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Someone's taken their love of scary movies too far[1X1]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by NujabesLives!, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    ~~Woodsboro, California~~

    "Name the killer in Friday the 13th Part 5."

    "It's Jason, you dumbass."

    Popcorn was thrown between the two highschool jocks as they sat on a couch that was rather quickly becoming quite occupied. Picking the popcorn off his person and gulping it down without missing a beat, the more energetic of the two teens snorted and shook his head from side to side.

    "Nah, nope, no way! Ehhhhhh!! Wrong!! Zlich, nada!"

    The girls that shared the couch with the two rolled their eyes. "Ooookay, then great master of horror Stu tell us. Who was the killer in Part 5?"

    "It was-"

    "The ambulance driver. Asshole hacked his son to death over a chocolate bar, a chocolate bar. Can you believe that?"

    "Aw Billy, I wanted to tell em!!"


    Flicking a stray bang back into place among his gross oily looking hair, Billy waved off his friend's complaints. "You snooze ya lose, Stu. That's just how this shit goes." As Stu and Billy began playfully swatting at eachother, one of the girls had enough of the impromptu dick measuring contest over horror movies of all things and moved to get up from the couch, causing a look of concern to run across Stu's face. "Aw, hey babe where ya going??"

    "Sorry Stu, but as much as I like you, and your place, listening to two dudes talk about who's got the biggest murder boner isn't exactly my idea of a Friday night y'know? I'm gonna go grab a beer, you guys want one?"

    Billy waved it off and slung an arm over the shoulder of the other girl who had remained seated on the couch. "Nah, I think I know what I wanna drink, ain't that right Sid?"


    "Billyyyyyy, not in front of everybody else okay?" Sidney protested with a few weak swats at her lover's side. She enjoyed Billy's company as it was the one thing that kept her together after her mother's murder but a lewd reference right in front of Billy and Sid's best friends? Yeah, uh, more than a bit awkward. None perturbed by the display Stu rose to his feet and headed towards the backdoor. "I could go for one Tatum, just make sure it's cold alright? I'm gonna go check and see where the hell I put that tape of Halloween..."

    "You better find that shit, dude. Blockbuster's gonna fry your ass if you come back with it late."

    As Stu and Tatum both went their respective ways, Billy turned and smirked at Sidney. "Sooo, about that 'drink?"



    As Tatum rifled through the mini fridge in the garage, she paused as she could have sworn she heard footsteps coming from behind her. Smirking, she pulled two beers out and turned to face the source of the noise. "Stu, if you wanted some alone time all you had to do was-"

    But standing before her wasn't her boyfriend. But rather a stranger she'd never seen before, clad in a black cloak with steel toed boots and a haunting white mask twisted into a hideous scream hiding their face from detection. "....Randy? Is that you fucking around? We thought you were still passed out from the party you bum."

    But the stranger shook their head.


    "Oh? Not Randy, huh? So, what you're some horror of the night dressed up to scare the shit out of the poor blonde teen?"

    This time the stranger shook their head to signify yes and as Tatum attempted to push past the masked figure, one of the beer bottles fell from her hand and to the floor as a sharp pain coursed through her stomach. The source of said pain? A hunting knife right through the gut. Stumbling back, Tatum swung the other bottle as hard as she could.


    Ghostface tumbled over to the side and collapsed into a pile of boxes. Whoever it was under the costume wasn't a supernatual demon like Freddy or a hulking undead mandchild like Jason. Which meant that bottle hurt like a BITCH! Pushing themselves back up, Ghostface lunged for Tatum but she was ready and grabbing a nearby wrench, knocked the knife out of her attacker's hand but as she went to swing at him again,the killer gripped her by the neck and began smashing her head against the ground. No head crushing here but this was equally as effective and meant no calls for help either.

    Tatum struggled and writhed and clutched at Ghostface's mask before yanking it off. Her eyes lit up in shock and horror at who she saw. It was the last face she'd see before her last breath escaped past her lips.


    Picking up his mask and barely stifling a giggle at the murder he had just committed, Stu Macher readjusted his 'Ghostface Killer' costume and moved to head back inside and change out of his costume discreetly as possible. Unaware that the Ghostface Killer wasn't the only threat this Californian town had to worry about....


    ((In the first Scream, Stu lives in a pretty swank mansion so I figured your PC could be here snooping around and managed to catch a glimpse of Stu shifting into the Ghostface costume after heading out to his car. If there's any issues, feel free to PM me and I can re-edit!!)
  2. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    “Are you sure this is right, honey?”
    ...That honey bit was much too forced, couldn’t that man even do anything right? He was her husband as well! Well, former. The blonde woman sighed as she hid behind a tree nearby, and swiftly gave a cold reply to the man on the phone. He was such a pathetic, weak willed man, with his morals and selfless attitude angering her the most. This was real life, heroes didn’t get happy endings.

    As Angela found out the hard way.
    “I don’t care if this is right, all I know is that I get what I want, and what I want, is a quick ride out of blackmail and debt. Do you hear?”
    “But I don’t think that stealing from a mansion is a good idea.”
    “Just shut up. Someone else was bound to rob this place. I just made sure to get the good things first. Now, are you going to check my surroundings, or am I going to use ‘that’ again?”
    “Good. So no alarm from you, that’s good.”

    Angela walked up the the mansion and stared at it, smirking. She had a lock pick and a hoodie on her, and turned around to check if there was an opening. Angela quietly went to the back, as to make sure no one saw her.
    “A window...Never thought I’ll have to break in so violently..”

    A brief area check was all that was needed.

    And that when she saw HIM.
    A young man, with a horror costume, and a horrific mask as well.
    And now that she noticed it, there was a wretched smell of something...Oh. She knew what that smell was.

    Angela swiftly hid behind the house, hoping she wouldn’t be seen.
    And that’s when she realised..
    She wasn’t espically light on her feet.
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  3. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul


    While Billy and Sidney had moved upstairs to proceed with their romantic business, Stu had stopped to press his glove against his blade and wipe the blood off. Didn't wanna lose that and have somebody coming across it after all. He'd seen Law and Order, they'd have forensics all over that shit if he goofed it up. But for one of the few kills that he managed without much planning or impetus from the other wearer of the Ghostface moniker: Billy himself, Stu felt rather proud of himself.

    The fact that he had just butchered his girlfriend who genuinely loved him for who he was didn't seem to phase him at all. Was it because Stu truly enjoyed what he was doing? Or was it simply due to a fear of peer pressure as he'd claim if things went south and the two got caught and the Ghostface killer unmasked. The answer was really only known to Stu himself and he wasn't going to spoil that juicy detail just yet.

    Now, all that was left to do was leave the body where it'd fallen and let Sidney or Randy discover it. He'd change out of the Ghostface costume in the meantime and go back into the house, take care of Randy and then Billy and him could take their time with Sid. But as Stu started to move towards his car, he paused as he could have sworn he heard a voice and some rustling coming from around the back of his house. Unless Sid had decided on giving Billy blueballs, Stu couldn't fathom a reason why somebody would be back there.

    Had that chump Randy wandered off and started sleep walking? Stu supposed it was entirely possible. But it didn't bother him that much. If he killed Randy then it'd just be him, Billy, and Sid. Surely Billy would understand that Randy had to be taken care of earlier rather than later. Gripping the hilt of his hunting knife tightly in his hand, Stu started towards the back of his house.

    Once he got to the corner to turn around the house, Stu lunged and stuck his knife right in-

    One of the boards on the back of the house. But that was only a minor inconvenience.


    Who the fuck was this chick??? She looked too old(in Stu's opinion) to have been going to their high school so what was the deal? Was she a cop who'd been sent to investigate the Ghostface murders? If that was the case then he had to tell Billy somehow! A cop had found their way here! Which meant that Stu had to kill her now or she could potentially fuck the whole thing up, given that cops were usually rocking firearms and hunting knives didn't do too well against those.

    Smashing his boot against the board to crack it in half, Stu ripped off the half that his knife'd gotten stuck in and flung it to the side. Turning back towards Angela, he lunged at her in an attempt to tackle her to the ground and stab her! Nobody would ruin their plans!!!


  4. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    “Holy Sh-”
    Angela’s quick reactions had not changed from when she was younger, although she was clearly rusty. Well, when she was in these kind of professions, fast reactions and running speeds were most important. How are you going to duck and cover other wise?

    She was just too late. Although Ghostface wouldn’t be able to tackle her down to the floor and kill her, he was able to grab her leg, the calf to be specific. Out of instinct, she grabbed her hammer from her bag.

    “Angie, are you there? You are there? Oh God, don’t worry, I’m coming with backup soon!”
    And it seems that moron could do something correct at the very least. The woman put her hammer in an attacking position, and it was clear from her face and stance, that she had every last bit of intention to bring it down.

    “Killme, andI’am takin’ yourheadwith it!”
    She didn’t have much time, she had to speak quickly. Of course, that meant she didn’t have enough time to think rationally, she was acting in a primal sort of way.
  5. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    ...Okay, so he hadn't managed to tackle her to the ground like he wanted. Well, that was fine, there was always time to improvise. Yanking roughly on Angela's leg to pull her down onto her rear, he rolled back upon the hammer being revealed. As had been made clear in his earlier kill, the Ghostface Killers were little more than psycho teenagers in a menacing Halloween costume. He didn't exactly feel like getting thwacked with a hammer. Plus even if it didn't kill him, he'd have a hell of a story to explain when he got back inside. It'd give away his and Billy's element of suprise.

    But wait, a minute here. What kind of cop used hammers? She should have read him his rights and capped him. Which meant that this bitch was one of two potential choices.

    1: She was another serial killer seeking to steal his and Billy's spotlight! Which wasn't going to fucking fly! Woodsboro was the town of the Ghostface killer, not the Hammer Wielding Tit.

    2: She was trying to break into his house! Which was pretty rude!

    Rising to his feet, Ghostface eyed Angela. Waiting to see just what her other move would be...

  6. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Angela felt her heart beating in her chest, out nearly. She got unlucky and ended up with a murderous owner, great.
    She had to be very careful, and eyed Ghostface up and down.

    This person was impulsive, and was athletic enough, so likely young. Shaking her head, she began rising to her feet, watching Ghostface, and holding her hammer tightly. She wasn’t suicidal, and dare didn’t attack him. What should she do?

    Maybe escape? She had enough energy to run for it after all.
    Or maybe try her signature talking skills?

    Nearly standing up to her feet, Angela considered her options, and spoke.
    “So, I’m guessing you killed someone. Was it hard? Your first time perhaps? Anyways, let’s not add me on your list of cleaning up, shall we?”
    She smirked, and gave a sly wink.

    “Don’t worry, criminals don’t stab each other in the backs, well, at least I don’t usually. If I tell the police on you, I’ll be caught as well.”
    Given her cool attitude and trying her best to keep that annoying Slavic accent down, it seems that at least Angela’s small talk abilities were on a good level. One might say, to the level of a lying scoundrel.
  7. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul


    Stu was loath to admit it but he wasn't very bright. He got by good looks, impulses, and sheer craziness. But this chick had a hammer and if she had a hammer, she likely wasn't going to be too quiet about busting into his house. Which was another thing that pissed him off. How could he have a fun night of murdering his girlfriend, some punk ass he didn't give a rat's ass about, and his best friend's girlfriend when some asshole was snooping through his house?? His parents would be so mad at him if something turned up missing!

    If they y'know ignored the whole 'son is a serial killer' thing but besides that!

    Still, a hammer was better than a gun. Which was a sentence Stu thought he'd never have to think about but it was the truth. Sheathing his knife for now and hiding it within the flowing sleeves of his costume, he nodded at Angela's words. Before he spoke however, he had to make sure that his voice changer was still functional. Although the mask did a good job of obscuring his face, he didn't want his voice to be recognized if at all possible. Which is why when he finally spoke, the voice didn't sound like it belonged to an insane teenager. But rather to a raspy voiced mass murderer.

    "I've done some killing, yeah. Almost feels like something out of a horror movie doesn't it? Hot chick is skulking around where she shouldn't be, masked killer shows up and well, things get messy." Whether that was by him disemboweling her with his knife or her smashing his skull in, one couldn't really say for sure.

    "But, even though you tried to break into my house, I'm gonna cut you some slack. Namely because you're hot as shit. You don't bust my balls and I won't gut you. Sounds like a fair trade right?"

    While the killer and the thief tried to talk things out among themselves, upstairs Sidney and Billy had finished their lovemaking were relaxing in their aftermath bliss. Though Sidney seemed a bit on edge. Glancing over towards the open window, she murmured a frightened comment. "Billy? You ever get that feeling that something is just wrong? But you're not sure what it is?" Billy seemed to muse that question over for a bit, debailting what answer he should say...


    "Yeah, babe. Of course I understand but I know what's wrong."

    "You do?"

    "Yeah. I'm not making out with you right this second." But despite the giggles Billy's comment earned from his lover, the kisses were less than well recieved. Frowning as he was pushed back onto the bed, Billy glanced from side to side. "What. Are you really scared of something, Sid?"

    "Just stop and think about it, Billy. I know it's probably nothing but what if someone or something was out there?"


    "...Yeah, what if."

  8. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    ...Hot as shit? Do youngsters these days have a thing for older women or something? Not to mention, she has a daughter! Well, had. To be honest, she knew Russian ladies were pretty, but she wasn’t exactly the youngest person in the neighbourhood.
    She considered her option, and took a little while to respond. What did she do the last time she was found out by someone? Oh, yeah...
    A reminiscence of a old memory:
    Many years ago, somewhere....

    A woman, Angela during her younger years, she wasn’t called Angela, that was a persona after she fled the country. Well, She had two things in hand. And looked at the wooden, ruined cabin with a serious look. There was some noise inside, and someone calling for help.

    There was no escape, she had already doused the cabin in gasoline. And Angela had put a large block of wood around the door.
    “Someone help, please! Stop this!”
    Angela reacted to the noise in disgust, this man wasn’t even worthy of her personally gutting.
    “Maybe you should have considered the options and consequences, before you sold the child? Now because of you, his face is on the black market, forever. In a unwinding film..”

    “I have a wife, a son! These men are my family!”
    “Enough. I will tend to your family later.”
    The man inside was terrified, and stopped rattling.

    She lit a match, and threw it at the petrol covered cabin.

    Gah, that was a long time ago. She isn’t as impulsive as she was before. Holding the hammer defensively, she sighed and said to Ghostface.
    “Deal. I’m not a big fan of being gutted like a fish, and using the hammer is too messy.”
    Well. She was mostly safe, she thought. Why not press him? She had the hammer after all. She silently was annoyed that she wouldn’t be able to identify the voice, but it was nothing much.

    “So, what’s the motive? If you kill people , you should have a reason. Unless you’re like those psychopaths or something, and kill for the smallest slights. Which isn’t smart, let me tell you.”
    She was trying to small talk her way out of tension. It was very possible this dude in the cheap horror costume could run after her after she tries to leave after all.

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