to search for some more wood and make sure she had a pile for the evening.

Once the fire was started, Adelaide sat close to it, trying to get warm. The feeling of someone watching though, hadn't been shaken. She looked around again, trying to see if anyone was around now that she had some better light.
He moved forward, following the girl as she made her way upstairs, sticking to the shadows. He watched and waited until she had started a fire, and then, while hiding behind a rock, put on his mask. It was just a long sleeve shirt tied up to cover his face, and protect his identity. It was covered in blood stains and caked with dust and grime, but it worked.

He stepped out of cover, and as the girl turned around he pulled his scimitar out of it's scabbard and readied it. Just in case. The blade was dented and scratched in a few places, and a small patch of rust was starting to appear on one side. It did it's job however. "Who are you, and where are you from?" He asked, looking at the girl through his mask. He had pulled the blade out mostly for intimidation, not wanting to appear weak and vulnerable. He didn't want to kill her, or anyone in fact.
Adelaide turned around only to scream. She stumbled back barely missing the flames of the fire only to fall over her backpack and hit the ground. She cried out. There was suddenly a man and he had a really big knife of sorts. Adelaide made no attempt to get up off the floor now that she was down. It was obvious that she was scared. She could feel he elbows throb from hitting the concrete floor.

She shouldn't have ignored her instincts. There were plenty of empty places around. She should hav moved on. Now it looked like she could die. The gun Kyle had given her was in her backpack and the man would hve her dead before she'd be able to get it out.

"I'm... my name is Adelaide.... I'm a rogue... I don't have a faction... look please don't hurt me..." She kept her eyes firmly on the stranger, waiting for his next move. She was probably going to be killed and whatever she had on her would be taken.
Good. No faction meant she most likely didn't know who he was. He put his scimitar back in it's scabbard, bits of rust falling off as he did so. "I never planned to." He replied, taking of his mask and letting it fall to the ground. He would pick it up soon. "Name's Mike." He said, walking over to her. He held out his hand, offering to help her up.
Introducing herself as not been affiliated with a particular faction seemed to be the right thing to say. He stood down on his threatening nature and put his weapon away before introducing him. She nodded, taking his hand and getting herself up, dusting herself off.

She watched him carefully for a few moments. "I don to have anything valuable on me... I have some grains of rice and some beans if you would like some for food... I can cook." Adelaide advised, moving to her backpack slowly. If he showed any threatening movements to hurt her, she would at least have a chance of grabbing her gun now.
Mike chuckled. The girl thought he wanted her supplies. He looked her over carefully, examining her from top to bottom. She was slightly smaller, and a bit thinner. Maybe, just maybe she could... He thought for a moment, and then said. "You look like you could use some help." He gestured toward her backpack, which appeared to be empty, or at least not very full. "I have a... deal for you. I'll help you, you help me." he watched her face, waiting for her reaction.
Addie was more than surprised when the mention of a deal was spoken. She'd never been offered a deal or help before. And she didn't really know what she could offer Mike, either. She wasn't sure what he meant when he stated that she could use some help, except she was running low on food. She had plenty of water from her visit to the Potomac river yesterday, but she only had a day's worth of food left. She'd need to try and find one of the packages that often dropped. Or she'd have to go out hunting.

"What kind of deal? How can I help you?" She knew he could help her in a number of ways, but what did he expect her to offer him?
"I'm a sort of hired hand. I come to people, they give me a job, and pay me well to do it. Thing is, the stuff I do is... confidential, in a way. I promise to keep my job between me and my... clients." He said, pausing every now and then to choose his words carefully. "You see, having some help means I can do things quicker. Doing things quicker means I can profit more. I'll share my food, and my experience with you, if you become my... apprentice." He paused, and before she could answer said "It's a one time offer. Take it or leave it."

Well, that took her by surprise once more. She hadn't expected that. He wanted an answer. Before she signed up for anything, she wanted to know what he would teach her. She want someone that would kill others. And if that's what he did then she wanted nothing to do with it.

"What kind of thing will you teach me? I'm not expected to kill others, am I?"
"Do I look like a murderer to you?" He asked her, trying to sound offended. He wasn't really lying, he was just... stretching the truth a bit. His jobs did occasionally have to take out a door guard or the occasional bandit, but those were in extreme situations. Still, he hid this from her well. "I will teach you my trade. The trade of a profiteer."
"Looks can be deceiving. My father taught me that. He taught me to be careful around people and to make sure I knew what I was getting into." She told him.

Adelaide made sure her bag was okay while she thought about the offer, messing with the straps for a moment before looking at Mike. "As long as I'm not expected to kill anyone, then I'll take you up on the offer. And if I change my mind you'll let me pull out at any point. If I choose to pull out, I won't tell anyone else what you've taught me or anything. I'll keep everything confidential. But if I change my mind, I'd like the option to leave. Before I say that I'll take you up on the offer."

She wanted to make sure she had an out option without it meaning her death or anything.
Mike smiled slightly. "Agreed." He looked out one of the few windows that still had some glass in it. "It's going to get dark soon. If we want to get where we need to be going, we need to move fast." He pulled out what appeared to be a dirty T-shirt tied in a knot. "Time for your first lesson. Put this on. It'll protect your identity." He tossed it to her, and then picked up his that he had dropped and put it on. "If anyone finds out who you are..." he hesitated. "Just don't let them find out who you are."
Addie frowned and picked up the cloth. It sounded odd, it all sounded very odd to her, but she knew no different. He was apparently a professional. "No one knows who I am anyway. I'm not that important." She commented but put the cloth on. If that's what he wanted... well he would know best, right?

She glanced at the fire she'd just built and then sighed, putting it out before grabbing her backpack. "Where are we heading?"
"Somewhere." He would probably stop by Kyle's, maybe see about getting the girl a weapon. She'd have to defend herself somehow. He just did't tell her. He had a feeling that heading to a weapons shop wasn't exactly what this girl wanted. Maybe head North. Wherever they were going, they had to leave. Now.

"We just need to leave this place, and fast.""
Adelaide made sure she was ready, had all of her things, and then came over to where Mike stood. "Why do we need to leave the place fast? And why can't you tell me where we're going, if I'm supposed to be your apprentice. I mean, I don't know you and I'm going out on a limb for this deal. I'm taking a chance been as I try to avoid joining up with anyone."

"Do you know something about this place that I don't know?" Just in case they ever went their separate ways at any point, it was good to know if there was something dangerous about this place. Everywhere in No Man's Land was dangerous. But if there was a specific reason for this place being dangerous, she needed to know.
"Look, I know you don't trust me, and that's good. Because I don't trust you either." He picked up a few cans that had fallen out of his pack when he dropped it. "But I suppose I should tell you where we're going." He pulled out his scimitar, showing her the rusted and dented blade. "I need to head to Kyle's to get my weapon repaired. Maybe make a new purchase." He started to head down the stairs, and without stopping said "I was followed here by a group of... raiders. Didn't like that I worked for the factions. Really liked that my pack was full. They chased me here. So, are you coming?"
Been followed by a group of raiders changed everything. If they knew people were here, they could come back. She wouldn't stay here aloneness and unprotected. Her best chance was with this stranger. Now that there was a viable threat, Adelaide removed the pack she had and took out he gun. It was better to be safe than sorry, even if she didn't know how to use it properly. She knew how to shoot. And it was more to intimidate than anything.

"Okay, I'm coming." Adelaide put her pack back on and kept her gun in her hand.