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Welcome to the world of Spectral:

This role-play takes place in an alternate reality where the Mega-fauna never went extinct. Most animals exist from our world the only creatures that do not exist are all primate related. This world is solely inhabited by standard creatures with unique hues as such the role-play is Semi realistic in nature.

The Animals that occupy the land we will be experiencing are wolves, saber-toothed tigers, along with multiple other creatures. We interact with each other and can talk; each species of animal has their own unique language, but each language can be learned by another species if it is studied.

We are open to all whom wish to experience life's lessons though the eyes of an animal. The Wolf pack is known as Regal pack and is the main focus of the group currently. If you feel like you would make a good addition to the Spectral role-play we welcome you.

Thank you.
You can find out a lot more details within the group itself
We look forward to role-playing along side you.

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Small thing I believe I forgot to add:

Only requirements for the group is to read the rules, request a rank, and make character sheets then jump into the roleplay.

I'd personally like it if you also read the lore but that can be done at anytime and may even appear in the roleplay so it's less important. If you have issues or questions you may ask in the ooc chats.

Thank you all for joining us.