Soul Eater Partners


Hello I’m looking for some people for a soul eater rp! It can be 1x1 or a group, but seeing as how the at least the board has been slow, it probably won’t happen, anyway I’m looking for a partner, as in Meister and Weapon.

The plot is negotiable, I don’t want to lay one out as the weapon and roles will largely change the plot, so for everyone who joins this and it’s a one on one it will be different! As for the group, it would work the same way, if we get one, you have to find a partner or partners.

You will all attend the school, with a different cast mind you, as it’s set later in the timeline. And at first you can each get jobs and what not. Before slowly the plot pulls you all together and you gotta lay the smack down on a powerful witch. That’s a general over vore it will take much longer and be much slower of course