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Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Ninasilverrose, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. In the corrupt hearts of humans was no love, for they had lost the ability long before time. Creatures unlike anything one had ever seen walked the perimeters, holding odd glowing weapons. The sounds of silence filled the void, gently lulling everyone along.

    The humans had such empty and faraway looks in their eyes that it would chill one to the bone. In the country of stonemere, humanity was long lost.

    "Mi. This was your last warning. Take. The. Pills." The small rodent known as Tarot sneered. "You wouldn't want to ruin this wonderful feeling of comfort, would you?" Mi stared at Tarot blankly, lips pressed into a tight line. She refused to say a word.

    "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Oh oops. Forgot those things had gone extinct decades ago." Mi remembered the last time she has seen HER cat, the golden Persian whom loved rain and sat on her lap as she stroked it...

    "LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU, WOMEN." Mi snapped out of her trance and gave Tarot the same blank look, biting her lips as to not let out a single sound. Tarot let out a frustrated growl and slammed the cell door, muttering some colorful words as he walked away. Mi's eyes began to sting as she collapsed on the hard mattress, running her fingers through her long raven hair. It reached her calf, entangling together as she bit her lip to the point it bled.

    "I'm the only one." She gasped, looking through the bars. The other cells held emptiness, which had long clouded the people's hearts and minds. They no longer had a will, no longer any hope. They had given up.

    Mi shut her eyes tight, collapsing on the bed once more. She didn't want to look at all the emptiness anymore.
  2. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    "----- You have been stripped of your name and rank. By the Alcerion Legion we are hereby banishing from this airship" Said Commander A'g'nar.

    He looked down at ----- in disappointment as he grinded his teeth, his eyes had a look of disgust. His eyes couldn't stay locked onto him for long. What he did was one of the biggest crimes of all. He even felt disgust in himself.
    "In honor of the Alcerion Legion. I honor your request as Commander"

    ----- Saluted him. The heavily armored security had personality grabbed him and took him to the shipping bay, they also grabbed his "Friend" to join him in his banishment. It all had escalated so quickly, maybe next time he'd think to use his brain rather than take action, but it was in his D.N.A to act above though, the perfect creature of instinct they were called. They were the Alcerions, An interesting race. If humans and insects breeded. They would be the outcome. They accidentally stumbled upon this world. Whenever they wore there fleshy exo-skeleton armor. It was because they were going to battle. But that is not the case in this world. They are binded to their suits as making contact with an organic creature could cause an implosion.

    Though it wasn't all bad always having to wear the suit. Then again they were born with the suits on them, it was like a second pair of skin. Except the outside exoskeleton would slowly adapt to its surrounding, in this case it was the chaotic war going on around the place. They were not interact with the affairs of humans or creatures. He was the first to make a mistake.

    They had put into the airships escape pods to be banished to the surface. The pods were organic. they were green round shaped pods, they were squishy and had a green sticky substance on it. They both were to share a pod. The control panel was also layered in this substance. all the buttons squishy. All their technology was like this: Squishy and layered in a sticky substance. ----- had taken control of the panel and used it to press the emergency eject button. They were now bound for the surface.

    The Escape pod slammed right into the ground. The ground had shook and surely someone had heard it. ----- flipped the switches in the pod to.

    Initiate Self-Destruct Sequence 10.... 9.... 8....

    The two creatures got out of the pod. Human and Alcerion: Together. The human was a bit quicker to get out of the pod. But ------ was oblivious to him as he dragged his feet through the barren dirt on the ground. He kept dragging along to the cliff side as he looked down over the cities, overrun with the slave labors of humans.

    "Well, At least we are by a city. things could be worse" The human said.
    "Worse? Worse? This is all YOUR fault! I hate that I'm here and with a human of all things. You creatures and your stupid conflicts over something so dumb such as land and resources rather than unifying. And looks where it got you enslaved. Gosh. Things couldn't be worse. Ugh I hate this damn place" ----- Said.
    "Well if it makes you feel better. I won't banish you" He said. In return he got nothing but a dead stair into his eyes.
    "Just how about you leave me alone" ---- said as he started walking off.
    "Well I cannnnnntttt just leave you. I owe you. Think of me as your slave?"
    "Oh yeas! prove my point exactly. Make me more flustered up" ---- yelled and pushed the man.
    "Oh it's the same thing"
    ----- Walked off into the barren wasteland of pure sand.
  3. Tarot stalked in and started dragging Mi by her hair, causing her to scream in pain. "Oh shut it, human." Tarot rolled his eyes and kept dragging her through dark hallways and up a flight of stairs and through cold frozen fridges until they were standing outside, in the hot wasteland. Rows upon rows of human machines walked the grounds, oblivious to the heat and to each other. Mi's ragged dress trailed on the sand as she was dragged further and further into the barren wasteland.

    Tarot dropped her in front of the cafeteria and bound her hands with chains, to keep her from escaping. Mi wiped her bloodied lips and started walking toward the tray on the counter. Grabbing it, she made her way to the food that was being offered. Fries, burgers, all sorts of drinks. It was all she could do to keep herself from throwing up. It was all too good to be true. They were all injected with the drug.

    Mi pretended to pick something and sneakily threw it in the trash. Tarot came over, seeing her tray empty, then dragged her back through the wastelands. On their way, he lifted her by the hair once more and stared her in the eye. "So, Mi, do you feel calm and peaceful now?" Mi said nothing and just stared ahead blankly. Tarot narrowed his beady eyes and brought her closer to his face. "What was that?" He growled. Mi turned to stare at him, her jawline tight.

    "Yes, sir." Tarot grinned and let her go, unbounding her hands. "Good girl, Mi. You have some free time to wander around the wastelands. Meet some people. I'll come to get you in an hour." Tarot bound an iron clasp unto her leg, which lit up. "If you attempt...anything, this will shock you and alert us. You've been very, very good..." As soon as Tarot was out of sight, Mi removed her blank expression and glanced around wildly for anything to remove the iron clasp. She had to be careful, for it might zap her if she tried to remove it by force.
  4. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    There was 5 creatures breathing down their neck, All Alligator Chimeras, Furious creatures with very bad breath. The two men could feel the creatures weapons against their back. Their faces were bagged, but not for long as they Chimeras took the bags off to introduce themselves.

    "Jeremy! What have you done!" ----- yelled.
    "Shut up!" The First Alligator Said. He was showing his dominance, most likely the leader of this stupid charade.
    "I'd watch you tongue if I were you. Why, I could break these binds" ----- Threatened.
    "He's bluffing boss" Alligator 2 said,
    "I reckon you're right Al. I don't see why else he's here" Alligator 1 said.
    "For honor of the code"
    "Yes the code. I'm not to interact in your affairs. Unless-"
    "Unless what?"
    "Unless you start it" ----- looked straight into his eyes.
    The Alligator approached him, trying his very best to look intimidating. He dragged his bat against the dirt as he walked slowly up to him, He squatted down and whispered into his ear.
    "Do you know how much a baseball bat hurts when being beaten to death? Very. Very. Very. Very. Slow. And. Very. Painful. Now i suggest you stop"

    It was very unlucky for the Alligator Chimera to get this close to him.

    "You shouldn't get so close to an enemy you know nothing about" ----- Whispered back.

    ----- tore through his bindings like a butter knife through butter. He grabbed the Alligator leaders throat and put pressure on his wind pipe. He pulled out his adapter dagger, the dagger was forcefully and with great prejudice stabbed straight into its chest. His adapter dagger had tasted the creatures D.N.A, it found the source of its weakness. It had formed a cocoon around itself creating a weapon that would best kill the creatures, A scythe burst out of the cocoon.

    He has never had the pleasure of using a scythe before.

    The first 2 go was the leader, after stabbing him, it was quiet easy to cut his head off. This didn't encourage the others to flee. Just like the fools they were, they were provoked, such simple minded creatures. It was funny to think they owned this world. The ones who ran at him were struck down with the scythe, their technique was sloppy, they were probably free lancers. Only 2 were left now. One was caught in fear. The other had some fight left. ----- chased one down and sliced him down to size. As for the last one, he was caught in fear, it seemed like easy pray, But he was merciful.

    "Leave- now. And do me a favor and don't tell anyone about this" ----- warned the creature as he walked off.
    "You are merciful!" Jeremy said
    "You are to stay with me for now on!"
    "A change of heart finally. Oh are we friends? dare I say?"
    "No. I don't trust you. What did you do to get their attention?"
    "Well. I said 'I have a friend out in the wasteland. How about you give us shelter and food and we won't have problems"
    "You can't do that. I don't want to mingle in their affairs. It's their war Jeremy. And if you dare follow me. You will listen to me and not start trouble. You may think youre 'negotiating' or 'being nice' but there is a war going on here. And all I wish to do is restore my honor and find my place in my society" ----- said
    "Yes of course. Thank you for letting me come. I'll help you speak to the humans"
    "I wish you wouldn't speak at all"

    They continued their journey into the wasteland of brownish-red sand.
  5. Mi gripped my ragged dress and ripped it off, so that it only reached above her knees. It would only slow her down, after all. She found a nearby gun buried in the sand and shot the grip on her leg. It didn't budge, but didn't shock her either. She inhaled, then shot the plate once more. It dented and the glow flickered and went out. Mi mumbled a yes and took it off, burying it as deep as she could in the sand.

    "Self-destructing in 10,9,-" Her eyes widen as she hears the piece of metal speak. "6,5-" Mi starts running, her bare feet sinking in the sand which slowed her down. But she had enough time to move out of the way as the area exploded in sand and fire. Sand found its way into her mouth, the bitter taste disgusting her as she coughed to get it out of her lungs.

    Grinning at her handiwork, she glanced back at the corrupt city once more and began walking away. Something warped around her, meaning that she had passed the barrier. She was finally free from this hellhole. But something didn't seem right. This had been easy. Maybe a bit too easy. Mi grabbed a strip of her dress and ripped it off, tying her raven hair tightly so it wouldn't get in her eyes. All around her was sand upon sand, no other civilization in sight for miles. "Great," She breathed, running her fingers through her hair once more.

    She spotted some metal parts not far from where she stood, and wandered towards them. Mi grabbed one, examining it. It seemed to be from some sort of car or something. She sat on a plate and an idea came to her. Grinning, she pushed herself and slid down the hill on the plate. "Wheeee!" Mi laughed, having had no fun in a long time. She missed this, just messing around without having to worry about monsters chasing her 24/7.

    "Hey, you." A small bird sat beside her, tilting its head. "Why aren't you there, with the other humans?" Mi stared at the bird, then nudged it. "HEY! Answer me!" The bird shouted, anger making its way into its voice. "Ugh, yes, mom." Mi growls, grabbing the bird in her fist. It flails around, chirping loudly.

    "Do me a favor and leave before I take your life, bird."

    "Yes yes! Please..." She narrows her eyes and releases her fist, the bird flying away hastily. Mi grins again and runs up the hill, repeating her actions once more. This was so much fun!
  6. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    They strolled through the wasteland. One man on a quest for redemption. One man on a quest to help his own race and to find some peace in the world.

    "So like what do I call you then?" Jeremy asked.
    "Well nothing"
    "Oh, Okay I've always wanted a friend named Nothing" He used Sarcasm.

    The name Nothing started out as a mere joke. But as fate would have it, that would change.

    3 weeks later.....
    "Help! Help! Nothing come on man" Jeremy screamed bloody murder as he was being dragged away by three Bird Chimeras.
    "I don't get involved in the affairs of others unless they start something first"
    "But come on you can't let them kill ME! they're going to put a noose around my beautiful neck!" Jeremy pleaded.

    ----- just walked away, the Bird Chimera weren't his problem. If Jeremy hadn't tried to free all those human slaves he wouldn't have been caught in this situation. So ----- just walked away. Some place far in the distance. The Bird Chimeras punishment was death by nose for anyone near the vicinity. He didn't know what Jeremy did wrong, but then again who could know the rules of these savage creatures.

    15 minutes later.....
    A withered down sniper was buried deep in the sand. ----- picked it up from the ground, the sand slid off from the sides of it, he opened the bolt and blew the sand out of the barrel. He took his time cleaning off the sand off the barrel of the fun. He checked the clip to see a few bullets in the gun.

    This will do nicely

    He scoped in with the weapon, checking how far it could see in the distance. He put his finger in the air to test the air levels, the wind was pretty low, the shot would be easy. The scope was pretty dirty, but that was no issue, the issue was if the shot would be a waste or not. Though he already knew what he was going to do, he aimed in the gun and scoped in on a rope. His finger slowly squeezed the trigger, it cut the rope straight in half tearing it to shreds. Into the distance he went to reacquaint with a troublesome, annoying companion.

    He was struggling for air as he kept trying to take any breath he could get in. His face was purple. At least he made it in time, that was something to be grateful for.

    "I wasn't kidding. I won't help you on your crusade to help save these humans" ----- Said.

    Jeremy gave a look of great disgust. He felt sick to his stomach and he felt betrayed. He felt irritated. He felt angry. The silly, friendly, happy-go-lucky guy had finally earned the right to lose his mind. It just didn't make any sense to him.

    "..What the hell is wrong with you... what do you expect me to sit back and do nothing.... These people are enslaved and starved of feeling... and you expect me to do nothing?"
    "This is your battle. What? did you expect me to fight for you. You can do it yourself. You came with me not the other way around, champ"
    "You claim you want to unify the world but you sit there and do nothing and go on about your stupid code. But what the hell does it mean if all you do is sit around and let this continue to happen. You make me sick. You could be doing something and you've done nothing. Screw your code"

    ----- grabbed him by the collar.

    "Don't you disrespect my code. I live by morality as you do by yours. I will not debate this matter. I don't disrespect the way you go in and try to save them like the idiot you are. so don't dis me by how I live"

    ----- had started to walk off back into the comfort of the silent desert. The comfort of staying out of affairs. The closest thing to which he could call him. He did start to enjoy Jeremy's company. But he was only alive because of That reason.
  7. Mi continued to slide on the sandy hill, shouting in laughter and excitement. However, she stopped after a while, exhausted. Slumping to the ground, Mi grabbed the plates and started to create a sculpture.

    It began to get very tall as she continued to stack one on the top of the other. Climbing down, she examined her handiwork and began to walk away from it.

    The sounds of bird chimera's filled the void and Mi grimaced, embracing herself to keep from shivering. Yelling was heard from the distance, and curiosity got the best of her as she began to walk to where the sound was coming from.

    A few minutes later, she reached a shady area by a few trees. This reassured her, even if slightly, and she inhaled the dry desert air. Sitting down to rest, thirst and hunger began to graze at her.

    "Where the heck did the trees come from..." Mi narrowed her eyes slightly and glanced around for anything suspicious. She was so used to hiding and others playing dirty tricks on her that she couldn't ever sit still and just accept something good happening. After examining every branch and every hole, she finally gave up and collapsed, passing out from tiredness.
  8. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    The silence was still thick in the air. It was quiet and Jeremy for once was truly quiet.

    "So are we even going to do anything or just wonder around?" Jeremy asked.
    "We are waiting"
    "For?" He asked.

    A ping noise could be hear, it was a distress call.

    "For that" ----- said as he went he went towards the ping noise.
    "I can't here anything?" Said Jeremy.

    There were 3 Alcerions being surrounded by Bird Chimeras. The birds were being very hostile, they approached them with swords in their hands. It was a relatively small group. It appeared that one Alcerion was injured and it's injuries were being tended to. The other was fending off with his adapter dagger. ----- had walked towards the group, unsheathing his dagger. He slipped the dagger under one of the birds neck. The dagger manifested into a handgun. The other Alcerion had quickly stabbed the other bird, this triggered the other bird to try and fly away.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The bird was dead for sure. The handgun slowly faded back into a dagger. The Alcerion approached him.

    "Squad Leader 4, C'Jar, What is your name solider?" He asked
    "I've been banished my name is, well nothing. May I ask what you are doing here?"
    "Well I shouldn't be telling you this. But I suppose we could use your help. We came down to track down our probe. It went offline in a town nearby. We need that to probe to gather supplies to be able to feed our people"
    "Reporting for duty sir! I'd be glad to help. you get back to home base"
    "Thank you, Solider!"

    C'Jar saluted him as he walked away. ----- had started to smile. He was proud to finally be of service. He could finally try to start a name for himself. He walked towards the nearby town. Jeremy stopped in his tracks.

    "What are you doing?"
    "I'm going to activate that probe"
    "Oh, Yeah, So I suppose that when it's your people it's okay to save. What kind of hypocrisy is that?"
    "This is different-"
    "HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT?" Jeremy yelled on the top of his lungs.
    "HOW?" He screamed again.
    "HOW?" he kept screaming.
    "BECAUSE I SAID IT IS. Look you don't have to help me. But I'm going to do this" ----- said.
    "And you know what the sad part is? I'm going to help you because that's what my people would do" Jeremy started to walk again.

    In the distance they could see a town. There was a huge probe in the distance, it looked like it just started construction, it looked like they were building the village around the probe. It was strange and very curious. They walked towards they village. Their first official mission together........
  9. Mi wakes up in a dark room, only the flicker of sunlight visible outside. No, wait. There was a giant probe right outside the window. She stands up and glances around to find an escape route. A door hung open and Mi bolted for it, not glancing behind her even once.
    The sun momentarily blinded her as she stood there, dumbfounded. A construction site stood before her, a few buildings here and there. Mi swallowed and began walking toward the probe.

    It was enormous up close, its metal gleaming in the harsh glare. She raised a hand hesitantly and touched the smooth surface, gaping at the coolness despite the heat of the sun. The town was mostly deserted, no life form to be found anywhere near the probe. It was as if everyone was long gone. But then...who had brought her here?

    On the corner of the quiet street, a building sits with a comforting cool seeping through the slats of its shuttered windows. Above the door is an old sign, hanging by a few linked chains to the small awning above, that reads the bar’s name. Mi decides to walk inside and explore the bar. A dusted piano sits in the corner, and Mi's eyes sparkle. She decides to take a seat on the piano stool, very gently playing a sweet song as her fingers danced across the keys.

    There was a man who stole my heart
    Who danced toward me so gracefully
    He offered me his hand in part
    Of this waltz known as Moonlight Enchanting

    I was alone for so long
    To muse myself this music sweet
    Then my love had come along
    He played me Moonlight Enchanting

    Before I knew what happened to me
    I swirled and twirled elegantly
    Across the floor so easily
    This waltz that’s called Moonlight Enchanting

    Just like the moon he did enchant
    And just like that he began fading
    From my view there was scant
    Of my beautiful Moonlight Enchanting

    So here I sit to sing this song
    Ne’er to forget that night I keep
    Deep in my heart til he returns
    My beautiful Moonlight Enchanting

    Painful flashes of images swirl through Mi's head, causing her to stop and cradle her head in her hands. She could not continue. It simply hurt too much, it was too bitter. Mi sat there and sighed, closing her eyes as the faded tune gently played in her head. Sighing again to herself, she stood from her stool and glanced around the empty room. She imagined a man standing just in front of her, bowing in a very gentlemanly manner, while she in her shabby clothing curtsied back as if she were decked out in the finest dress in the land. With the grace of a royal, Mi straightened, as did her imaginary suitor, and they began to glide across the floor, taking care not to hit any of the tables. So she danced, by herself, what she imagine the Moonlight Enchanting waltz to be, to music she heard only in her head, with a man who did not exist outside of her fantasy. Even though she was deep in her imagination, she was still aware of her solitude in reality, and couldn't help but laugh as she awkwardly, and clumsily, danced by herself, thinking a bit on the side how crazy she might look to somebody who decided to peek into the bar.
  10. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    ------ Scoped in with his sniper to do a quick scout of the town....

    The bug exoskeleton probe was a very dark green color. There was something off about that picture. It was suppose to be glowing green. He ran towards the town. The inhabitants seemed to be gone for the time, But the Alcerion said it had a whole village. He went to the probe to feel it. HE looked around and seen power-lines connected to the probe and connecting throughout the whole town. He put his ear against the probe. It had a light thud noise in 5 seconds intervals.

    "Somethings wrong. The power is slow. It's like it's being drained, or being used for something" ----- Said.
    "And youre just gonna put your head against that? Isn't it sticky?"
    "Yeah - So. It's normal"

    He followed the power-line into one of the houses still being built, it lead into the house and then into a room. He slowly followed the power-line, he drew his knife as a precaution. He couldn't hear anyone talking. He could hear zapping on the other side of the door.

    Zap! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Zap! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 Zap!

    He opened the door. The power-line was attached to a magic circle inscribed on the ground. The electricity had sparked the magic circle making it glow with every shock. It was powering the magic circle, but what for?

    "It makes you wonder. What all THIS is for. Like the power-lines go all throughout this village. Ha ha what its like its not a village at all?" Jeremy joked.

    They both turned to look at each.

    "You're a genius Jeremy. Did I ever tell you that?"
    "Why, thank you, I know I am" He fed into Jeremy's ego.

    All of a sudden foots came storming into the village from out of nowhere. All shaking the ground ever so slightly, it was like marching villagers or a miniature army. This was the nest ground to some secret project they stumbled upon, And they were invading the nest. The men both ran outside the room to look out the window. It was a bunch of Bird Chimeras returning. They were carrying wood planks, more power-lines, and other building accessories. All of them seemed hard at work. The problem was if they found out about them. There was a bunch of them to take on. They needed a plan and fast.
  11. Mi ran out, panic set in her dark eyes. Bird chimeras walked the grounds, and she quickly ducked in another building. Something sounded behind her, like electricity, and she got the metal piece she had saved in her pocket.

    She put it under the strange red light and reflected it off the metal piece, aiming for the chimeras. It burnt them one by one, some fleeing and some screeching in fear.

    Mi laughs as she watches the rest flee, having used their own magic against them. She examines the metal piece, which also glowed red now. Shrugging, Mi tucked it in her pocket once more and wandered outside, staring at the probe once more.

    It's sticky surface disgusted her as she turned and began walking into the bar again, oblivious to the two men. Mi sat down on the wooden stool once more and breathed deeply, staring at the keys. Her hands ran over the smooth plastic, deep in thought.
  12. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    The two men seen what she had done. ----- Burst through the doors and went straight to the bar to the girl. He opened up his mask. His face looked very human - It just glowed. He had an expression of anger.

    "Do you see this face-"

    He closed his mask.

    "-I'm very disappointing with you. What were you thinking? Why would you scare the only things we can squeeze info out of?"

    ----- had crossed his arms, very angry with the girl. while Jeremy looked please to see another truly LIVING human bring he waved at her kindly.

    "Not to mention they will probably get reinforcements. you couldn't even kill them right! Ugh were in a super bad position now!" ----- continued.
  13. Mi glares at the man, slamming her hands on the keys. "A thank you would be nice, eh? I just saved your petty ass." She retied her hair to calm herself, then turned to them. "Those creatures can't exactly give you any information. I would know, since I've spent all my life here. Talking to them would have been a waste of time. Two, they are afraid of fire. If you light one, it might just save your sorry asses. Now get to work. We've got to cover this whole place in fire. That is, if you want to live." Sneering at them both, she got out the glowing metal piece and started examining it.
  14. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    "Look Lady, I know you humans clearly can't handle yourselves. But please don't lower me to YOUR human standards okay? And as for burning it, I don't think so. I need to activate the probe. So mind your own business. Because you humans are 'so good at that'" ----- left the bar.

    He went directly to the probe. He used his Adapter Dagger to open up the mainframe to try to make contact with the Alcerion Fleet. He stuck his dagger into an insert slot. he only thing connecting him to his past life. The emergency contact line was actually ringing.

    Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring

    "A'g'nar speaking, Who is this?"
    "It's the banished one sir. The Bird Chimera seem to be using our probe for something. They have connected it to a magic circle to power it. that's not all the power lines seem to be connecting through out the whole village, all connected to some kind of device or magic circle. It appears to be some kind of weapon to use in their affairs, sir. What should I do" ----- Asked.
    "I must talk to head of resources first please hold.... solider-"
    "Thank you, sir" He saluted.
    ".....did you just salute to a phone?" Jeremy pointed out.

    They waited a few minutes for the commander to respond. But in the far distance footsteps could be heard. They must've been approaching.

    "Hello, ----- are you there?"
    "Yes sir, whats the plan of engagement?"
    "We have to turn it off as a power supply and try to reactivate its main power source and re-direct it to it's mainframe. Then we can re-collect it. Our placement wasn't tactical. Good luck..."

    ----- started ripping out the power-lines from the probe, Jeremy even joined in with him to help out. They tore them straight from the probe socket one by one. The internal systems should be able to re-direct the power by itself back to the mainframe. From there the mainframe will have enough power to wake up, and be able to send out a distress call for pick up. The internal systems reboot, the distress call was being sent out. As the creatures started to surround them, the Alcerion Legions airship came in. the big beautiful airship, It looked like a gigantic Dragonfly. It was his home. And he missed it, his friends, and his way of life dearly. The ship had shot out high caliber magic rounds at the Bird Chimera forces. They decided a tactical retreat was an order. The ship could safely land on the ground for pick up.

    As the engineers were returning the probe to ship the commander had walked up to -----. He saluted the lost solider. And gave his fleshy friend a look of disgust.

    "I have a proposal up for it?"
    "Yes, sir"
    "You haven't even heard it yet, I like you solider. How about we keep you down here for ground work. If we need you we'll contact you. Maybe then we will suggest re-recruiting you as a full fledged Alcerion Solider again"
    "Thank you commander" He saluted him.

    After the quick clean up the fleet had taken off back into the skies. Jeremy gave him a blank stare.

    "You're just gonna listen to him blindly? have you no independent thought"
    "Of course I do, But I'll do anything for that fleet. I miss home dearly"
    "Yeah I can tell. Well I'm glad you're doing good" He let out a sigh.
    "You helped me. You have nothing to gain and you know how strict I am of my rules... But I... feel...generous."
    "Well what do you mean.... sir Nothing?"
    "I stick to my words to the T. I will not interfere in the affairs of humans or the mysterious creatures of this world. I do not wish to engage in their pointless war. But I'll help you once"
    "Yeah? Yeah? Thank you. Thank you!"
    "Just one. Don't expect me to go around helping everyone. So when you want me to....help. Just make sure its what you really want" ----- said.
    "Yes of course. Still I'm very thankful"

    He hugged -----, his armor was very bulky and uncomfortable to hug, but he wanted to show Nothing some gratitude. If they were under different circumstances then maybe, just maybe they'd be friends. Jeremy wouldn't forget what he did for him. But he wouldn't dare talk about it. Not until he was ready to listen. This helped to boost Jeremy's morale, It was strategic in nature, but also to pay compliment to his companion Jeremy, Who to him seemed weird for joining in the Alcerion affairs.
  15. Mi huffs and rolls her eyes, Muttering a bit more to herself and under her breath. She thought out loud about what a friend had said in regards to certain instruments that could be found near such magical energies. The energies were long gone now, and that was a good sign. Mi stalked out and went to one of the places that the power line was in and searched behind every small hole or object.

    Finally, there it was. Behind a loose floorboard, a glowing sword sat. She came out with the sword in her hand, grinning from ear to ear. It felt slightly heavy, and she gripped it tightly as to not lose it. Mi pat her pockets in search of the glowing metal piece, but couldn't find it. She glanced around the town, knowing full well she wouldn’t leave it lying about, but hoping something would jog her memory as to where she had left it.

    Looking over to where the two men stood, embracing, and walked up to them. "Have you seen-" The sword started vibrating and pointing in a certain direction. Mi blinked, then stared at the two. "Uh, nevermind then. I'll take my leave..." She turned around and walked into the bar she had been in, for that's where the sword pointed. There it sat, vibrating as well. It got stuck to the sword, causing a huge ray of light to explode in the building, causing Mi to get temporarily blinded.

    "What. The. Hell." She gasped, rubbing her painful eyes. The sword was in midair, pointing a ray of light all the way back to Stonemere. "What... I'm not going back there." The ray gently lifted Mi up, causing her to float in midair. "OH NO! HELPPPP" She screamed, gripping the sign for dear life. "LET ME GO YOU STUPID-" The sword got dangerously close to her face, causing her to fall silent.
  16. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Jeremy had seen the bright light from the bar and looked at -----. He smiled at him.

    "Um I'm going to check that out. Wait here?"
    "Fine, Sure I'll go up that hill over there"

    Jeremy ran into the bar to see all the chaos going. And a floating sword in the air.

    "Whats going on, what do I do? what do I do?" He looked at Mi and asked.
  17. "GET ME DOWN" She gasped, losing her grip on the sign. "ITS GOING TO GET ME BACK TO THAT HELLHOLE"

    The rays kept tugging on her harder and harder, causing her to whimper.

    "I dont want to be a slave! Let me go!!!!"

    The sword got closer and closer to her chest, the tip inches away from her skin."Oh no" Mi swallowed.
  18. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Jeremy had jumped up in the air to try and help the very mysterious girl, Who seemed to be full of life much like him. He jumped up, his hands sliding through hers, barely missing target. He jumped up into the air again, successfully grabbing her hand to help pull her back to the ground. He didn't let go after pulling her back down.

    "Are you normal?" He asked the mystery girl.

    His eyes were full of curiosity. Her eyes weren't full of the nothingness he saw in the other humans, all who were enslaved. She may have been a bit mean to them earlier, but Jeremy was a silly and forgiving soul. He was always at ease and made many jokes to relieve the tension often caught in the air. If the world was a wasteland he'd be the dirtied diamond.
  19. "Thank you.." Mi stared at the boy, curiosity eating away at her. She chuckled lowly.

    "Define "Normal". Mi asked, a grin plastered onto her face as she dusted off her ragged dress. She fixed her hair and retied it back up, tucking loose strands behind her ear. The sword vibrates and then falls to the ground, making her curse loudly as she steps out of the way.

    "That blasted thing." Mi growls, glaring at it as if it might sprout legs and start running towards her.
  20. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    "Well I've seen the people out there, Before I was... rescued, yeah. Well do you feel? Do you have what makes us human?" He asked.

    He looked at her. She was a curious specimen to him. He pulled out a flashlight at put it near her eye and turned it on. It was the pupil test, she reacted about as he expected her pupils widened. He then proceeded to poke her with a tiny needle and watched to see her reaction. This was what he called 'Jeremy's Humanity Test'

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