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Stat Rolls


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Please make use of this thread to roll for character stats. For those unfamiliar with how the roller works, you first have to reply to this thread with a post. After that is done, you 'edit' the post, and you will see an option to 'throw dice' to attach rolls to the post. You may attach as many dice rolls as you want, but you can't remove or edit them once they're cast.

The 'throw another dice' button will attach another roll to an existing roll. This is useful if you need to re-roll something. For example if you do a roll for 4 6-sided dice, and get 2 ones. Since you're allowed to re-roll ones, you can just hit the throw another dice button twice.

Once you've thrown all the dice you need/want you can just save the post. If you save early and haven't finished, you can just edit the post again to keep adding more dice rolls.
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