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Cult of Personality
Idea suggested by Hahli Nuva

Play some Fun-ky music, white boooy~

Play some Funk-ky music, riiight!

Lay down the funky, and play the fun-ky music 'till you die~....... TILL YOU DIIIIE!!~

(Bet no one gets that.)

Anyway, songs! Here you can suggest songs for the RP. Whether it be for a character, a RP moment, or even a romantic couple, a list will be complied for the Evrensel Soundtrack!
Song Name: (include a link here if you can, but if you can't, that's fine- provided I can find the song on YouTube)

Category (Character, Worlds, Universe/OUs, Forum, RP Moments):

Subcategory (i.e. for Character is it a main theme, battle theme, etc.; also, if it isn't obvious which character the theme is for, include the character name):

And a link to/description of the RP moment in question if that's the category you're submitting for, or if you want to explain your reasoning. Also, if you have an idea for a category/subcategory that could be added, suggest it in this thread!

Also, don't spam the thread with submissions. Make one and wait until it's added before you make another, and if people really get into it I might add some sort of time limit. Won't do that until it happens, though. Also also, please don't submit more than three songs in a single submission.


Pusher of The Giant Red Button
Category: RP moment

Subcategory: Boss theme

A think this mashup is a great boss theme for any ominous and powerful character who you seriously do not want to mess with.