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Please be advised that I did not draw this artwork and it will be removed upon artist's request.
In the beginning, the universe was void and without shape; but from the infinite darkness came a light, and the heavens cracked, breathing life into man and all of the creatures below. Terrestria is a planet much like our own but plagued by generations of war and decadence. No one really knows what happened or why, whether it was man who lost faith in the gods, or the gods who lost faith in man. The world was torn apart and divided, however; for a time, a balance existed. The Great Mother, the Goddess Aditi, watched over her children with intrigue and delight but like every story, there are always daemons. He went by many names throughout the course of history; Lucifer, Satan, Mephistopheles. Whatever name he goes by now does not matter; The Angel of Darkness is known everywhere and he has waited patiently to bear witness to the fall of man.

Legend says that in a place that existed before time governed Terrestria, Aditi and Lucifer ushered in the era of man together. The Goddess and The Prince of Darkness were perfect opposites, two necessary halves to a whole; one could not exist without the other. Together they created a world that had found peace but it would not be long until that peace was shattered. The battle for man’s heart begun and war ensued. One-half saw hope and compassion in man, whereas the other could only see hate and greed. Lucifer believed that he could prove that man was just as foul as he was and because of it, Aditi cast him out of Heaven, stripping him of almost all of his power. Though most of his power was stripped, the Prince of Darkness was still a force to be reckoned with, and so, he cast a shadow over the land.

Centuries passed, Lucifer continued to breed chaos and destruction throughout Terrestria. He gave birth to the darkest creatures and gifted man untold power with the hope of watching them revel in their impurities and destroy themselves. A city became plagued with lawless corruption as a result of Lucifer’s manipulation but a group called the Wardens appeared seemingly out of nowhere to cleanse the city, lay claim to it, and eventually turned it into the Pride of Terrestra; New Eden. Some believe that the Warden’s appearance was Aditi showing her hand and others believed that it was the simply the strength of man. New Eden became the beacon of hope in a world shrouded by darkness. It wasn’t long before an opposing city began to take shape, created by a group who called themselves the Envoys, a city born from the ashes of Despair itself; The City of the Damned, Abaddon.

Lucifer and Aditi have since vanished, leaving man to their own guises. New Eden has begun the journey of discovering its own self-identity, leaving behind the legend of Gods. On the outskirts, Abaddon continues to follow in Lucifer’s shadows, hoping to one day lay claim over New Eden and establish a new world order. Amongst man, angels and daemons are a plenty, with their own beliefs of right and wrong and how mankind should live. In a world where Heaven and Hell collide, which side will you choose?

(Credit Melodias)
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